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Running the Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator, I’m exposed to a lot of inspiring people and their stories. I’m a business geek and I love getting behind the scenes of other people’s businesses to find out how they did it. I like getting into the frey – the tactical stuff around pitching, creating high value content, converting services into products, building a personal brand, JV’s, partnerships, campaigns, attracting top talent, the dramas inherent in scaling a business, international expansion… stuff like that. This podcast spotlights the stories of influencers in various industries from countries around the world. So if you want to create a personal brand, get better conversions, learn key business skills, and find practical and innovative ways to grow a business and make a Dent in the universe this podcast is for you.


Ep.33 Natasha Hawker on How to Hire, Fire and Build a Top, Business-Growing Team  

If you’ve ever wondered how to go about hiring great talent and building a high performance team then you’re definitely going to get some real value out of this episode. Natasha Hawker is the Founder and Director of Employee Matters, and is an expert when it comes to team building and management. Not only is she the Employee Expert blogger for Australian Business Women's Network and Flying Solo, she’s also the author of From Hire to Fire & Everything In Between - an in-depth book that offers practical advice and wisdom on how to manage employees and grow your business quickly.

When it comes to team management, Natasha’s reputation is world-wide, having trained employees from the Philippines to the USA and from London to India. In this conversation, she shares the low points as well as the highs, telling her story of building a brand and a business that’s set to hit the million dollar mark this year.


In this episode we talk about:

Natasha’s 23 years of experience
How she’s hired or fired over 15,000 employees
Shifts in thinking around pricing - switching from a time model to fixed-fee
What Natasha did to allow her conversions to fly right up
Building products to specifically drive profit
Natasha’s frustrations with revenue, cash flow and profit
Building talent pools, using LinkedIn and Facebook to create great teams
The three steps to not getting sued for unfair dismissal
The big picture strategy around Natasha’s business
The tactical and practical side of building high performance teams
The art of tracking performance as a business owner or team leader
Natasha’s work as an author and public speaker, and how that’s led to significant improvements in her deal flow
The partnerships that Natasha’s brand and profile have been able to create


Employee Matters




From Hire to Fire & Everything In Between: Managing the Employee Life Cycle

Natasha Hawker Website

Natasha Hawker Twitter

Natasha Hawker LinkedIn


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Ep 32. InDent – Become a Key Person of Influence  

Welcome to the third episode of the InDent series - a collection of shorter podcast episodes where I have a detailed look at sections of my business partner Daniel Priestley’s book, Key Person of Influence, dissecting the core principles and philosophies that our business and many others are built on. If you’re not already caught up, go ahead and check out episodes one and two before diving into this one.
In this installment, I’m getting into the real concept of what makes a Key Person of Influence. These are people whose names come up in conversation,who attract opportunity and earn more money. Most people think it takes decades of hard work, academic qualifications and good luck to become one of them. We’ve proven them wrong over the last six years with our Key Person of Influence Accelerator - a programme that’s been featured on the BBC, The Financial Times,, The Huffington Post and Forbes, just to name a few.

So, go ahead and check out this episode if you’re looking for a way to take your skills, talents, expertise and existing business, and accelerate that into the inner circle of your industry, creating cut-through, differentiation and a scalable business.

In this show I talk about:

Becoming a Key Person of Influence and stepping into the inner circle of your industry
How to have more income mobility by becoming the type of person that gets closer to the top
Steps someone takes to making an exponential increase in their earning
How making small shifts has helped certain people to find themselves in the top 1% of their industry in under 12 months
Insights into representing yourself as a key person of influence at events
The five questions to uncovering a Key Person of Influence
Outlining the explicit five-step method that builds clarity, credibility, scale, transparency and commercial viability
The Key Person of Influence methodology across all industries
The five things that you need to have in place to demonstrate that you’re a key person of influence
How to turn your service business into something that can be scaled quite rapidly
Why having visibility online is crucial to becoming a Key Person of Influence
Using both social media and traditional media to create a powerful online presence
The results that come from having all five steps of the Key Person of Influence process in place
The Key Person of Influence scorecard


The Key Person of Influence Scorecard


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Ep.31 How Topher Morrison Worked His Way into Florida’s Billionaire Inner-Circle with the Power of Pitching  

If you’re looking for ways to accelerate your ability to network, improve your game as a public speaker and improve your pitch then you’ll definitely want to check out this conversation with Topher Morrison. Topher is the Managing Director of KPI in the USA and he’s also an expert in mass communication, regularly speaking at Amex, Microsoft and Google.






His networking skills have seen him go from virtually knowing no-one to being very much in the entrepreneurial inner-circle of Tampa Bay in just two-and-a-half years through intelligent pitching and making the most of connections. He trains top business owners in the art of pitching and increasing credibility, and is the author of three bestselling books. Topher shares with me his story to the top as well as loads of actionable advice for entrepreneurs looking for effective, innovative ways to increase the value of their brand and business.
In this episode we get really into:

Topher on how he used his pitch to attract one of the top entrepreneurs in the US
Jumping ‘from lilypad to lilypad’ - using one pitch to open up a multitude of doors
Topher being on a sales conversion of over 60%
Tricks on how he took his speaker fee from $3k to over $10k

As well as…

How Topher earned his first dollar
Topher becoming a professional speaker at just 19 years old before transitioning into the self-help world at 23
The problem with quick-fix solutions versus smart, hard graft
The power of oration as the key to the highest level of success
Topher on how lack of skills in keynote speaking can actually cost a business money
Steps you can take to making yourself a better public speaker
The five different types of pitches that Topher uses and the purpose of each of them
Pitching a unique, different idea and approach to American entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington, and how that ended up becoming a successful partnership
How you, as a small business owner, can add value to multi-billion dollar companies
Why Topher offers services to businesses without any expectations of money and the results that the approach brings
The biggest inhibitors when it comes to pitching
Topher on how he helped the founder of a company raise $2.5 million in three sessions after training him on how to pitch
Spearfishing versus net-fishing - targeting specific clients and leads
Topher’s charity work with Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge


Topher Morrison website

Stop Chasing Perfection & Settle for Excellence

I Come to You From the Future: Everything You'll Need to Know Before You Know It!

Collaboration Economy: Eliminate the Competition by Creating Partnership Opportunities

Free Videos

Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge



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Ep.30 Cyndi O’Meara, from nutrition consultant to $5m business owner, the connection between real foods and high performance, and pre-selling 17,000 copies of her book.  

Cyndi O’Meara, Founder of Changing Habits, an organisation dedicated to educating and providing the resources needed to live a life full of vitality through consuming real foods is a nutrition guru, author and international speaker with a background in anthropology and chiropractic. Cyndi has developed the way she shares her message from one-to-one consulting to one to many educating and built a $5m business as a result.



But like with anyone that’s making a huge impact, it wasn’t the overnight success it appeared, and only through ferocious learning and research, the courage to speak up about controversial health issues and food realities and a whole lot of hustle did Cyndi get to where she is today.

Now creating a documentary and developing a nutrition education programme, this epic businesswoman shares the secrets behind her savvy product eco-system, the importance of listening and responding to the market and her awesome life-changing philosophies on health, well being and real food.


In this week’s episode we deep dive into:

Transitioning from one-to-one consultations to a one-to-many educator, resource provider and $5m business owner, and the mindset shifts that encouraged that movement
Cyndi’s step-by-step guidance on writing and self-publishing a book
The true hustle of Motherhood and Business Ownership simultaneously and how to keep pushing forward
How Cyndi pre-sold 17,000 copies of her book
Pitching ideas to companies without the internet and using TV opportunities to get your message out
The shocking truths about the effects of the foods we’re traditionally encouraged to put into our bodies
The 200+ auto-immune diseases we’ve developed as a civilisation through the chemicals in traditional foods and medicines
The healing power of real foods its connection with a life full of vitality, vibrance and far less allergies and intolerances
How to stop being seduced by supermarkets and fast-food chains who provide food that isn’t real food (but make it look like real food)
Cyndi’s philosophies and guidance around the connection between real food, wellbeing and high performance, energy and vitality
The importance of creating and building a business from something you love and have passion for
Cyndi’s step by step approach to the building, development and growth of her business over 30 years in the health industry
Uncovering the huge mistake that novice businesses make
The how behind building an online profile and dominating google
How controversy and the courage to face it were the stepping stones for Cyndi breaking out of tradition and going it alone in her own business
Hiring and training a fantastic team who are running the show
How to stop making technology excuses to grow your business
How to maximise your volume equation through delegation
The power of influence, personal development and being the best you can be in order to make an impact
Cyndi’s how to’s on embedding new habits
The importance on testing and measuring what’s working for you - and changing the habits that are not serving your body or mind

Manifesting Matisse
Changing Habits, Changing Lives
Cyndi's 21 step reset

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Ep.29  Scale, Liquidity and Risk: How to build real value in your enterprise with Callum Laing  

If you’re interested in learning how to create more liquidity and more scale while at the same time reducing risks in your business then you’ll definitely want to check out this conversation with Callum Laing. Not only is Callum CEO of the KPI Programme in Singapore, he’s also the Co-Founder of the marketing group PLC, a €100m+ company with 600 staff and offices in 5 countries. This time last year, PLC didn't exist.

Callum is a specialist in helping seven and eight-figure businesses by employing a process called ‘Agglomeration’. By utilising this approach, Callum is able to help entrepreneurs and business owners unlock cash, increase multiples and even exit their businesses at much higher valuations than they would otherwise be able to. Callum is also a and regular writer and speaker on topics related to business ownership, and creative and strategic partnerships.
In this conversation we get into all of that, plus a load more including:

How Callum earned his first dollar
The key drivers that keep the value of small businesses low, and how to address them in order to get your multiples to shoot up
How Callum lost it all and built himself back up using key partnership strategies
The scale paradox
The massive and untapped market of small businesses all over the world
‘Agglomeration’ - mitigating risk for small businesses and increasing liquidity
Why you need to build all aspects of your business model into your pitch
100 deals in 100 days
Proposing deals that people simply can’t say no to
Callum’s experience in gaining momentum and getting out of difficult situations through small wins
How Callum helps businesses to ‘cross the desert’
The ‘Illusion of Limited Resource’ and why it’s the foundation of all Callum’s partnerships
Callum’s systematic approach to content and creating over 350 interviews with business leaders from all over the world
Callum’s book, Progressive Partnerships: The Future of Business


Callum Laing website

Unity Group

Agglomeration Event with Callum in London

Progressive Partnerships book

Sample of book





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Ep. 28 How Jason Malouin Found the Real Value His Clients Were Looking for  

Have you ever wondered how you can find out exactly what value your clients are looking for and effectively communicate your unique message to them? My guest in this episode is Jason Malouin, and he’s someone who’s done just that. Jason is a super in-demand photographer and has worked for publication giants including Forbes, Financial Review, GQ, National Geographic and Men’s Fitness.   


Besides his illustrious resume, he’s also a leading authority when it comes to building an identity and reaching out to clients. His unique journey has seen him come up with some great insights on getting to the core of what his clients are after, as well as effectively communicating through content creation and speaking at events.




In this episode we get into all of that and some of this too…

Using environment to build a sense of rapport with clients
Jason on how he pitched himself into a career
The process of deciding which areas to niche into
The ‘future self’ as one of Jason’s points of difference
Jason never choosing the pragmatic approach
Why clients don’t care about the photo… it’s about something far more profound
The roots of what clients really want and how to get there
Jason on building the bridge between market and brand
The problem of the personal brand and why it depends on the audience’s perception of you
Finding his way around the low glass ceiling in Jason’s industry
Becoming a better communicator in order to become a better photographer
Jason’s future challenges and projects including a podcast



Portrait Store






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Ep. 27 How Disrupting His Industry Saw Ben Walker Become an Award-Winning Entrepreneur  

If you’re looking for ways to save tax, boost profits and stabilise your cash flow then you definitely want to listen to this week’s episode of the Dent Podcast. My guest is Ben Walker and he’s an accountant with a twist. Having founded his business, Inspire CA, at just 23, Ben’s gone on to seriously disrupt the industry and become a global example by throwing out timesheets and charging by the hour, challenging the old school approach to accountancy head on.



Ben’s radical model hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2014 he was the winner of the Anthill Online 30under30 Award, was a finalist in the Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and has been featured in publications such as the Courier Mail, Small Business Big Marketing Podcast with Tim Reid, Brisbane Business News and B Mag.

In this episode we really get into:

How Ben’s reverse-engineered business model is an effective approach for those based in both the service and products industries
The magic number that every business must have
Ben’s turning moment when he changed his business structure and claimed back personal time
Parkinson’s law and how it has an effect on managing cash
How you can build a product where recurring revenue equals recurring expenses
Linking tactical client metrics with team performance
Family as the #1 focal point in Ben’s business philosophy and how he uses this niche in understanding clients and delivering the highest service
The five business numbers that everyone needs to know
Ben’s involvement with B1G1
Using Facebook Live to build a brand, reputation and share content
Ben’s campaign that saw him save his clients over one million dollars in tax
Top tips on capturing profit and optimising cash flow
Why Ben recommends you have multiple bank accounts
Weekly team meetings and discussing the measures of success
The numbers that actually matter to your clients
Asking yourself tough questions to make revenues more stable
Ben writing books on business structure and cash flow


Inspire CA

Ben Walker website






Richest Man in Babylon Book

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Ep. 26 Personal Branding, Accounting and Scaling for Exit with Jason Cunningham  

Have you ever wondered how you can build a business that not only has a solid cash flow and real profitability, but also delights its clients, suppliers and staff? My guest in this episode is Jason Cunningham and he’s someone who’s achieved all of those things and more. His journey in accounting has seen him create and grow a $10 million-plus business by constantly innovating his process, reverse-engineering and deconstructing his sales process.


Along the way, he’s also built a killer personal brand. He’s now a regular on Channel Ten’s The Living Room, SEN’s The Run Home and he often appears on Sky News. On top of that he’s the author of two bestselling books, Where’s My Money? and Have Your Cake and Sell It Too - both of which share heaps of his experience and industry secrets.


Here are just a few of the things we get into in this episode:

How Jason earned his first dollar
Your business mission statement, and how the best way to act on it is to vet your clients
Why it takes a successful business to know and grow one
Investing decision criteria - how Jason turned $2k into $1.5 million
Jason’s five distinct stages in everyone’s personal wealth creation journey, starting off at the foundation
Philosophies on why people buy from Jason and not his competitors
The importance of stepping away from time-based billing to results driven packages  
Tailoring a financial strategy for every stage of an individual’s journey
The three ways to do business in the professional services field
Ways to build a great business that’s primed for your exit - what this means and why it’s important
Why you need to talk to customers in a way that they can understand and that appeals to them
Jason’s journey of personal profile growth
How a strong personal brand doesn’t just attract clients and partnerships, it also attracts top talent to your business too
Why you don’t have to be an extrovert to build your personal brand
Setting up your business so that it runs perfectly well without you
Why a personal brand is the largest force multiplier in terms of growth, and steps to achieving it



The Practice website




Where’s My Money?

Have Your Cake and Sell It Too

First Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman

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Ep. 25 “It’s not about the boat.” How Darren Finkelstein built a multi-million dollar business through unique brand, remarkable product and two tier partnerships  

If you’re looking for practical ways on how you can make your business not only survive but thrive in a highly competitive industry, then this episode is for you. My guest in this episode is Darren Finkelstein, aka “The Boat Guy”. Darren has built a remarkable multi-million dollar business over the last five years.  His journey has seen him become a bestselling author of three books and an in-demand speaker and personality, working with radio and TV shows including 3AW and Foxtel.


Darren is an expert in identifying the ideal client and creating innovative ways of targeting that market. He’s engineered a business philosophy that clients value (and are therefore willing to pay more for). By building a strong personal brand, and using smart methods to promote that brand, Darren has become recognised as an industry authority - a position that he’s leveraged towards business success.


In this episode we talk about:

Darren partnering with some of the biggest brands in the industry
The frustrations and challenges he experienced before shifting his approach to business
Using a partnership to both fund the first run of his book and promote it
The book adding $120k PROFIT to the business’ bottom line within 12 months
The credibility that comes with writing a book and how to leverage that credibility for your business
How writing his book opened up plenty of doors for Darren including keynote speaking
Darren finding his point of difference in the industry and communicating it through pitch and product
Darren’s four touch points of reconnection and how they are tied into his product ecosystem
How niching his business philosophy helped him to find his ideal customer
The moment Darren begun delegating the areas of his business that didn’t interest him, and how that’s helped him to focus on the more important things
Darren’s personal profile and its intrinsic link to the business
Proving negativity wrong
How achieving a great personal brand will attract top talent to your business


Darren Finkelstein Website

St Kilda Boat Sales

Honey, Let’s Buy a Boat Book

Honey, Let’s Go Boating Book



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Ep. 24 From Fitness Trainer to International Speaker and Author with Jean-Pierre de Villiers  

In this episode of the Dent Podcast I talk with Jean-Pierre de Villiers. Jean-Pierre is an absolute force of nature. He’s built his peak performance coaching business from the ground up to the point where it’s now a thriving six-figure company that deals with top celebrities and CEOs from all around the world. He’s also a wildly successful international speaker, is about to publish another book and has been voted one of the 50 most inspiring people in London.

Jean-Pierre’s business philosophy is about far more than fitness. By focusing on the physical, emotional and psychological needs of his clients, his model is extremely effective at bringing people up so that they can consistently perform at their best.

This conversation is vital for anyone looking for new, innovative ways of challenging themselves both in business and in their personal lives. Jean-Pierre shares some top advice on how to transform yourself into a high-performing, enriched individual on all fronts.
Here are some areas we really get into:

Jean-Pierre’s journey from time-for-money coaching to only focusing on high-end training
How he became inspired by Anthony Robbins
Health, attitude and getting yourself into the right mindset
The dark days - dealing with suicidal tendencies
Jean-Pierre’s awareness that he needed to shift his paradigm
The moment he realised he wanted to start making a difference in the world
The three pieces of advice that got Jean-Pierre started on his journey
The power of modelling what you want
How he learned to pitch and differentiate himself from others in business
The importance of the question, “Who’s my ideal client?”
How Jean-Pierre began tripling his income by selling packages instead of time
Jean-Pierre’s journey as an author - how his first book changed everything
Top tips for transformation into high-performance
Building an audience with the five Ps
The problem of comparison
The hundreds of thousands Jean-Pierre has raised for charity





77 Ways to Reshape Your Life Book

Dent Scorecard

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Ep. 23 Building a franchise empire, killer personal brand and vibrant team culture with Tina Tower  

My guest in this episode of The Dent Podcast is the unstoppable Tina Tower. From reading Tina’s bio, you’d be forgiven for thinking that she was a lot older than 32. She invested in her first property at the age of 18, started her first business aged 20, and by the time she was 30 had built and sold two businesses, had two kids, and set up a national franchise network. In 2014, Tina was named the Telstra Australian Young Businesswoman of the Year and in 2016 was named one of ten Australian entrepreneurs to watch.

One of Tina’s greatest successes has been launching and overseeing the amazing growth of Begin Bright - a company of school readiness and primary tutoring centres that pride themselves on creating happy, smart and confident children. Tina founded Begin Bright in 2008 and when she began franchising the business in 2011 she became Australia’s youngest female franchisor. There are now 30 franchises across Australia.

Tina’s journey is one of learning curves, overcoming adversity and figuring out how to balance family life with business. She’s amassed plenty of wisdom along the way and in this episode really opens up about some of her greatest highs and lows. It’s a great conversation and is incredibly useful for anyone interested in the inner-mechanics of franchising, how to build a strong personal brand and approaching team culture.

In this episode we talk about:

How Tina went about building her brand in the early days of her business
Tina’s method for breaking every day into 15 minute increments to save time and improve efficiency
How Tina devises her five year plans
Why building a personal brand is the cheapest way to build a business
How Tina evolved her business model early on to meet the needs of her clients
Promoting a business by writing articles
How Tina targeted certain markets
Going about curating your company values
How Tina developed her own unique leadership style
Tina’s complex and rigorous screening process for hiring and looking for franchisees
How to scale your business through franchising
Thoughts on team culture in recruiting and performance
How Tina balances her family life and business
Taking her business from zero to $3 million in less than five years
How to handle having a strong media personality
The importance of profile when selling a product or service
The moment Tina realised she wasn’t the best person to take the business forward
Tina’s work with The Hunger Project and Room to Read


Begin Bright website

Tina Tower website



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Ep 22. Building a virtual clinic that makes babies, (and money) with author, entrepreneur and leading fertility expert, Gabriela Rosa  

Over the last two decades Gabriella and her team have helped thousands of couples to bring healthy babies into the world, when all other treatments have failed. Thanks to her carefully devised approach, Gabriela’s track record is second to none, and research shows that she and her team deliver a 78% success rate. Her amazing journey has seen her create the world’s first fully virtual practice, as well as author three really insightful books on fertility and parenthood.
Gabriela’s career has been through some real ups and downs, and seen some seismic shifts as she’s evolved and adapted in order to become a success in her field and take care of her growing family in the process. She transitioned her business from a bricks and mortar business centre to an innovative virtual business model, and along the way has continually increased the services and treatments offered by her practice, as well as doing the hard graft in sales and marketing.
This is a great conversation for anyone in the stages of turning their passion into a viable and successful business. Gabriela’s story is sure to inspire you to find the courage and tenacity to overcome emotional and financial doubts. Enjoy.

Here are a few things we get really into:

How Gabriela got her first client by letterboxing business cards
Gabriela’s 14 day fertility challenge
How she used a newsletter to boost her number of clients
Why she thinks Facebook ads are so great
Gabriela’s thoughts on giving services away for free
Steps on how to change a business model
Cutting down on staff costs
Why you need to gather as much information on prospective clients as possible
How Gabriela takes her clients all the way from beginning to baby
Figuring out what sales actually means in business
The problem of personal brand and how to overcome it
How you can turn your real passion into a powerful marketing tool
Gabriela’s secret to success and communicating with clients
Why it’s important to demonstrate commitment to your customers
Pushing through your limitations in order to succeed


Natural Fertility Breakthrough Website

14 Day Fertility Challenge

The Awful Truth About Cleaning Products And Fertility Revealed Book

Protecting Your Fertility Book

Eat Your Way to Parenthood Book



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Ep 21. Leveraging Audio and Podcasting to Grow a Business with Ronsley Vaz  

My guest in this week’s episode is leading podcast expert and audio guru, Ronsley Vaz. His podcast, Bond Appetit, is Australia’s #1 food podcast on iTunes and receives between eight and twelve thousand listeners a day. Ronsley has recently founded his own content marketing agency, Amplify, which has gone from zero to $600k in just six months, and is about to release his debut book, Amplify.


Ronsley’s journey has seen him specialise in a variety of different industries. Before killing it as an entrepreneur, he worked as a DJ, software engineer, restaurateur and chef. His newest venture is all about converting audio into a content-marketing echo chamber. He and his team help clients create content and turn it into genuine assets that allow their businesses to grow.

This concept is a vital tool for businesses these days. This episode is going to be really useful for anyone interested in how they can use content to expand their business and achieve real ROI as a result.

In this episode we really into:

Ronsley’s journey as a restaurateur
How he got into podcasting in the first place
The best way to deal with potential clients
The process of turning conversation into content
How content can produce leads in business
Ronsley’s seven step framework
Expert tips on how to launch a podcast
The importance of consistency in podcasting
How to build a following for your podcast
Ronsley’s continued passion for food
Attention, engagement and sales
Measuring your success by your clients’ success
The value of content for your clients
Advice on how to monetise a podcast
The We Are Podcast conference - the success of 2015 and the amazing speakers attending the 2016 event



The Bond Appetit Podcast

Should I Start a Podcast

We Are Podcast conference




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Ep 20. InDent – How to Shift from Functional to Vital  

Welcome to the second instalment of the InDent podcast. In this episode I continue to talk about the big picture thinking that drives Dent Global and our clients’ businesses, as well as tactical and practical info to help entrepreneurs at all stages of their journeys. This time round, I’m talking about the importance of vitality in business, and how you can harness that power.
The difference between functionality and vitality is more important now than ever. It’s the difference between being a replaceable cog and someone who’s impossible to be overlooked, the difference between being someone who enjoys being pushed and evolving with trends, and someone who fears change. It’s your choice whether you want to be vital or functional.

There are some really great exercises in this episode on how to move from functional to vital, as well as some deep questions to ask yourself about the difference you’re making on the planet and how much joy you get from the work you do. Enjoy.

In this show I talk about:

Why vitality is so much more valuable than functionality
How functionality is interchangeable, and why vitality is irreplaceable
Redefining the game
Why vital people enjoy their work more than functional people
Why it’s important to evolve with the trends and enjoy being pushed
The career is dead… and your adventure is just beginning
Your most valuable asset right now
Why machines are a long way away from competing with raw human vitality
Positioning yourself as a key person of influence
Regularly coming up with new models and plans as an entrepreneur
Making sure your business isn’t overtaken and left in the dust
Philanthropic businesses that are making a real dent in the universe
The next episode on how digital is changing everything


Dent podcast with Daniel Flynn of Thankyou Water

Dent podcast with Cathy Burke of The Hunger Project

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Ep 19. Clarity in Communication and Business Philosophy with Brad Beer  

My guest in this week’s episode of The Dent Podcast is Brad Beer - a real leader and trailblazer in the physiotherapy industry. Throughout his career Brad has delivered more than 25,000 physiotherapy consultations, and has attracted an A-list clientele, working with Olympic medalists, world title winning triathletes, an explorer who’s trekked 3,000km across Antarctica, and even Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. In 2015 he released his first book, You Can Run Pain Free, which quickly became an Amazon bestseller, and he’s killing it in the podcast world with The Physical Performance Show.

Brad’s been competing in sport since the age of nine, in tennis, martial arts, triathlon and distance running. He’s also been involved in physiotherapy from a pretty young age too, having founded My Back Physio in 2006, starting a franchise for Back in Motion in 2009, before setting up POGO physio in 2014. This company’s allowed Brad to flex his entrepreneurial muscle too, and his unique approach and delivery of content across a variety of mediums have seen the company become a seven-figure business as well as disrupt the industry in a really positive way.
Brad’s experience as a serious triathlete means that he’s able to apply his first-hand knowledge of competitive sport to his career in physiotherapy. He and his team at POGO Physio specialise in helping people to perform at their physical best, using innovative strategies such as his “finish line percentage” to make sure clients leave pain-free and at the top of their game. There are plenty of gems in this show and it’s sure to be really useful for anyone in the lifestyle business or building a business and brand around personality.
In this episode we get really into:

• The first dollar Brad ever earned - selling mangoes door to door!
• How niching has helped Brad become an established authority in a variety of different areas
• How he needed the creative freedom to do his own thing
• Creating an innovative business model in a traditional industry like physiotherapy
• Why Brad started creating content across loads of different mediums
• How he leveraged that content toward his business and recently achieved his first viral video
• Why Brad gives information away for free
• How he attracted A-list clients to his business
• The importance of working to your strengths in business
• Aligning fees with values
• Brad’s measure of success in business
• The three core values used by Brad and his team
• Why you need to communicate clearly with clients
• How Brad views delegation in business
• The first retreat he went on with his team


Brad Beer Website

POGO Physio

You Can Run Pain Free Book







Recommendations - Books

StandOut by Marcus Buckingham

Boundaries for Leaders by Henry Cloud

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Recommendations - Podcasts

Small Business Big Marketing


Your Move


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Ep 18. The Inaugural InDent – Becoming a Key Person of Influence  

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the InDent podcast ladies and gents. In this series of shorter episodes I’m going to be looking at some of the ideas, principles and philosophies that are behind Dent Global and our clients’ businesses. My aim is to provide you and your business with real tactical and strategic advice, as well as some of the more overriding ideas about entrepreneurship and how to be successful in business in the 21st century.
In this first episode, I have a look at the book Key Person of Influence written by our very own Daniel Priestley. Dan’s book became a bestseller just three weeks after its release in 2010, and has become an integral part of not only our business but also the thousands of businesses that have been through our 40 Week Growth Accelerator.


In this episode I talk about:

• The changing global climate and what this means for businesses and individuals
• Adjusting as an entrepreneur to the demands of the 21st century
• Becoming fulfilled in your work
• Positioning yourself as a KPI in your field within the next few years
• Getting paid for doing what you love
• Utilising your strengths, skills and those things that come naturally to you in order to get ahead
• Looking at ourselves from an objective point of view to find our unique qualities
• Building a reputation for yourself in your niche
• The importance of embracing new concepts and discarding the old ideas that you need to let go of






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Ep 17. Collaboration and Client Growth with Brad Krauskopf  

Brad’s a real legend in the entrepreneurial world and his story is such an awesome inspiration for people from all walks of life. Starting from scratch, he founded Hub Australia in 2011 – a co-working business dedicated to providing community working spaces to small and large organisations across a huge number of different sectors. Now, Hub is Australia’s largest co-working space with over 800 members. Brad’s also founded CoAtiv8 and Platform3, under the umbrella company, Third Spaces Group. His businesses bring in a seven-figure revenue and in 2013 he was named Australia’s Small Business Ambassador.
Brad’s mission is simple: to create spaces that drive innovation by allowing for collaboration between different businesses. Third Spaces Group goes much beyond just providing working spaces; they also offer marketing and technology services as well as opportunities for businesses in learning and creating.

Brad and his team are making a serious dent but they go way beyond simply making profit. Third Spaces Group is also committed to making a positive environmental and social impact, and is helping to redefine success in business in a big way!

In this episode we get really into these areas:
• What you can do when you find out you’ve got a product that’s not profitable
• How diversity can help to innovate your business
• Creating a valuable product and commercialising it
• The boom of the freelance economy
• Loads of different ways of keeping revenue ticking over
As well as…
• Being a leader in your industry
• Using trial & error as an entrepreneur
• Creating a company rhythm and why it’s important
• How to manage a team of employees spread out over the world
• Top tips on leveraging your personal brand
• Ways in which you can maximise profit from a growing team
• The art of delegation
• Using events to activate word of mouth marketing
• How Brad’s successful at retaining clients
• How his mission and values have evolved over time
• Resourcefulness in small business
• The importance of figuring out your business model
• How to love what you do and find value in it










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Ep 16. Unpacking Marketing and Converting Prospects into Customers with Justine Coombe  

In this episode of the Dent Podcast I talk with Justine Coombe. Justine is an uber-geek when it comes to digital marketing - she’s an expert at devising and implementing strategic campaigns for all types of businesses. In 2011, Justine founded her very own specialised marketing agency, Ignite Digital, which has gone on to become the #1 Leading Australian partner of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Her amazing energy and determination has seen her work with over 200 brands (including Citibank, Staples and Pernod Ricard), and earn in excess of $160 million dollars of revenue for her clients in less than 5 years.

When Justine’s not killing it in the industry, she’s passing on her years of experience in marketing and sharing top tips at various conferences in Australia and internationally. She’s also recently finished writing her debut book, Conversion: How to Convert Prospects into Customers Using Targeted, Personalised Marketing Automation. In it, Justine provides entrepreneurs and business owners with a step by step framework for automated marketing programs.



As you’ve probably figured out, Justine really knows her stuff and this episode is packed with tons of actionable techniques that have been tried and tested with large and small businesses. She's so great we're also hosting a series of keynote talks for the wider business community on how to apply these techniques and get oversubscribed - details are here.


Here are a few things we talk about:

How Justine helps organisations to generate hundreds of thousands of new leads every month
How automated marketing programs can be leveraged to produce incredible results
The importance of packaging a product well
Why you and your business need to provide a good service and delivery
Breaking apart the complex word marketing into five simple areas
Justine’s love for what she does and why that means she continually rejects multimillion dollar acquisition offers
The importance of keeping clients in the loop when it comes to areas of her business that are specific and relevant to them
Converting from charging by the hour to fixed rates
Justine’s onboarding program: how’s she greets new members of her team and why it’s important to develop a connection with employees
The consistent problems faced by small businesses and how to overcome them
Justine’s unique approach to marketing technology and the importance of focusing on the aspects that interest you
Creating a genuine and personalised contact with clients by email, SMS and through other channels
Justine’s awesome take on mapping customer journeys
How to analyse customer behaviour in order to predict a market’s next purchase
Creating the perfect strategy for customer retention
Implementing strategies: what to do and not to do
How Justine came up with a strategy to reactivate 30% of dropping clients
Advice Justine would give to her younger self if she could go back in time
Justine’s grand plans for the future: more books, online masterclasses and live workshops











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Ep 15. Predicting Trends and Building Solutions with Simon Williams  

My guest in this episode is Simon Williams, better known as “The App Man”. Simon is one of the leading legends in the App world. He started his company, AppManSecrets, from the ground up and has overseen its rise to now generating a six-figure revenue. AppManSecrets is one of the most prolific App development and consultancy companies in the world, and has worked with clients across 30 different industries and four continents.

Simon may be a master of Apps, but amazingly he’s not a techie. Instead, he’s a genius when it comes to observing trends, creating ideas and leveraging all of that to achieve unbelievable success. He’s passionate about helping businesses to utilise Apps to master their industries, and goes about sharing his incredible knowledge and insights in his role as an International Speaker, and in his bestselling book, Rich App Poor App.


It was awesome to talk with Simon because not only is his company wildly successful, (raking in a six-figure income) he’s also a total rockstar when it comes to analysing the marketplace and leveraging content – two things that are incredibly important no matter what your business is.


Here are just some of the practical and tactical topics we talk about:

How to go about predicting trends in the market
Pushing your thinking in terms of products and services that you can deliver
The client sell and client nurture process
How to nail major partnerships
Converting prospective clients into full-time customers
The art of analysing the industry
Combining industries in order to fully maximise on profits
The Ideal Final Solution – how to achieve the impossible
Making sure you’re aiming your product or service at the exact right market
The context of your client, and why it’s key when growing your brand
How to maximise feedback from clients
Understanding insights in order to build solutions
Developing intellectual property and then commercialising it
Top tips on creating the perfect idea for your business
How to plan for the future
Why content creation is so important for your business
How to effectively innovate in your industry


Appman Website

Rich App Poor App




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Ep 14. How to Pitch Big and Win Top Clients with Ian Elliot  

Ian really is one of the leading voices in the world when it comes to branding, new business acquisition, pitching and influence. Using the power of pitching, Ian worked his way up from the mailboy at George Patterson, Australia’s biggest advertising agency, to becoming the CEO and Chairman. During his illustrious career he was awarded the Gold Lion at the prestigious Cannes Advertising Festival and saw George Patterson named advertising agency of the century! Since retiring, Ian is still an active business leader and sits on the board of numerous ASX 200 businesses. And if all that wasn’t enough, he’s also co-written a best-selling book, Stop Bitching, Start Pitching.

By leveraging his own personable skills and affability, and dedicating himself to self-improvement, Ian rose to the top and throughout his career what he’s touched has turned to gold. By understanding how to effectively communicate with clients, and best utilise influence, Ian has always found new ways to achieve.
His story is such an inspiring one, and I’m so glad to have had the chance to chat with him and let him share his incredible wisdom. There’s so much content and so many valuable lessons in this episode that are guaranteed to motivate and generate ideas when it comes to best approaching your relationship with clients.

Here are some highlights from this episode:

Why it’s important to take the trouble to fully understand a client’s business
Ian’s top insights into how pitching works
Understanding the emotional and corporate imperatives in the context of power negotiation
Understanding the client on at least three levels
The business value in being affable

And also…

The differences between presentation and pitching
How to use fear as a motivator
How to pitch big accounts
Ian’s role as a mentor for KPI
How Ian hustled his way into the advertising industry
Why the best idea rarely wins
The inner-mechanisms of satisfying client needs
The importance of affability in business
How Ian uses tenacity to get the top accounts
Direct pitching and not dancing around the issue
The trust equation and how Ian uses it in business
Ian’s thoughts on the importance of doing a five year plan



How to Win Friends and Influence People

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Gary Hamel

The six emotional needs


Stop Bitching, Start Pitching

Ian Elliot website

Hire Ian as a speaker

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