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Well known television journalist and author David Gregory brings you "The David Gregory Show - surprising conversations with famous and interesting people, where David gets personal and asks his guests to open up and talk about their beliefs, their faith, and the things that have mattered most in their lives.


39. Bob Wright founded Autism Speaks and now he has a new mission  

Former NBC CEO Bob Wright lost his wife, Suzanne, to pancreatic cancer earlier this year, and on this episode, he wants to know why so little progress has been made in the last 50 years against a disease with such a high mortality rate.

38. Bishop Michael Curry asks: Can we just agree on love?  

Bishop Michael Curry is the leader of the Episcopalian church, and as we head into the new year, he's here to tell us how the teachings of Jesus just might help create change.This episode is brought to you by Children International (

37. Tom Friedman on how Americans became unmoored  

In 2007, everything changed. At least, that’s according to journalist Tom Friedman, who tells David in this episode how 2007 was the single greatest technological inflection point since the printing press—and how we all missed it.This episode is brought to you by Proper Cloth ( ).

36. Joby Warrick on what ISIS is really like  

We hear about ISIS all the time - but what is it really like, and how dangerous is it? Journalist Joby Warrick has been covering the Middle East and national security for decades, and in this episode he talks to David about just how we should be dealing with the extremist group.This episode is brought to you by Children’s International ( ), SockFancy ( ), and Proper Cloth ( ).

35. Patty Stonesifer on hunger in the US - and what we can do about it  

For Thanksgiving, we're revisiting a conversation David had with Patty Stonesifer. She had a successful career at Microsoft, but Stonesifer gave it all up to run a not-for-profit in Washington, D.C.In this episode, she talks to David about how...

34. Candice Millard on how Winston Churchill saved a train full of people  

At 24 Winston Churchill was looking for a fight – and he found a war in South Africa. He was captured, escaped, saved a train full of people and became a national hero. David talks to writer and journalist Candice Millard about the adventure that...

33. Nicholas Kristof says to give Trump a chance  

NY Times columnist Nick Kristof spent the past year writing against Trump, but tells David, his side got it wrong - and we should give Trump a chance.This episode is brought to you by Children’s International, Goedeker’s, and Proper Cloth.

32. Jim Wallis on why your idea of American evangelicals is probably wrong  

When you think of evangelicals in America, you probably picture white, ultraconservative Trump supporters. But Christian writer and political activist Jim Wallis is something completely different -- and he wants you to know that that's not what...

31. Doris Kearns Goodwin on why candidates matter  

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin has created intimate portraits of many presidents. Here she and David talk about the state of the 2016 race -- and remembers the time she caught LBJ in a lie.This episode is brought to you by Children’s International...

30. Ron Brownstein on what the hell is going on in this election  

You may be wondering just how we got here - and Ron Brownstein, senior editor of The Atlantic, is here to explain exactly what’s going on in 2016. And you may be surprised to learn what, according to Ron, actually matters (like wedge issues) and what...

29. Ambassador David Saperstein on protecting religious freedom around the world  

As an ambassador, David Saperstein meets with leaders around the world. And he says his background as a rabbi has let him make deeper connections. He and David Gregory talk about the threats to religious freedom.This episode is brought to you by Kabbage.

28. Nicolle Wallace on why Sarah Palin was a sign that Trump was coming  

Nicolle Wallace is a power player in Republican politics: she was communications chief for George W. Bush and a senior advisor on John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. In this episode, she talks to David about what it was like working with...

27. Lawrence Wright on what it's like to interview bin Laden's henchman  

Lawrence Wright knows a lot about terrorism - because he's been covering it for decades. In this episode, he talks to David about interviewing Osama bin Laden's business manager, and how covering covering religion changed his own thoughts on...

26. Michael Kirk  

Every four years, documentarian Michael Kirk tells the life story of the two candidates for president - and he just finished his film about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He tells David what he learned about their backgrounds, and how knowing the...

25. Charlie Sykes  

Charlie Sykes is one of the most prominent conservative talk show hosts in Wisconsin - but he took on Donald Trump. In this episode, he talks to David about what he thinks conservative media has gotten wrong this election.This episode is brought to...

24. W. Kamau Bell  

Comedian, journalist, podcast host: W. Kamau Bell has lots of jobs. He hopes that some of his words and stories inspire the conversations we all need to have about the issues in America. In this episode, David and Kamau have one of those...

23. Shadi Hamid  

Islamic Exceptionalism is the title of scholar Shadi Hamid’s book that tries to understand the rise of Islam as a political force around the world. He and David discuss what democracy looks like in the Arab world, and the difference between Islamic...

22. Guy Raz  

Guy Raz has covered conflicts all over the world for NPR, but now he hosts a show called The TED Radio Hour, which is about big ideas. In this episode, he and David talk about how these big ideas fit into their lives.This episode is sponsored by The...

21. Patty Stonesifer  

Patty Stonesifer had a successful career at Microsoft - and she gave it all up to run a not-for-profit in Washington, DC. In this episode, she talks to David about her efforts to increase access to food, and how we can emulate that around the...

20. Steve Case  

Steve Case helped invent AOL, and it was successful partly because he could predict the future so well. In this episode, he does a little more future-telling with David.This episode is sponsored by Trunkclub and Harry's.

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