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The Anfield Index Podcast for Liverpool supporters by Liverpool Supporters!


AI USA Podcast: Feelings Over Facts  

The fellas review the fixture list to the end of the season and provide some very non-scientific predictions. Justin Wells is joined by Armando Angulo and Preston Wetherington for this podcast!

The In-Focus Podcast: Episode 24 - Dining at the Top Table  

Kam Brainch joins Jon to discuss Liverpool's European journey from the 70s to present day. Who stands out? Who have we forgotten ? And where are we heading under Klopp.

The Liverbirds Podcast: Episode 45 - Back On Track  

Rae is back in the host's chair to talk Spurs, Mane, Wijnaldum and Leicester with Mollie and Randi.

The Runner Podcast: Episode 40  

On Episode 40 of The Runner, Sachin Nakrani is joined by Harry Sherlock, writer for Goal UK, and Chas Newkey-Burden, freelance writer for, among others, FourFourTwo, for a special focusing on two of Liverpool's rivals for a top-four place, Tottenham and Arsenal. The lads given the lowdown on their respective north London clubs, with Harry bemoaning Spurs' lack of progress this season, particularly in the Champions League, and Chas explaining why he still loves Arsene Wenger and still gets annoyed with Alexis Sanchez. There is also a look back to what the guys said about Spurs and Arsenal when they appeared together on the pod during the summer, as well as their thoughts on Liverpool and their glee at Leicester's fall from champions to relegation candidates. It's a packed, insightful and interesting show, so get listening.

The Red Room Podcast - Episode 28: All In For Top 4  

On Episode 28 of the Red Room, this week John Ritchie is on a well earned holiday so Graeme Kelly is joined by a guest co host Mark Simpson where they calculate if Liverpool can qualify for that elusive top 4. Also reviewed are players who LFC have been linked in the press and who the guys believe would benefit LFC next season.

Episode 147: Coining It!  

Kay is joined by Joseph Cousins (AI Writer) and Dan Rhodes (AI Under Pressure) for the latest edition of the AI pod. The panel touches on the banning of the Newspaper, The S*n, as a media presence at Anfield before moving onto the main topic of whether finances can really be used as an excuse for LFC not having a better squad. We discuss the relevance of the European money league and contextualise it within the Premier League. The talk then moves onto the importance of Champions League before turning its attention onto internal matter of club structure and strategy. We end with a look forward as how this issue would resonate into the future.

AI Global Podcast: Show Me The Money  

In this episode of the Global Podcast, the Host Srikanth welcomes the ever engaging Dave Hendrick onto the podcast Dave provides his opinion on the Liverpool-Spurs game and discusses whether Liverpool can prolong this form and approach in the upcoming games. The panel then moves on to discussing whether the adage 'Liverpool exist to win trophies' is still valid in this modern era. Dave talks about the grace from fall of the FA Cup and its importance vis-à-vis Champions League. The panel discusses about buying players for Short term goals vs long term approach preferred by Klopp and look at the lack of activity this January. The discussion then moves on to how money and buying players have taken precedence over coaching and building teams. The last part of the podcast deals with how Liverpool should play the transfer market against the money behemoths and whether our limited outlay should limit our ambition. Dave closes the podcast with three words on how Liverpool should approach the Transfer Market.

AI Under Pressure Podcast: Analysis of win vs Spurs  

Gags Tandon is back with the A Team; Dan Kennett, Dan Rhodes and Simon Brundish. They discuss the stats in-depth against Spurs by looking at some on-ball and off-ball statistics. Dan Kennett really breaks down group and solo pressing actions against Spurs and for the season in some excellent analysis. All this and more on the AI Under Pressure Podcast!

Face Off Podcast: Liverpool 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0 - Fan Reaction  

The Reds rise from the DEAD! Kay entices Jason Belk (AI USA) and Steve McGookin (Spurs fan) onto the pod all LFC fans have been waiting for since the turn of the year. The Reds dominated and controlled a Spurs team that not a few fancied to turn us over. For Spurs, a disappointing game, where injuries took their toll, and the team just couldn't react to the LFC pressing, disruption and pace. On similar points, both teams will start to look forward to establish themselves in that top 4. As a final note, get well soon, Lucas, and a tip of the hat :).

The Nina Kauser Show: Liverpool 2 Spurs 0 - Car Pod!  

Nina is back as host in the passenger street as Gags drives! They are talking Liverpool v Spurs as they travel back from the game. It's a very raw podcast with the pair not having any aid of replays or interviews after the game. They discuss the performance, the best players and pick their man of the match in this swift Car Pod!

The In-Focus Podcast: Episode 23 - Liverpool 2 Spurs 0  

Liverpool go Jekyll and Hyde! Steve Gennaro is the guest on In Focus this week, joining Jon Buscall to discuss Liverpool 2 Spurs 0. There's plenty of discussion of Mané's return to the side, the contribution of Gini, Bobby and Hendo. And was this Lucas' final performance in a red shirt ? 3 points and we're back in the conversation!!

AI Fantasy Football Show: We're back!  

Srikanth takes over the hosting duties as he welcomes Lloyd and Guy Drinkel on the Podcast. They open the discussion looking back at how their teams have fared over the recent weeks. They mull over the upcoming fixtures and identify teams which have a good run of games and the not so good ones. They also discuss the potential no game weeks for few teams. The panel then look at the new signings in January and suggest picks from them. They close the pod by looking at upcoming gameweek and choose their captain and clean sheet player picks.

The Oil Field Index Podcast: Episode 9 - F.S.Me?  

Hatem, Samy & Kariem are joined by the returning Suffwan to discuss Hatem's impromptu trip to the AFCON final as well as whats going wrong at Liverpool. They debate the manager, the squad and last but not least the owners. Plenty of befuddlement and heated debate.

AI Desi Podcast: Episode 49 - When a hero comes along  

Gags Tandon hosts the AI Desi Podcast and Harinder is back! They are joined by Enzo and Tony Kohli to go over a horrible January and look ahead to Spurs. They have their say on FSG as well as what Liverpool can do to fix this horrible form! All this and more on the AI Desi Podcast!

AI India Podcast: Episode 29 - Scraping the Barrel  

Aakriti and Bijon join Srikanth, the host for the day to take stock of Liverpool's wretched run. They discuss if any of the panelists foresaw such a prolonged run of bad form and examine the possible causes behind it. The panel explore the tactical setups being repetitively used and also express concern at the rapid decline in form of few of the starting XI. The guests then discuss if we could have actually brought in new players in January which could have kept us in the race. They also vent their anger on the minimal amount of substitutes being used by Jurgen Klopp. The pod closes with the guests making their prediction for the Spurs game and the season.

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Preview Show  

On this week’s edition of the AI Premier League Preview Pod, Hari Sethi and guests discuss the upcoming clash with Spurs at Anfield this Saturday. Will LFC finally get back on track after their dreadful start to 2017? Joining Hari this week are writer for This is Anfield, FutbolGradLive and SportBild Chris Williams and host of the EPL Roundtable and Lead Fantasy Writer at, Kev DeVries. How will both sides approach the game? What are the key battles in what’s certain to be a high pressing game? Has Klopp’s faith in players a blessing and curse? Who’s let him down? All this and more on this week's #PLPreview

Talking Tactics Podcast: Episode 21 - Tactical Preview vs. Poch's Spurs  

Instead of drowning in a loss, the Talking Tactics podcast continues as Leroy Mah previews Liverpool's upcoming game against Tottenham Hotspurs. With Nathan (@TTTactics), a tactically sound Tottenham fan, the two look at several aspects of both teams including: • Pochettino's style of pressing at Spurs vs Jürgen's at Liverpool; • Liverpool's recent struggles; • Expected line-up's and approaches from both sides; and • Key match-ups and key areas of advantage/concern. For all of the tactical insight, tune in to the #AITalkingTactics Podcast!

AI Under Pressure Podcast: Analysing the Hull Defeat  

Gags Tandon, Dan Kennett and Simon Brundish are back to analyse Liverpool's defeat to Hull City. They, as usual, discuss on-ball and off-ball statistics. Dan looks at Liverpool's crossing statistics with some alarming results. Simon is also asked what Liverpool's plan B should be? All this and more on the AI Under Pressure Podcast.

Face Off Podcast: Face Off Everything!  

The doldrums continue, and it seems LFC may never leave the lifeless sea of mediocrity. This special Face Off pod covers our recent malaise from just about every angle brought forward on LFC Twitter. We talk, fans, players, manager and owners in respect of our slump and what caused it, as well as look forward to see how this period has impacted our foreseeable future.

Episode 142: Act Local, Think Global  

It's a bumper edition of the Anfield Index podcast, as host Marco Lopes (@FootyML) recruits his fellow host Kaylon Karrim (@The_KYLN) and wordsmith Karl Coppack (@TheCenci) to discuss the many tribulations and lamentations around Liverpool FC. Topics explored include Mamadou Sakho's exit, the transfer window, Chelsea, Hull, Firmino's driving ban, the value of the EFL & FA Cups, and a bumper conversation on the Anfield atmosphere, the impact of foreign fans... and how much a Nando's chicken would cost you outside the UK. All this and more… it’s the Anfield Index Podcast

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