Thank God I'm Atheist

Thank God I'm Atheist


Frank and Dan's off-the-cuff conversations focus on current events cast through the lens of their shared atheism. Episodes include a rundown of six news stories from the prior week, and the show occasionally features interviews with writers, thinkers, and leaders in the atheist community. As former Mormons, the hosts provide insight into the often misunderstood religious minority.


Trump White Supremacy #301  

Frank and Dan discuss the week's news and the rise of white supremacy in America.

Three Hundred and Counting #300  

Robots of the cloth, a very spiritual sonogram, poll about discrimination, Indian guru, ministry lawsuit, and two-thirds of Americans are sinners.  Watch us on And support us at

Eclipse #299  

Frank and Dan discuss the news of the week and muse about the eclipse.

Nazis #298  

Evangelical preachers giving Trump religious cover for nuclear war, Mosque bombed, Sasquatch sighting, Mormon Leaks strikes again, the Pence doctrine, and nazis in America.

Is Mormonism an Ancestor Cult? #297  

Fatwa booths in Cairo, Christians more likely to blame poverty on lack of effort, pastor gives bad advice to bipolar woman, Pope objects to transgender people, someone new is writing laws in Utah, first gay marriage in Church of England, and Mormonism as an ancestor cult.

UFOs #296  

Religious trafficking, Baby Charlie, Trump nominee, Ark update, ancient Canaanites, and belief.

Pies and Beers #295  

Creative accounting and The Ark, BYU-Idaho professor fired for post on Facebook, wardrobe change in England, Saudi woman arrested for miniskirt video, BYU professor implicated in Hobby Lobby antiquities scandal, monument revisited, and Mormon Pioneers.

The Most Least #294  

Wheat Jesus, grizzly bears present problem for Native Americans, secular cities, Malta legalizes gay marriage, Palestine and Israel, synthetic Texas, and the First Vision.

Lucifer #293  

Frank and Dan discuss the news of the week and recount the origin of the Devil according to the Mormons. 

Patriotism #292  

Frank and Dan chat about patriotism, the national anthem, and ways in which modern attitudes about the flag and nation feel icky.

Court Decisions #291  

Judge miraculously obeys the law, Mississippians now allowed to discriminate against LGBT community, schools in Turkey stop teaching evolution, woman wins lawsuit against Israeli airline, Texas couple exonerated, vaccination woo, and rural America vs. urban America.

Mormon and Gay #290  

Anti-Sharia rallies across the US, British politician steps down, fake drug dealer just ‘doing the Lord’s work,’ Southern Baptists join the modern era, Mormon temple in Rome, Trump wants us to stop attacking religion, and Frank and Dan explain a viral video of young Mormon girl getting her mic cut.

Marriage #289  

Governor Kentucky has a plan, a story of a stolen brain, a useful reason for converting to Islam, an anti-Islam billboard, religious hospitals win major court victory, a Jewish ritual, and a discussion on religious marriage.

Come Out #288  

Robot priest blesses the faithful in Germany, survey shows trends with LDS millennials, town ordered to pay Mosque after denying building permit, man with a funny hat makes statement about homosexuality, religious types commit violence, a Ramadan warning, and atheists need to come out for the sake of the world.

Papa God #287  

Group tries to reclaim tithing from LDS Church, new law in Texas, art heist in Salt Lake, Greg Gainforte is a douchebag, a pastor with a direct line to god, study about loans, and religious fasts.

Missions #286  

Doug sits in for Dan: Trump speaks in Saudi Arabia about Islam, fidget spinners take the world by storm, Callista Gingrich to serve as US ambassador to Vatican, Utah’s new polygamy law, an update on the LGBT disaster in Chechnya, a new exhibit at Temple Square, and a chat about LDS missions.

God Commands Me #285  

LISTENER WARNING: EXPLICIT SEX TALK IN THIS EPISODE (thanks, Dan…) BYU conducts study, LDS Church steps away from Boy Scouts of America, Mormon Leaks releases LDS internal survey, blasphemy law in Ireland tested by atheist celebs, secular wedding officiants allowed in Oregon, God tells woman to kill, and we explore the question of how much should we let religions get away with.

Creeps #284  

Frank and Dan talk about 'religious liberty' and how that's cover for Christians to deny rights to other groups.

Prohibitions #283  

Religious name ban in China, atheist sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, breast feeding in church, rates of belief in Christ’s resurrection, San Antonio mayor is a ding dong, King James bible burned in Uganda, and the Word of Wisdom.

Popes and Parties #282  

Benedict celebrates 90th with a rager Vatican-style, another church needs armed security, Humanism recognized by the Department of Defense, Roy Moore strikes again, a pope meeting, Catholic school exercise, and Dan sits down with playwright Robert Askins.

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