ShadowCast #1 - The Introduction

ShadowCast #1 - The Introduction

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002 - A Shady Debate & Grossing Out Cayleigh | THE BITTER PILL PODCAST  

The second presidential debate took place two days ago, and there are a few things to be said. Also, why not talk about something that Rob does that grosses Cayleigh out?

001 - Welcome to the New Podcast | THE BITTER PILL PODCAST  

The Seriously Strange Podcast has passed away. With this, Rob & Cayleigh usher in the first episode of The Bitter Pill Podcast, a podcast aimed at freely discussing a plethora of different topics, from news, to politics, to the crazy social justice warrior who sits next to you in class. Nothing is off limits.

#11 - People Who Cooked Other People & FNAF | Seriously Strange Podcast  

A sneak peek into an upcoming episode of Twisted Tens detailing 10 gruesome "chefs" and Rob tells his experience of being locked in a Five Nights at Freddy's real life simulation. Head here to begin your 30 day free trial with Audible: Watch me in Game Lab:

001 - There's Something Terribly Wrong with My Son | SCARY STORY TIME  

A man realizes there's something very disturbing about his infant son and finds himself in a maze of twists, turns, and dead ends as he tries to discover the eerie truth behind it all. Written by Christopher Maxim. His website: This story is being adapted into a full book coming soon.

An Update & Important Question  

Just a quick update and an important question to answer! Please either tweet your thoughts to me or leave them as a comment on SoundCloud

#10 - The "Suicide" of Danny Casolaro | Seriously Strange Podcast  

The bizarre circumstances of Danny Casolaro's possible suicide are discussed in this episode, along with some of the reasons people with a lot of power may have wanted him dead.

#9 - Our Awaited Return | Seriously Strange Podcast  

Rob & Cayleigh have been away for quite some time, but that doesn't matter much anymore, as they've now returned and come bearing exciting changes.

#8 - Who's That at Your Door? | Seriously Strange Podcast  

Rob and Cayleigh take a story from Reddit's infamous NoSleep subreddit, where a man posted videos he took to show his parents' pet birds on Snapchat. What he didn't know was that his camera caught more than just the birds. Someone (or something) was standing behind his screen door in the background. But that was only the beginning. See the post for yourself:

#7 - A Journey Through Darkness | Seriously Strange Podcast  

This week's discussion centers around individuality and the balance between the dark side and the light side of our content.

#6 - Stalking Through Cemeteries | Seriously Strange Podcast  

Rob Dyke, Cayleigh Elise, and Elena Vasquez have all finally met in real life and discuss their experience stalking haunted graveyards and exploring one of the most historical cities in America.

#5 - The Unexplained Disappearance of Tara Calico | Seriously Strange Podcast  

Rob and Cayleigh discuss the eerie unexplained disappearance of a 19 year old girl named Tara Calico in 1988. The circumstances of the incident left everyone scratching their heads and nearly 30 years later, police are still trying to piece together this puzzling mystery.

#4 - Interview with Seriously Strange Writer Elena | Seriously Strange Podcast  

This week, Rob and Cayleigh bring on Elena Vasquez, writer for Rob's Seriously Strange web series to casually talk about creepy personal experiences, among other things.

#3 - Who/What is The Mothman? | Seriously Strange Podcast  

Try to clear your mind as Rob and Cayleigh explore the possible explanations behind the infamous Mothman sightings--both logical and paranormal.

#2 - The Horrifying Unsolved Mystery of Elisa Lam | Seriously Strange Podcast  

Rob and Cayleigh discuss the frightening case of Elisa Lam, a girl who went missing in 2013, later to be found dead under horrifying, unexplainable circumstances.

#1 - The Introduction | Seriously Strange Podcast  

In this episode, Rob and Cayleigh discuss some of the things that brought them to the dark side throughout their lives and have some fun along the way. You're sure to get hit with nostalgia in this episode.

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