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Sidepodcast // All for F1 and F1 for All

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Join Christine as she guides you through all the happenings in the fast-paced world of Formula 1. Bringing you information, gossip, statistics and humour, with the odd race report thrown in for good measure. But don't think this is news churned out the normal way - the lady tells it like it is. Conspiracy theories, honest opinions and irreverent musings all add up to a refreshing listen.


An Aside with Joe - They seem to take viciousness to a higher level  

The championship battle is hotting up and with the always dramatic Canadian Grand Prix around the corner, Joe Saward drops a new mic into the F1 discussion. On the agenda today, we talk about a very big deal in Montreal and the polite way to handle an embargo, an FIA licence for everyone, plus driver lock-in clauses and why the market currently depends on Räikkönen.

An Aside with Joe - That's the thing that goes bang-pop, bang-pop  

In a short break between the opening races and the start of the European season, Joe catches up on all the comings and the goings within the F1 bubble.

F1 Debrief - Do we have any feedback on this?  

After just one show, the feedback came flooding in, so here we are with a collection of emails, tweets and voicemails to discuss the change to the qualifying format as well as Red Bull's paint job, Kimi Räikkönen's answer to everything and taking the first step on the journey to better head protection.

F1 Debrief - We're not quite ready to let you infiltrate the racing  

Sidepodcast returns for a new year of podcasting, starting with a discussion on the big news this week - the potential changes to qualifying. Whilst the exact details are still unknown, we delve into the topic with relish, pondering how on the face of it the changes seem minimal but as you dig deeper, you find many people who will be affected by these session structure tweaks.

An Aside with Joe - These are interesting reflections  

Kicking off 2016 with an in depth look at what's going on behind the scenes in F1 right now, journalist Joe Saward tackles the sport's most critical questions head on.

An Aside with Joe - It's espionage by another name  

With but one race left to tick off the 2015 F1 calendar, Joe calls in to tackle the pressing subjects and storylines of the moment. Both championships might well be signed and sealed at this point, but there is still much to discuss about this year and next.

An Aside with Joe - It would be like a Henry Ford moment  

Bridging the gap between a missing GP and the summer break, Joe stops by to catch us up on the latest goings on in the F1 paddock. Top topics include the strategy group without a strategy, Renault's competing engine programs, treating the sport like a cash machine and the best option for Williams.

F1 Debrief - There's a definite change in policy here  

Sidepodcast's 2015 break takes a break of its own as we hustle a quick podcast out the door regarding the FIA's recent statement of a potential refuelling return. As big fans of refuelling before it departed, we now discuss our mixed reactions to the possibility of a return and ponder just what the governing body are thinking with their latest batch of changes to the sport.

An Aside with Joe - It creates a niche for lunatics  

Briefly back home after enjoying the opening four races, Joe checks in to evaluate the state of Formula One in 2015. Conversation spans subjects as diverse as the manipulation of TV coverage, the appalling efforts of Renault marketing and why Manor's best is more than good enough.

F1 Circuits Past and Present - Series 2 omnibus  

Hello friends, and welcome to the omnibus edition of the second series of F1 Circuits Past and Present, a show that takes a closer look at some of the highlights of the Formula One calendar throughout the sport’s history. These seven short shows were originally released one-a-day for a week, but have now been gathered together for a longer listen. Enjoy!

F1 Circuits Past and Present - Interlagos  

Welcome to F1 Circuits Past and Present, the Sidepodcast mini series that takes a closer look at tracks that have hosted the pinnacle of motorsport across the years. This is the final episode, and so to finish we’re narrowing our gaze at an absolutely classic track, one that really lifts the spirits and makes each race it hosts an event to behold.

F1 Circuits Past and Present - Mexico  

Hello and welcome to the sixth episode of F1 Circuits Past and Present, a second series of the miniseries brought to you by Sidepodcast. We’ve covered old and new, with a focus on the old, but now it’s time to look at the returning. Formula One’s calendar for 2015 features a race that was previously on the calendar, and is making a comeback.

F1 Circuits Past and Present - Ceasars Palace  

You’re listening to the Sidepodcast mini series F1 Circuits Past and Present, a second series that looks closely at tracks that have hosted the sport across the years. This is the fifth episode, and time to look at a classic track that has made an impressive name for itself despite featuring on the calendar on only two occasions.

F1 Circuits Past and Present - Monza  

This is F1 Circuits Past and Present from Sidepodcast, a second series of the mini series that looks at race tracks you’ve known and loved across the history of Formula One. Today’s fourth episode zooms right back to the very first championship season of the sport, with a classic race track close to the hearts of many.

F1 Circuits Past and Present - Jerez  

Welcome to the third episode of the second series of F1 Circuits Past and Present, the latest mini series from Sidepodcast that takes a closer look at race tracks hosting Formula One across the years. We’ve looked at a current track and one that used to be a fixture, but now we’re focusing on a circuit that’s still in use, if not on the official calendar.

F1 Circuits Past and Present - Yas Marina  

Hello there, this is F1 Circuits Past and Present, a mini series brought to you by Sidepodcast. We’re looking at tracks that have hosted Formula One races at some point in its vast history, and today we’re zooming in on a relatively new one. It’s time to take a closer look at Abu Dhabi.

F1 Circuits Past and Present - Indianapolis  

Hello and welcome to our second look at F1 Circuits Past and Present, a new mini series from Sidepodcast. This set of seven short shows will examine a variety of F1 tracks, from those currently on the calendar, to those that have long since been out of favour. Today’s first episode takes a look at a long-standing circuit that left the fray in 2007.

Happy New Year from Sidepodcast  

2014 was a year of new beginnings, with new engines, new champions, new drivers and new challenges. Formula One was reinvented to give the sport purpose, to keep it relevant to the changing world. We ended up with distasteful looking cars, but they certainly delivered out on track. The revamped regulations and the modern machinery provided drivers and teams with a huge challenge to surmount, and it was intensely entertaining to watch it all unfold.

F1 Debrief - That is an optimistic agenda  

Our final show of 2014 bids farewell to the year and looks ahead to the future of Formula One. On this show, we discuss the ultimate F1 gathering, a questionable Lotus entry and the race that surprised everyone. We pore over the 2015 calendar, and take a quick look at the entry list - figuring out what it might mean for everyone included. We ponder the penalty changes, those that are more lenient than before, and those that have become more harsh, and also take a look at the revised (again) safety car regulations.

F1 Debrief - The perfect Bond villain name  

It's hard to believe that Ferrari have been through three team principals this year, but at the start of the season they had Stefano Domenicali in place, with Luca di Montezemolo overseeing him. We roll quickly through the season to see how those two lost their jobs, and then fast-forward to today, recapping the driver changes (both race and test), plus the big engineering reshuffle as well.

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