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Dirk Gently, Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Battle of Polytopia and 7 Wonders Duel - Staying In Episode 27  

The gang’s all here for more chat about the very best geek stuff. Peter Willington (@XeroXeroXero) convinces everyone to play The Battle of Polytopia, Dan Frost (@ThisDanFrost) & Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner) dissect Netflix’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider) recounts a ridiculous story about giving Jon Snow his lunch tokens.

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Disc Jam, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and a Parisian Toilet - Staying In Episode 26  

Immediately there’s a run-in with a mundane genie, then we ask a very important question about super powers, and Alix (@EruditeWolf) gets her glasses all rose-tinted after playing Fable: The Lost Chapters. Peter (@XeroXeroXero) can’t grasp what tennis is but does know he loves Disc Jam, Sam (@MrSamTurner) meanwhile waxes nostalgic about PlayStation Move, and Dan (@ThisDanFrost) gets arty with a new graphics tablet and pen. Plus one of us has a highly embarrassing incident in a public toilet.

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Yakuza 0, Fallout 4, S. Ship of Theseus, and an X-rated chicken pasty - Staying In Episode 25  

Maybe put the kids to bed before listening to this episode, as Sam (@MrSamTurner) and Peter (@XeroXeroXero) get into the specifics of a rather racey incident at Greggs. On top of that there’s all sorts of chat about cutting off your finger, singing karaoke, the song “Just the Two of Us”, some dodgy 80s pop culture references, and oh-so-much more.

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Adventure Capitalist, Split, and a Games Jam - Staying In Episode 24  

In this episode Kris (@DigitalStrider) recounts his experience of ice climbing, Dan (@ThisDanFrost) makes his first foray into Dungeons and Dragons and Peter (@XeroXeroXero) tries to convince the others to become financial mavericks in Adventure Capitalist. Plus: how does the Global Game Jam work? Is M. Night Shyamalan’s new film Split any good? Why is Kris’ face the best thing to keep you warm at night? Find out all this and more by Staying In.

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Holidays in Paris, Escaping from Aliens, and Fancy Names - Staying In Episode 23  

Sightseeing in Paris and the best ride at Disneyland, getting caught up in Escape from the Aliens from Outer Space, more Pandemic (it wouldn’t be a show without Pandemic!), a chance meeting with Sean Bean, marvelling at 7 Wonders and 7 Wonders: Duel, the uncanny Star Wars: Rogue One and the anachronistic Commodore Cinema in Aberystwyth, plus the very poshest baby names… all this and more on this episode of Staying In, featuring Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider), Daniel Frost (@ThisDanFrost), Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner) [...]

New Year’s Resolutions, offensive foods, and childhood nicknames - Staying In Episode 22  

Daniel Frost (@ThisDanFrost), Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner), Peter Willington (@xeroxeroxero) and Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider) discuss New Year’s resolutions, offensive food, childhood nicknames and more.

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PlayStation Experience, Secret Santa gifts, fighting infections, and terrible Christmas presents - Staying In Episode 21  

Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider), Daniel Frost (@ThisDanFrost), Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner), and Peter Willington (@xeroxeroxero) open their Secret Santa gifts, while contemplating the origin of mince pies. Then there’s chat about Crash Bandicoot, The Last of Us Part 2, and Death Stranding, plus a shocking revelation about Chop Chop Master Onion.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider, Keeping Chickens, and Stella from Stella’s Tomb Raider Site - Staying In Episode 20  

Kris Darby (@digitalstrider), Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner) and special guest Stella (@stellalune) from Stella’s Tomb Raider Site commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Tomb Raider series. Topics range from the challenges of writing a walkthrough, to marathon gaming, and the joys of keeping chickens.

If people want to get involved in Extra Life they can contact Stella through her website or visit the team’s Extra Life page.

If you are interested in the 20 Years of Tom​​b Raider, which Stella contributed to, you can

Football Manager 2017, Civilization VI, baby iguanas, and George Osborn from The Deep Lying Podcast - Staying In Episode 19  

Daniel Frost (@ThisDanFrost), Peter Willington (@xeroxeroxero), and special guest George Osborn (@GeorgeOsborn) from The Deep Lying Podcast (@TheDeepLyingPod) record a strategy and management games special! The chaps kick off with quite possibly one of the geekiest games ever: Football Manager 2017 and we hear all about its complexities, rewarding depth, and surprising accessibility for non-football fans. And then we try to build a pacifist empire with Bapu Gandhi in Civilization VI, discussing the changes and improvements from the previous outing and why it’s basically the ultimate board game.

Also, the baby iguanas from

Dragon Quest Builders, Jade Empire, and a trip to the dentist - Staying In Episode 18  

Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner), Daniel Frost (@ThisDanFrost), Peter Willington (@xeroxeroxero), and Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider) are all about gaming this episode: Matcha at breakfast, 

Darkest Dungeon, Maximum Car, Taekwondo, and Richard Simpson from We’re Not Wizards - Staying In Episode 17  

Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner), Daniel Frost (@ThisDanFrost), Peter Willington (@xeroxeroxero), and special guest Richard Simpson of We’re Not Wizards (@werenotwizards) discuss the deliciously disturbing Darkest Dungeon, chat about the l [...]

Sorcery! 4, Multiplayer Games, and the Great British Bake Off - Staying In Episode 16  

Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner), Daniel Frost (@ThisDanFrost), Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider), and Peter Willington (@xeroxeroxero) give our impressions of Sorcery! 4 from Inkle, we discuss what makes a great multiplayer ga [...]

Game Books, Zip World, and the phrase ‘bitch the pot’ - Staying In Episode 14  

Kris (@DigitalStrider), Dan (@FrostieDee), and Peter (@XeroXeroXero) discuss their experiences of bouncing underground at Bounce Below at Zip World. Plus there’s excitement for [...]

Dice Masters, Ziferblat, and Breakfast at Willington’s - Staying In Episode 13  

Peter Willington (@XeroXeroXero), Dan Frost (@FrostieDee), Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner) and Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider) gather together to discuss Sam’s obsession with Dice Masters, Dan’s first time writing a story as a GM in [...]

Pokemon Go, Hugging a QI Elf, and Great Auntie Beryl - Staying In Episode 12  

Peter Willington (@XeroXeroXero), Dan Frost (@FrostieDee), and Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider) discuss their experiences of the Pokemon Go phenomenon, look forward to Sonic Mania, discuss the highlights [...]

Netrunner, Colt Express, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Number 2s - Staying In Episode 11  

Kris Darby (@DigitalStrider), Dan Frost (@FrostieDee) and Sam Turner (@MrSamTurner) discuss the importance of geek calendars, new mechanics in Magic: The Gathering Eldritch Moon, learning to play Android: Netrunner, th [...]

Game of Thrones Season 6, Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers - Staying In Episode 10  

Dan (@FrostieDee), Tom (@twpercival1), and Alix (@EruditeWolf) discuss Game of Thrones Season 6 highs, lows, and everything in-between.
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Pixel Cup Soccer 16, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, and Inflatable Books - Staying In Episode 8  

Kris DarbyDan Frost, and Peter Willington talk about why Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is one of the best football games in years, recall the day they climbed Snowdon< [...]

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