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The Buyers Guide Podcast


Thank you for tuning into The Buyers Guide podcast where we talk all things property and finance. My name is Peter Mastroianni the founder of The Buyers Guide which has been established to help as many people as possible buy their own home, through to building a property portfolio securing their financial future.


Episode # 24 - The Armchair Investment Method into Property  

This week we unpack the leveraging strategy around armchair investment and property development. #rethink #reinvent #rentvest

Episode # 23 - Alternative ways to invest in property (part 1)  

As the affordability debate continues to rage we explore alternative investment vehicles that give you access to property. To start the series off we discuss listed and unlisted property. So, let's get to it...

Episode # 22 - Five steps to wealth mastery with Kristin Jacobsen  

Kristin Jacobsen the CEO of Nextgen Financial Services details the steps towards achieving wealth mastery. PLUS, he makes a special offer on the upcoming event: - only FIVE spots available... claim your ticket before they are all gone! #rethink #reinvent #rentvest

Episode # 21 - Market wrap part 2  

This week we look at what's happening in and around the Australian property market. Plus, we discuss affordability which will become the most talked about subject for 2017. Love to hear you thoughts on this so subscribe and email me at

Episode # 20 - Market wrap  

In this two part podcast we’ll touch on the major focus points of the four main residential markets and share some insight into their inner workings.

Episode # 19 - Alternative ways to leverage into the property market  

This week we touch on some of the alternative investment strategies that investors use to leverage into the property market. For an indepth look at these strategies be sure to register for the webinar at:

Episode # 18 - Sydney market wrap with Douglas Driscoll  

Doug Driscoll is the CEO of Starr Partners and was named Industry Thought Leader at the Real Estate Business Awards 2016, with his group also winning the Best Boutique Agency category. Doug is also a highly-respected media commentator, with regular market commentary in the Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph. On The Rentvesting Podcast we talk all things Sydney property. So... let's get to it!

Episode # 17 - Double your gross rental returns with Jade Hamilton  

This week Jade Hamilton from the Landlord Institute shares her experience and tips on how to maximise your rental returns. Gain access to Jade's course via and for savvy Rentvesting Podcast listeners can use "rentvesting" as a discount code to receive 10% off. So, let's get to it...

Episode # 16 - Investing in the USA with Gennavieve Lyons  

Gennavieve Lyons from Lyons Property Mentoring joins us this week and outlines her property investment experience in the USA. And she shares quite a few tips along the way. So, let's get to it...

Episode # 15 - Achieving investment flexibility via Rentvesting with Dean Mico  

Dean Mico from Edge7 discusses the benefits of investment flexibility via Rentvesting. Let's get to it...

Episode # 14 - Demystifying the equities market with Jason Wong  

This week we chat with Jason Wong from and chat through some of the critical elements of investing in the stock market.

Episode # 13 - Rentvesting with Dino Pacella  

Live to a standard that you're comfortable with and importantly, investing the money that you can afford. Plus, we look at how financial literacy and advice will change the way the next generation invest.

Episode # 12 - Do you know your “WHY” for investing?  

Are you financially unsettled? Do you know your “WHY” for investing? Well, we explore the factors that can influence our decisions in this weeks episode.

Episode # 11 - What your investment goals say about your personality  

There is a particular type of identity that comes along with being an ‘investor’, an identity that many would aspire to for both expansive and obvious reasons. Tune in for more and don't forget to grab a Free copy of The Property Investor's Buyers Guide

Episode # 10 - Five investment strategies for 2017 with Matthew Bateman  

Matt Bateman from The Property Mentors chat's with us on the year that's been and five investment strategies for 2017. For a more an in-depth analysis of what's in store for 2017 tune into the live webinar on 14.12.16 via this link:

Episode # 9 - Pursuing a positive cash flow strategy with Felicity Heffernan  

Felicity Heffernan was able to purchase 150+ properties in ten years using creative property investment strategies. On this episode she shares her experience and thoughts on the current property cycle.

Episode # 8 - The balanced investor  

Emily Martin from explains how your investments can change the world. So let's get to it...

Episode # 7 - 9 to 5 is dying a slow death  

Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'... for a period of time it was!

Episode # 6 - Don't mess it up  

On this episode we outline the common reasons that investors simply just Mess It Up!

Episode # 5 - The rules have changed  

We’ve Grown Up in Different Worlds, So We Invest for Different Reasons. Does That Mean the Rules Have Changed? Also, claim your free book @

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