The Garbage Time Podcast with Katie Nolan

The Garbage Time Podcast with Katie Nolan

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"The Garbage Time Podcast with Katie Nolan" is Katie's weekly podcast where she tackles the world of sports and beyond in her own unique and humorous way.


Ep. 19: Super Bowl Week Recap  

Katie Nolan gives an oral history of Garbage Time’s Super Bowl week with stories about guests including Drew Brees (4:05 mark), Matt Ryan (11:10), Todd Gurley (13:10), Luke Rockhold (19:50), Dana White (20:35), Rob Gronkowski (22:40), Tim Tebow (25:40), Jeff Goldblum (29:00), Liam Hemsworth (29:35), Victor Cruz (31:20), Ryan Reynolds (33:05), and Ezekiel Elliott (36:30). She also recounts a pick-up football game played with LA Rams QB, Case Keenum (38:30), and her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers (47:10). Plus a recap of the latest episode of The Bachelor (55:25).

Ep. 18: Danny Keens / Dan Soder  

In a Super Bowl edition of the podcast recorded at Twitter Headquarters, Katie Nolan picks winners for prop bets and the big game itself in “Fade that Pick,” and chats with Twitter’s Head of Sports Partnerships, Danny Keens about how twitter has changed sports media, how athletes use twitter, and Katie’s first ever tweet. Katie also sits down with comedian Dan Soder to talk Peyton Manning and the Broncos, his 49ers hiring Chip Kelly, and why Jim Tomsula should quit coaching football and be a girlfriend's dad. Katie then answers questions from her audience of Twitter employees.

Ep. 17: Ariel Helwani  

Katie Nolan picks a winner in the Kanye West-Wiz Khalifa feud (10:40 mark), and chats with MMA Insider Ariel Helwani about breaking into covering the sport (24:55), his sometimes rocky relationship with UFC President, Dana White (39:05), Chris Weidman and Conor McGregor (50:00), Ronda Rousey's future and SNL hosting performance (54:05), CM Punk's upcoming UFC debut (1:00:35), MMA being legalized in New York (1:05:25), and Bel Biv Devoe lyrics (1:10:00). Katie and her producers also discuss Facebook birthday messages (1:16:45), and the latest episode of The Bachelor (1:21:50).

Ep. 16: Adrian Wojnarowski  

In a special Tuesday bonus podcast, Katie Nolan chats with Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski about his career as an NBA Insider (1:10 mark), tweeting picks during the NBA Draft (17:55), why the Cavs fired David Blatt (21:45), whether he thinks LeBron was really caught off guard by it (24:45), Brian Windhorst (28:55), Woj’s critics who think he’s too critical of LeBron (30:05), The Warriors and Spurs(35:35), His new site, “The Vertical” launching Friday (37:30), his new podcast (39:35), and breaking news on a current NBA star who will have a weekly podcast on “The Vertical” (40:20).

Ep. 15: Mike Francesa  

Katie Nolan discusses Cardinals-Panthers (6:00 mark) and Patriots-Broncos (17:05) in “Fade that Pick,” and chats with Mike Francesa about why he agreed to be on the podcast (25:15), how he invented Super Bowl week’s “Radio Row” (26:30), why his simulcast on FS1 didn’t work out (34:15), his passionate fans known as “Mongo Nation” (35:10), FrancesaCon (37:30), his advice to Katie on dealing with critics (40:50), his upcoming reunion show with Mad Dog (53:05), his thoughts on Adele and Taylor Swift (55:15), what his relationship with Mad Dog is like now (1:04:15), how their show succeeded even when the two were fighting (1:06:05), whether “Mike & the Mad Dog” could ever get back together (1:09:50), his thoughts on Bill Simmons and asking him to be his co-host (1:12:25), how he feels about ESPN (1:17:00), and his yuuuuuuge announcement about his future at WFAN (1:24:35).

Ep. 15 PREVIEW: Mike Francesa  

In a preview of this Thursday’s podcast, Mike Francesa tells Katie Nolan what he plans to do when his WFAN contract is up in 2017.

Ep. 14: Craig Carton  

Katie Nolan discusses Antonio Cromartie expecting twins after a vasectomy (1:10 mark), Tom Brady’s tomato-free diet in “Fade that Pick” (9:20), and chats with Craig Carton of WFAN’s “Boomer & Carton in the Morning” about his beef with Mike Francesa (34:45), whether he really ditched the Mets to become a Yankees fan (44:45), running a casino out of his parents’ living room when he was 11 (48:10), why he won’t talk about hockey on his show (51:50), walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in a speedo (54:30), and how his former best friend Bill Belichick no longer speaks to him (57:45).

Ep. 13: Mike Garafolo  

Katie Nolan talks about attending her first Winter Classic (2:45 mark), picks winners in this weekend’s Wild Card match ups in “Fade that Pick” (7:15), and chats with FS1 NFL Insider Mike Garafolo about how to get sources for stories (31:30), player agents holding grudges against reporters (33:45), the time Jeremy Shockey almost tried to fight him (38:00), his stressful week reporting about Tom Coughlin (46:55), and whether Coughlin snubbed John Mara at the Giants press conference (54:25). Katie also reveals to Mike her discovery involving Johnny Manziel’s instagram picture with his dog (1:00:45), and in this week’s #JunkMail she gives her thoughts on The Bachelor, Ben Higgins (1:09:35).

Ep. 12: Jay Glazer  

Katie Nolan opens the podcast with her latest rendition of “Brock Lobster,” talks the Patriots-Jets OT game (6:55 mark), the Colts playoff odds and QB situation (10:15), and the NFC playoff picture (16:20), in “Fade that Pick,” and chats with FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer about how he became one of the most connected people in the world (23:30), loyalty and competition among NFL Insiders (29:05), being threatened with jail time over the SpyGate tapes (34:55), ESPN referring to him as “sources” when he breaks a story first (36:45), and his MMA fighting career before joining FOX (38:15).

Ep. 11: Chris Distefano  

Katie Nolan picks winners in a special holiday edition of “Fade that Pick.” (2:30 mark) with matchups including: Gingerbread Cookies vs. Egg Nog and “Christmas Vacation” vs. “Elf.” She also chats with comedian Chris Distefano about getting his start in comedy (21:20), having his life threatened after a stand-up performance (30:45), his career as a Division III basketball player (39:10), and his thoughts on Kristaps Porzingis and Kobe Bryant (44:30). Katie and Chris also choose their starting five in a “Fantasy-Fantasy Basketball Draft” of fictional basketball players from movies and TV (48:50).

Ep. 10: Randy Moss  

Katie Nolan opens the podcast with her latest rendition of “Brock Lobster,” talks about her surprise phone call with Rob Ryan (2:35 mark), makes her weekly NFL picks in “Fade that Pick” (6:40), and chats with Randy Moss about his new career as a FOX NFL analyst (24:15), the 2007 Patriots (30:50), what Brady and Belichick are like off the field (38:05), how this current Patriots team compares to the 2007 team (43:35), whether he thinks he can still play in the NFL (50:30), who he thinks is the best Wide Receiver in the league right now (53:45), and MC Hammer (1:00:10).

Ep. 9: Jackie and Jeff Schaffer  

Katie chats with Jackie and Jeff Schaffer, Co-Creators of "The League," about the series coming to an end, how they put the cast together, the process of shooting an episode, their favorite improvised moments from the show, and Marshawn Lynch’s awesome cameo.

Ep. 8: Bryan Tucker  

Katie makes her weekly NFL picks in "Fade that Pick" and chats with SNL Co-Head Writer Bryan Tucker about the process of putting together SNL every week, athletes hosting the show, the classic “Racial Draft” sketch he wrote for Chappelle’s Show, and the future of sports comedy.

Ep. 7: Erin Foley  

Katie makes her weekly picks in a special Thanksgiving food edition of "Fade that Pick." Stuffing vs. Cranberry Sauce; Mashed Potatoes vs. Sweet Potato Casserole; and Pumpkin Pie vs. Apple Pie. She also chats with comedian Erin Foley about her career as a stand-up, what it's like being a punch-up writer on a sitcom, and some surprising things she learned about Packers fans during her first game at Lambeau Field.

Ep. 6: Dan Soder  

Katie makes her weekly NFL picks in "Fade that Pick" and chats with comedian Dan Soder about his love for Blaine Gabbert, his love of pro wrestling, and a heated debate over sweet and sour sauce.

Ep. 5: Peter Schrager  

Katie makes her weekly NFL picks in "Fade that Pick" and chats with Fox Sports' Peter Schrager about how NFL Insiders get their sources, how players around the league feel about Greg Hardy, and how Schrager was once catfished by someone pretending to be Marshall Faulk.

Ep. 4: Charissa Thompson  

Katie makes her weekly NFL picks in "Fade that Pick" and chats with Fox Sports' Charissa Thompson about her approach to instagram, filling in as a moderator on "First Take," and the differences between Katie and Charissa as TV personalities.

Ep. 3: Michelle Beadle  

Katie makes her weekly NFL picks in "Fade that Pick" and chats with ESPN's Michelle Beadle about advice from Bill Simmons on dealing with twitter trolls, Michelle giving up being a WWE fan, and Milli Vanilli.

Ep. 2: Peter Rosenberg  

Katie makes her weekly NFL picks in "Fade that Pick" and chats with Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 / Grantland / ESPN Radio about The Redskins name, NFL rules, and why Katie should be a WWE fan.

Ep. 1: Rachel Nichols  

Katie makes her weekly NFL picks in "Fade that Pick" and chats with CNN's Rachel Nichols about her career, Greg Hardy, and whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

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