The comiXologist!

The comiXologist!


Hiya! We know there is a comic book for everyone and want to help you find it. Hosted by Kara and Matt.


530 | SEX!!!  

In this podcast episode Lou talks about death and also other comics.

529 | Turkey Skin Challenge  

In this podcast episode Lou had Slim read Elfquest and nothing will be the same.

528 | Murder, We Wrote  

In this podcast episode Lou thinks about beating people up but also talks comics.

527 | Adorably Morbid  

In this podcast episode Lou tries to make sense of the world by talking comics.

526 | Double Whammy  

In this podcast episode Lou sings a new intro song and also talks comics.

525 | I'll Be Your Robin  

This is Kara’s final podcast so maybe get the tissues ready.

524 | Kzam Meets the Eye  

In this episode Kara talks about being a good person but also comics.

523 | Bequeath  

In this episode Kzam gushes about her wickedly divine dancing experience.

522 | NYCC Final Day  

In this episode Lou talks about Facebook Live Social Graphs but also comics.

521 | NYCC Day 1  

In this episode Lou talks about Day 1 of NYCC 2016 but also comics.

520 | Facewig  

In this episode KZAM talks about cosplaying as slim but also comics.

519 | Osmosed  

In this episode KZAM lets slim back onto the show but also talks comics.

518 | Aerial Ariel Battles  

In this episode Kzam and Lou reveal the secrets of womanhood.

517 | Hot Young Atomic Scientist  

In this episode KZAM talks Phil Collins music and also our picks of the week.

516 | Drorror  

In this episode KZAM did not talk to her parents about Grindr.

515 | Dreamthoughts  

In this episode KZAM talks cathartic emotions and talks comics!

514 | Harry Potter and the Fresh to Def Podcast  

In this episode KZAM flips out about the HP movies and talks comics!

513 | Wiki Wormhole  

In this episode KZAM reveals her name origin and talks comics!

512 | Friend-ship  

In this episode KZAM returns from her boat walkabout to talk comics!

511 | Human Tire Fire  

In this episode Lou tags in for the vacationing Kara to talk about Civil War feels!

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