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Get ready to live a happy, healthy, wholefood life with Shiny Healthy You – a straight talking natural health show, brought to you by a qualified naturopath.


SHY 24: Brenda Janschek – Break through to a healthier YOU  

Meet Brenda Janschek – a mum who’s come back from the brink of burnout to create a happy, healthy, wholefood-loving family. If you’re a busy woman, listen up, because in this podcast we’re going to give you strategies for nourishing your family, nurturing yourself, and raising healthy kids. Discover how Brenda learned to cook (no […]

SHY 23: Leanne Anders (aka The Primal Mum) – Living a healthy primal life  

Meet Leanne Anders, aka the Primal Mum. After one of her children was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that needed to be managed through diet, she became very aware of the synthetic nature of a lot of the food and supplements we eat, and the scarcity of nutrients in many of our common foods like […]

SHY 22: Kristin Cosgrove (aka Mamacino) – On delicious food, Italian culture, and raising healthy kids  

Meet Kristin Cosgrove, aka Mamacino. Growing up surrounded by fresh produce, she always loved good food, but didn’t necessarily know how to cook it. Gradually, she found connection and inspiration through her Italian heritage (with a little help from Jamie Oliver thrown in!) and the rest is history. Now she’s made a career out of […]

SHY 21: Chara Caruthers from Bliss Body and Soul – What is Ayurveda?  

Meet my beautiful friend Chara Caruthers. If you’ve done my Shiny Healthy You eCourse or been to one of my retreats, you may recognise her as the instructor from the yoga classes. But as well as being a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, Chara is also an Ayurvedic practitioner. In this episode, Chara answers some […]

SHY 20: Cyndi O’Meara – What’s with wheat? Why we need to ditch chemicals in food  

This week’s guest is a nutritionist, author, passionate speaker and now filmmaker, with her recent documentary “What’s with Wheat” going totally gangbusters. Cyndi O’Meara has done the hard yards, collating the research, studying the effects that pesticides and chemicals have on our bodies… and it’s time to reveal the dirty truth. She is on a mission to […]

SHY 19: Adrenal Fatigue with Jules Galloway  

This week we take a little break from our usual Shiny Healthy You interviews and instead have a chat about adrenal fatigue. In this episode you’re going to discover: What is adrenal fatigue, and how it happens. The 4 stages of Adrenal Fatigue. The essential combination of tools you need to become healthy again. Which […]

SHY 18: Alisha Lynch aka The Naughty Naturopath Mum – Self care and energy medicine for busy, stressed-out women  

This week I chat with one of my favourite naturopaths, the effervescent and often irreverent Alisha Lynch. Alisha has been a naturopath for many years and now has a business that’s ALL about flower essences. And she’s got quite the cult following of happy mums who use her products on the entire family. Alisha takes […]

SHY 17:  Cinzia Cozzolino (aka Nutrition Darling) – The smoothie goddess with a real food philosophy  

Meet Cinzia Cozzolino, aka Nutrition Darling – a qualified nutritionist and healthy food entrepreneur. Growing up in an Italian family, she has real food and home-style cooking etched into her DNA. But after living the rock n’ roll lifestyle for many years, Cinzia had an awakening when it came to her health. She did a […]

SHY 16: Alice Nicholls (The Whole Daily) – On stress, addiction, and our mind-body connection  

This week I chat with one of the trailblazers in the health blogging world – Alice Nicholls from The Whole Daily. Although she’s a beacon of light in the wellness industry, she wasn’t always this healthy and happy. She’s battled some pretty dark demons, but has come out the other side stronger, focused and determined […]

SHY 15: Guy Lawrence (180 Nutrition) – on dieting, weight loss, and what’s wrong with the fitness industry  

Meet Guy Lawrence. He owns a biz called 180 Nutrition, which makes great quality supplements for the fitness industry. Coming from a world where low calorie and low fat philosophies reigned supreme, he sought out his own truth very early on, using approaches that were considered “outside the box.” Listen to his story of a […]

SHY 14: Lunch Lady Lou – Bringing healthy food to busy city women  

Meet Linda Ellis (aka Lunch Lady Lou) – she is singlehandedly attempting to change the way that office workers do lunch in Sydney. Although she grew up in a household that cooked meals from scratch, she didn’t develop an interest in food until much later. After a stint working in a busy office, she discovered […]

SHY 13: Rebecca Weller – A Happier Hour  

Meet Rebecca (Bex) Weller, health coach, author, and creator of Sexy Sobriety, a program that helps women to reduce their alcohol intake. Bex is a beacon of health and happiness these days, but it wasn’t always this way. From the days of her corporate “work hard, play harder” lifestyle, to turning vegan and giving up […]

SHY 12: Damian Kristof – On chiropractic care and the problem with our medical system  

Meet Damian Kristof – chiropractor, naturopath, podcaster and multi-passionate wellness entrepreneur. This bloke has spent years immersing himself in research and cutting edge studies, leaving no stone unturned, and this week I’m stoked to be picking his brain about natural health and wellness. In this episode we discuss the difference between disease and dis-ease and […]

SHY 11: The Merrymaker Sisters – Secrets to epic health and happiness  

Brace yourself for 45 minutes of Excessive Happiness. Meet Emma and Carla Papas – health and happiness bloggers, wholefood recipe developers, talented podcasters and real life sisters. Listen to their story as they take you from low calorie and low fat living (and the disastrous health consequences) to eating a vibrant, abundant diet FULL of […]

SHY 10: Marcus Pearce – Your exceptional life starts here  

Meet Marcus Pearce – he wants you to experience what it’s like to have a truly exceptional life. He is all about educating and empowering you to make your own call on what’s healthy and right for you, rather that just going with status quo or with what the media says is good. This bloke […]

SHY 9- Quirky Jo Whitton – On GAPS, gut healing, and getting started  

This week I chat with one of my food heroes, the wonderful Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking. Listen as she tells her son Isaac’s heartbreaking story. Discover how he went from debilitating OCD and anxiety to his recovery via the GAPS diet and gut healing. Find out how they proved the doctors wrong. Jo takes […]

SHY 8:  Ask The Naturopath  

Welcome to another “Ask the Naturopath” show where I answer your burning health and wellness questions! This week we feature: Pyrrole disorder – I share my own experiences and give practical steps if you’ve been diagnosed with pyroluria. How to tackle adrenal fatigue, and the best herbs and supplements to look out for. And a […]

SHY 7: Irena Macri, author of Eat Drink Paleo – It’s all about simple, delicious, healthy food!  

This week I speak with Irena Macri – author of Eat Drink Paleo and creator of The Happy Body Formula program. Irena was one of the first recipe creators to hit the paleo scene and her food is easy to make, delicious and non-pretentious. We talk about: What it means to be 80/20 paleo (rather […]

SHY 6: Sistermixin’ – Two mums on a mission to banish nasty food additives.  

Meet Tracey Fry and Joanne Ling – a couple of Aussie mums who’ve eliminated chemicals from their homes for the sake of their children’s health. Known as Sistermixin’, their business helps women everywhere to cut out the crap from their lives and learn to cook simple family-friendly wholefood meals, without the nasty additives. Find out […]

SHY 5 : Alexx Stuart – How to live a low tox life  

This week’s guest always had a idealistic streak, and knew from an early age that she wanted to make the world a better place. She grew up living a typical western lifestyle that included pop tarts, microwave popcorn and synthetic beauty products.   But when she brought her first child into the world, her mindset started […]

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