Tech Minute (HD)

Tech Minute (HD)

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CNET editors share tips, tricks and handy apps to make the most of the tech in your life.


Stop checking your phone so much  

Can't stop checking your phone? It's time to put your screen time on a diet.

Best translation and language apps for travel  

Don't let the language barrier intimidate you when traveling. These translation and language apps can help bridge the gap.

4 gadget gifts for Father's Day  

Don't settle for a tie this Father's Day. Whether your dad is into sports, music or looking after his health, try one of these gifts.

Easy ways to print phone photos  

Most of us have thousands of photos sitting on our phones. Here are ways to turn digital memories into physical prints.

Best coupon and rebate apps to save money  

If you're looking to save money on grocery shopping, try one of these cash-back and coupon apps.

The easy way to check if a phone is lost or stolen  

Here's how you can see if a used phone is marked as lost or stolen before you buy.

Make your own iPhone ringtone  

Stand out from the crowd and make a custom iPhone ringtone using GarageBand and a song you already have.

New features in Windows 10  

The Creators Update is rolling out to PCs. From 3D capabilities to voice commands, here's a quick look at what's new.

3 new Google Maps tricks  

Google Maps is a tool that can do more than just get you from A to B. Here are three new features to improve your Maps experience.

Easy ways to try augmented reality  

From Snapchat to Facebook, augmented reality is everywhere. Here are a few simple ways to try it for yourself.

Turn on two-factor authentication to protect your accounts  

Add another layer of security to your online accounts by turning on two-factor authentication or two-step verification when you log in.

Find lost stuff in your home with Bluetooth trackers  

Constantly losing stuff? These Bluetooth tracking devices can help find almost anything.

Share panoramas and 360 photos on Instagram  

These apps make it easy to share panoramas, 360-degree photos and videos to Instagram.

3 ways to find your lost phone  

Lost your phone? Here are three easy ways to find a lost Android or iPhone.

Spring clean your life with these apps  

Spring cleaning applies to more than just sorting out your home. Use these apps to clear out the clutter, from physical items to digital files.

Get ready for March Madness  

Prepare your brackets and get notifications about your favorite teams with these March Madness apps.

Best keyboard apps for iPhone  

Don't settle for the default keyboard on your iPhone when there are plenty of other options on the App Store.

How to try new app features before everyone else  

Want to get your hands on new tech features? These are the beta programs you'll want to try.

Find a parking spot without going crazy  

Stop driving around in circles! Use these apps and websites to easily find a parking spot.

Valentine's Day tech gifts  

Why settle for a bunch of roses or a bottle of wine when you could give tech? For gamers, photographers and everyone in between, try one of these Valentine's Day tech gift ideas.

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