Thank God I'm Atheist

Thank God I'm Atheist


Frank and Dan's off-the-cuff conversations focus on current events cast through the lens of their shared atheism. Episodes include a rundown of six news stories from the prior week, and the show occasionally features interviews with writers, thinkers, and leaders in the atheist community. As former Mormons, the hosts provide insight into the often misunderstood religious minority.


The Mormon Shakedown #256  

Norwegian trickery trips up psychics, Temple Mount aggression, no more holiday displays on county courthouse grounds, US government releases report on religious freedom and many religious leaders are upset by its content, an angry pope takes on Germany, InterVarsity to fire employees who don't agree with them on gay marriage, and Mormon tithing settlement.

Mormon Leaks #255  

High school assembly about sex, Oklahoma’s governor, Catholic diocese makes right on sex abuse scandal, an elderly bar mitzvah, not-so-shocking sculpture of Jesus shocks conservatives, clever polygamist defense, and Mormon Leaks.

Get Rich Quick #254  

Utah legislative candidate comments online, female chess players face obstacles, untouchables find way out, Confederate flag removed from Washington National Cathedral, change comes to Billy Graham’s ministry, Danish anti-migrant spray, and Mormons and their get-rich-quick schemes.

Oh, We Have Shun, Don't We? #253  

Priest delivery service, Pakistani Christian jailed for online blasphemy, the Sistine Chapel visits Texas, J-Dubs face judicial review in Canada, study about Nones, update about American hate pastor in Africa, and appropriating eastern spirituality in the west.

Don't Burn Down Buildings #252  

Religion’s economic value, Arizona pastor denied entrance into South Africa, arson, Mormons shying away from Republican party, hijab emoji, only ‘natural families’ should get child care tax credit, and atheists are no longer the most hated group in America.

Fifteen Years Later #251  

Obama nominates Muslim to Federal bench, Kaepernick is not muslim, I won’t watch that icky video, Midwest hospital chain rebrands, atheist minister, a mother files charges, and how our views on Islam have evolved over the fifteen years since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Public Enemy Number One #250  

Georgia county bans new churches, ISIS declares Pope enemy number one, Christian woman told to remove headscarf for DMV photo, a gay bishop, Indiana religious freedom act, Icelandic elves stop construction project, and Mormon seminary is just plain awful.

LIVE at Oasis #249  

Atheists run for office in Arizona, homophobic pastor arrested for child molestation, federal judge lets strict vaccination law stand in CA, US State Department makes international call, saga of atheist donor in Oklahoma, new Vatican handbook about sex, and the French try to ban burkinis at the beach.

Lamanites #248  

Louisiana flood exposes hypocrisy, Lutherans want to reconcile with Rome, gay bashing, Pokemon Go linked to demonic plot, the Norwegian Church loses members thanks to online registration, prayer and religion banned at Chinese hospitals and four ‘lamanites’ sue LDS Church.

Praying to Win #247  

Mormons build high-profile temple in Philadelphia, Trump ask evangelicals for help (with Mormons!), Satanic Temple is at it again, Hillary Clinton writes a letter to Utah, woman denied vanity plate settles lawsuit, Christian pastors sue Illinois for right to perform ‘conversion therapy,’ and faith at the Olympics.

Floss Like You Understand Science #246  

Public school adopts problematic logo, Pope Francis follows through on a promise, Satan clubs test public schools’ after-school club policies, Josh Duggar sued by the face of his online sex presence, church promises to drop Bibles onto ISIS, a day for ‘burkinis’ at French waterpark, and a lack of evidence supporting flossing’s health benefits tests our commitment to basic dental hygiene.

It's Hard Out There #245  

Tattoos leave marks at BYU-Hawaii, Ben-Hur for a new generation, France attacks, a new law in Illinois, Kansas City sued, non-believers campaign to affect Australian census, and being an atheist in an election year.

Pennies in Heaven #244  

China bans churches over safely concerns, Muslim clerics issue fatwa against ISIS, Garden of Eden becomes World Heritage Site, Pokemon, marriage laws challenged, pastor starts club, and Pioneer Day!

Superstitions #243  

A Kentucky judge refuses to marry atheist couple, FLDS news, Pakistan's own Kim Kardashian murdered in honor killing, mosques shouldn’t be polling stations (but neither should churches and synagogues), ‘Meet the Mormons: Part 2’, Newt Gingrich has a big fat mouth, and superstitious atheists.

Noah's Ark #242  

Texas governor’s new rule affecting abortion, Catholic priests in Montreal banned from children, Trump’s Star of David, driver’s license photo error, post-Brexit bigotry, Russia limits religious proselytizing, and Noah’s Ark theme park opens in Kentucky.

Happy America, Everyone! #241  

Turns out the Book of Mormon isn’t historical, Satanic Temple strikes again, demon possession, Kansas church calls for sexual assault victims to be outed, Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ law struck down for trampling on religious freedom, Christian website must make room for gays, and our take on the 4th of July.

Delusions of Grandeur #240  

Kim Davis declares victory in fight against gay marriage, wishing Muslims happy Ramadan, European Islamophobia summit scheduled, Osteen hecklers, UK asylum seekers, satanists vs anti-satanists, and proof there is a god.

Eau de Dieu #239  

Pope Francis pets a tiger, a clash at the Western Wall, Mormon missionaries in trouble, atheist scholarships, Amish PAC, the many smells of Jesus, and the Orlando shooting.

Foreskins in the Desert #238  

Passion of the Christ 2, religious freedom is just for Christians, Evangelicals are feeling a little left out, Iowa’s governor, Mecca turns mega, and Dan interviews newly minted atheist Shannon Low of the Order of Elijah.

Where's the Beef? #237  

Women and church attendance, to hajj or not to hajj, judge hands down a creative sentence, inappropriate test question, Mormon church takes anti-gay fight to Mexico, Muslim killed by mob may have been eating beef, and celebrities and atheism.

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