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All of Scott’s show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris’s stories, listeners’ dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it’s all here for you, five days a week.


On The First Day of Who-Vent 01 Dec 16  

It’s the 1st of December, so that can only mean one thing – it’s the first day of Who-Vent! Yaaas! Cam from Sigma jumps in to the wet seat today for Innuendo Bingo. Scott and Chris are half an hour late… BUT! For very good reason. Have you ever heard a parrot sing ‘Chandelier’ by Sia? Well… You will by the end of this podcast. Plus! Find out if St. Andrew is the patron saint of sore throats in Real or No Real.

Whooovent Calendar 30 NOV 16  

It's Bamboleo Wednesday and listener Mark has come up with a great idea for the lead up to Christmas - The Whooovent Calendar. Also we play the Google game, and Matt Edmondson is here for a round of Real Or No Real.

The Pete Tong Game 29 Nov 16  

To celebrate 25 years of Pete Tong on Radio1, Scott & Chris decide to roll out The Pete Tong Game – the team have gone through Pete Tong’s shows and stitched together DJ names, all Scott and Chris have to do is guess if they’re real or not. Greg James is in for Innuendo Bingo – it’s extra silly and it’s extra wet. Scott and Chris are off to record Robot Wars this week, but they desperately need name for their robot, can you help? Bangers! is back and it’s 1-0 to Chris. Plus, find out if The Sugarbabes have been using their Wikipedia pages to buy wine in Real or no real with Charlie Sloth.

Wrap Myself in Paper 28 Nov 16  

It’s a Monday and despite being in the dance off, the judge really won’t budge – Judge Rinder joins Scott for a Strictly Come Dancing update. Do you still check-in to places on Facebook? Well… You really need to stop, OK? Chris is off today, so phones his banger in. Scott decides to start Christmas early - Hello Magnus Carlsson! Plus, is a spa-musement park really opening up in Japan? Find out in Real or No Real with Greg James.

Cake-O Bake-O 25th Nov 16  

Can you believe that Danny Dyer is related to Royalty? No – nor can Scott & Chris as they recap last night’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and it is AMAZING! The fired Apprentice candidate gets one last chance to pitch to Scott & Chris in the infamous elevator pitch, will they make it to the studio for their final interview, or will they be sent back down in the lift to be forgotten about forever? It’s the final Bangers! of the week… Can Scott make it a score draw, or will Chris win the week? Plus, pop star Calum Scott drops in to the studio to play his brand new single and play Real or No Real.

Innuendo Bingo with Sam McTrusty 24 Nov 16  

The coolest frontman on the planet, Sam McTrusty jumps in to the wet seat today for Innuendo Bingo – and boy, is it a wet one! Bangers! is back and it’s 1-1; who will take the lead today? Scott wants to pardon a turkey, so that he can be just like Obama – although he doesn’t quite know what, “pardon” means. Chris is stressing Scott out with his 10,000 unread emails, so why not make a game of it… Plus! Is ‘Turkey Dumping’ a real thing? Find out in Real or No Real.

Is It Cheating If… 23rd Nov 16  

It’s been a while, so Scott and Chris roll out the most revealing game on the radio… It’s The Google Game, and today it gets VERY risqué. It’s halfway through the week, so that can only mean one thing – it’s Bamboleo Wednesday, and today’s gap really is something to behold! Chris is in the lead on Bangers! Can Scott pull it back today? Listener Karly is on with some questions about Relationship Transfer Deadline Day. Plus! Is #BubbleBathing the latest trend taking Instagram by storm? Find out in Real or No Real with Alice Levine(s).

CiCi Coleman off of First Dates Innuendo Bingo. 22 Nov 16  

All of Scott’s show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris’s stories, listeners’ dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it’s all here for you, five days a week.

Charlie Dimmock, Whoooooo?! 21st Nov 16  

Chris is away… So it’s time to roll out The Who Game again – and today’s round is EXCEPTIONAL! Sharon Osbourne has been at it again on The X Factor… Rubbish! Judge Rinder has made it through to week 10 of Strictly, so Scott catches up with him. Plus! Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco drops by to play Real or No Real with Scott.

Sir Dossa (The Remix), Plus, Has Phil Mitchell Played Your Union?  

Chris’s mate Sir Dossa has entertained the world with his incredible tunes for years, but now, finally, he’s had his work remixed by a professional. Hear his brand new track for the first time. Plus, Chris is obsessed with the fact Phil Mitchell from Eastenders seems to be on a tour of Student Unions. Dev is in for Real Or No Real with a top mind blowing fact about emojis… but is it made up? And this weeks’ fired Apprentice candidate is in for a chat.

Innuendo Bingo with Chloe Madeley & James Haskell 17 Nov 16  

Couples that train together… Stay together! Or so say Chloe Madeley and England Rugby International James Haskell – before taking to the wet seat in today’s Innuendo Bingo. It’s 2 – 1 to Chris in Bangers, and today’s caller fixes harps for a living… Is that the first harp player ever on The Scott Mills Daily? Scott and Chris chat to the UK’s tightest student, she literally spends NO MONEY, but also has a pretty good trick to help you get some free food! Plus, find out if to spice up her stage show, Adele has begun releasing bats in to the audience in Real or No Real with Dev.

From The Front to the Back 16 Nov 16  

You know Scott and Chris just love getting your emails… Well today, they received an absolute corker from Jess – cringe glands at the ready. There’s some clarification over an Innuendo Bingo clip. It’s two nil to Chris in Bangers, can Scott claw it back? It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to Bamboleo. Plus! Find out if Mr Banana has split from Ms Orange after being caught getting fruity with another lady in Real or NO Real with Alice Levine.

When is the Cloud, Not a Cloud? 15 Nov 16  

Chris introduces Scott to his new friend Laura, who has the most wonderful and happy view on the world… You can’t but smile listening to Laura. Lord of the Dance, Danny Howard jumps in to the wet seat today for Innuendo Bingo – and the man has a SERIOUS spray on him! It’s one – nil to Chris on Bangers, can Scott bring it up to a draw today? PLUS! Find out if the ‘I’mn a Celebrity’ jungle is in lockdown after eight funnel spiders have taken over the camp in Real or No Real with Charlie Sloth.

Ummm, That’s Not My Name 14 Nov 16  

You know when someone at work gets your name wrong? Awkward, right? Well, imagine if they did that for an entire year?! TOTALLY AWKS. It’s a Monday, so that can only mean one thing… Judge Rinder’s on and he’s going to Blackpool! (…It’s all he’s ever wanted). A new week means the Bangers! score resets to nil-nil. PLUS! Find out if Eddie Redmayne’s Oscar is missing it’s head after his best friend broke it off in Real or No Real with Greg James.

It’s All Lies I Tell You! 11 Nov 16  

We’ve ALL got that one friend that just loves to tell a tall tale, right? Scott and Chris hear all about your big billy liar mates today… And even BBC Sport’s Dan Walker gets in on the act too. This week’s fired Apprentice candidate gets one last chance for an exit interview in the Elevator Pitch. Scott and Chris get their Bangers out for the final time this week. Plus, find out if the Christmas Tree in Leicester Town Centre has been left bare because the tinsel is too heavy for it, in Real or No Real with Cel Spellman.

Sprinkle of Glitter Innuendo Bingo 10 Nov 16  

We have a strange conversation about first kisses and Listener Liv has a strange technique, Louise Pentland A.K.A Sprinkle Of Glitter off of the internet plays Innuendo Bingo and Danny Howard plays Real Or No Real.

Fort Boyard – Whooooo?! 09 Nov 17  

Scott’s all on his lonesome today (…Chris is off filming Celebrity Mastermind) and so what better time than to roll out a round or two of The Whooooo Game?! Scott thinks we all need a little cheering up today, fear not – it’s Bamboleo Wednesday! Plus, Scott turns his hand to satire, with exceptionally good results – and find out if Redfoo really is releasing an album of opera classics in Real or No real with Alice Levine.

Innuendo Bingo with Adele Roberts 08 Nov 16  

Adele Roberts jumps in to the wet seat today for a really, really wet round of Innuendo Bingo! Chris has settled on his specialist subject for Celebrity Mastermind, and it’s BRILLIANT! Plus… Stupid Street is back – whoooooo?! And it a US Election Special. So, you know how in the UK we’re NOT allowed to vote in the American Election? Well… The kind folk of stupid street didn’t get the memo. Plus! Find out if the richest man in Asia really is called Ker-Ching in Real or No Real with Charlie Sloth.

We’re The Worst at Snapchat 7 Nov 16  

They’ve finally caved… Scott and Chris have joined the wonderful world of Snapchat… The only problem? They’re absolutely rubbish at it. It’s week 7 in Strictly Come Dancing and STILL the Judge won’t budge! Judge Rinder is still dancing, and he’s on – and today he learns about a dance move that he’s never heard of before. Plus! Chris brushes up on his general knowledge, as later this week he’ll be on Celebrity Master mind and find out if the bottled water you’re drinking really is actually dinosaur wee in Real or No Real with Dev!

You Could Be Dating Professor Green by the End Of This Podcast 28 Oct 16  

Scott and Chris catch-up with Zara Larsson, Emeli Sande and Matty from The 1975 ahead of the BBC Music Awards, and they are all SUPER excited… Professor Green drops by to play us his brand new single, and lets you slide in to his DMs. PLUS! Find out if the crumbs from the Bake-Off tent have made their way on to Ebay and are currently commanding bids of up to £1.75 in Real or No real with Listener Toby.

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