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Ultra marathon running physiology brought to you by the world’s leading scientists, coaches, and athletes. Science Of Ultra host, Dr. Shawn Bearden, brings you interviews and more to deliver everything you want to know about all facets of training, nutrition, hydration, environment, psychology, gear, and much more. Become your ultra best!


49 Recovery Science with Jonathan Peake, PhD  

Soup to nuts on our current understanding of recovery from one of the scientific leaders in the field. Dr. Peake is a colleague of Dr. Neubauer, who was on last episode (#48), discussing the immune system in recovery. Today we broaden the discussion and talk about the other knowns and unknowns on the topic.

48 Recover and the immune system with Oliver Neubauer PhD  

Think the immune system just helps to keep us from getting sick or recover from illness? Think again...

47 Healthy Running with Doc Andrew Murray  

Dr. Andrew Murray is a Scottish ultra-distance runner, family medicine practitioner, and author of 'Running Your Best: Some Science and Medicine' and 'Running Beyond Limits: The Adventures of an Ultra Marathon Runner'. Today we sit down for a chat about best practices in staying healthy and making physical activity part of your life for better training gains.

46 Genetics with Claude Bouchard PhD  

Legendary geneticist Claude Bouchard, PhD joined me for a pragmatic discussion. In discussion of genetics, the focus is often on the genetic outliers and extremes of potential. While that's always fun, today's discussion is focused on what we know that is relevant to you. Dr. Bouchard is THE living legend in the field of the genetic underpinnings of responses to exercise; his group literally invented the field that seeks to understand variability in exercise responses to training at the genetic level.

45 Ultra Mindset with Travis Macy  

Author of 'The Ultra Mindset', Travis Macy, sits down with us to discuss the book and share his insights into mental side of our sport.

44 Developing Your Hydration Strategy with Bob Kenefick PhD  

This week I interviewed Bob Kenefick PhD and we outline a strategy for you to develop your approach to staying properly hydrated - actionable info! And - I'm running the World Marathon Challenge, 7 marathons 7 continents 7 days, with your partnership. I'm running to raise awareness and end the stigma around depression. Beyond the expenses of the challenge, all funds raised go to the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression ( Help give me a voice and send me around the world spreading the message to bring depression into the light!

43 Athlete Spotlight with Mike Wardian  

In this week’s episode, I sat down with Mike Wardian. He's one of the most prolific runners on planet Earth. As this episode airs, he’s traveling the world to complete seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. He’s a font of information on how to be successful while making running a lifestyle. And, yes, he actually has a ‘regular job’. How does he do it? Listen and learn.

42 Optimizing Protein Intake with Luc van Loon, PhD  

Everything you need to know for optimal protein nutrition to maximize your training and adaption. Dr. van Loon joins us from the Netherlands where he leads a large and outstanding research group. He's the world's leading expert on this topic. How much, when, what about sex differences, what about aging, right after training, what about over night...we cover it all!

41 Biomechanics and Injury with Richard Willy PhD PT  

Everything you need to know about the fundamentals of biomechanics as they relate to injury in runners. Lots of actionable info in this one!

40 Biomechanics and Energetics with Rodger Kram, PhD  

We dive into Dr. Kram's research on biomechanics and energy utilization, running economy, and the things you need to pay attention to as well as what you don't.

39 Athlete Spotlight: Stephanie Howe Violett, PhD  

A comprehensive conversation with elite ultra runner Stephanie Howe Violett, PhD where we talk about her year of injuries, her approaches to injury recovery and to training, and her expertise (PhD) in sports nutrition.

38 What is training?  

What do you mean when you use the word 'training'? Today, we start a project, together, to create a training framework.

37 GI Distress at the Western States 100 with Kristin Stuempfle, PhD  

Recent research findings from research at the Western States Endurance Run on gastrointestinal distress.

36 Event Recovery with Natalie Badowski Wu, MD  

Findings from recent research on recovery practices and their effectiveness for ultra marathon finishers.

34 Athlete Spotlight with Magdalena Boulet  

Western States champion (2015), Magdalena Boulet, joins me for an amazing episode. Learn all the ins and outs of her training, racing approaches, nutrition strategies, and much more!

33 Coach's Corner: Coaching Roundtable  

Roundtable discussion with three coaches (Paul Lind, Andrew Simmons, Ty Draney) recorded on location, including audience questions.

32 Coach's Corner with Ian Torrence  

Ian Torrence has complete nearly 200 ultra distance events and has won approximately 25% of them. He has important advice to give regarding longevity in the sport and approaches to DNFing that you need to hear if you want to be successful in this sport for years to come.

31 High Intensity Interval Training with Martin Gibala, PhD  

You are an endurance runner. So, what's the point in doing high intensity interval training (HIIT)? Whether you are new to endurance running or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from HIIT. We explore how, what, when, and why in this episode.

30 Heat Acclimation with Chris Minson, PhD  

Learn how to prepare for performance in the heat and how heat acclimation can actually improve your performance in moderate temperatures.

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