Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show

Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show

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The Sarah and Vinnie morning show heads to a secret location to record a daily show. It's not for work. It's not for kids. But it is fun!


Classic Secret Show Podcast 10.21.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for January 15, 2013!!

A brand new listener calls in to share her feelings and concerns with the show, Scott Capurro misses us dearly, and we lose our minds… animal style!

Secret Show Podcast: 10.20.2016  

The cat problem(kinda solved), and bad advice: changing it up in the bedroom, and hating/loving your grandma!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 10.19.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for January 14, 2013!!

Paul Mecurio’s accuser responds via email to his claims, a great email from a mother regarding introducing her children to the Secret Show, and another show about hookers/whore houses… go figure!

Secret Show Podcast: 10.18.2016  

Scott Capurro joins the show, performing with celebrities on board a cruise, killing somebody with your bare hands, and a response about the bad advice about the husband watching porn!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 10.17.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for January 10, 2013!!

Paul Mecurio, Marcus Osborne, and our lovely old intern Muriel joins the Secret Show!

Secret Show Podcast: 10.13.2016  

What the hell Hooman's up to, an update on Vinnie's cat issue, we play a game of "have you ever", and bad advice: having a baby with your OCD partner, and the crazy ex-girlfriend waiting by your car!

Secret Show Podcast: 10.12.2016  

'Martin' star Tommy Ford on life support, the cat problem, a response regarding the bad advice about dating a friend's ex, and wolves, otters, and bears, oh my!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 10.06.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for January 9, 2013!!

Happy hooking, playing the guitar, waterworks, and a treasure hunt for the missing earring!

Secret Show Podcast: 10.04.2016  

The Scott Capurro joins the show, and bad advice: is friends with benefits possible?

Secret Show Podcast: 10.03.2016  

Bad Advice: Dating your really good friend's ex, and the husband's porn watching preferences!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 9.30.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for January 7, 2013!!

Intern Nick’s Top 5 and an old intern named Tracy who is an aspiring writer visits the show!

Secret Show Podcast: 9.29.2016  

Patrick Monahan of Train joins us to talk about his newest song!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 9.27.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for January 4, 2013!!

Intern Sarah’s last day and her Top 5!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 9.26.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for January 3, 2013!!

Twisting nipples, toe fetishes, and hemorrhoids!

Secret Show Podcast 9.21.2016  

The Live Secret Show from the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 9.20.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for January 2, 2013!!

Eating cats and dogs, what SteVan does for Christmas, and Scott Capurro calls in (he’s coming in next week)!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 9.16.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for December 13th, 2012!!
Kesha introduces her mom to the morning show, Hooman is mentoring a hot chick, and Scott Capurro’s urine smells like poo!

Secret Show Podcast: 9.15.2016  

Scott's lemon, and bad advice about the guy in the 666 club!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 9.14.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for December 12th, 2012!!

Our Secret Santa gift exchange!!!

Classic Secret Show Podcast 9.13.2016  

Secret Show Podcast for December 11th, 2012!!
Scott Capurro calls with his boyfriend and tells us about his 50th birthday experience, do you kiss your partner after dining downtown, and what the hell are you doing in the bathroom?!

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