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Liverpool v West Ham United - Premier League Preview Show  

On this week's episode of the AI Premier League Preview Pod, Hari Sethi and guests cover the upcoming game against West Ham and talk those last 15 minutes against Bournemouth... Hari is joined by Harinder Singh from the AI Desi pod and Sean Whetstone, West Ham Season Ticket Holder and Blogger for How will LFC respond following such a disappointing defeat? Should the line up change given the fatigue some players displayed during the last game? Why Karius needs to be backed. All this and more on this week's #PLPreview

The AI Committee Podcast: Episode 19 - Keeping Tabs on the Bundesliga  

The #AICommittee Podcast is back, but this time introducing a new sub-series called Keeping Tabs where host, Leroy Mah, looks to revisit some players previously linked with Liverpool in the past and for names which have been recommended in previous podcasts to see how they've been keeping up. To kick things off, Leroy will be keeping tabs on Bundesliga targets with the help of Andy Wales (@AndyArmchair) and John O'Sullivan (@NotoriousJOS) to see how a few Bundesliga players linked and talked about in past podcasts are faring. By looking at how they are doing now, we then revisit the need for #LFC to still go for them or not in the upcoming window. For all this and more, tune in to the #AICommittee Podcast!

Episode 134: Ice In Your Stomach  

The title race (yes, Liverpool are still in it, believe it or not) took an unfortunate turn with defeat down south, but host Marco Lopes (@FootyML), and his guests Jon Buscall (@jonbuscall) and Rory Greenfield (@RoryGreenfield) aren’t all so convinced of the exact reasons for the mishap. While the narratives suggest that the match exposed particular vulnerabilities that have existed for a while, the three take on a considered debate of whether the reality check needs to be for the defence, Jurgen Klopp’s heavy metal football, mental fitness… or all of the above. All this and more… it’s the Anfield Index Podcast!

AI Under Pressure: Analysing Liverpool's Capitulation  

Gags Tandon is back hosting the AI Under Pressure Podcast with the A Team, Dan Rhodes, Dan Kennett and Simon Brundish as they analyse Liverpool's shocking loss to Bournemouth as the Reds conceded 3 goals in the last 20 minutes of the game. On ball stats, off ball stats, distance run and much, much more is covered. Oh and Dan Kennett has an update on Karius so far too! It's the AI Under Pressure Podcast!

Face Off Podcast: Bournemouth 4 Liverpool 3 Fan Reaction  

AI Face Off Fan Reaction goes through the quite incredible capitulation away at Bournemouth as LFC snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. We capture feelings both both sets of fans, touching on topics such as the tactical changes introduced by Eddie Howe, and the lack of leadership in the LFC team. A terrific and historic day for Bournemouth, registering their first ever win against LFC contrasted with a day to forget for Klopp's men. Hosted By: Kay Panel: @alldepartments, Justin Wells

The In-Focus Podcast: Episode 16 - A Legend in the Making  

Harinder Singh and Jon Buscall look at the whole concept of "a legend", a term that gets bandied about more frequently than a Number 9 bus or so it seems. King Kenny, Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler, Jason McAteer, Sami Hyppiä and Jimmy Case are just a few of the names to come up in the discussion.

The Nina Kauser Show: Bournemouth 4 Liverpool 3 - Post Match Call In  

Nina is back with Gags and Yaro as they have the bitter pill of a loss to cover with callers. The panel analyse the capitulation at Bournemouth and try to add balance and objective thoughts on the result with the callers. The panel also answer questions from Twitter to round off the show! All this and more on the Nina Kauser Show!

The Oil Field Index Podcast: Episode 7 - How High?  

Hatem off his hospital bed is joined by Samy & Kariem on the Oil Field Index Podcast to discuss Southampton, Sunderland , Leeds and Gerrard! All this and more on the latest Oil Field Index Podcast!

AI Aussie Podcast: Episode 16 - Michael Edwards: The King of Liverpool?  

Host Tabish Aleemullah (@taleemullah) is joined by John Theodoulou (@FosBoss03) and Andrew McGoff (@KloppGoff) for an analytical discussion of Michael Edwards, our club’s new Sporting Director. Is he the new, unheralded king of Liverpool Football Club? They also cover Steven Gerrard’s retirement before appraising the performances, results, strengths and weaknesses of Klopp's Liverpool in the 2015/16 season so far. They close by giving their verdict on where the Reds will finish in the table and if they will claim silverware.

The Reds Review Podcast: Reviewing November 2016  

Host Andy Wales is joined by Chris Williams as they review all of November's action and taking points for Liverpool. In addition, they hand out their monthly awards, play the Either/Or game and give predictions for Decembers matches, as well as answer listener questions.

The AI Committee Podcast: Episode 18 - Academy Special  

The #AICommittee Podcast is back, but as always - it's back with a twist! With Jürgen Klopp making minimal changes to the squad last January, Leroy Mah hosts a special podcast in case a similar scenario happens again. By virtue of looking at in-house additions to the side, Leroy hosts the members of the #AIAcademy - Nathan Stalker (@VoiceofNathan) and Guy Drinkel (@GuyDrinkel) - as they look at players from the Academy who can perhaps step up into the first team. With Sadio Mané going off to the AFCON, the trio look at possible players in-house who can cover for him, as well as a wildcard pick from each. For all this and more, tune in to the #AICommittee Podcast!

AI Podcast India Episode 26 - Coutinho: With or Without you  

Aakriti, Srikanth and Aadi get together with host Darshni to talk about life without Coutinho and the implications of his injury for the team as a whole. With a slight look at Mane's current form, they then dive into an indepth discussion on the realities and myths of Liverpool's infamous defence. The pod ends with the panel's opinion on the different types of victories that Liverpool have achieved across the first 13 games of the season and how they are true signs of progress for the team and the club.

The Liverbirds Podcast: Episode 42 - New Kids On The Block  

Gae returns to host this #liverbirds pod with her usual partner in crime Rae and two new guests (Mollie and Randi) to talk all things LFC, the league cup, the league schedule, our league of new gentleman in the team and an honourable mention to one S Gerrard esquire.

AI Desi Podcast: Episode 44 - Holding out for a hero?  

With Gags Tandon under the weather, Harinder Paaji is joined by his paajis Grizzly Khan and Kam Brainch. Once the mystery of Grizzly's real name is solved, we talk about the win against Leeds and how impressive Ben Woodburn and Trent "Tata" Alexander Arnold were. We also talk about the journey ahead in the league and what trials and tribulations we may face which ultimately leads to the best Gags Tandon curveball in Desi pod history! Listen now!!!

Bournemouth v Liverpool - Premier League Preview Show  

On this week's episode of the AI Premier League Preview Pod, Hari Sethi and guests cover the upcoming game against AFC Bournemouth. Taking a brief look back at another unsuccessful trip to Anfield for David Moyes. Hari welcomes back Host of Bournemouth podcast All Departments, Michael Dunne and AI regular, Jay Patel. Is all this practise against 'low block' teams doing wonders for LFC's patience? How big a loss will Coutinho be & who should come in in his absence? What are Bournemouth's aims for only their 2nd season ever in the PL? All this and more on this week's #PLPreview

The Anfield Rant: Episode 11 - Stevie G and the Academy  

The Rant is back after an incredibly long break. Armando is joined by AI Academy Pod member Nathan Stalker to discuss Stevie G’s retirement and touch on a few things to do with the academy. All this and so much more on the latest Anfield Rant, presented by The Anfield Index Podcast Channel.

Liverpool 2 Leeds United 0 - Post Match Review  

Rory Greenfield is back with is Cup post match review show as they take Twitter questions and discuss Liverpool's Quarter Final win over Leeds United in the EFL Cup. Rory is joined by Guy Drinkel and Chris Williams to discuss the game!

Talking Tactics: Episode 14 - Analysing Win against Sunderland  

The #AITalkingTactics podcast continues with game reviews as Leroy Mah hosts Srikanth Bala (@srikanthbala) to discuss the 2-0 win against Sunderland in a more tactical manner. They begin with their take on how Sunderland were set up and they're game plan against Liverpool before delving into talks about how Liverpool approached the game. Subsequently, they went into detail about a few players and how they impacted the game, including Sadio Mane's performance in particular. For all of the tactical insight - reviewing the game from a different light - tune in to the #AITalkingTactics Podcast!

AI Under Pressure Podcast: Analysing Liverpool win against Sunderland  

Dan Kennett sits in the hosts chair for this one with Dan Rhodes and Simon Brundish! They discuss the usual on-ball and off-ball stats for Liverpool's win against Sunderland and answer listener questions too! All this and more on the AI Under Pressure Podcast!

Episode 133: Kick 'em in the morals!  

Kaylon welcomes Mike von Herf and Joseph Cousins on to the AI Podcast where they talk about out hard fought victory against Sunderland, and (briefly) on the post retirement plans of one Steven Gerrard. Their main topic concerns footballers, and therefore football fans, within the subject of modern morals and ethics. Enjoy!

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