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Listen to some of the best analysis on the NBA as Coach Nick brings on the top basketball minds to discuss trades, contracts, and X's and O's


DeMarcus Cousins Behind The Scenes With The Kings  

Coach Nick and CSN Bay Area's Kings Insider James Ham discuss what it was like to be around DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins day in and day out.

1:31 When James first heard the rumors of the trade

7:15 DeMarcus Cousins agents trying to blow up the deal

12:30 The Kings promising not to trade Cousins

16:03 Boogie made a list of players live's a struggle each day

25:20 The new era of the Kings without Cousins

33:50 The George Karl Situation


LA Lakers Revolution Starring Magic Johnson  

Coach Nick and Trevor Lane of Lakers Nation and host of the the Court Cast podcast discuss the incredible events that led to a revolution in the Lakers front office.

1:50 Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss fired

3:05 Was the DeMarcus Cousins a factor in the shakeup?

5:59 Can D'Angelo Russell still be the star the Lakers are hoping for?

8:41 What did the Lakers offer for DeMarcus Cousins?

18:52 Why John Black, Lakers long time PR guy, was fired

24:06 Who wins the Lou Williams for Corey Brewer trade?

29:07 Tarik Black - is he an NBA player?

11: Solving The NBA's Problems One Question At A Time: NBA Trades, Demarcus Cousins & More  

Coach Nick (@bballbreakdown) & Coach Dave DuFour discuss:

0:23 DeMarcus Cousins Trade

9:03 What Are The Kings Doing?

14:07 What Is The Pelicans Starting Lineup?

25:05 Any Other Potential Deals For Boogie That Fell Through

37:09 Where Will Chris Paul End Up Next Season?


Oscar Nominated Screenwriter of Hidden Figures Allison Schroeder  

Coach Nick takes a slight detour from basketball content to discuss the writing of the screenplay for the incredible movie Hidden Figures. The script itself is a beautifully crafted telling of the true life heroes of the NASA program: 3 unheralded African American women instrumental in getting the Mercury 7 astronauts into space.

Solving The NBA's Problems One Question At A Time Episode 10  

Coach Nick and Coach Dave are at it again in their weekly podcast focusing on the latest NBA news. What did Kyle Lowry mean when he went to the press to complain about the way the Raptors have been playing? Is DeMarre Carroll upset for the same reason? Who won the Jusuf Nurkic for Mason Plumlee trade between the Nuggets and Trail Blazers? And who's at fault for this simmering feud between the Thunder and the Warriors - which erupted in a trash talk scene on Saturday?

Can Brad Stevens Figure Out This Boston Celtics Team In Time? Guest: Larry H. Russell of Celtics Beat  

Coach Nick sat down with Larry H. Russell of the Celtics Beat Podcast to discuss all things Celtics. Brad Stevens continues to play with his lineups, Isaiah Thomas can't guard anybody, and does Avery Bradley have enough of an impact?

Solving The NBA's Problems One Question At A Time Episode 9  

Every Monday, Coach Nick and Coach Dave lead you through a spirited and fun journey through the NBA: Zach LaVine's season ending injury, how the Super Bowl and basketball strategy have parallels (fascinating), did the Warriors just steal the playmaker the Cavaliers needed, and more.

Are The GS Warriors More Dominant This Year Than Last? | NBA 2016 GSW vs 2017 GSW | Guest: Anthony Slater  

Golden State Warriors beat writer Anthony Slater (Mercury News/Bay Area Newsgroup) sat down with Coach Nick to discuss how the Golden State Warriors are destroying the rest of the league with most of their lineups. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant have figured out how to play together, and the rest of the league hasn't caught up yet.

Solving The NBA's Problems One Question At A Time Episode 8  

Coach Dave joins Coach Nick for a free flowing conversation that started briefly with the Enes Kanter (stupid) injury, crossed into the Carmelo Anthony trade the Knicks are trying to make, dipped into the Bulls issues (and there are a lot), and even made parallels between the current political situation and how GMs communicate with the media.

Is Russell Westbrook Padding His Stats? With OKC Thunder Beat Writer Erik Horne of The Oklahoman  

Coach Nick sits down with Erik Horne, OKC Thunder beat writer for the Oklahoman and, to discuss what the Enes Kanter arm injury means for the team. Plus, they go in deep on how the team is helping Russ get more rebounds this year, as well as their prognosis for the season. 

Solving The NBA's Problems One Question At A Time Episode 7  

Coach Dave joins Coach Nick to go in depth on the Sixers recent success, whether the Raptors have found the right lineups, who should be the starting PG for the East in the All Star Game (hint: NOT Kyrie), and a discussion of some interesting ref's calls during the Spurs Cavaliers and Bulls Kings games

Seth Davis of CBS and Sports Illustrated  

Seth Davis of CBS, Sports Illustrated, Campus Insiders, as well as color commentator for the Big Ten Network, joins Coach Nick to discuss some of the college stars from this season. They also go in depth on college coaching, the refereeing, and John Wooden's place in history based on Seth's book: Wooden: A Coach's Life.

Solving The NBA's Problems One Question At A Time -Episode 6  

Join Coach Nick and Coach Dave DuFour as they go in depth on Russell Westbrook's season and whether it should be ranked as an all time great one. Plus, they ponder the question: Is Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich infallible? And a preview of tonight's epic matchup between the Cavaliers and the Warriors - plus a LIVE POST GAME SHOW immediately after the game tonight on Facebook Live. 

Danny Leroux of RealGM on Kawhi, LeBron, Russ and MORE  

Danny Leroux appears all over the internet with his incredibly insightful and rational NBA analysis, and today he joins Coach Nick for a fast paced journey across most of the NBA: from Kawhi's role compared to Russell Westbrook - to the state of the Cavaliers and the Warriors and everything in between. 

Solving The NBA's Problems One Question At A Time Episode 5  

Coach Nick and Dave DuFour discuss how they feel about the Rockets (good), the Raptors (ehh), as well as the Draymond Green explosion at Kevin Durant regarding the Warriors late game struggles. We answer a bunch of your questions as well, like: Who would you pick first - Myles Turner or Nikola Jokic.

Heat Tanking, Trade Deadline, Post Up Death with Aaron Bruski  

Always a fun and energetic conversation with's Aaron Bruski, who goes in depth on the Miami Heat's situation, the looming trade deadline, Dan D'Antoni's comments on the 3 pointer, and what's happening with the Phoenix Suns.

Solving The NBA's Problems One Question At A Time Episode 4  

On this week's episode, Coach Nick and Dave discuss the MVP race, the pieces around Russell Westbrook in OKC, whether the Bulls have a good coach, and all sorts of other fun topics from around the NBA.

The State Of The Lakers With Laker Film Room's Pete Zayas  

Pete Zayas runs Laker Film Room - a Lakers-centric version of bballbreakdown, and he sat down with Coach Nick to discuss the ins and outs and X's and O's of this Lakers season as they struggle to grasp what head coach Luke Walton is teaching.

Strength & Conditioning Young Players: Leland Redfield  

Leland Redfield is a strength and conditioning coach who focuses on training younger athletes. He sits down with Coach Nick for an enlightening conversation on many of the newer and innovative techniques for improving strength - particularly the grip and the core. You can find out more about Leland's training by visiting his website:

Justin Termine of Sirius XM NBA Radio on Cavs, Warriors, Rockets, And MORE  

Do NOT miss one of the best pods of the year as Sirius XM NBA's Justin Termine joins Coach Nick for a rapid fire breakdown of the important story lines around the NBA. From the likelihood of a Cavs Warriors Finals rematch to the feel good Rockets resurgence. 

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