The Best Of James O'Brien

The Best Of James O'Brien

United Kingdom

A weekly dose of the best bits of James O'Brien's LBC show, featuring the best of his thought-provoking monologues and fascinating calls.


Response to Garden Bridge  

Also, expensive weddings and students looking for work

Syrian refugee tells the story of his journey to the UK  

Also debates on term time holidays and coping with debt

Full reaction following Article 50  

Ian Dunt joins James and callers give their reaction to the PM's speech

Westminster attack - people share their memories of the victims  

James hears from a former police officer who worked with PC Keith Palmer

Osborne, Scotland, U-turns...  

This is a free podcast from some of the best of James O'Brien

Ex-serviceman 'you can't see the people it will hit hardest'  

Also another chance to listen back to budget analysis, your tv is watching you and reduced sentences for people in care

Dark Justice speaks to James  

Also another chance to listen to this month's Speak to Sadiq

Catfishing, byelection explained and preparing for death  

Also another chance to list to the Brendan Cox interview

Trump, Blair, Celebs and the Media  

Have a listen back to some of the best of James O'Brien from last week

Alternative facts - so that's a thing now?  

Also, we hear from Gina Miller following on from the Supreme Court ruling parliament must vote on Article 50

Labour and why they are missing a trick  

Plus your calls on Brexit and the new ambassador

A look back at some of the best moments in 2016  

James talks Trump, Brexit, Migration plus lots more

I am a Christian  

We hear from Ted Cruz's adviser, a woman who's daughter defeated all the odds and dealing with PMS

Son calls about the struggle to get proper social care for his mum  

Also the Autumn Statement - what did you want to hear and are you a JAM?

Jon Ronson and the KKK  

Another chance to listen to that interview, also acts of kindness, state of our prisons and is this worse than 1984?

What a week!  

James provides full analysis of the US Election

More developments on brexit, the dangers of driving distracted...  

Also, we hear from the man who has challenged Uber

Best of James O'Brien  

Listen again to some of the special features from James's programme on LBC 97.3 - anything from gangs to birdwatching.

Lily, Trump and Gorillas  

Following Lily Allen's trip to the jungle. Lily reacts to media reaction from her visit.

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