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SFR Episode 183 – RCMP- Not in my neighbourhood  

Tonight Kelly, Trevor, Matthew and Adriel talk with some guests about something that quite a few ranges have been dealing with and are trying to solve. We have Wesley Stevens and Sean Hyndman from  Regina Wildlife Federation join us to talk about their gun club being in the news recently because of challenges with their … Continue reading SFR Episode 183 – RCMP- Not in my neighbourhood

SFR Episode 182 – Black Friday Sales  

Happy Turkey Day to our listeners south of the border! You know what that means!!!! Black Friday online sales for all! Adriel, Kelly and Trevor talk about some of the various sales that are out there and the deals that can be had. Yes please!! Links:

SFR Episode 181  

As requested, more 3 Gun is the subject of tonight’s show! Hey, hey the gang’s all here… but Adriel interviews Ryan Bartsch and Del Zimmer from Nuke’M Gunworks shooting team (also on Vortex Canada Tactical Pro Staff) plus we read our listener emails, discuss flowers at the range and Trevor tries not to be a … Continue reading SFR Episode 181

SFR Episode 180 – The Future of Firearms Law in the US  

What’s Up Doc? What’s cookin? Doc Wesson from the Gun Nation Podcast is on to talk politics… No wait, Trevor, Matthew, Adriel and Kelly all chat with Doc about the impact the elections results will have on both the USA and Canada and what President-Elect Trump has released as his stance on firearms. Can you … Continue reading SFR Episode 180 – The Future of Firearms Law in the US

SFR Episode 179 – Yukaflux of Questions  

Wives’ tales, bragging rights and big game stories… Grab a cup of joe, a pint of ale or some of your finest scotch and join Kelly, Matthew and Adriel as they sit around the fire and spin some tales about their best gun stories. OK, there was no fire, and the stories were just pretty … Continue reading SFR Episode 179 – Yukaflux of Questions

SFR Episode 178 – The Canadian Gun Girl  

Thinking about getting your kids into shooting??? You need to listen to this! We have an exclusive interview with Canada’s YouTube teen sensation the Canadian Gun Girl! Adriel, Matthew and Kelly interview Hayley and her dad Jeremy about their YouTube channel that is putting out reviews, interviews and info for kids and parents who are … Continue reading SFR Episode 178 – The Canadian Gun Girl

SFR Episode 177 – Hunting Questions  

“Short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, long ones” – The hunting episode: Adriel asks questions lightning round style about hunting… Trevor and Matthew offer their advice. Tonight’s guest host is our listeners- Lots of listener feedback about what is the best length of AR barrel as well as sighting in your guns. We have the … Continue reading SFR Episode 177 – Hunting Questions

SFR Episode 176 – Sighting in Your Guns  

It is adjust to the left or adjust to the right??? Tonight we talk about sighting in your firearms,  because maybe, just maybe you were left wanting a little more after last week’s recommendation of “don’t change your pistol sights, just fix your shooting”. At least we know Trevor was… Plus, lots of listener emails … Continue reading SFR Episode 176 – Sighting in Your Guns

SFR Episode 175 – Reg from Vortex Canada  

Scopes, Optics and Red Dots – Oh my! Tonight Kelly, Adriel and Matthew talk with Reg Wales of Vortex Canada about his recommendation for scopes and optics as well has his newest venture the Operational Tactical Optics Program. Check out the Vortex Canada website for all the recommendations or Precision Optics Academy Ltd for course … Continue reading SFR Episode 175 – Reg from Vortex Canada

SFR Episode 174 – Tourniquets and Saving Lives  

Do you carry a tourniquet and trauma bag with you? Do you have the training to use it? Tonight Brian Scheetz of Valkyrie Defense  Group joins Matthew, Kelly and Adriel to talk about a recent event where he used a tourniquet to save someone’s life. Great recommendations on what to do… Get the equipment and … Continue reading SFR Episode 174 – Tourniquets and Saving Lives

SFR Episode 173 – Going for Your Black Badge  

Tonight the gangs all here! Trevor and Matthew spread their wisdom about taking your Black Badge (Adriel is taking the course on the weekend), lots of great tips to prepare you for your course…. Now just don’t get DQ’d.

SFR Episode 172 – Dave from The 3Gun Show  

Kelly, Adriel and Trevor talk 3 Gun with Dave from the 3 Gun Show. Congratulation to Trevor on winning the IPSC NB Provincial title in Standard division! Links

SFR Episode 171 – Duck Hunting  

Matthew and Adriel talk about duck hunting in all its glory with listener Jason Philp. 2 3/4" vs 3" vs 3 1/2" shells, semi's vs pumps vs over/unders, waders, duck dogs and so much more. Links

SFR Episode 170 – Listener Questions From Facebook  

Trevor, Kelly, and Adriel tackle listener questions from Facebook. Links

SFR Episode 169 – Dave Young from CAPS  

The full crew is here again! Adriel, Trevor, Matthew, and Kelly speak with Dave Young from CAPS Defensive Firearms Training about firearms training and the CAPS live fire judgement and training system. Links

SFR Episode 168 – Gun Godessessessess and Trevor?  

Kelly, Adriel and Matthew talk about spear hunting bears, gun godessessesses, and the Government response to the AR-15 and property rights petitions. Links:

SFR Episode 167 – We’re Not in Alberta Anymore  

Matthew, Kelly, and Adriel review how the Handgun Fundamentals Course went and talk about the lost art of gopher hunting. Links: Our Patreon: Mapleseed FB Page:

SFR Episode 166 – Live From Alberta (and Ontario)  

Matthew, Trevor, and Adriel are live from Edmonton with roving reporter Kelly dialing in from Ontario. The Alberta team preps for the Handgun Fundamentals One class, and gets ready to go shoot gophers in the face.

SFR Episode 165 – The Pokemon Go Edition  

Just kidding, this week we have an update on the 10/22 from the  CCFR. Adriel and Kelly speak with Tracey Wilson, Chairman of the Board of the CCFR, about a new multi-advocacy group action to fight for our 25 round mags. Trevor is in Nova Scotia drinking wine (continuing on from from his Tuscan adventure) and Matthew is searching for the elusive MagiKarp. CCFR update from Tracey at 30:57. Links: Our Live Show next week CCFR Counter Ambush Concepts Course by Valkyrie Defence Ohio Appleseed Adriel's PAR Review GET AWAY FROM THE AMMO BULBASAUR!

SFR Episode 164 – Ruger 10/22 25 Rounds Prohibited?  

Kelly and Adriel have the show to themselves this week and didn't drive it off a cliff. Really Trevor, everything was fine. The topic this week: the new RCMP opinion that 25 round Butler creek magazines designed before the Charger even came to Canada were designed for it and are therefore prohibited. Does the RCMP know of a time machine that we don't? Stay tuned to find out. Links: Rod Giltaca's recommendations on taking action Mossberg 715 25 round prohibition letter BC Sporting Clays Provincials

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