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Audio Junk #196 - What we do in the holidays  

This week: Pod-flicks looks at What We Do In The Shadows (2014), Christmas music and why I'm not going anywhere for the holidays...

Audio Junk #195 - You can't have a rainbow without the rain  

This week: Pod-flicks looks at The Innocents (1961), rainy days and 2016 is just a year after all.

Audio Junk #194 - 2016  

This week: Why most people are not loving 2016, Podflicks looks at Underworld (1927) and the usual 6 min shoutout.

Audio Junk #193 - Hammer in the morning  

This week: Pod-flicks looks at Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the usual 6 min shoutout and what Cowsplay #100 is going to look like!

Audio Junk #192 - Wiggle  

This week: Sorry about the delay on this episode by the way, pod flicks looks at The Bedford Incident (1965) and wiggle room.

Audio Junk #191 - Five Nights at Andy's 3  

This week: A spooky treat for all you subscribers who have waited so patiently!

Audio Junk #190 - Mad month  

This week: Podflicks looks at Hard Boiled (1992), another 6 minute shoutout and a month of monster madness!

Audio Junk #189 - What to draw in case of Inktober  

This week: Pod flicks looks at What to Do in Case of Fire (2001), another 6 min shout out and Inktober

Audio Junk #188 - Happyness is a warm gun  

This week: Pod flicks looks at The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), another 6 min shout out and more Christmas plans!

Audio Junk #187 - I'm too tired to think of a clever title  

This week: Pod Flicks looks at Comfort of Strangers, falling asleep at the wheel and graphic novels I didn't write.

Audio Junk #186 - My Little Sonata  

This week: Pod flicks looks at Autumn Sonata (1978), the usual 6 min shout out and what happened to all the MLP fan art?

Audio Junk #185 - What do they know? Do they know things? Let's find out!  

This week: Pod Flicks looks at Pippi On The Run (1970), a new 6 min shoutout and an interesting editorial from the Nostalgia Critic.

Audio Junk #184 - A Kevin Smith Christmas  

This week: Garden State is this week's Pod Flick, the usual 6 min shoutout and Santa Claus is already coming to town. Or is it just Kevin Smith?

Audio Junk #183 - The really-tricky-hard-difficult way  

This week: 13 Rue Madeleine, the importance of backgrounds and how not to do things the hard way.

Audio Junk #182 - I Hate My Laptop  

This week: Laptop slows down (Grrr!!!), things I'm designing for Redbubble and the comic book club and Nowhere In Africa is this week's pod-flick.

Audio Junk #181 - Fangs for the memories  

This week: Vampires done right, more boring password security talk and it's summer, so let's have a holiday!

Audio Junk #180 - I will use the axe  

This week: Anthony Hopkins gets his Titus out, an all new 6 min shoutout and the joys of designing mock comic book covers.

Audio Junk #179 - Very boring, but very important!  

This week: Highway (2014) is this week's pod-flick, the usual 6-min shoutout and more talk on the subject of password security.

Audio Junk #178 - True love will find you in the end  

This week: Medianeras/Sidewalls (2011) is the latest pod-flick, a fan-fuelled 6 min shout-out and why I need to tighten up my password security.

Audio Junk #177 - A Grand Day In  

This week: Check in to the Grand Hotel, flagging a bit and Beluga Weekly #265 was not so good.

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