The Christian O'Connell Show

The Christian O'Connell Show


Christian O'Connell wakes up the nation every weekday morning on Absolute Radio. Here are the best of the not so bad bits from the Radio Academy Award winning show. Join the OC, Richie, Sports Goddess Faye and Newsman Bails as they navigate you through your morning (or evening, depending on when you listen). You'll also get bonus content including all of the interviews which we got told we weren't allowed to put on the radio.


Collateral Tissue  

The team are back talking the last time you got the date completely wrong and Christmas gifts you've yet to use.

Vespula Vulgaris  

An escaped gorilla from London Zoo, things you were scared of when you were a child that you still are now and did he really say that?

Hobsons Choice  

Today the team debate hats, Marmite and mind games.


Technical difficulties, things your parents don't trust and more names on the bill for our MacMillan comedy night.

Hitler in a Skirt.  

Tea debate, when has food ruined your day and new additions to our MacMillan comedy night line-up.

Mother Knows Best  

Judy Murray is crowned champion of Who's Calling Christian for 2016.

The Final Countdown  

Hotter or Colder and the final day of Who's Calling Christian featuring Jeremy Vine, James Nesbitt, Simon Pegg and David Tennant

Unidentified Flying Skips  

Alien Crisps, Bridget Jones' Baby plus calls from Tom Daley, Liz Hurley, Alastair Campbell and Abbey Clancy.

You Know Nothing Jon Snow  

Calls from Rose Leslie, Rachel Riley and 'God' (AKA Matt Le Tissier) and what did you break at somebody else's house?

Yvonne and Ball  

Boxing legend Kellie Maloney, Bob Wilson's dodgy back, and we discover the true genius behind Bobby Ball.

WCC day 6.  

Neighbours legend karl kennedy and Chunk from the Goonies are on the blower.

So Long Boy King  

Who's Calling Christian hits Day 5. Plus, happy bees and the noisy departure of the Boy King.

Magnum Thursday  

Rick Astley's layby combinations, Jerry Lee Lewis' Greatest Bassist and the inventor of the Dube - Who's Calling Christian continues!

It's Sugar Beet Lifting Season!  

A Brownlee Brother, Josh Widdicombe and Nadiya from Bake Off Call Christian! Plus, Big Sam says farewell and more Dyson sabotage.

Number Ten Tuesday  

Nick Clegg, Dame Kelly Holmes, Jimmy Osmond, Freddie Flintoff and Simon Le Bon Call Christian! Plus, launching your nan from a trebuchet in an airport.

Murray Monday  

Who's Calling Christian 2016 is open for business. Plus, dressing up as Wonderwoman in rural Norfolk.

The Christian O'Connell Show  

All the best bits from the last show of the week.

Crouching Faye, Hidden Carruthers  

Insect Wangs, Mary's Igloo and spin classes with the Stereophonics.

Creamy Epiphany  

Luring out a toad, the simple wonder of chicken and the Illusion of Leee Johns

Captain Banger  

Mating tortoises, Eau d'Epsom Drive and Lounging About: The Movie.

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