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All of Scott’s show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris’s stories, listeners’ dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it’s all here for you, five days a week.


Cheesy Chips & A Free Hat 28 Apr 17  

With the sad news that one of their favourite takeaways in Birmingham, Mr Egg (Eat Like A King For Only £4.50), is closing down, Scott & Chris want to find out about the best late night food stops near you – and there are some crackers! It’s a big New Music Friday as Scott & Chris talk to Pete Wentz about Fallout Boy’s new single, and there’s a world exclusive first play of All Time Low’s new tune – so, of course, Alex and Jack from the band are in to introduce it. Scott is playing for pride in Bangers and Greg James finds out if no one has served carrots on Masterchef for five years on Real Or No Real.

‘Message me, I don’t bite…unless you want me to’ 27 Apr 17  

Are you on the dating apps? What's the one line in a bio that puts you off instantly? Scott & Chris find out. Comedian Luisa Omielan gets soaked on her Innuendo Bingo debut. Can Chris win the week on Bangers? And Alice Levine finds out if someone is STILL running the London Marathon four days later on Real Or No Real.

Cabin Crew Confessions 26 Apr 17  

After discovering airline cabin crew break wind in the aisles - and the faces of their passengers - Scott and Chris hear from MORE airline staff about the things they get up to at 36,000ft! Plus, as well as Bamboleo Wednesday and Bangers, Scott and Chris give the pervs on YouTube some airtime (with the voices of some very important people in the office!). And find out if see-thru jeans are the latest fashion must-have as this week's Tune Of The Week artist Astrid S plays Real Or No Real.

Bring Your Poussin Up Here! 25 Apr 17  

Danny Howard steps up to play Innuendo Bingo – the only man who can match Chris spray-for-spray. Will a poussin on Masterchef send both of them over the edge? Chris is back, which means he’ll try his best to equalise on Bangers, and also has a new idea for the more pervy listeners out there. Scott’s finds out about a listener that whooooo’d once too often on Nick Grimshaw’s Breakfast Show and Raido 1’s film critic Ali Plumb teaches Scott and Chris about ‘carpet bombing’ on Real Or No Real.

The Young Farmer (In The Wrong Room) 24 Apr 17  

All of Scott’s show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris’s stories, listeners’ dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it’s all here for you, five days a week.

Two of the BIGGEST Guests IN THE WORLD 21 Apr 17  

OK... Literally everything goes out the window today, we have two of the BIGGEST (top secret) guests in the World. Make sure you listen ALL the way to the end.

Honestly, I could not care…more 20 Apr 17  

So many of you have been emailing Scott with your #BigWeekendProblems that he’s started a new feature: can’t accommodation in Hull? Got tickets for Saturday when you wanted Sunday? Scott can help. You know how he likes the technicalities, and, as the most responsible DJ on Radio 1, he feels responsible, so keep sending them to him! Meanwhile Becky Hill, the pop star behind Scott’s Tune Of The Week, is in to play Innuendo Bingo, and she’s so nervous she’s been chugging back the yoghurt beforehand. Also, it’s Alice Levine’s weekly outing on Real Or No Real, how can Scott and Chris offend her this time?

Tarzan and Jane Time 19 Apr 17  

Chris has a wonderful story about [not] his parents and/or [not] his girlfriend’s parents involving Tarzan, Jane and ‘alone time’… And it’s making A LOT of you cringe. It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for radio’s most revealing game… It’s The Google Game. We’re halfway through the week, so what better way to celebrate than with a cheeky Bamboleo? Plus, has local celebrity ‘Brenda from Bristol’ really bagged herself a live club p.a. at Motion in Bristol? Find out in Real or No Real.

Another One? 18 Apr 17  

It’s been a while, but Innuendo Bingo is back with Pixie Lott and [B]anton Powers… And it is a SERIOUSLY wet one! Scott and Chris have found a wonderful new character from the Internets. It’s technically a brand new week of Bangers! and today’s caller knows both Scott and Chris quite well. Prepare yourself for an amazing dating story involving a caller and a taxi driver. Plus! What would the Radio 1 schedule look like if there was to be a snap election, with your votes? Find out in Real or No Real with Greg James.

Girls... Gucci... Girth... 14 Apr 17  

The Mayor of Hounslow, Chabuddy G joins Scott & Chris to drop some brand new rrrrremixes! And to give two lucky listeners some tips for the Bank Holiday Weekend. Plus! Scott & Chris play Real or No Real with Listener Becky, who thinks she's spotted Chris on the dating apps... Or is it?!

The [Doctor] Whoooooo?! Game with Pearl Mackie 13 Apr 17  

Doctor Who’s brand new companion, Pearl Mackie (…Or Bill Potts to me, you and the Doctor) joins Scott & Chris to talk about the brand new series of Doctor Who and play The Whoooooo?! Game (…Of course). Fancy having your food slagged off by Gordon Ramsay? Just Tweet a picture of it to him… Does Katy Perry sometimes get so tired that she can’t even fart? Find out in Real or No Real with Listener Olli. PLUS! Ali Plumb is on to tell you what you should be watching at the cinema over the Bank Holiday

Call-Centres, Fake Tans and Hideous Tattoos 12 Apr 17  

You know when a call-centre tells you that their computers are frozen? Well guess what?! THEY’RE LYING TO YOU! Well, at least they are according to Emma from Bristol – she works in a call-centre and she’s on to tell all. Scott met an amazing character called Will at the weekend, and he just had to get him on… This is a story that needs to be heard to be believed! Listener Lizzie is on to play Real or No Real – has someone really been banned from Madame Tussauds for pretending to be a waxwork and scaring all of the customers? Plus! Have you seen ‘Just Tattoo of Us’? Well, Dan from the show has been in touch to tell us all about his horrendous tattoo… It’s not pretty.

Well You Better Get Ready For More Planes… More Banners! 11 Apr 17  

After a TERRIBLE night for Arsenal Football Club (…bear with us), Chris introduces Scott to the joys of Arsenal Fan TV and Scott wants in on the action. Listener Han is as confused as Chris is with a new trend that’s taking Instagram by storm, #PuppetWave – this needs to be heard to be believed (and understood… It’s a tad odd). Scott and Chris have created yet another new game, and today it’s ‘The Walk of Shame Game’ – three callers are on the phone and ONE of them is doing the walk of shame, the stride of pride if you will – the other two are lying – but can Scott and Chris guess who the REAL walk of shamer is? Plus! Where are you from and what’s your nickname?

Ken Brown Talking to Golfballs & A Naked Caller 10 APR 17  

Scott and Chris are back in for Grimmy this week and bring you; excited people who won tickets to Radio 1's Big Weekend in Hull, some naked callers, Real or No Real with a fire-fighter and golf legend Ken Brown.

Cheating Doesn’t Take a Day Off 06 Apr 17  

Remember Listener Megan from earlier on in the week? She was searching for Dan, who she sang Ed Sheeran’s back catalogue with on a bus in Crawley – BUT – they forgot to exchange digits; have Scott and Chris managed to track him down? Chris forgets to play Real or No Real because he’s so interested in Listener James’ job, he’s a Private Investigator! Scott’s claiming to have even more of Harry Styles’ new track… Plus! Who would have thought that Scott can do such an amazing Joe Swash impression?!

Shower-oke The Horse, I’m Done 05 Apr 17  

Chris is still being gross and not showering before the Breakfast Show, so what better way to make him wash than to send him down to the BBC showers in the basement, and, while he’s there, see if he can get the other cubicles to sing along? Meanwhile Scott’s managed to convince President Donald Trump (actually his talented friend, impressionist Luke Kempner) to read out lots of tweets from Harry Styles fans excited about hearing the new single on Friday. Listener Rachel the teacher plays Real Or No Real, and there are more pop stars making things up – NEVER HAPPENED!

Never Happened! 04 Apr 17  

Scott and Chris have got an issue with pop music: stop making these outrageous claims popstars, Jay Z has never sipped champagne from the World Cup, Ed Sheeran hasn’t met a girl on Grafton Street – never happened! There’s also HUGE NEWS about a mega star who’ll be on the show on Friday *cough* Harry Styles *cough* so Scott interrupts Grimmy’s holiday to find out more about the new single that’s on the way. Plus, Real Or No Real features our very giggly listener Steph.

You Ain’t Ever Gonna Get This Candy 03 Apr 17  

Scott and Chris are looking after the Breakfast Show whilst Grimmy is on his LOLidays. Welsh Sarah has been back on with an update from her trip to Ireland to meet Paddy, did it work out? Today’s Bangers caller has a drama exam today, and so helps Scott recreate one of his favourite scenes from TOWIE – you know, as practice. Listener Laura joins us to play Real or No Real and does a pretty average impression of Morgan Freeman. Plus! Scott’s phone keeps reminding him how amazing the last four weeks have been for him.

I Know How Guys Work! 31 Mar 17  

Welsh Sarah is back on for a final update before she heads to Ireland to spend the weekend with man called Paddy who she’s only met once. It’s New Music Friday, but that doesn’t mean anything to Chris as once again he’s concerned that we’re running out of music. Plus! If you have a massive beehive hair-do, do you have to have it frisked at the airport? Find out in Real or No Real with Greg James.

Hi Scott, I DESPISE All Time Low 30 Mar 17  

Fresh from their incredible Live Lounge, Alex and Jack from All Time Low pop in to say ‘Hi!’ to Scott & Chris – and Scott’s got a great game for them! He’s lined up three callers that all HATE All Time Low, or do they? Two super fans and one not-so-big fan have to convince ATL that they hate the band. The absolutely WONDERFUL Angela Scanlon from The One Show and Robot Wars jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo – and she LITERALLY doesn’t stop talking! …But is also brilliant. Plus! Find out if Adele loves Neighbours so much that she’s asked the Producers to write her in to an episode in Real or No Real.

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