Tech Minute (HD)

Tech Minute (HD)

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CNET editors share tips, tricks and handy apps to make the most of the tech in your life.


Free up space on Android phones  

Is your Android device slowing to a crawl? Try one of these tricks.

Resolution apps  

Stay motivated and use tech to keep yourself on track with New Year's resolutions.

What to consider before canceling cable  

If you're looking to cut the cord, keep these tips in mind before canceling your cable subscription.

Last-minute digital gifts and subscriptions  

Left your holiday shopping to the last minute? There's still time to give a digital gift.

Gadgets and apps for emergencies  

From an iPhone case that generates power to a flashlight that doubles as a USB charger, these devices and apps will help you stay safe in the event of an emergency.

Best online services to mail holiday cards  

This holiday season you don't have to go to the post office to mail cards.

Search your iPhone with emoji  

Here's a novel way to find restaurants, movie times or sports results in Spotlight using emoji.

Protect your credit card on Cyber Monday  

Here are some ways to keep your credit card details safe during the online shopping frenzy.

Tech tips for Thanksgiving  

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time with all the cooking and travel involved. The gadgets you already have can help make things easier with hands-free voice assistants and cooking apps.

Travel gadgets for frequent flyers  

These three travel gadgets will keep you fully charged while you're earning air miles.

Flu-tracking apps  

With the onset of flu season, these apps can help you stay one step ahead of viruses.

Apps to keep track of kids on Halloween  

Halloween is right around the corner and kids everywhere will be trick-or-treating. These apps can help keep track of your kids while they're hunting candy.

How to use Google Maps hands-free  

This is how to use Google Maps by talking to your Android phone.

Apps to help with disaster preparation  

With the recent impact of Hurricane Matthew, it's important to be prepared in the event of natural disasters. These apps can help you get ready.

Best Facebook Messenger bots  

Talk to these Facebook Messenger bots to get things done, whether that's ordering flowers or tracking your flight.

Basic password security tips  

In light of the recent Yahoo hack, you may be wondering if your personal details are safe online. Here are some changes you can make now to protect yourself.

Use a virtual credit card for safer online shopping  

Online shopping is a convenient way to make purchases, but can put your credit card details at risk. Virtual credit cards protect your financial transactions when making purchases.

How to back up an iPhone  

With the release of the new iPhone 7, many people will be upgrading their devices. Here are two ways to back up an iPhone through iTunes and iCloud.

How to remotely troubleshoot a Windows 10 PC  

Fixing a friend or family member's computer from afar can be tricky. Here is how to easily give remote tech support to another PC running the Windows 10 anniversary update.

How to control YouTube with 'OK, Google'  

Here's how to use your voice to control YouTube playback on Android devices.

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