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Get ready to live a happy, healthy, wholefood life with Shiny Healthy You – a straight talking natural health show, brought to you by a qualified naturopath.


SHY 36: Laurence Tham – Banish Fear and Create a Life You Love  

Meet Laurence Tham – Chiropractor, wellness podcaster, husband, father, and motivational speaker. Laurence is a wealth of inspiration and information when it comes to creating the healthy and fulfilling life that deep down, you know you want, and in this week’s show we’re going to pick his brain about how to make positive changes that […]

SHY 35: Jessica Donovan – The Energetic Mama  

Meet Jessica Donovan, aka Energetic Mama. She’s currently travelling around the country in a caravan with hubby and two kids in tow, but I managed to catch up with her on Skype for a chat. Jess became a naturopath at a young age. She had some challenges early on with her own hormones, and some […]

SHY 34: Aimee Clark – The Urban Food Forager  

Meet Aimee Clark – a Queensland woman with an interesting hobby… she spends her spare time foraging for food. Whether it’s at the beach, in the bush, or in her own backyard, Aimee has learned to make use of plants that most of us would dismiss as pointless weeds. Aimee lives what she calls a […]

SHY 33: Hayley Carr – Creating (and Smashing!) Your Goals in the New Year  

Meet the gorgeous and unstoppable Hayley Carr – an NLP practitioner and life coach who works with Type A personalities. She helps busy, ambitious people to slow down, find clarity, and then smash their goals like never before. With the New Year looming, I’ve brought Hayley in to talk about goal setting and those inevitable […]

SHY 32: A Healthier Christmas – Part 3  

This week we continue to take time out from interviews to bring you part 3 of of the Shiny Healthy You Christmas Special, woohooooo!!! What does Christmas look like for you? Is it a magical holiday season, full of wonder, joy and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from celebrating with friends and family? Or […]

SHY 31: A Healthier Christmas – Part 2  

This week we continue to take time out from interviews to bring you part 2 of of the Shiny Healthy You Christmas Special, YAY!!! What does Christmas look like for you? Is it a magical holiday season, full of wonder, joy and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from celebrating with friends and family? Or […]

SHY 30: A Healthier Christmas  

This week we take a little time out from interviews to bring you a Christmas Special, woohoooo!!! What does Christmas look like for you? Is it a magical holiday season, full of wonder, joy and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from celebrating with friends and family? Or do you sneer “Bah Humbug!” as you […]

SHY 29: Carolyn Ledowsky – MTHFR and Methylation  

MTHFR is one of the most confusing topics in natural healthcare today. But with over 60% of the population potentially affected, it’s important to understand how it impacts us. So I’m bringing out the big guns today… Enter the lovely Carolyn Ledowsky from MTHFR Support Australia. Carolyn is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has […]

SHY 28: Lynda Griparic – Naturopath and Poo Whisperer  

Meet Lynda Griparic – a naturopath, nutritionist, yin yoga teacher… and a poo whisperer. In this episode we’re going to dive into the topic of healthy bowel function… yep, strap yourself in… we’re going there! Find out why we struggle to talk about poo, and learn what’s normal when it comes to bowel motions. Discover […]

SHY 27: Rachel Favilla – From autoimmune disease to thriving with wholefoods  

Meet Rachel Favilla – when she was just 11 years old, her world was slowly turned upside down. At first, her generalised anxiety and minor digestive issues were dismissed as being “normal.” Severe weight loss then led to accusations of an eating disorder. Tests for coeliac disease proved to be negative. She was forced to […]

SHY 26: Samantha Gowing – Real, raw and rockin’ it in the wellness world  

Meet Samantha Gowing – a critically acclaimed spa chef with a Le Cordon Bleu Masters in Gastronomic Tourism. She’s also a nutritionist, speaker, mentor, and founder of Byron Bay Cooking School. As one of Melbourne’s youngest ever female publicans, Sam started out life around the rock n’ roll and live music scene – not the […]

SHY 25: Nicole Bijlsma – Healthy homes without the mould  

Meet Nicole Bijlsma – a naturopath, acupuncturist and building biologist. After seeing countless chronic fatigue patients, plus a harrowing personal experience with repeated miscarriages, she became fascinated with a common link: mould. Nicole now specialises in health hazards in the built up environment, including mould, allergens, water and electromagnetic radiation, to name a few. In […]

SHY 24: Brenda Janschek – Break through to a healthier YOU  

Meet Brenda Janschek – a mum who’s come back from the brink of burnout to create a happy, healthy, wholefood-loving family. If you’re a busy woman, listen up, because in this podcast we’re going to give you strategies for nourishing your family, nurturing yourself, and raising healthy kids. Discover how Brenda learned to cook (no […]

SHY 23: Leanne Anders (aka The Primal Mum) – Living a healthy primal life  

Meet Leanne Anders, aka the Primal Mum. After one of her children was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that needed to be managed through diet, she became very aware of the synthetic nature of a lot of the food and supplements we eat, and the scarcity of nutrients in many of our common foods like […]

SHY 22: Kristin Cosgrove (aka Mamacino) – On delicious food, Italian culture, and raising healthy kids  

Meet Kristin Cosgrove, aka Mamacino. Growing up surrounded by fresh produce, she always loved good food, but didn’t necessarily know how to cook it. Gradually, she found connection and inspiration through her Italian heritage (with a little help from Jamie Oliver thrown in!) and the rest is history. Now she’s made a career out of […]

SHY 21: Chara Caruthers from Bliss Body and Soul – What is Ayurveda?  

Meet my beautiful friend Chara Caruthers. If you’ve done my Shiny Healthy You eCourse or been to one of my retreats, you may recognise her as the instructor from the yoga classes. But as well as being a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, Chara is also an Ayurvedic practitioner. In this episode, Chara answers some […]

SHY 20: Cyndi O’Meara – What’s with wheat? Why we need to ditch chemicals in food  

This week’s guest is a nutritionist, author, passionate speaker and now filmmaker, with her recent documentary “What’s with Wheat” going totally gangbusters. Cyndi O’Meara has done the hard yards, collating the research, studying the effects that pesticides and chemicals have on our bodies… and it’s time to reveal the dirty truth. She is on a mission to […]

SHY 19: Adrenal Fatigue with Jules Galloway  

This week we take a little break from our usual Shiny Healthy You interviews and instead have a chat about adrenal fatigue. In this episode you’re going to discover: What is adrenal fatigue, and how it happens. The 4 stages of Adrenal Fatigue. The essential combination of tools you need to become healthy again. Which […]

SHY 18: Alisha Lynch aka The Naughty Naturopath Mum – Self care and energy medicine for busy, stressed-out women  

This week I chat with one of my favourite naturopaths, the effervescent and often irreverent Alisha Lynch. Alisha has been a naturopath for many years and now has a business that’s ALL about flower essences. And she’s got quite the cult following of happy mums who use her products on the entire family. Alisha takes […]

SHY 17:  Cinzia Cozzolino (aka Nutrition Darling) – The smoothie goddess with a real food philosophy  

Meet Cinzia Cozzolino, aka Nutrition Darling – a qualified nutritionist and healthy food entrepreneur. Growing up in an Italian family, she has real food and home-style cooking etched into her DNA. But after living the rock n’ roll lifestyle for many years, Cinzia had an awakening when it came to her health. She did a […]

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