The Christian O'Connell Show

The Christian O'Connell Show


Christian O'Connell wakes up the nation every weekday morning on Absolute Radio. Here are the best of the not so bad bits from the Radio Academy Award winning show. Join the OC, Richie, Sports Goddess Faye and Newsman Bails as they navigate you through your morning (or evening, depending on when you listen). You'll also get bonus content including all of the interviews which we got told we weren't allowed to put on the radio.


Chimp mask and a tripod  

TV Shows you pretend to love, your one word weekends, and the coldest studio ever.

Rescinding Donald Sinden  

Christian sends a TV Chef to the Aliens, the line-up for the Isle of Wight Festival announced, and last day at work antics revealed.

Dead Dog  

De-Icing secrets, bizarre first words and celebrity cars.

Lounge Bar Meltdown  

Christian's nemesis revealed, a chat with the 'creator' of the Oreo Egg and ruined action movies.

Pike On A Bike  

Stolen inventions, Blue Monday and Christian kicks off the search for the next radio star.

Sole in my Hole  

We find out the name to end the show!

Slight Complication  

Buzz Lists and a laid back Australian producer.

Melvins Assemble  

The search for The Name 2017 continues and Healthier Movies

Oh They Stared Alright  

Strike Songs, Trouser Splits and Epic Names.

Christian O'Connell's Festive Feast - The Dessert  

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. We've hand selected some of our highlights from the last year. Here is part 2.

Christian O'Connells Festive Feast - The Main Course  

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. We've hand selected some of our highlights from the last year.

Merry Showmas  

It's the last show of the year! Barry Claus chats up the listeners and The Great Christmas Mainstream Retailer Seasonal Food Challenge winner is revealed.

The Christian O'Connell Show - The Playsuit  

It's the Nightmare Before Christmas for the DJs in PJs. Barry Claus, a live choir and Mrs' Henderson's most embarrassing moment.

Mum's Gone to a Rave  

It's the return of Barry Claus!

The Christian O'Connell Show - Leslie Love  

The launch of the Christian O'Connell carol service, a Danny Dyer washing machine and a Christmas themed timewaster.

Arnie's Finest Vehicle  

It the first day of the last show week of the year!

American White Ranger  

Stressed Hen, Radio Times Bingo and we announce the DJs in PJs winner.

A Spaceman Came Travelling  

Christmas carols LIVE on demand & the ultimate X-Mas song.

The Christian O'Connell Show - The Eden Project  

Celebrity Appliances, what's on your buzz list, and find out who's made the DJs in PJs final.

The Christian O'Connell Show - Paddy McGinty's Goat  

The Great Christmas Mainstream Retailer Seasonal Food Challenge, Celebrity Fight Club, and the worst breakfasts ever.

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