Bladtcast #162 - Just Say No (To Bath Salts)  

One week away from the launch of The Tomorrow Show, Christian sits in with two of that show's co-hosts Roxy Striar and Ashley Daniels for a conversation that ranges from super hero movies to poop (baby and otherwise), weddings, Nancy Reagan, drugs, Trump, Terry Crews and so much more! Like The Bladtcast on Facebook to see the photos mentioned during this episode, and go to TheTomorrowShow.com for the premiere episode on March 14th at 10pm ET / 7pm PT.

Bladtcast #161 - Caucus Cacophony  

Christian's friend Brian Barrio shares his experience as a first-time participant in the crazy madcap world that is the Nevada Caucus. Then, Christian, Brian, Agent Starling and Captain EO shift the conversation over to Boston sports, bringing kids to movies, past musical exploits, and, of course, "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice".

Bladtcast #160 - "Negasonic Teenage Bladtcast"  

After seeing "Deadpool" together, Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO head into the studio for a spoiler-filled reaction to the movie. They're also visited by their old pal Liev, who was stuck working and still hasn't seen the movie, and explains why he wants to see it so desperately. Then, Christian tries to determine what words Liev will and won't say while in front of a microphone. And internet trolls be damned, the guys aren't shy about their excitement for Batman v. Superman "Dawn of Justice", now less than a month away.

Bladtcast #159 -"#BladtcastSoWhite"  

Christian (Bladt) is joined via telephone by Christian (Toto) of HollywoodInToto.com to react to last night's Oscars, and also look ahead to some of the movies coming out this spring.

Bladtcast #158 - "40 Oz. to Freedom"  

In Bladtcast #158, "40 Oz. to Freedom", Agent Starling and Captain EO join Christian in studio for the third and final special episode to wish him a happy 40th birthday with some surprise guests. Still in studio is old pal Coltrane, "Mark Wahlberg", "Skeletor", and Bladtcast uber-fan Matt in KC call in, and our old pal Liev wanders into the studio just long enough to tell everyone how terrible Star Wars Episodes I - VI are.

Bladtcast #157 - "40 Acres and a Mule"  

In Bladtcast #157, "40 Acres And A Mule", Agent Starling and Captain EO join Christian in studio for the second of three special episodes to wish him a happy 40th birthday with some surprise guests. The guys are enjoyed by a variety of guests, including special in-studio guests Liev and Coltrane! On the phone, we talk to Rafe Guttman (AKA Mark_Hunt), Rob Laurich, and of course, "Gene Simmons".

Bladtcast #156 - "UB40, IB40"  

In Bladtcast #156, "UB40, IB40", Agent Starling and Captain EO join Christian in studio for the first of three special episodes to wish him a happy 40th birthday with some surprise guests. This episode description will be updated next week to include the identities of the guests in this episode, but, for now, play along with Christian and try to guess who is sending their good wishes.

Bladtcast 155 All About EO  

Captain EO talks about life, experiences and his outlook on the world in a very frank, no-holds-barred and utterly Not-Safe-For-Work one-on-one conversation with Christian. Some of you will be glad to know that this episode clocks in under one hour, so, you CAN listen in under 60 minutes...

Bladtcast 154 The Bradcast (with special guest Katie Daryl)  

Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are joined from Australia by "Old Man Morin" himself, Christian's friend Brad for a rollicking conversation about Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman v. Batman : Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, the Marvel Cinematic Universe,James Bond, Doctor Who, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the popularity of Captain EO's college show amongst the incarcerated. Then, we're joined by our friend Katie Daryl, who hosts "World's Greatest Tribute Bands" on AXS TV, the sixth season of which premieres February 17 at 7pm PT / 10pm ET. For more information, go to: www.axs.tv/programs/worlds-greatest-tribute-bands/ If you'll be in LA and want FREE tickets, go to: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-worlds-greatest-tribute-bands-on-axs-tv-tickets-5500472060

Katie Daryl Interview (from Bladtcast #154)  

A sneak preview from next week's Bladtcast #154: it's Christian's interview with Katie Daryl of World's Greatest Tribute Bands, which is about to start it's sixth season on AXS TV on February 17th, including tributes to The Doors, Guns N Roses, Billy Idol, the Bee Gees and Christian's absolute favorite band: Rush. For more information, go to: http://www.axs.tv/programs/worlds-greatest-tribute-bands/ If you'll be in LA and want FREE tickets, go to: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-worlds-greatest-tribute-bands-on-axs-tv-tickets-5500472060

Bladtcast #153 - "Who's Haus? Haus's Haus!" or "The Hateful Eight"  

On Bladtcast 153, Christian and Captain EO are joines in studio by friend of the Bladtcast Michael Hausam, who discusses his new nationally syndicated radio show, "Haus Rules". Hollywood In Toto Editor Christian Toto returns via telephone to discuss "13 Hours", Hateful Eight, Star Wars The Force Awakens, the frabbajabba over fan-made Star Trek film Axanar, and the 50th anniversary of the Adam West "Batman" television series. They also discuss why Hausam can't stay awake at the movies and the best movies to sleep during. Finally, Christian (Bladt) lets himself get riled up over a click-bait article from 2012 about overrated song, and can't come up with any 21st century bands that he likes.

Bladtcast #152 - "The Terror of Knowing What This World Is About"  

It's old home week on The Bladtcast, with two regular guests from The Dennis Miller Show! First, former Republican Congressman of Michigan Thaddeus McCotter shares his thoughts about the passing of David Bowie, the State of the Union, presidential politics, the Supreme Court, and the Detroit Lions! Then, HollywoodInToto.com editor Christian Toto talks about the losses of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, and he and Christian (Bladt) react to the Academy Award nominations.

Bladtcast #151 - "Dave Dorman, Jason Blair and Mark Hunt Awaken!"  

Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are ready for another round of discussion about "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" with some special guests. First up is artist Dave Dorman, who is well-known for his "Star Wars" work over the years (along with so much other great stuff). Then, we're joined by friend-of-the-Bladtcast Jason Blair who has a bone to pick with Christian, and our pal Mark____Hunt, (AKA Rafe Guttman) who also chimes in about Doctor Who Season 9!

Bladtcast #150 - "The Other One with the Wives"  

Happy New Year! We celebrate three years and our centennial-and-a-half on a practically-double-sized Bladtcast #150 "The Other One with the Wives" OR "When the Levee Breaks", where, as the title implies, Christian and Agent Starling are joined in studio by their wives Heather and Nicole, while Captain EO brings a special friend named Meatball to the proceedings. Everyone discusses their New Year's Eve, careers, marriage, parenthood, dog-parent-hood, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Jurassic World a few words about the recently-departed-but-still-alive Coltrane, and much much more!

Bladtcast Classic : Bladtcast 75th Diamond Jubilee (8/19/14)  

Ahead of next week's Bladtcast #150, give a listen to episode it will be a sequel to: "the BladtCast 75th Diamond Jubilee Celebration: The One with the Wives, or The BladtVengers or All In" - where the guys were joined in studio by Christian's wife, Heather, and Agent Starling's wife, Nicole, and a special appearance by Matt from KC to try and determine who is the biggest UBERfan of the BladtCast. There's also a lot of chat about what the girls like and don't like about the BladtCast and what they like and don't like about their guys! (Recorded 7/14/14 and posted 8/14/14)

Bladtcast #149 - "The Bladtcast Awakens"  

Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO give a SPOILER-FILLED review of "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens", discuss taking Christian's son Felix to a "Mommy and Me" screening, and stand up for "Return of the Jedi".

Bladtcast #148 -"Coltrane-Wreck"  

Consider this fair warning that it is a startlingly boozy drunk-cast of a Bladtcast #148: "Coltrane-Wreck" -- AKA "Shipping Up To Boston" AKA "Exit Only" AKA "With Butt Sex You Don't Have To Worry" AKA "The One Where Christian Says 'Aw, shit' Every Two Minutes" -- whereupon the guys bid a very fond farewell to founding member of the Bladtcast, the one and only Coltrane. Over the course of this jam-packed double-sized episode, goodbyes come in from a variety of special guests including Matt in KC, Richard Diaz, Rob Laurich, Skeletor, "Gene Simmons" and new fan favorite, Watto. Warning-within-a-warning that this last hurrah features some very descriptive sexual talk. Like overly descriptive. TOO descriptive. By guys so drunk maybe they shouldn't be in front of microphones. You've been warned. If you make it through that, you'll also hear what is probably the drunkest dissertation on a Doctor Who companion in the history of nerd-kind. It's all worth it because we FINALLY get to the bottom of the mystery that is Miriam! Give a listen, and get ready for Bladtcast 149, "The Apology".

Bladtcast #147 - "Shut Up and Take My Money"  

Christian announces the movie they'll be live-tweeting Friday, December 18th, all the guys give their thoughts on "Creed", their excitement for "The Force Awakens" --including when and where everyone will see it, reaction to four huge trailers: "Captain America : Civil War", "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" and "X-Men Apocalypse", and an unexpected appearance from a minor "Star Wars" character that has the guys laughing until it hurts.

Bladtcast #146 - "Winnings, Losings, Comings and Goings"  

Christian, Coltrane and Captain EO are back in the studio to discuss last week's announcement by Charlie Sheen that he is HIV positive, UVA Fraternity suing Rolling Stone, what we're thankful for and announcement that will shake the foundation of the Bladtcast for years to come.

Bladtcast #145 - "The Sequel is Always Disappointing" or "Happy Life Day, Chewie!"  

On Bladtcast #145, "The Sequel is Always Disappointing" or "Happy Life Day, Chewie", Christian is back at Agent Starling's house for a brief follow-up to one of the greatest stories ever told on the Bladtcast. Then, the guys chat about the ridiculousness surrounding this year's Starbucks red cups, the "Heavy Metal" movie, what the guys should Live-Tweet this December, the MST3K kickstarter, the GREAT second season of "Fargo", disappointing sequels, "Ash vs. Evil Dead", Indiana Jones, confusing Classic episodes of "Doctor Who" and the current season, the return of "Luther" to BBC America and the New Year's episode of "Sherlock"! Then, a fun visit with friend of the Bladtcast Kevin Scott chats about "Kiss and Scooby Doo: A Rock and Roll Mystery", "Rock and Roll All Nite: A Tribute to Kiss 1974-2015", horror movies and more!

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