The Apex & The Abyss

The Apex & The Abyss

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The true stories behind what keeps you awake at night and afraid of the dark. Available on iTunes, Audioboom, Stitcher and Soundcloud.


13: Israel Keyes  

Israel Keyes is arguably one of the most methodic serial killers in this generation. What led to his eventual capture? ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links: ---- Music: Andrew Sacco - IA 012 Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Lee Rosevere - Thoughtful

12: Annie Le  

A young graduate student with her whole life ahead of her goes missing days before her wedding. Is this a case of cold feet or foul play? ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links: ---- Music: Lee Rosevere - Making a Change Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Lee Rosevere - Thoughtful

11: The Gainesville Ripper  

5 college students are brutally murdered. Who's behind it? A Ted Bundy Copy cat? Or a new breed of monster? ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links: ---- Music: Andrew Sacco - IA 08 Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Lee Rosevere - Thoughtful

10: The Covina Massacre  

Holiday cheer met with a disgruntled ex-husband dressed in a Santa suit and armed with a flamethrower. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links: ---- Music: Will Bangs - The Soft Glow of Christmas Lights Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Lee Rosevere - Thoughtful

9: The Ones That Got Away  

Two incredible stories of missing children who were later found and able to escape their captors. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links:

8: The Candyman and the Houston Mass Murders  

Dean Corll and two accomplices go on a reign of terror in Houston Heights, TX. The carnage they left in their wake will haunt the town forever. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links:

7: The Doodler  

San Fransisco in the 70's was terrorized by an unknown assailant who would leave sketches of his victims. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links:

6: Johnny Gosch  

In 1982, a young paperboy in IA named Johnny Gosch mysteriously goes missing. What is uncovered later about his alleged abduction is both shocking and almost...unbelievable. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Links:


Special announcement! Tune in! ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Music: Yeyey - Set the Dogs ---- Links:

5: The Mont Vernon Killings  

Within the quiet town of Mont Vernon, NH is a gang called the Disciples of Destruction. On October 9th 2009, they changed the face of that community forever. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email:

4: Cassie Jo Stoddart  

In 2006, 16 year old Cassie Jo Stoddart was house sitting for her aunt. As any teenager would with an empty house for a weekend, she invited a few friends over. Once they all left for the night she was alone in the house. Presumably, all was well. Until her body was discovered 2 days later upon the return of her relatives. She was viciously stabbed to death. Who killed Cassie? and why? ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email:

3: Cropsey  

The legend of Cropsey has terrorized the residents of Staten Island for years. They thought he was just a myth until the maniac who lurked in the woods...became real. twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: Music: Podington Bear - Dark Water Kai Engel - Comatose Maltabulated Sounds - Darkness Kai Engel - Somnolence

2: The Monster of The Rivers  

The story of Arthur Shawcross, The Genesee River Killer. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Music: Arbee - Sauge Arbee - Invitation

1: The Boy in the Box  

In 1957 a small boy was found in a cardboard box. Almost 60 years later police are still trying to identify him. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: ---- Music: Arbee - improbable (avec Galerie Stratique) Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano Textures 2 Matt Clarke - Conspiritors

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