The CrabFeast with Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson

The CrabFeast with Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson

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Comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson bring you adventures in storytelling. Grab a lawn chair and a coupla cold ones!


The CrabFeast 237: Steve Simeone  

Steve Simeone, The King of The Black Palace, is back to talk about what he loves about Christmas, his Christmas miracle and the best pranks from home to Hollywood. #FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 236: TO Double  

Hear why TO hated Jay when they first met, plus tales from TO Double's 40th birthday party.

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 235: Joe Praino  

You know that friend who had that crazy brother that you always talk about? Well Joe had two! He's also saved two lives! He's also been arrested two times, actually three! Tune in for some great stories with Joe Praino and check out his new comedy special Joe Praino Takes The Stand.

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 234: Brian Moses  

Brian Moses - Where's the best place to get your teeth pulled? How much "should" pregnancy tests really cost? And condoms or sandwich bags, what's better? All these questions are answered in this week's episode. #FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 233: Luka Jones  

Next time your Dad's going away on a white water rafting trip, you may wanna think twice about letting him go! Amazing ep with one of the stars of the new TBS show "People of Earth."

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 232: Karen Kilgariff  

It’s Toozdee and we’re continuing Breast Cancer Awareness month with Karen Kilgariff. Meeting Bill Murray before he was meeting everyone would seem like a great story until you hear the best ghost story in the history of the podcast!

The CrabFeast 231: Hunter Hill  

It’s Toozdee and we’re continuing Breast Cancer Awareness month with Hunter Hill. Hunter's parents give him a present that lasts forever -- a divorce!

The CrabFeast 230: Josh Adam Meyers  

It’s Toozdee and we’re continuing Breast Cancer Awareness month with Josh Adam Meyers. This episode will have you crying tears of anger, the triplets trip you've never taken, just hope you don't get locked up with him in jail.

The CrabFeast 229: Carl DeGregorio  

Carl DeGregorio can't say no, especially when it comes to ex girlfriends! But he ain't a pushover, especially when it comes to Hollywood auditions!

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 228: Bronston Jones  

Bronston Jones may as well be a magician because he has magically appeared in more concerts without a ticket than anyone we've ever had on the podcast...yes including Brandt Tobler.

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 227: Jeff Dye  

Comedian Jeff Dye talks about getting kicked out of houses, churches and entire religions.

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 226: Chris Fairbanks  

Chris Fairbanks brings his dad an AIDS cat and gets a homemade safety vest from his mom.

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 225: Mike Duffy  

Proms gone wrong, unsupportive dads, and unrequited virginity, poor Mike Duffy came up short for years.

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 224: Daniel Van Kirk  

Daniel Van Kirk returns to Marshall Field, has his sun glasses stolen then apprehended another thief for redemption, he's the ultimate hero just not when it comes to 3 ways!

#FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 223: Zak Toscani  

What don't we cover this week with Zak, from parachuting nice to losing virginity in the hills of Italy. The ultimate prankster gives and gets his! #FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 222: Jo Koy  

The original Bruno Mars of the Philipino world Jo Koy doesn't mess around when it comes to vacations, especially when he's rented a full blown haunted house! #FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 221: Jimmy Shubert  

From semi-professional 8 year old magician to opening for Sam Kinison, what hasn't Jimmy Shubert done? #FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 220: Tim Convy  

Comedian Tim Convy, formerly of the band Ludo, joins us this toozdee and shares stories about his college frat, getting his wisdom teeth pulled, attending an all boys Catholic school run by monks and an experience at a Denzel movie that you have to hear! #FTCF *****

The CrabFeast 219: Nick Youssef  

Nick Youssef returns to The Feast! He shares stories about a family trip to Beirut, his first time doing ecstasy and one of the funniest threesome stories we've heard!

The CrabFeast 218: Tone Bell  

This toozdee Tone Bell talks about growing up in Atlanta, being a thief in high school, witnessing a Chicago shooting at a liquor store and moving to San Francisco and getting crabs...not the good kind.

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