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AI Under Pressure: Analysing Liverpool's win over West Brom  

Gags Tandon is back with another episode of AI Under Pressure along with Dan Rhodes as they discuss all the stats, on-ball and off-ball pressing, from Liverpool's win over West Brom. They also discuss Philippe Coutinho's numbers this season as well as Liverpool's creativity overall! All this on AI Under Pressure!

AI Face Off Podcast: Liverpool 2 WBA 1 - Post Match Fan Reaction  

In the aftermath of another Reds win at home, we discuss the game with Baggies Facts, aka Dan Watts, and host of AI South Africa podcast and writer, Lloyd Hicks. The tide really seems to be turning at the Albion, as the Baggies fans tire of the Pulis style of football. We get into it as we discuss how a decent start from Albion couldn't hold LFC back, as they shot into a two goal lead before being pegged back from another set-piece goal; the Liverpool defence again a topic for discussion. We end the pod by looking forward to the next few fixtures of both teams.

Gags Tandon Show - Road Trip  

Gags is back with another show on the road this time on the journey back from Anfield after Liverpool's 2-1 win over West Brom. He is joined by his Desi co-host Harinder as they discuss the West Brom game and discuss the major points as well as the player performances. All this and more on The Gags Tandon Show.

The Nina Kauser Show - Liverpool 2 West Brom 1 Post Match Call In  

Nina is Joined by Guy Drinkel and Joseph Cousins as the gang review and reflect on the win against West Brom and answer caller questions on the performance and result. All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show

The Liverbirds Podcast: Episode 40 - Don't Worry, Be Happy  

Gae returns to host the latest episode with Rae and their special guest Dave Hendrick. They work out what to take from the Man United game, look ahead to the rest of October's fixtures and plant the seed (no pun intended) for a new measurement scale! P.S. so everybody just cheer the £*&% up!! All this and more on The Liverbirds Podcast.

The In-Focus Podcast: Episode 10 - LFC on the Attack  

With LFC currently the league's top scorers in 2016, Kaylon Karrim joins Jon to put what makes a truly great attacking side in focus. The guys discuss great attacking sides of the past, what makes Klopp's approach unique and whether our current success is sustainable.

The Face Off Podcast: Liverpool 0 United 0 Post Match Reaction  

It's the big one! Liverpool Utd post match Face Off pod, and we let Nina and Saif take the gloves off. The game may have been tied, but our Nina lands some heavy blows here. Can Saif stand the heat? Topics include how United somehow dominated the opening 30 minutes, Liverpool coming back into it to force worldies from the United keeper, the topical LFC midfield as well as that most rare of things - a Liverpool clean sheet.

AI Under Pressure Podcast: Analysing the draw with United  

Gags Tandon and Simon Brundish are back as the deadly duo that originally kicked off Under Pressure last week as they discuss all on-ball, off-ball stats from the game which try to tell the story on the pitch. Simon also introduces his new Fatigue Index that will come in useful in the future. All this and more on the Under Pressure Podcast!

Every Other Saturday Podcast: Ale House Footy Week  

Host Neil and Mike, Emma and Peter just chatted Manchester United, unlikable players, outlandish bets and men sleeping in Liverpool kits. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that. This is the third episode of the Every Other Saturday Podcast!

Liverpool v West Brom - Premier League Preview Show  

On this week's episode of the AI Premier League Preview Pod, Hari Sethi and guests cover the upcoming game against Tony Pulis' West Brom. Taking a brief look back at the drab draw against Manchester Utd. Hari welcomes editor of West Brom fan site Baggies Facts, Dan Watts and AI regular/super proud father Harinder Singh. Will the match against Utd prepare LFC well for the approach Tony Pulis is likely to adopt this Saturday? How greatly was Wijnaldum missed? Can Karius & Can quickly get up to speed? All this and more on this week's #PLPreview

Talking Tactics: Episode 9 - Breaking Down the United Stalemate  

Leroy Mah is back as he hosts the 9th episode of the #AITalkingTactics podcast. Joining Leroy this week is tactical analysis writer Jonny Mullins (@lankyguyblog) as they analyse the match-up between Liverpool and fierce-rivals Manchester United. Despite the game ending in a goalless draw, the two still discussed about Jose Mourinho's game plan, what Liverpool didn't do, midfield roles, Daniel Sturridge and much more. Stay tuned to the #AITalkingTactics Podcast!

The Nina Kauser Show - Liverpool 0 United 0 Post Match Call In  

Nina Kauser is back on her show's two year anniversary! It wasn't the ideal result for Liverpool as they were frustrated by Jose Mourinho's brand new bus! The excellent callers discuss Liverpool's defence, whether it was a tactical failure or performance failure from Liverpool and then the team talk Can, Karius and other performances from the game. All this and more on Nina Kauser's two year anniversary show!

The In-Focus Podcast: Episode 9 - The Weight of the Armband  

Hari Sethi and I talk about the captaincy just days afterLiverpool's captain Jordan Henderson lead England out to face Slovenia. We talk about what makes a great captain, which Liverpool captains stand out and whether or not Klopp has someone waiting in the wings.

Episode 127: Calm Before The Storm  

Kay has the pleasure of hosting Andy Wales (Reds Review) along with very special guest, Liverpool born actor, Kent Riley! This star studded pod touches on a number of issues, including the Mignolet-Karius debate and the new wage cap for Academy players before rolling into what's on everyone's minds: The Big Game VS Utd! We talk about the statement issued by both clubs for the fans, how LFC will cope with the injuries sustained from the international break, the expected approaches from both team and finally, end on some rather bold predictions for the game.

AI Writers Football Show: Episode 34 - Cuts Through the Bullshit  

On the latest edition of the Writers' Pod for Anfield Index, Neil is joined by Craig Houlden, Hamzah Khalique-Loonat and Keith Cross in discussing articles by Sam McGuire, Karl Coppack and Jack Watson. The panel give their thoughts on the goalkeeping situation, James Milner and Adam Lallana, as well as discussing the line-up for the Utd match, and Klopp's first year in charge. Not to be missed!

The Anfield Rant: Episode 10 - Studge, England and Annie Road  

In the latest episode of The Anfield Rant, Armando is joined by the one and only AI resident sports scientist, Simon Brundish. The guys chat a bit about the state of the National team, ‘Lazy’ Daniel Sturridge and the problem with the Annie Road stand. All this and so much more on the latest Anfield Rant presented by the Anfield Index Podcast Channel.

AI Podcast USA - Evaluating Liverpool's Rivals  

Justin Wells is joined by regular panelist Kev Hegarty as well as Armando Angulo for this edition of the American AI Podcast. They are also joined by Nina Kauser as the gang make the most of the international break and take a closer look at Liverpool's rivals and give an in-depth analysis of each team's current form whilst also predicting where they will finish in the league come the last day of the season. All this and more on AI Podcast USA!

Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League Preview Show  

After a truly riveting International break the AI Premier League Preview show returns, with Hari Sethi & guests looking ahead to Monday night's clash with Manchester Utd. On the pod this week Hari welcomes RT America reporter & Ragnar Klavan's no.1 fan Alexey Yaroshevsky & Utd fan & Writer for StrettyNews, Mike Knight. How will LFC deal with the size & physicality of Mourinho's UTD side? Should Karius keep his place? Can Utd cope with the sheer work-rate of Klopp's Liverpool? All this & more on the #PLPreview

AI Desi Podcast: Episode 40 - Salute  

Gags Tandon and Harinder Singh are back with another Anfield Index Desi Podcast which, in fact, is a podcast of returns! Returning to the show for the first time this season is Nina Kauser as well as a return for Bhangra superstar Jassi Sidhu! The team discuss Adam Lallana's form, whether Liverpool should start Origi or Sturridge if a striker is needed. They discuss Jassi's new single briefly before moving on to talk about the Manchester United game as well as whether they should start Karius or Mignolet. All this and more on the Anfield Index Desi Podcast!

Episode 126: Drawing Blood from Stones!  

International break’s perils of boredom threatened to derail the Liverpool love-in, but luckily episode 126 of the Anfield Index podcast delivers a fresh mix of light hearted banter alongside more serious and considered musings. (@FootyML) engages Desi Podcast host Harinder Singh (@Harinder1977) and experienced Liverpool FC scribe Jim Boardman (@JimBoardman) about a whole host of topics; Klopp’s first 12 months at LFC, Klopp’s NEXT 12 months at LFC, ticketing, the best XI, global vs local fans, and even… which Liverpool player would make for a good President of the United States...! Wait. What? All this and more… it’s the Anfield Index Podcast!

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