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The Brian Buffini Show

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Exploring the mindset, motivation and methodologies behind success.


Breaking Buffini #047  

David Lally, producer of the Brian Buffini Show, puts Brian in the hot seat with your questions.

Acting Your Wage with Dave Ramsey #046  

America’s personal finance guru shares the secrets to building long-term wealth.

Sweating the Small Stuff with Andy Andrews #045  

Bestselling author, speaker and all-around inspiration, Andy Andrews shares raw and grounded wisdom on how to win at the little things so you can win in life.

Be the Exception #044  

Darren Hardy's dogged and inspiring climb to the top to become the driving force behind SUCCESS magazine, a best-selling author, a much sought-after speaker, and general all-round renaissance man!

What’s Your Everest? #043  

One of the world's greatest mountaineers – Alison Levine – shares how to keep going no matter what.

When You See Your Chance Take It #042  

From serving burgers to serving as CEO of Warren Buffett’s real estate franchise.

Align, Unwind & Remember What Matters Most #041  

In the quest for happiness it’s easy to end up disappointed, but when you learn how to align your values with your actions you can achieve what matters most.

Getting Caught Talking to Yourself #040  

Best-selling author Shad Helmstetter explains how to reprogram negative self-talk in order to achieve success.

Episode 039: Billion Dollar Insights – an in-depth interview with Dave Liniger  

It’s been said that Dave Liniger is the greatest franchisor since Ray Kroc. Founder and CEO of RE/MAX – the world’s most successful real estate company – and member of the International Franchise Hall of Fame, Dave gives a rare behind-the-scenes interview to Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini & Company.

Episode 038: The NFL’s Little Engine that Could  

NFL star, Justin Forsett shares his journey from poverty to professional football and explains the importance of service.

Episode 037: How to Love Your Life  

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Brian Buffini offers tips to help you love your life.

Episode 036: The One Decision that Makes a Millionaire  

Brian Buffini delves into the one decision that can help you build a fortune.

Episode 035: The Other Shore with Diana Nyad  

Diana Nyad shares her inspirational story of achieving success after failure and why you should never give up on your dreams.

Episode 034: Everybody Needs a Coach  

Brian Buffini outlines the three essentials of having a coach and explains why everyone needs one.

Episode 033: The Rest-Run Cycle  

Brian Buffini explains why rest is vital to lasting success and offers tips to incorporate it into your business.

Episode 032: Behind the Scenes with Dermot Buffini  

Brian Buffini interviews Dermot Buffini, CEO of the largest coaching and training organization in the US.

Episode 031: An Interview with Brian Moran  

How we think about our lives and how we plan are critical to what we can accomplish. In this episode, Brian Buffini interviews Brian Moran, President and Founder of The 12 Week Year.

Episode 030: ‘Tis the Season  

Brian Buffini outlines why it’s important to reflect, reorganize and reload at the end of the year.

Episode 029: Building Your Happiness Plan  

Brian Buffini breaks down the myths and misconceptions about happiness and offers tips to help you achieve happiness in 2017.

Episode 028: Cultivating an Unshakable Character  

Brian Buffini welcomes special guest, Joe Niego, who outlines tips for developing good character, one choice at a time.

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