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Discover movies you may have missed and be warned about others you should. Hosts Anderson Cowan (Loveline) and Bryan Bishop (The Adam Carolla Podcast) hash out their contrasting film tastes in the form of weekly Top 5 lists and recent screening reviews of both new and old titles. With numerous recommendations each episode, The Film Vault is entertainment about entertainment and as a result is a show that keeps on giving.


Top 5 Office Party Scenes  

Anderson and Bryan celebrate the TOP 5 OFFICE PARTY SCENES.  They each discuss their favorite picks for celebrations set in an office environment.

Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers 2016 (guest: Rich DeMuro)  

Keeping with the annual tradition, tech expert Rich DeMuro joins Anderson and Bryan in making their lists of the TOP 5 GIFTS FOR FILM LOVERS.  They each give five suggestions of great gifts to get that special cinephile in your life.  Flickfessions: Can We Take A Joke?, Loving, and Captain Fantastic

Top 5 Rotten Films  

Although must critics would disagree, Anderson and Bryan share their love of the TOP 5 ROTTEN FILMS.  They list off their favorite movies that have a score lower than 60% on RottenTomatoes.  Flickfessions: Moonlight, The Butcher Boy, and Arrival.

Top 5 OCD Characters  

Anderson and Bryan obsess over the TOP 5 OCD CHARACTERS.  After they flickfess Amanda Knox, Before Midnight, Doctor Strange, and Hacksaw Ridge, they start listing their favorite characters with obsessive habits.

Top 5 Political Documentaries  

The polls are in and Bryan and Anderson have the results of the TOP 5 POLITICAL DOCUMENTARIES.  They each discuss their nominees for their favorite doc surrounding a political subject or scandal, after flickfessing Oasis: Supersonic and City of Gold.

Top 5 Way Over-The-Top Performances That Proved To Be Amazing  

After Anderson reviews his parenting over the past nine days, he and Bryan flickfess, and then move on to the TOP 5 WAY OVER-THE-TOP PERFORMANCES THAT PROVED TO BE AMAZING.  Flickfessions: The Birth of a Nation, Man vs Snake, and Black Mirror.

(Baby Cowan) Classic - Top 5 Movies You're Ashamed You Haven't Seen  

Starting off the show with an update on the birth of Anderson's child, he and Bryan then present the classic episode, TOP 5 MOVIES YOU'RE ASHAMED YOU HAVEN'T SEEN.  While you wait for the guys to return with a brand new Top 5 list next week, take a trip back in time, to the year 2010.

Top 5 Incompetent Dads  

This week's TOP 5 INCOMPETENT DADS comes courtesy of one current father, and another father-to-be.  After flickfessing Very Bad Things, The Girl On The Train, Eddie The Eagle, and Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler, Anderson and Bryan discuss their favorite bad dads in film.

Top 5 Animated Villains  

Anderson and Bryan draw up the TOP 5 ANIMATED VILLAINS.  After flickfessing Midnight Special, Duck, You Sucker, Black Dynamite, and The Witness, they discuss their favorite, cartoon bad guys and gals.

Top 5 Movies That Feel Like Homework  

School is in session and Anderson and Bryan are assigning the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT FEEL LIKE HOMEWORK.  They discuss the films that they have always wanted to see, but avoided for one reason or another.  Flickfessions include The Beginning Of Life, Suicide Squad, Hardcore Henry, and The Magnificent Seven.

Baby Bishop  

Recorded and saved for the event of child birth, Anderson and Bryan answer questions from the listeners.  Before that, Diana Van De Kamp sits in for a round of Red Light/Green Light.

Fall Preview 2016  

As the potential Oscar nominees start trickling in to theaters, Anderson and Bryan look ahead at the FALL PREVIEW 2016.  They discuss their most anticipated films that will be released in the coming months, after flickfessing Bad Moms, Batkid Begins, King Jack, Sully, and Who Took Johnny.

Top 5 Male Actors Cursed By Good Looks  

Anderson and Bryan objectify the TOP 5 MALE ACTORS CURSED BY GOOD LOOKS.  After flickfessing Hands of Stone, The Light Between Oceans, SOMM: Into The Bottle, and Holy Hell, they make their cases for why each actor on the list does get the respect they deserve because of their handsome faces.

Summer Recap 2016  

Another season gone and another SUMMER RECAP 2016 is upon us.  Anderson and Bryan list off their favorite films of the past few months, after they flickfess The Counselor, Kubo and the Two Strings, Hell Or High Water, and Hands of Stone.

Top 5 Pets  

It's all about the animals as Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 PETS.  They each run down their list of favorite, mostly furry, companions.  Before that, they flickfess Slipstream, The Lobster, Fat Kid Rules The World, and War Dogs.

Top 5 Actors Claimed By Superhero Movies  

With superheroes dominating the box office for the past few months, Anderson and Bryan feel a sense of loss for the TOP 5 ACTORS LOST TO SUPERHERO MOVIES.  They discuss their frustrations of some great actors that have not been producing the same level of work after Marvel and DC snatched them up.  Flickfessions include Sausage Party, How To Train Your Dragons, Pete's Dragon, Don't Think Twice, and Hell Or High Water.

Top 5 Cold Scenes  

Things cool off as Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 COLD SCENES.  A great companion piece to HOT AND SWEATY SCENES from a few weeks ago, they each pick five great moments affected by a cold climate.  They also flickfess Train To Busan, Gleason, Lights Out, and Suicide Squad.

Listen: Impossible  

With Anderson heading to camp for the week, he and Bryan leave you with some of their favorite picks of films you can currently stream.  After a round of flickfessions, they take turns giving you some great recommendations.

Top 5 Movies About Kids  

Anderson and Bryan tap into their inner child for the TOP 5 MOVIES ABOUT KIDS.  They discuss their favorite films where the story revolves around the youthful.  But before that, a flickfession of Detroit Rock City, Star Trek Beyond, Stranger Things, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Top 5 Hot And Sweaty Scenes  

Crank up the air conditioning because Anderson and Bryan are talking TOP 5 HOT AND SWEATY SCENES.  They discuss their favorite moments where the heat has a big impact on the characters, after flickfessing Freaked, Ghostbusters, and The Two Faces of January.

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