Thank God I'm Atheist

Thank God I'm Atheist


Frank and Dan's off-the-cuff conversations focus on current events cast through the lens of their shared atheism. Episodes include a rundown of six news stories from the prior week, and the show occasionally features interviews with writers, thinkers, and leaders in the atheist community. As former Mormons, the hosts provide insight into the often misunderstood religious minority.


Popes and Parties #282  

Benedict celebrates 90th with a rager Vatican-style, another church needs armed security, Humanism recognized by the Department of Defense, Roy Moore strikes again, a pope meeting, Catholic school exercise, and Dan sits down with playwright Robert Askins.

Secular Awe #281  

Alabama church gets its own police force, gay friendly book backed by Vatican, Swedish midwife who refused to do abortions loses case, boobies, Marvel comics, magic fire, and the power of religious architecture in secular spaces.

General Boredom-- Er... Conference #280  

Doug fills in for Frank, and along with Dan dives down the rabbit hole of  Mormonism's bi-yearly torture of their own members. Together, they explore the scars left on them by their mandatory viewing of the most boring event EVER. Stories include Christians who are more like Pharisees, Duterte giving atheists a pass, the Chechnyan hate round-up, Mike Pence's fear of women, Bryan Fischer wants to fly his rainbow flag, and a culture clash surrounding who should perform circumcisions and when (hint: nobody. ever.).   

Incited Feelings #279  

Mormon blogger gets racist, Mexican archdiocese warns construction companies about building Trump’s wall, “In God We Trust,” Pakistan warns social media websites, NASA funds dubious research, image of Smurfette ‘incites feelings’ among orthodox Jews, and Mormons love their personal revelation.

Age of Accountability #278  

Weekly Bible classes at West Virginia school, hypocritical attorney general, living status for rivers in India and New Zealand, March Madness brackets, Australian commission and child sex crimes in churches, abortion, and Mormon baptism.

Group Think #277  

Girls Council in Saudi Arabia misses the mark, Satanic Temple has new campaign, the Dutch dodge a bullet, conservative Oklahoma lawmaker engages in hypocrisy, Reza Aslan eats brains, Pat McCrory can’t find a job, and group think.

Believe the Lies #276  

Majority of Evangelicals believe Trump’s lies about journalists, Bali will not cover nude statues for Saudi royal visit, Kansas congressman claims poor don’t want health insurance, Nike has a new product, new rule for conservative Jews, an anti-medical treatment pastor has been charged in child’s death, and men get their day.

Gay Face #275  

Conservative gay-hating and Planned Parenthood-hating pastor rants on YouTube, dead babies and toddlers found in sewage chambers behind convent, abuse survivor quits Vatican commission, another abortion bill in Texas, Christian war memorial vandalized in Australia, Orthodox Jews take new tactics to stop women from praying at Western Wall, and why religious people think people leave church.

Ding Dong #274  

Statue of Christ by Michelangelo rediscovered, parents guilty of 1st-degree murder in religious neglect case, Mormons fight renaming of a street in Atlanta, Ark Encounter not the boon to local tax revenue once hoped for, Christian bookstore closing nationwide, and Frank and Dan discuss Mardi Gras and their complete lack of understand of it.

Growing Up Mormon #273  

Hate groups triple membership over the last year, Mormon church takes stance on transgender restroom issue, Boy Scout alternative sees uptick in membership, IKEA issues catalog for ultra orthodox Jews, Glitter Ash Wednesday, US Commission on Religious Freedom releases report gives poor grade to Hindus in India, and Frank and Dan remember growing up Mormon.

Must Protect Sundays #272  

Trump appears on Christian network, a solution to Utah’s sex-ed policies, girls want into Boy Scouts of America, World Hijab Day, Pope Francis has a solution to Vatican corruption, private high schools told not to pray at state playoffs, and blue laws from around the world.

Destroying our Schools #271  

Kosher marijuana, preaching politics, transgender boy scouts, a gay Ark Encounter, Jesus wants us to be rich, clergy abuse group sued, and the Department of Education is in serious trouble.

Muslim Ban #270  

Churches adjust Sunday night activities to accommodate Super Bowl, using the Bible as a court room defense strategy, Trump fails to mention Jews in official Holocaust remembrance statement, dustup at the Knights of Malta, president of Philippines starts showdown with Vatican, Pakistan TV host taken off the air, and Trump bans Muslims from entering the country.

Killing Babies #269  

School principal cheats and credits power of prayer, Imam’s prayer incites outrage, FFRF sues to stop public funding of church building maintenance, conservative Christians coming around on pot, JCCs targeted throughout the country, Church of England changes rules on clergy celibacy (not really), and our hopes for progress in America.

It Means He Loves You #268  

Russia set to decriminalize domestic violence, Vatican McDonald’s to feed the homeless, Philippine government blocks popular sites, lesbian couple takes over Baptist congregation, federal prisoner sues for secular treatment program, After School Satan opens in Utah, and a discussion on religious tax exempt status.

Tax Exempt #267  

Neo-nazis plan march in Montana, the family that prays together gets their SUV stolen, US military extends religious accommodations, then there were two (Shakers left in the world), LDS Church growth rate drops in US, Church of Norway status changes, and we talk with Fred Karger who is currently fighting to end the Mormon Church’s tax exempt status. Support us on Patreon.

Crappy New Year! #266  

Scientology takes aim at A&E, NYPD makes accommodations to Sikh and Muslim officers, the Utah Secular Caucus takes form, pope on the run buys new shoes, MoTab member resigns over Trump inauguration, soccer and witches, and was 2016 really as bad as we’re all making it out to be? Yes, maybe it was, but let’s also remember that Scalia died, and that was pretty awesome.

Love to See the Temple #265  

“Charlie Brown Christmas” causes stir at Texas middle school, freaked out liberal christians return to church after Trump victory, LGBT community center opens across from Mormon temple, Oklahoma plans for anti-abortion signs in public buildings, LDS church changes mind about new song in young women’s songbook, neopagan wins right to wear horns on driver’s license, and an interview with Michael Ferguson about his experiences with gay conversion therapy and lawsuit after the fact. Support us on Patreon.

God's Chosen People #264  

Vatican repeats itself about gay priests, German court rules that Muslim girls must take swimming class, Marriott makes big decision about the Bible, the world’s largest nativity, the world is ending (again), Orthodox rabbis and converting to Judaism, and neuroscientist Michael Ferguson joins us to talk about faith and the brain.

The Memory of Trees #263  

Santa vs. Jesus board game ruffles Christian feathers, Catholic priest prevents gay man from singing at own grandmother’s funeral, Norway fines Catholic church for falsifying membership numbers to get more taxpayer money, Pope Francis advocates for the climate (and science), new study shines positive light on psychedelic drugs in fighting depression, and sneaky ways Christian types try to block abortions.

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