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Sklarbro Country features Randy and Jason Sklar as they give their weekly comedic takes on the worlds of sports and pop culture. You don't have to know about sports to enjoy it, as long as you like silly puns and great comedians.


343 Tawny Newsome, Kenny Stevenson  

The bros welcome actress Tawny Newsome (Bajillion Dollar Propertie$) for this week's episode of Sklarbro Country! During Takes, Randy and Jason discuss the Patriots' White House boycott and a Super Bowl bet between zoos. Then, they chat with Tawny about her audition for SNL, touring with John Langford, and developing a theatrical edge. Quick Hits brings stories about Kevin Durant's sour welcome in Oklahoma City and the Nazi anthem at a tennis tournament, and finally, the Sklars call up Kris Kristofferson to hear his qualifications for the position of National Security Advisor. This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter ( and Blue Apron (

342 Jason Schwartzman, Brad Morris  

Actor Jason Schwartzman (Mozart in the Jungle) sits down with Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro Country! The Bros listen in on Ray Lewis's pump-up psych out speeches before getting into it with Jason about his Sirius XM show "Coconut Radio," identifying your musical pillars, and childhood sensitivities. Then, Jason reflects on his working partnership with Wes Anderson and dealing with family fame. Finally, the Sklars welcome back Christoph Waltz to hear his take on Charles Oakley's recent altercation. This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter (

341 Joe DeRosa, Beth Hoyt  

Comedian and actor Joe DeRosa returns to join Randy and Jason on Country shores. During Takes, the Sklars cover the Fisher/Barnes feud and an Olympic swimmer reprimanded for speeding in the pool. Then they talk with Joe about his role as a shady vet on "Better Call Saul" as well as the awful traits that inspire his stand up before getting into Quick Hits. Finally, the Sklars give Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton a call to hear her Super Bowl predictions. This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron ( and ZipRecruiter (

340 Kaitlin Olson, Brad Morris  

Actress Kaitlin Olsen joins Randy and Jason this week to talk about getting cast in FOX's "The Mick," dealing with a household full of boys, and appearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Plus, Kaitlin shares her top bits from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the Sklars give Ozzie Guillen a call to get his take on the recent Hall of Fame announcements. This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter ( ).

339 Mary Lynn Rajskub, Chris Cox  

Actress and comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub joins Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro Country! The Sklars pitch perfect Super Bowl halftime performances before launching into a discussion with Mary Lynn about getting shin splints while working on "24" and straddling the line between comedy and acting. During Quick Hits, we hear about boxer Amir Khan's sexy Skype sesh gone public, an NBA player's response to his Twitter hacking, and the origin of Beer Yoga. Finally, the Sklars ring up Jerry Jones to hear his take on politics and the Cowboys.This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron ( and ZipRecruiter (

Dumb People Town - Episode 1: Nick Thune - Snowjob  

Comedian/Actor/Musician triple-threat Nick Thune joins the Sklars and Dan Van Kirk on Dumb People Town's inaugural (no pun intended) episode! Nick talks about his new SeeSo comedy special, Good Guy, and an ill-fated birthday gift he once gave his father. The guys discuss an illicit sex act performed upon a snowman and a good ole gas station defecation -- plus they receive a voicemail from Steven Seagal! Check out Dumb People Town's official feed here:

338 Beth Stelling, Kenny Stevenson  

Comedian Beth Stelling joins the Sklars for this week's episode of Sklarbro Country. During Takes, Randy and Jason talk former Celtic Orien Green's breaking-and-entering (and rubbing) and the Giants' post-loss plane bashing. Then, they grill Beth on her stand-up roots, assessing the competitive value of hitting open mics and getting the scoop on her first podcast in Chicago. Quick Hits brings Jeremy Sprinkle's on-brand socklifting and an account salesman tapped to play goalie for the Panthers, and finally, Kris Kristofferson calls in to share his experiences at the National Football Championship. This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter (

Sklarbro County 242 (w/ Jon Dore, Daniel Van Kirk)  

Comedian and actor Jon Dore joins the Sklars for the final episode of Sklarbro County! They celebrate the end of an era by having Jon tell the tale of his poker-induced seizure before diving into Stories. Daniel Van Kirk opens with a personal account of having crashed an Austin Bachelor Ball. Then, we hear about a mystery nightclub pooper and a katana crack party, and finally, Mark Wahlberg closes the show with a voicemail congratulating the Sklars on the new series.This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter (

337 Chris Cox, Beth Hoyt, Daniel Van Kirk, Brad Morris, Marques Ray, Kenny Stevenson  

Sklarbro Country's celebrity gallery has gathered once again to celebrate the new year! Randy and Jason welcome special guests Dennis Rodman, Dick Vitale, Tilda Swinton, Fat Matthew McConaughey, Kris Kristofferson, both Nicholas Cages, Sam Elliott, Ken Kratz, Steven Avery, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Steven Seagal, Michael Caine, Javier Bardem, Manny Pacquiao, and many, many more to reflect on the past year and to share their plans for 2017.This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter(

Sklarbro County 241 (w/ Dennis Gubbins, Marques Ray)  

Actor and comedian Dennis Gubbins joins Randy and Jason for the penultimate edition of Sklarbro County! Daniel Van Kirk shares stories of a sword fight gone south, a college freshman who found out why you shouldn't snap and drive, and a New Yorker who got stiffed by a local casino. Finally, the Sklars listen to a voicemail from Manny Pacquiao in which the boxer shares his New Year's resolutions.This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron ( and ZipRecruiter (

336 Matt Price, Jonah Ray, J-Logic  

The holidays are here, and Matt Price, DJ J-Logic, and Jonah Ray join the Sklar Brothers to pass the chord once again. We hear some of the best musical selections of 2016 as they share in good times and good cheer. Happy Holidays!

Sklarbro County 240 (w/ Kevin Avery, Daniel Van Kirk)  

This week, writer and comedian Kevin Avery joins Randy and Jason in the County. They chat about Kevin's podcast "Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period" before swapping personal Denzel experiences. Then, Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about a woman who lodged a vibrator in her rear end and a strip club attendee who ran himself over. Finally, the Sklars listen to a voicemail from Robert Durst in which he makes every attempt to clear his name.

335 Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Brad Morris  

This week, Randy and Jason welcome "Supernatural" guests Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. out to the rollicking Country hills. They chat about everything from the perks of commercial work to Rob and Richard's mini-series "Kings of Con," and the boys swap stories of following the convention circuits. During Quick Hits, we hear about Hulk Hogan's porch pirates and the controversy embroiling the World Pole Dancing Championships, and finally, the Sklars welcome Ozzie Guillen on to share some of his Christmas memories.

Sklarbro County 239 (w/ Beth Hoyt, David Huntsberger)  

Comedian David Huntsberger co-hosts this week with Randy and Jason to welcome long-time showfriend Beth Hoyt back to the County. They discuss the benefits of a one-way Mars trip before getting into Stories. David brings tales of a long-distance sandwich seeker and a drug smuggling cop, and finally, the Sklars listen to an ethereal voice message from Tilda Swinton.This episode is sponsored by Texture (

334 Mandell Maughan, Kenny Stevenson  

Actress Mandell Maughan joins the Sklars on this week's Sklarbro Country. Randy and Jason discuss Raiders punter Marquette King's celebrating penalties and a white power pistachio girl during Takes, and Mandell talks about getting cast in Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ and the story of her first audition. Quick Hits brings a soccer fan with a meat flinging problem and a forgetful boxer, and Kris Kristofferson calls in to share his Himalayan holiday plans with the Sklars.

Sklarbro County 238 (w/ Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Daniel Van Kirk)  

Actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis joins the Sklars this week to cut some bodies loose. They discuss the best kinds of fart jokes to make for your kids and swap stories of being on set of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Then, Daniel Van Kirk brings stories that include a nasty obituary article and a steamy home invasion. Finally, Randy and Jason check out some found audio footage from This American Life.

333 Gary Gulman, Chris Cox  

Stand-up comic Gary Gulman joins Randy and Jason for this week's episode of Sklarbro Country. We hear about a Packers fan who ditched a steep cab fare and Matt Barnes' accidental butt-bump before the Sklars get into it with Gary. They discuss the post-Trump mood in the New York comedy scene and what makes competitive stand-up uniquely difficult. During Quick Hits, we hear about a goalie peppered with firecrackers and a kangaroo brawler, and finally, fat Matthew McConaughey calls in to explain how his beer-and-milkshake diet will help him win an Oscar.This episode is sponsored by Enclosed ( code: SKLAR)

Sklarbro County 237 (w/ Jessica Chaffin)  

Ronna and Beverly's Jessica Chaffin joins the Sklars on this week's County. Jessica gets her longtime friend and HBO producer Bentley Weiner on the phone to discuss getting into boxing early on and to debate fantasy strategies. Then, Daniel Van Kirk brings Stories that include subterfuge at a Canadian mint, a woman stabbed by her own dog, and a gas stop turned kidnapping. Finally, Ronna Glickman calls in to express her disappointment at being left off the show.This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon ( code: SKLAR), Texture (, and MVMT Watches (

332 John Ennis, Brad Morris  

"Mr. Show" and "W/ Bob and David" veteran John Ennis joins Randy and Jason this week to share tips on being an art dad. Then we hear about what college life was like with David Cross and why playing angry isn't interesting anymore. Tales of dangerous quarterbacking and the easily robbed are shared during Quick Hits, and finally, Bill Walton calls in to assess his son's performance as head coach of the Lakers.This episode is sponsored by Enclosed (, Casper Mattresses (, and Warby Parker (

Sklarbro County 236 (w/ Jak Knight, Daniel Van Kirk)  

This week, rising comedian Jak Knight joins Randy and Jason in the twilight of Sklarbro County to discuss the challenges of breaking into the stand-up comedy machine. Daniel Van Kirk brings stories about a foul-mouthed educator, a nine-hour long drunk drive, and a miscreant with "superhuman" strength. Finally, the Sklars listen to a voicemail from prosecutor Ken Kratz about his new holiday album. This episode is sponsored by Charles Tyrwhitt and MVMT Watches. Subscribe to STRANGLERS, a new podcast investigating The Boston Strangler  HERE

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