The 85 South Show with Karlous Miller and DC Young

The 85 South Show with Karlous Miller and DC Young

United States presents The 85 South Show. A podcast with DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller. For more visit


The Trap House Pt. 6 feat. Chico Bean & Laila Odom | Ep. 46  

Chico Bean finally finds his way to the trap house with actress Laila Odom. The crew touches on Nicki Minaj twerking, DC's new movie & Azealia Banks. It's not the 85 South Show without a few songs being created. Listen to #whothispodcastisfor and the new #AskKarlous segment. Download, subscribe & share!

The Trap House Pt. 5 feat. Navv Greene & Teresa Topnotch | Ep. 45  

DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller, along with guest Navv Greene and Teresa Topnotch discuss Donald Trump, how to friend zone a woman and Teresa's celibacy. Pastor Lous opens the podcast with a sermon for the congregation. You know #whothispodcastisfor! Subscribe and share!

The Trap House Pt. 4 | Ep. 44  

Clayton is on the road, but DC & Karlous hold it down for this episode of 85 in the Trap House. DC gets used to the new location, explains why he's been missing for a few shows then get back to remixing a few songs. Tell somebody about this podcast! Download, subscribe & leave a review! #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

The Trap House featuring Brady  

DC & Clayton are on the road. Today's episode is held down by Brady and our resident Side Dude of the Year, prepping you for Cuffing Season. Download, subscribe and leave a comment!

The Trap House Pt. 2 feat Tyler Chronicles & Darren Brand | Ep. 42  

With DC out of town, Karlous & Clayton hold it down with Wild N Out co-star Darren Brand and comedian friend Tyler Chronicles. It's a literal roundtable on all things happening in the world and in their heads. Tune in, subscribe then tell your neighbors cousin! #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

The Traphouse | Ep. 41  

We've studio locations to an undisclosed location, also know as the traphouse. Karlous & Clayton have invited B.Simone & Teresa Topnotch to talk about mercury retrograde, Lil Wayne & Baby and teacher bae. Clayton also give advice on how to take advantage of Chick fil a's quality customer service. We're going to always remind you #whothispodcastisfor. Subscribe, download, then tell two people!

Live from God is Dope on Edgewood | Ep. 40  

Karlous & DC are out of the studio and live on Edgewood at the God is Dope clothing store. They're talking all things topical of course. Check us out on Youtube! Keep commenting, subscribing and sharing! #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

The VMA Recap with B. Simone  

Karlous Miller, Clayton English, and B.Simone recap the MTV video music awards, the perfection of Teyana Taylor and Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand up for the national anthem plus they share there thoughts on Chris Brown and the police.

The Emmanuel Hudson Episode | Ep. 38  

The gang is in the building with comedian and homeboy Emmanuel Hudson. He's currently co-starring with DC in the recent release of the movie Digital Lives Matter. You can also see him with Karlous & DC on Wild N Out. What starts off as a regular episode turns into the an epic roast session. Keep commenting, keep reposting and keep subscribing! #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

Who is B. Simone | Ep. 37  

Comedian, actress and viral funny lady B. Simone has been personally requested by many of our faithful females listeners, so here she is. Welcome to the 85 South Show. Let us know if you want her back in the comment section. #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

Brady is Back | Ep. 36  

Brady's back - this time with DC in the studio. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of her with the full crew. #ThisPodcasIsFor #85SouthShow

The Lavar Walker Episode | Ep. 35  

Lavar Walker is a pharmacist by day and comedian by night (and day). He's joined the crew today to educate us on life in legal drug dealing and his stories that involve joke dealing. Of course we touch on what's going on in the world and #WhoThisPodcastIsFor. Keep commenting, downloading and subscribing! #85SouthShow

The 85 South Show & "Friends" | Ep. 34  

The crew is in the studio and they've brought their "friends" from all over the world, time zones and in their head. #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

Talk to Us, We Talk Bike! | Ep. 33  

This podcast is for the fans! We see all the comments on Youtube, Instagram & Twitter, so we took the time out to respond to a few. We appreciate the love! Keep subscribing, following, retweeting and showing love! #85SouthShow #ThisPodcastIsFor

This Podcast Is for #BlackLivesMatter | Ep. 32  

Karlous, DC & Clayton are back together again. A lot is going on in the world and the crew had to address it. This podcast is for #BlackLivesMatter.

Treat Her Like She Treats You feat. Clayton English & Mario Tory | Ep. 31  

The crew is back with Clayton English & Mario Tory. Race, women and money are all covered. Plus the crew teaches you to #TreatHerLikeSheTreatsYou. A lot is going on in the world, hopefully we can make you smile for a few moments. #85SouthShow #ThisPodcastIsFor

The Cookout Episode | Ep. 30  

Karlous, Clayton & Brady get you ready for July 4th with this special cookout episode. We're talking about each family member, the rules of the cookout and how to make macaroni and cheese. Listen to this one on the way to crashing your local barbecue. Much love to Nick Canon for sending in the NCredible headphones! #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

The 85 South Awards | Ep. 29  

With DC on the road, Clayton English sits in with Karlous and audience member turned co-host, Brady. With the recent showing of the BET Awards, Karlous lets us know how his award weekend went, his take on the Prince performances, then Karlous & Clayton decide to give out their own 85 South Awards. Make sure to download, subscribe and leave a comment! #ThisPodcastIsFor

The Lil Rel Interview | 85 Extras  

Chicago's Lil Rel calls into the 85 South Show to talk comedy shop w/Karlous & Clayton. Rel discusses his breaks down his progress in the comedy game, Kevin Hart's bodyguards, Jokes N Notes closing down and some of his favorite Chicago comedians in this real cool interview between homies.

The ET Cali Episode  

"Durrty Boyz" radio show, mc & personality ET Cali joined the 85 South Show with Karlous, DC & guest FatAndPaid. Having staked his claim in the Atlanta scene, he gave his take on Birthday Bash, Atlanta artists, music, nightlife and of course the women. Download, subscribe and share! #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

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