Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show

Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show

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The Sarah and Vinnie morning show heads to a secret location to record a daily show. It's not for work. It's not for kids. But it is fun!


Secret Show Podcast: 5.22.2017  

Why Hooman can't be a man of the cloth, a lady writes into brag about her upcoming devils three-way, and Bad Advice: ED!

Secret Show Podcast: 5.18.2017  

Digging into Hooman's sex life(or lack thereof), and bad advice: being discriminated against at work, and finding a friend with benefits!

Secret Show Podcast: 5.11.2017  

Secret Show Podcast for February 13th, 2013!

Hooman gives advice to the Persian lesbian, and we hear a new song from Chunky!

Secret Show Podcast: 5.09.2017  

Bad advice: the average man's sexual desire, and a girl who considering dropping her life to have a kid with a dude because he wants her to!

Secret Show Podcast: 5.03.2017  

Bad advice: hating your job, and being out of the dating game for a while! Also, Vinnie reveals something about his life!

Secret Show Podcast: 4.24.2017  

We do a few quick stories about celebrity death, and bad advice: a not so sexy three-way, and saying yes to a marriage in a long distance relationship, and rejecting a traveling partner!

Secret Show Podcast: 4.19.2017  

Scott Capurro joins the show, the snoring lady, and... crunch

Secret Show Podcast: 4.17.2017  

Vinnie gives his review of Dave Chappelle's Netflix special, and Hooman tells us about his trip to the holy land!

Secret Show Podcast: 4.03.2017  

Getting phone calls while on the air, and bad advice: hubby's got a job offer hella far, trying to get back in the dating scene, and trying to get back with your ex after a breakup!

Secret Show Podcast: 3.30.2017  

Paul Mecurio joins the show and shares the inside scoop on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"!

Secret Show Podcast: 3.28.2017  

The response to taking the husband's last name, and bad advice: going to the wedding full of people you're not friendly with!

Secret Show Podcast: 3.21.2017  

We dig in to our Hooman's stand-in Vanessa, and bad advice: inappropriate sex fantasies, and hooking up with an ex!

Secret Show Podcast: 3.15.2017  

Scott's crunchy moment on TV (and on our show), and bad advice: being with somebody that you don't care too much about! Also, the text exchange between Bryn and Scott!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 3.14.2017  

Secret Show Podcast for February 12th, 2013!

Intern troubles, and our old loyal listener Justin from the UK calls in to critic our show!

Secret Show Podcast: 3.13.2017  

What we did for the weekend, the middle school sweethearts, and bad advice: the newly single mom, and needing a leave of absence!

Secret Show Podcast: 3.07.2017  

The lonely drumstick, a story about another pothead husband, and bad advice: keeping your friend with benefits or pursuing the East-bay chick!

Secret Show Podcast: 3.02.2017  

Vinnie's therapy session, a bad advice(bragging email), and we gotta go!

Secret Show Podcast: 3.01.2017  

Bad advice: Kai found an earring, stuff about New Orleans, wet t-shirt contests, and the farting partner!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 2.22.2017  

Once the secret is really out, what’s wrong with telling it again?! Check out some “Classic” Sarah & Vinnie Secret Show Podcasts!

Secret Show Podcast for February 11th, 2013!

The Secret Show has turned into the Home Improvement Show, Scott Capurro calls in, and the hundred dollar bet between Hooman and Sarah!

Secret Show Podcast: 2.15.2017  

Bad advice: Snoring, a surprise baby from your rent partner, and having a boyfriend who wants to get off his meds!

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