Shooting Stars with Lee and Elliott

Shooting Stars with Lee and Elliott

United Kingdom

Lee and Elliott are shooting stars... with their word guns. Every week, the duo (and perhaps a dope-ass guest) discusses pop culture, celebrities, and their own lives within an industry of Twitter followers, YouTube views, box office grosses, auditions, and everything else PC-related.


Making Sense of Charlottesville  

Chattin' about many things, and a lotta Charlottesville.

A Few Thoughts On SourceFed's End  

Today Lee and Elliott are attempting to wrap their heads around the end of SourceFed.

Witches Casting Spells, Pewdiepie Fallout, & Oscar Talk  

Today we're discussing our last podcast, how we sometimes don't feel at home in our own hometowns, witches, Trump, and Oscars!

Did Pewdiepie Cross A Line? THE ARGUMENT!  

Today we discuss some stuff, but mostly we discuss Pewdiepie. It's like a debate/argument/discussion where we disagree. You get it.

Women's March, Trump's President, & Lee Hated La La Land  

Today, Elliott and Lee discuss women, marches, Ryan Gosling, the Mick, and more!

Lee's Engagement, Elliott's Not Drinking, & SPECIAL GUEST ANDREW DELMAN!  

Elliott talks with Lee and Delman about their engagement!


I think this old episode is mostly about how bad those girls in Gilmore Girls are....

This Is A Good One  

Lee and Elliott are hanging out again and have a lot to catch up on, and it's mostly about Christmas movies.

Final Election Thoughts, Halloween Costumes, & Elliott's New Favorite Twitter Account  

Inspirational Twitter accounts, inappropriate celebrity Halloween costumes, and something else. What was it? Could be anything. Oh... the election.

Our Halloween Costumes  

Today we discuss our Halloween costumes, more election garbage, and Elliott's experience actually literally becoming Batman.

Grab Them By The Pussy & Sick In The Head  

Tonight, we're discussing the debates, the election, and how awesome Judd Apatow is.

Donald Trump, Dirty 30, and Elliott Doesn't Eat Anymore  

Lee and Elliott have an almost heated discussion about politics, Elliott not eating, and Portland, Oregon!

#ThreeFictionalCharacters, Brangelina, & Delman Kills A Spider  

Lee screams at a spider. Elliott worries about the scream. Just another fun episode of Shooting Stars!

Internet Rage, Fake Suicides, & Elliott and Lee Are Brother and Sister  

In this week's episode, Elliott and Lee discuss Internet rage, Jayden Smith, and all sorts of other things.

Kylie Jenner's New Hotness, Disney's Screw-Up, & Lee and Elliott Share Favorite Quotes  

In this extra-sized episode, Lee and Elliott discuss Kylie, Disney, & Kierkegaard.

Smosh Live, Body Dysmorphia, & Leaving Courtney Stodden Alone  

Courtney Stodden should be left alone, Smosh Live was a huge success, and Lee and Elliott discuss weird diet plans. Support the podcast at

Amber Heard's F*ck You, Trump's Apology, & Lee and Elliott Are Exhausted  

Following a day of shooting, Elliott and Lee are horrendously tired. This week is short and to the point. Sometimes, in life... we get tired.

Stranger Things, F*ck Trump, & The Rock On Steroids?!  

Lee thinks Elliott looks like the kid from Stranger Things and that the Rock is on drugs. Elliott disagrees.

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