The 85 South Show with Karlous Miller and DC Young

The 85 South Show with Karlous Miller and DC Young

United States presents The 85 South Show. A podcast with DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller. For more visit


Naked City ft. Uncle Ty | Ep. 73  

On this fire episode, D.C. Young Fly and Karlous Miller talk about the new show from VH1 - Hip Hop Hollywood Squares. Since D.C. was on the first episode, the crew gives a breakdown of the show (featuring T.I., Tiffany Haddish, Michael Blackson, ands more) Once that's out the way Uncle Tyrone gives a history of street life...he's taking it all the way back to Naked City. From the days before condoms to the history of lottery and how it started, to Muhammad Ali and Atlanta's first glory days, Uncly Tyrone is taking you on a journey. Let's hope D.C. dont make him leave!!! Share & subscribe! #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

85 Live from Charlotte | Ep. 72  

We took the show on the road to the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, NC!

Witness Protection Wig ft. Chrissy Too Real & Ronnie Jordan | Ep. 71  

The crew talks about everything from #HurtBae to Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma to black love. The Oscars went crazy from Steve Harvey and all the meme's to Halle Berry's hair and ChrissyTooReal known for her wigs had to make a comment. This is the best comedy podcast!

The Hood Grammy Interview | Ep. 70  

On this episode of The 85 South Show, DC Young Fly previews his new mixtape If You Didn't Know Me track by track and tells a wild story of his heart being broken in this special 85 South Show Ghetto Grammys interview - Plus 92 AM Rebel Radio is back like it never left! Karlous and DC freestyle about being famous and having mothers trying to get with them. DC shares his love for Taraji P. Henson and Rihanna...and the team looks back at what happened with Sheneka Adams...DC won & why doesn;t Plies get out of the car in his Instagram videos? You know they had to read and the comments and talk about Lebron and The All-Star game. Is the new NBA too friendly? There's so many freestyles from the one about immigrants to the one about Pussy. All this and more on the new episode of 85 South. Listen to all the tracks from DC's mixtape here:

Chico Bean featuring the 85 South Show | Ep. 69  

Chico Bean says this is his show. So this is his show. #ThisPodcastisFor #85SouthShow

Can't Pay the P*u$$y Fee ft. Jasmine Burke & Grey | Ep. 68  

On this episode of The 85 South Show, Jasmine Burke of Fox's Star and Bounce TV's Saints and Sinners stops through to learn about how to sell pussy and how the amount of times a man ejaculates is directly proportional to the amount that woman is liked. Take a peak inside of Kat's Cafe, where every Tuesday night Karlous Miller hosts an open mic that brings the best comedians in Atlanta out. Including co-host DC Young Fly who stops through to roast the audience talk Bobby Brown in the New Edition movie and talks about Pepsi and Uber affiliating themselves with Trump and what to do next. Plus the Vegan Rapper joins the cypher and talks about his music career. Karlous answers fan mail and keeps the freestyles moving. This is a classic episode of 85 South!!!!!!!

This Podcast is For Coach Drew | Ep. 67  

DC is fresh off of road and his appearance in New Edition's biopic and Lous is fresh off of the comedy grind so the guys got in the studio late night to give some relationship advice to Coach Drew, discuss Jermaine Jermaine and President Trump's first few weeks in office. Share & Subscribe! #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

Alternative Facts ft. Navv Green | Ep. 66  

In this new era under a Trump presidency The 85 South Show brought together some of the most interesting minds in comedy to discuss how to eat pussy, the fucked up tupac statue and WTF Sean Spicer doing in The White House and we're going to try to get to the bottom of all these alternative facts! Karlous Miller and Clayton English hold it down from the host side and special OG guest Navv Greene stops through with new comers Lewis Belt and Will Foskey. The shift leader, Navv Greene stopped though to offer his business perspective and comedy young guns, Lewis Belt and Will Foskey round up the conversation with hosts Karlous Miller and Clayton English.

If You Like This Podcast, You're Gonna Love This Podcast | Ep. 65  

After a night headlining Uptown Comedy Club, Houston comedians Billy Sorrells and Ali Siddiq join the 85 South Show to clown with Karlous & Clayton. From comedy talk to new policies , the crew touches it all. We invited another friend to 92AM Rebel Radio. Subscribe & share! #85SouthShow

The Strap Da Fool Episode | Ep. 64  

Strap Da Fool - 1/3 of the legendary Atlanta rap group, Travis Porter sits in with the crew - DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Clayton English. As usual they roast, freestyle, and talk about what's going on in the world - like Jennifer Lopez getting an 11 thousand dollar necklace from Drake. Strap also shares tour life stories from Tokyo to Germany. Travis Porter is known for hits like Make It Rain, Ayyy Ladies, and Bring It Back. Street Execs was also in building and shared thoughts on the legacy of Bankroll Fresh. #ThisPodcastIsFor #85SouthShow

The Christianee Porter Episode | Ep. 63  

Happy New Year! Christianee Porter is taking over the internet with her hilarious comedy and sketches. For the first episode of the year, we brought her in to talk to DC Young Fly about the Chris Brown versus BIG Soulja Boy fight & hat the hell happened with his Facebook Live in the hood feed? Of course we got freestyles, #thispodcastisfor and a few characters that Christianee invited. This show will have you in tears! Download, subscribe and share! #85SouthShow

My Plate is in the Microwave ft. Darren Brand | Ep. 62  

85 South family Darren Brand stopped by the show end the year the only we know how. With a bunch of #thispodcastisfor, freestyles and hood stories. Share and subscribe. Live show coming soon. #ThisPodcastisFor #85SouthShow

Merry CRIIIIMAA! | Ep. 61  

It was Christmas Eve and the boys were in the office for a meeting about the future and since everyone was in town, we figured we might as well record some 85 South to drop on Christmas. #ThisPodcastIsForYou! We appreciate you rocking with us for a year! #85SouthShow

Vena E. & B. Simone | Ep. 60  

B. Simone stopped by The 85 South Show to introduce the woman taking the internet by storm with her Milly Rockin, Vena E. Subscribe and share! #85SouthShow

Sonny Digital & Black Boe | Ep. 59  

Sonny Digital & Quez from Travis Porter stop through the studio to cut up with the crew. DC tells his story on snitching, while Quez & Sonny Digital tell us about studio life. Subscribe and share! #85SouthShow

The Young Dro Episode | Ep. 58  

Young Dro just made this show a classic! He made so many hits like We In Da City. The team sat down with Dro to talk about coming up in the rap game, the Westside of Atlanta, to what he liked to eat growing up in the projects. Download, subscribe & share! #85SouthShow #ThisPodcastIsFor

The Plastic Cup Boyz Episode | Ep. 57  

The Plastic Cup Boyz headlined a weekend at Uptown Comedy Club in Atlanta, so you they had to stop by the 85 South Show! The grind, the come up and 92AM Rebel Radio! Tune in, subscribe, then share! #85SouthShow #ThisPodcastIsFor

Watch Out Lil Bit ft. Lavar Walker & Brady | Ep. 56  

On this episode, DC, Karlous and Lavar battle it out. This is roasting 101. #85SouthShow

Roach Poetry | Ep. 55  

They back together again - DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller ack a fool and get real talking about Orlando Brown. Plus you know we be in the comments - a roast session cranks up at the fans. Heres an extra episode for the week, we hope you enjoy! #85SouthShow

The OG Alex Thomas Episode | Ep. 54  

The comedy OG Alex Thomas stopped by 85 South to drop knowledge about the legends of comedy. From Eddie Murphy to Def Comedy Jam and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air - Alex got a story to tell about Hollyhood. Download, subscribe and share! #85SouthShow

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