The Christian O'Connell Show

The Christian O'Connell Show


Christian O'Connell wakes up the nation every weekday morning on Absolute Radio. Here are the best of the not so bad bits from the Radio Academy Award winning show. Join the OC, Richie, Sports Goddess Faye and Newsman Bails as they navigate you through your morning (or evening, depending on when you listen). You'll also get bonus content including all of the interviews which we got told we weren't allowed to put on the radio.


Never Trust a Monkey  

Unfortunate stories, someone wins Ed Sheeran tickets, and an eye-watering Topic Tuesday.

Castle on the Mountain  

We announce who is headlining Brekfest 2017


It's the Queens Birthday, Joy of Text and the start of the request show.

Smoking Gecko and Talking Dogs  

Donuts...coming to a train station not near you soon.

You're Dead To Me  

Midweek Scores, Buzzlist and Political Songs

Jet Gate  

Richie in a bath...all you need to know.

Ebeneezer Goode  

It's OC's birthday and Tool Do You Do is back!

What's In Your Podcast  

Buzzlist and Good Eggs

Jimmy Young's Lethan Injection  

Topic Tuesday, KOL Tickets, Sniffer Dogs.

Tippy Point  

April Fools pranks and shows from the Tip Yard.

Sir David, You're Scottish  

It's the David Tennant Show

Laughed off the Tundra  

Ed Sheeran takes part in Richie's Quiz and it's Hall of Lame time

Steam Punk David Essex  

Stories the team have to strap themselves in for, Richie's biscuit song and your midweek scores.


The first Biscuit based game of the year is here.

Mind Your Biscuits  

Richie attempts to create a new game...based on biscuits.

The Police Dependants' Trust  

World of Sport is coming back. We've also launched a just giving page for the Police Dependants' Trust. You can find out more here -

Thank You  

A big thank you to all of our emergency service teams. You're all brilliant.

The Christian O'Connell Show  

Midweek score and Jet Lag

Vera's Temple  

The gang are in Richie goes and explores the sex museums of course.

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