The Christian O'Connell Show

The Christian O'Connell Show


Christian O'Connell wakes up the nation every weekday morning on Absolute Radio. Here are the best of the not so bad bits from the Radio Academy Award winning show. Join the OC, Richie, Sports Goddess Faye and Newsman Bails as they navigate you through your morning (or evening, depending on when you listen). You'll also get bonus content including all of the interviews which we got told we weren't allowed to put on the radio.


Toilet Roll Sausage  

It seems that the OC was the only sober person in the studio today as the team say goodbye to Faye.

Wow, chicken!  

The Radio Kids takeover the breakfast show!

Griffin Saviour  

Buzzlist & Midweek Scores.

You Had me At Road Chef  

It's all about the love with Valentines Day painting and Richie's 50 Shades of Service Stations.

I'm NOT Stressed  

National Pun Day!

Quiz Underground  

We find out where Matt is!


Do a big poo will be your new earworm.

Product Recall  

Bing, Bing. I'm sitting there tweeting...Bing Bong. Trust us, it will make sense.

This Will Neve Go Up  

The OC is ill so Richie takes charge and continues his campaign to appear on a TV quiz show.


The return of Post Code Bingo & Richie puts himself to the 'Pointless' test


The right way to say Restaurateur, some challenging paint, and kiosk-gate.

Single Hairy Female  

The mighty penny sweet! / Films that you have a burning question about and the Radio Kids finalists.

Shhhhh Spotted  

Midweek Scores / Radio Kids and your Buzzlist.


Brumopoly / Avocado Pears and The most controversial toilet yet

Calling Dylan Tucker  

We've tracked down Dylan Tucker (The Australian producer keeps his job for another day).

I've Got a Little Something For You  

Rule breakers, the winner of the Wicks kitchen prize is chosen and someone wins ten thousand pounds.

The Spirt of Pam Ayres  

Nakedness is the key to happiness.

Living the Ream  

Matt is very into arcade TV game show Tipping Point Not as into it as Richie though who unsuccessfully applied to go on it

The Revolution  

The show that Richie takes over.

Dressed Popcorn  

What are the top 3 cinema snacks?

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