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For anyone who writes comedy, makes comedy, loves comedy, or just has an interest in comedians and what makes them so annoying.


182 - Cameron Esposito  

A small-town girl who realised pretty late she was a giant lesbian, Cameron Esposito has evolved into a hilarious alpha-female hero comic. We talk about body-shaming, power-stances and side-mullets, and why this next decade is going to be awesome for women…Support the podcast with a recurring donation at

181 - John Robins  

Erudite stand-up, amazingly elastic improviser, and Goldsmith facial-resembler, John Robins is hitting his stride. We talk about the difficulties of changing gear mid-career, treating writing shows like writing essays, and being driven by shame.

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180 - Tim Minchin (Live at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival)  

Multiple Tony and Olivier Award-winner, and Emmy-nominee Tim Minchin went from gigging keyboardist, to Royal Albert Hall smash hit, to Dreamworks director. We explore the dynamic between Tim’s easy-going exterior and his internal driving force, learn his true feelings towards his own voice, and find out how he feels about death…

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179 - Loyiso Gola  

Why is Emmy-nominated South-African satirist and comedian Loyiso is treated like a rock-star by his nation’s politicians? We explore the ability of SA comics to be outsiders to both UK and US culture, talk about his forthcoming Vimeo special, and learn why some comic ideas in the Xhosa language are untranslatable… Support the podcast at

178 - Lewis Black (Live at Just For Laughs, Montreal)  

Is Lewis Black the angriest man in America? We discuss Lewis’ origins in theatre, his turnover of topical material, particularly in an election cycle, and the trigger points from which he derives his explosive creativity. We also find out why silence is where you hear the joke… 

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177 - Tiff Stevenson (Live at Larmer Tree Festival)  

A provocative and genuine comic, Tiff pulls apart her subject matter like a terrier, mining huge laughs from political, topical and personal subjects. We talk about agency, process and sexism, and explore the creative opportunities afforded by her stewardship of London’s “Old Rope” new material night.

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176 - Bill Burr  

At the top of his game, stand-up Bill Burr is conquering the planet with an extraordinary creative ferocity. He delights in unsettling audiences by saying the un-sayable, before justifying his comic position with inspiring verve. We learn the tricks he uses to break out of routine onstage, explode the myth of finding one’s voice, and also have a really invigorating argument about privilege…
175 - Todd Barry  

There’s dry, and then there’s Todd Barry. On his “Crowdwork” tour, Todd’s skill in low-energy one-liners allows him to spin unexpected angles into truly original audience interaction. We discuss writing habits, beating ideas to death onstage, and how it feels to play two different fictionalised versions of himself simultaneously…

174 - Wendy Wason  

Wendy Wason gigs hard and acts in movies - but still juggles her comedy career with raising three children. We discuss her solid work ethic and achieving the “discipline of happiness”, and find out how she became the most hated woman on a movie set. We also talk about turning your audience on, fetishising honesty, and there’s also some slightly weird stuff about crystals…

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173 - Jinkx Monsoon  

Superbly funny and very skilled Jinkx Monsoon won RuPaul’s Drag Race IV, and with long-term collaborator Major Scales is continuing to weave that very public success into an established comedy career. We discuss maintaining individuality within the confines of reality TV, the shared territory between a drag persona and a comic voice, and how transformation affects the true self. We also cover accusations of transphobia, the assumptions made of drag performers’ gender identity, and Jinkxy’s “bitterness towards stupid people”…

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172 - Funmbi Omotayo  

Brilliant British-Nigerian comic Funmbi shares a fascinating take on his transition from the urban circuit to the mainstream, and his reasoning behind the move. We also explore the dynamic between hype, substance and longevity, and get schooled on the inner mechanisms of the cussing battles which he mastered as a child…

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171 - Shappi Korsandi  

As you might expect from the impish British-Iranian comic who wears her heart on her sleeve, this conversation gets pretty deep pretty fast! We talk about shifting status, manufacturing common ground with your crowd and the nature of addiction. We also discover Shappi’s recent enthusiasm for “giving love” to an audience, and what it’s like when the comedy circuit starts to resemble the playground… 

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170 - Russell Howard  

Star of “Good News” and “Stand-up Central” as well as a former “Mock the Week” team captain, Russell Howard is also one of the UK’s most electrifying live performers. In this unusually candid interview, he exposes the unique pressures of fronting your own TV show, uncovers whether his success has made him happy, and we find out what you say to yourself after walking offstage at Wembley Arena…

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169 - Liam Williams  

Rigorously intellectual and brilliantly poetic, Liam Williams approaches comedy like writing a novel, but does he even enjoy standup?

We talk about his experience of Cambridge Footlights, and examine a magpie approach to high culture; we also explore the lessons learnt from punching walls and falling out of windows…

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168 - Joe Lycett (Live at Machynlleth Comedy Festival)  

Urbane, charming and totally in touch with what makes him funny, Joe Lycett is the figurehead for a new generation of British comics. We talk technique in detail, digging into “Pomodoro” and renting an office in which to work. We also cover Joe’s bisexuality, the nature of camp and what it means today, and the exact degree of truth involved in his absurdist catfishing of public institutions…

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167 - Seymour Mace  

Darkly silly stand-up and clown Seymour Mace channels his anger and bitterness through a lens of pure sunshine. He talks candidly about the challenges of living with depression in comedy; hating people who you know to be nice, the fear of returning to counselling, and letting yourself be happy. We also blow the lid off Cake Club…

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166 - Abigoliah Schamaun  

Brash but vulnerable, explicit but innocent, Abigoliah Schamaun loves whisky and hot yoga. We talk about her trans-atlantic transplant and the difference between bullies and wafflers, as well as getting stuck into gender norms and dirty jokes.

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165 - Romesh Ranganathan (Live at Soho Theatre)  

Accelerating through the comedy industry with dizzying speed, BAFTA-nominated Romesh nonetheless has a quiet authority reminiscent of your favourite teacher. We explore his fearlessness, the support of his family, and his exceptionally lean writing, as well as investigating the danger of becoming a representative. Of grumpy pricks…

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164 - Jimmy Carr (Part Two of Two)  

In part two, Jimmy Carr explores the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to his personal life and work, and we learn the most common mistake he sees newer comedians make on panel shows. We also get to grips with his recent switch from DVD releases to Netflix, and discover the surprising way in which he’s regarded in the USA.

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164 - Jimmy Carr (Part One of Two)  

In this first part of a two hour interview with one of the UK’s most respected comedians, Jimmy Carr reveals the inner mechanism of his bulletproof stage act.

We focus on his extraordinary ease with hecklers, his mastery of put-downs, and we learn some of the techniques he uses to mint hundreds of new jokes every year. But is he as bulletproof emotionally as he appears to be onstage?

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