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Listen to some of the best analysis on the NBA as Coach Nick brings on the top basketball minds to discuss trades, contracts, and X's and O's


Ryan Pannone, Assistant Coach of Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Club  

Coaches! Do NOT miss this incredibly insightfyl discussion on coaching across the globe with one of the bright young minds on the international scene. Ryan Pannone worked with ESPN's David Thorpe extensively, and has now brought his knowledge to multiple countries across the world. We talk footwork, coaching styles, communication, and lots more.

ESPN'S Ben Alamar on Russell Westbrook's Historic Season  

Ben Alamar, ESPN's Director Of Analytics, shares with Coach Nick some of his advanced stats to impress upon us how historic Russ has been this season. Does James Harden's season compare at all? And do teams have any hope of improving their rankings in various categories after 12 games are in the books?

ESPN's Big Wos: What We Don't Want To Talk About In The NBA  

Big Wos of ESPN's True Hoop Network joins Coach Nick for a new take on the podcast: What You DON'T Want To Talk About In The NBA. We discuss why the Sixers and the Nets are teams on his list, and why Coach Nick doesn't want to talk about the Knicks offense anymore either

The Ringer's Chris Vernon On The Grizzlies  

Chris Vernon is the host of the The Ringer's NBA Show, and also does the pregame, halftime, and postgame shows for the Memphis Grizzlies on Fox Sports Southeast. He joins Coach Nick to go in depth on the state of the Grizzlies, from Marc Gasol's reluctance to be the man to Tony Allen's value on and off the court. 

Wizards Insider J. Michael  

Do NOT miss J Michael, who is a Wizards and NBA Insider for CSN Mid Atlantic and has unique insights into what is happening with the Wasington Wizards this season. We take a deep look into Scott Brooks and what he has the team doing, plus how the bench can provide support to the starters led by John Wall and Bradley Beal.

State of the Lakers with Matt Bilinksy  

Join Matt Bilinksy, an NBA Twitter pundit extraordinairre as he breaks down the Lakers from a very intelligent fan point of view. We talk about last season's balancing act of developing the young players like D'Angelo Russell versus giving Kobe Bryant his farewell tour. A brief dip into election politics as well, drawing on Matt's experience as a lawyer and rabid and impressive political knoweldge.

Ian Levy of Fan Sided  

Ian Levy is a senior NBA Editor at Fan Sided and provides unique insights into how the advanced analytics of the NBA play into the strategy. Find out if it's worth fouling a bad free throw shooter!

Jared Yates Sexton: Did FBI Director Comey Ruin This Election?  

Jared Yates Sexton, assistant professor of Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University and also a contributor to the New York Times, New Republic, and Atticus Review, has been covering the election for quite some time. He gives us his insight into the James Comey mess, Donald Trump supporters, and whether Hillary will even be able to govern if she wins.

Doug Gottlieb Of CBS Sports  

Doug Gottlieb, host of the Doug Gottlieb Show on, joins Coach Nick to discuss a range of topics like covering a game as an analyst in real time, the differences between how a basketball coach and a fan view the game, and how the game has evolved since the 90s. 

State Of The Lakers: ESPN's Kamenetsky Brothers  

Andy and Brian Kamenetsky have covered the Lakers for longer than most, and with their humorous and deep insight, they help Coach Nick decipher the landscape and what we can expect from them this season.

Kacy Sager: The Hawks, Charles Barkley, and the Eastern Conference  

Kacy Sager, BBALLBREAKDOWN contributor and part of the Stat Team for the Atlanta Hawks, joins Coach Nick to discuss her insights into the latest version of the Atlanta Hawks, as well as regaling us with tales of Craig Sager's international travel adventures and bringing Charles Barkley to show and tell in elementary school.

Brian McCormick: Coaching Out Of The Box  

Coach Nick is joined again by Brian McCormick, a basketball and skill development coach as well as an author of several fantastic books, who takes a unique approach to the game. Brian stresses that off foot layups ("Goofy Foot" in his parlance) should be encouraged, free play allowed, and simply not being stuck to age old fundamentals that don't apply to the real world of basketball games.

Super Hoopers: Knicks, Lakers, Sixers, who sucks more?  

He's back! Dave Futernick joins us to discuss which of our teams belongs in the garbage. Matt and Jon argue about Nerlens Noel, we talk Over/Unders, and then we Get @ Steven Adams and beef with Kobe's trainer all while talking Jon off the ledge after hearing about the Simmons news.

Super Hoopers: Dwight Howard's shoulders  

The offseason rolls on so we discuss Dwight Howard's shoulders with Caleb Pitts. If you haven't read his post, check it out:

Army Assistant Coach Zak Boisvert On College Coaching  

Zak Boisvert is an Assistant Coach at Army and is the man behind - a treasure of fantastic X's and O's information - joins Coach Nick to share his vast knowledge of the game. They get into coaching philosophies, methods of teaching, and hw technology has impacted the college ranks.

Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman On The Thunder  

Darnell Mayberry, the Assistant Sports Editor at the Oklahoman who was the Thunder Beat Writer for 7 years, joins Coach Nick to discuss whether Russell Westbrook will go nuclear this year. We also talk about the starting five and why Kevin Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City for the Golden State Warriors.

Super Hoopers: Tattoos and Cautionary Tales with Markees Christmas  

The off season rolls on as actor Markees Christmas joins the podcast to talk about cautionary tales and tattoos from the NBA. A billion other things not related to the NBA are also discussed.

John Henson On The Knicks And Performing Comedy (TWO Subjects)  

Do NOT miss John Henson, who you loved on E!'s Talk Soup and ABC's Wipeout, as he appears on Worst Cooks In America on the Food Network premiering TONIGHT, Wednesday September 14th. We take a fun jaunt through the 90's era Knicks, as well as a deep dive into what to expect this season. John also regales us with tales of filming Talk Soup and the sheer madness of the production schedule. 

Instant Offense Podcast - Summer Series Pt VI - Northwest Division  

Me and Erik Horne of The Oklahoman wrap up the Northwest division for the Instant Offense Summer Series: Thunder -Mitch McGary gets 10 more games tacked on to his 5 game suspension. Is his future in OKC? -How does Oladipo fit with Westbrook? Where do you rank them in the backcourt pantheon? -What should we expect from Steven Adams? -How does Donovan deploy Enes Kanter? -aside from Oladipo, which new/unproven role player makes the biggest impact? Jazz -Hill, Johnson, and Diaw make the Jazz veratile and deep. We grade their off-season. -Like OKC, Utah's 4 and 5 fly in the face of today's "pace & space" big men. Will they make it work? -"Hayward and Hood compare to ____". As built, how much of a challenge can Utah give the league elite? Blazers -GM Neil Olshey shelled out a mountain of cash to stand pat. Did he outsmart himself? -Who steps into the role of that 3rd option? -How does the frontcourt play out? -What are Crabbe and Harkless' ceilings? Nuggets -We find 3 reasons or Nuggets fans to be optimistic -Jamal Murray. Discuss. -How does Mike Malone juggle his vets with developing the youth? -Is Faried on his way out? Wolves -Will they live up to the newfound hype? -Will Rubio finish the year in Minny? How good can Dunn be? -Are the Timber-Pups playoff bound? Find and follow Erik at @ErikHorneOK, he's a great follow. And again, big shout out to @SFamXNoble, the man who gave me sounds Timberwolves:

Curtlow On The Houston Rockets  

Curtlow - a guy you hear often on SiriusXM NBA Radio when he lends his hilarious and insightful takes on the Rockets - joins Coach Nick to preview what will happen this season in Houston and whether they'll get back on track in the Western Conference.

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