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Listen to some of the best analysis on the NBA as Coach Nick brings on the top basketball minds to discuss trades, contracts, and X's and O's


Kacy Sager: The Hawks, Charles Barkley, and the Eastern Conference  

Kacy Sager, BBALLBREAKDOWN contributor and part of the Stat Team for the Atlanta Hawks, joins Coach Nick to discuss her insights into the latest version of the Atlanta Hawks, as well as regaling us with tales of Craig Sager's international travel adventures and bringing Charles Barkley to show and tell in elementary school.

Brian McCormick: Coaching Out Of The Box  

Coach Nick is joined again by Brian McCormick, a basketball and skill development coach as well as an author of several fantastic books, who takes a unique approach to the game. Brian stresses that off foot layups ("Goofy Foot" in his parlance) should be encouraged, free play allowed, and simply not being stuck to age old fundamentals that don't apply to the real world of basketball games.

Super Hoopers: Knicks, Lakers, Sixers, who sucks more?  

He's back! Dave Futernick joins us to discuss which of our teams belongs in the garbage. Matt and Jon argue about Nerlens Noel, we talk Over/Unders, and then we Get @ Steven Adams and beef with Kobe's trainer all while talking Jon off the ledge after hearing about the Simmons news.

Super Hoopers: Dwight Howard's shoulders  

The offseason rolls on so we discuss Dwight Howard's shoulders with Caleb Pitts. If you haven't read his post, check it out:

Army Assistant Coach Zak Boisvert On College Coaching  

Zak Boisvert is an Assistant Coach at Army and is the man behind - a treasure of fantastic X's and O's information - joins Coach Nick to share his vast knowledge of the game. They get into coaching philosophies, methods of teaching, and hw technology has impacted the college ranks.

Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman On The Thunder  

Darnell Mayberry, the Assistant Sports Editor at the Oklahoman who was the Thunder Beat Writer for 7 years, joins Coach Nick to discuss whether Russell Westbrook will go nuclear this year. We also talk about the starting five and why Kevin Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City for the Golden State Warriors.

Super Hoopers: Tattoos and Cautionary Tales with Markees Christmas  

The off season rolls on as actor Markees Christmas joins the podcast to talk about cautionary tales and tattoos from the NBA. A billion other things not related to the NBA are also discussed.

John Henson On The Knicks And Performing Comedy (TWO Subjects)  

Do NOT miss John Henson, who you loved on E!'s Talk Soup and ABC's Wipeout, as he appears on Worst Cooks In America on the Food Network premiering TONIGHT, Wednesday September 14th. We take a fun jaunt through the 90's era Knicks, as well as a deep dive into what to expect this season. John also regales us with tales of filming Talk Soup and the sheer madness of the production schedule. 

Instant Offense Podcast - Summer Series Pt VI - Northwest Division  

Me and Erik Horne of The Oklahoman wrap up the Northwest division for the Instant Offense Summer Series: Thunder -Mitch McGary gets 10 more games tacked on to his 5 game suspension. Is his future in OKC? -How does Oladipo fit with Westbrook? Where do you rank them in the backcourt pantheon? -What should we expect from Steven Adams? -How does Donovan deploy Enes Kanter? -aside from Oladipo, which new/unproven role player makes the biggest impact? Jazz -Hill, Johnson, and Diaw make the Jazz veratile and deep. We grade their off-season. -Like OKC, Utah's 4 and 5 fly in the face of today's "pace & space" big men. Will they make it work? -"Hayward and Hood compare to ____". As built, how much of a challenge can Utah give the league elite? Blazers -GM Neil Olshey shelled out a mountain of cash to stand pat. Did he outsmart himself? -Who steps into the role of that 3rd option? -How does the frontcourt play out? -What are Crabbe and Harkless' ceilings? Nuggets -We find 3 reasons or Nuggets fans to be optimistic -Jamal Murray. Discuss. -How does Mike Malone juggle his vets with developing the youth? -Is Faried on his way out? Wolves -Will they live up to the newfound hype? -Will Rubio finish the year in Minny? How good can Dunn be? -Are the Timber-Pups playoff bound? Find and follow Erik at @ErikHorneOK, he's a great follow. And again, big shout out to @SFamXNoble, the man who gave me sounds Timberwolves:

Curtlow On The Houston Rockets  

Curtlow - a guy you hear often on SiriusXM NBA Radio when he lends his hilarious and insightful takes on the Rockets - joins Coach Nick to preview what will happen this season in Houston and whether they'll get back on track in the Western Conference.

Super Hoopers: With Frank Madden of - Ep 33  

This week we have special guest Frank Madden of! We start with a Milwaukee Mind Set Quiz, Get @ Thon Maker, and talk crying in an Arby's bathroom. All this plus beefs and shout outs in another "EPIC" off-season podcast.

Super Hoopers - Ep 33 - With Frank Madden of  

This week we have special guest Frank Madden of! We start with a Milwaukee Mind Set Quiz, Get @ Thon Maker, and talk crying in an Arby's bathroom. All this plus beefs and shout outs in another "EPIC" off-season podcast.

Jared Yates Sexton: The 90's Pacers And Trump Rallies  

Covering a range of topics, writer and professor at Georgia Southern University Jared Yates Sexton comes back on the podcast to talk about his love for the Pacers in the 90s, as well as covering the Trump campaign as a media member.

The Breakdown: NBA Atlantic Division Preview  

Bballbreakdown writers James Holas, Vivek Jacob, and Eli Horowitz get together to preview the NBA's Atlantic Division. Is Toronto or Boston better equipped to challenge the Cavs in the East? Will the Knicks make the playoffs this year? Will the Nets or Sixers finish last in the East? 

Super Hoopers: A series of brilliant ideas with Dave Futernick  

Matt and Jon pitch ideas to Kobe for his new VC firm. Dave Futernick hates on them all. Also: Hilluminati, Take City and Get @me Dawg.

Instant Offense Podcast -Summer Series Pt V - Atlantic Division  

Sam Hinkie is the Obi Wan-Kenobi for the Force that will be the future 76ers. Marc Lamont Hill (that's @MarcLamontHill on twitter) joins me to celebrate the Sixers and talk us through the rest of the Atlantic division. Sixers: Ben Simmons has fan excitement is through the roof. Do we owe Sam Hinkie an apology? -Jahlil Okafor is a divisive, talented player. Does Philly move on with him, do they just move on? -Between Jah, Noel, Embiid, Saric, and Simmons, the frontcourt is tight. How long does it take coach Brett Brown to figure it out? Marc plays GM: Who stays? -a handful of quality veteran perimeter players are on board this season; does that happen if Hinkie was still around? We discuss the newcomers fit. -Predictions Celtics: Al Horford is the first big FA signing in, well, forever. What's he bring? -The "eye test" loves Jaylen Brown, some analytics hate him. Marc shares his thoughts. -Does Marcus Smart finally "get it"? -Predictions Raptors: Did they do enough to maintain the status quo? -How Do DeMar DeRozan and Kyle lowry stack up to other backcourts? -They went from 25th in DD-Rating in '15 to 11th ;last year. How do they maintain that with Biyombo gone? -Predictions Knicks: Phil Jackson brought in plenty of reinforcements-can they balance "win now" with Porzingis' development? -Choose one: Kristaps, Towns, or Brow. -Can they make the playoffs. SHOULD they? -Predictions Nets: Sean Marks got them younger and more flexible financially. Grade the offseason. -what does Marc deem a "successful" season for them? What is new coach's Kenny Atkinson's focus? -I ask Marc to talk Nets fans down off the ledge. -Predictions  

Great Point: Matt Muehlebach with Adam Stanco  

Adam Stanco's in-depth interview with former Arizona star and current Pac-12 Network analyst Matt Muehlebach. They discuss a high school rivlary with Gary Payton, playing in the summer camp circuit against some playground legends, and Arizona's intense recruiting pitch. Muehlebach, the winningest player in school history, shares remarkable stories about playing for Lute Olson, building the Arizona program, and developing a lifelong friendship with Steve Kerr. He takes us inside a Golden State Warriors practice and explains how Kerr's understanding of the game has taken Steph Curry to new heights. Also, Muehlebach talks about his short stint as an agent for NBA players.  Subscribe to the Great Point Podcast on iTunes. On Twitter... Adam Stanco: @NaismithLives Matt Muehlebach: @mattmuehlebach Great Point Podcast: @GreatPointPod BBALLBREAKDOWN: @bballbreakdown Yaw Geez (Intro Music): @YAWmusic  

Super Hoopers: Olympics, NBA movie ideas, and Obama  

Summertime, offseason, that means Matt and Jon go in all different directions. First, they discuss the like-ability of the Olympic team and then Matt pitches Jon movies ideas. Finally, Obama hanging out with NBA players is analyzed.

Instant Offense Podcast - Summer Series Pt IV - Central Division  

Bulls: -Coach Hoiberg compared adding Rondo and Wade to Butler with Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell to KG in Minny. Help me put that into perspective. -Added Portis last year, Valentine this year. Plus Zipser, Felicio, McDermott, and Jerian Grant, there's some tantalizing potential there. -Lopez-Gibson-Butler-Wade isn't a bad core 4. What's your prognosis for this season under Hoiberg? What's the key to a successful season? Cavs: -Any chance they get dethroned? -last year, Kyrie was working back from injury, showed out in the Finals. Did his playoffs change how you view him? Where did you rank him last preseason, where do you rank him now? -Does Kevin Love find his footing this season? Pacers: I see the Pacers potentially challenging for that 2 spot in the east. Am I crazy? -Where is Paul George in the current pantheon of players? -George Hill underrated defender, let PG handle at will. Teague more ball dominant, more offensively explosive. Better or worse for Indy? -Myles Turner: at 20, one of 8 rookies his age or younger to go for at least 10 ppg, 5.5 rpg, and 1.4 blks. What's his ceiling?   Pistons: -Are the Boban and Leuer additions enough to push them into the top 4? - What does Andre Drummond need to do to propel himself (and Detroit) into that next level? -Are Ish Smith and  Ray McCallum the answer at backup PG? -Thoughts on Tobias Harris?   Bucks: Thon Maker and Malcolm Brogdon add youth and more versatility; Dellavedova was overall below replacement level last year. Did they do enough to hop back into the playoff hunt? -Thoughts on Point Giannis? -Can Jabari Parker be a franchise cornerstone? -You're the GM: What to do about Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams?  

Instant Offense Podcast - Summer Series Pt III - Pacific Division  

Warriors: Can they embrace the role of villains?  Is there a cross-sport equivalence to them nabbing KD? Should Kerr's postseason gaffes affect how we view him? Can the bench do enough? Will it matter if they don't?  Clippers: What more do they need? Was this off season a success? Is this Blake and Chris Paul's last stand? Kings: What's the take on Boogie? What the hell is going on with the roster? Can we find any positives this off season? Suns:  Grade the wonderous off season. Where do we rank their young core? What do the vets bring to the table? Could they shock the NBA this year? Lakers: How much does coaching matter? Are Deng and Mozgov worth $138 million to THIS team? Who can we compare Ingram and Russell to? Where do we rank Clarkson among shooting guards? Is Randle a franchise cornerstone? -How long until these Lakers return to relevance? Follow Marcus on Twitter, @ThompsonScribe! Me too, @SnottieDrippen! And big shouts to Patrick, aka @SFamXNoble for the sounds!

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