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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at


The Grey Nato - Ep 42 - Jason Lim of Halios Watches  

With both James and Jason travelling over the past few weeks, Episode 42 is a special interview with Jason Lim of Halios Watches. James sat down with Jason at his Halios office in Vancouver and they chatted about creating a watch brand, design inspiration, Roy Scheider, the beauty of Seiko, and much much more. Just press play and thanks for listening. Any questions, please feel free to write: Halios Halios Seaforth Review Raven Avig Gavox MK II Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition Tag Heuer Skipper for Hodinkee Watch from Blue Thunder WatchuSeek Timezone Doxa Seiko SLA017 Porsche 911R

The Grey NATO - Ep 41 - Diving 101  

Jason is in Sri Lanka, James is off to Pebble Beach, and Episode 41 is about many things, including how to get into diving, meeting Conrad Anker, new watches, and more. From pocket knives and wallet decisions, to new beginnings and the Rado Captain…Cook. Just press play, thanks for listening! Jason in Sri Lanka Hermes James’ review of the Halios Seaforth Omega X-33 Regatta Oris Chronoiris Rado Captain Cook Meeting Conrad Anker Anker’s custom Pelagos Roldorf & Co Bremont DH-88 Abbotsford Airshow Recycled Firefighter Captain Wallet (Thanks Zach!) Benchmade Proper 319 PADI NAUI SSI SDI GUE BSAC Chris @culturaldispatch ‘The Last Voyage of the SS El Faro” “The Edge of the World” Twixt Time App “What made the McLaren F1 The World’s Greatest Car”

The Grey Nato - Ep 40 - TGN EDC  

It’s Episode 40 and we’re talking EDC (or more accurately, our favorite daily stuff). Supporter bundles are sold out, we’ve got some new recording gear, James is has gone full titanium, and Jason is waist deep in your wallet recommendations (please, no more recommendations). Listen in for a new awesome giveaway, shark diving, SR-71 testing, and way more. Just press play, thanks for listening! Wintercheck Consoli Wallet via Andrea’s Gifs Seaforth diving! Omega X-33 Regatta Muyshondt Beagle MK I Muyshondt Instagram Muyshondt Flieger (giveaway - listen to the show for instructions) EDC Samsung Note 5 iPhone 6 Bose Quietcomfort 35 Plantronic BackBeat Go 2 Shure SE215 CKRT Fulcrum Benchmade Mini-Griptilian 556s CRTK Shasta Victorinox Hunter XS Jared Oeser Knives Pena Knives Randolph aviators American Optical aviators Julbo Explorer XL Julbo Vermonts Knockaround Sunglasses Persol Tenba DNA 15 Topo mountain briefcase Patagonia black hole Howler Brothers Muyshondt Aeon Fenix UC02 Black Diamond Spot Aeropress Metal Filter Malita Cone Pourover Baratza Encore Grinder Capresso Grinder Sigg water bottle Hydroflask Yeti Bottle Worn and Wound EDC Watch Fold Big Designs TPC Titanium Pocket Clips (thanks Ed!) Blancpain Gombessa IV Shark Filming Video Blancpain 50 Fathoms X Fathoms “Check Out All These Blackbird Videos NASA Just Released” (via The Drive) Nat Geo Travel Photog of the Year (via The Atlantic)

The Grey Nato - Ep 39 - Seaforth  

We’ve waited and mentioned it many times before and now the Halios Seaforth is in the wild! Both Jason and James ordered their ideal version of this hot new diver and the guys break down all the details, #teampastel style. In addition to announcing the new TGN Supporter Bundles, Jason is looking for wallet recommendations and James is off to Pebble Beach (say hi if you’re gonna be there). For final notes, we’ve got lost space stations, a new ebook about watch photography, Netflix’s “Chasing Coral”, and the fastest up the hill at Goodwood. Kill Hubris Help support TGN (just listen for details) Bellroy Wallets Muyshondt Fat Herbie What watch should Jason take to the HMS Hermes? (instagram or tag him) Tunnel Bluffs hike (Vancouver) Pebble Beach car week Halios Seaforth Halios Watches Instagram Toxic Natos Crown and Buckle Perlons Rubber Nato Hadley Roma Cordura @sixtyclicks The Little-Known Soviet Mission to Rescue A Dead Space Station (via @nichols.ken) Full Timed Shootout from Goodwood “Chasing Coral” (Netflix) Vincent Lions Phase One Halios eBook @vincentlions on instagram Puck Photo

The Grey Nato - Ep 38 - Does In-House Matter?  

TGN Episode 38 is all about “In-House” movements - do they even matter? We dig into the various blends of in-house and kick off what may well be an ongoing conversation about the actual wrist value of a manufacture movement. We also announce the winner of the #Oris65TGN giveaway, chat about sailing in Bermuda, a couple of new watches from Halios and IWC, and offer up a solid trio for Final Notes. Just press play, thanks very much for listening and please send your feedback to Oris Giveaway Winner @giasuko (congrats!) Jason’s bermuda piece Jason’s clip of a foiling boat Halios Seaforth Halios Tropik Review IWC Tribute to Mark XI Analog Shift IWC Mark XI The HMS Hermes Greubel Forsey ETA 2824 Miyota 9015 Ressence Type 3 Panerai P2002 Omega 2254 Seiko 7S26 Movement Singer Track 1 Agengraphe movement Jack’s Rolex Article Pocket Clip Thing “Titanic Honor and Glory” 3D interactive game demo: “Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World”

The Grey Nato - Ep 37 - Collection Inspection Vol 4  

Now in its fourth volume, it’s the triumphant return of the Collection Inspection! This week, Jason chats about his beloved Citizen Aqualand (both old and new) and James rambles on about his ride-or-die Seiko SKX007. From pseudo-dive computers to modded bezels, this is a Collection Inspection for dive watch nerd inside all of us. Also in this episode, Jason debriefs on the GoPro Mountain Games, James has some new glass, the Bulova Accutron Astronaut, and Spike’s Car Radio. Don’t forget to enter our Oris Divers 65 giveaway! Just press play and thanks for listening. #Oris65TGN giveaway! Enter here GoPro Mountain Games Jason’s Interview with Jimmy Chin UN Finals of America’s Cup Zeiss lens Citizen C023 Aqualand Citizen JP2000 Citizen Aqualand Chrono Seiko SKX007 Seiko SKX779 Black Monster James’ modded SKX007 “CMT” with 12 hr steel bezel Seiko SBCM023 Prospex Perpetual Seiko SKX013 2nd Gen Monster SRK313K “Vampire” 3rd Gen Prospex Monster Ocean Blue Yobokies SS GMT Bezel Yobokies page Yobokie contact address: Ed Estlow’s (@edestlow) 6309 “soxa” mod In Depth: Bulova’s Accutron Astronaut - The Watch Chosen by the CIA for Pilots Of The Fastest Plane Ever Made (Jack Forster) “The Right Stuff” by Jack Forster Spikes Car Radio Spike’s Instagram Paul Zuckerman’s Instagram Talking Watches with Spike Feresten Conrad Anker on Ueli Steck’s Final Climb

The Grey Nato - Ep 36 - Quartz Crisis?  

Episode 36 kicks off with an amazing giveaway. No spoilers, but this is one you do not want to miss (hint: it’s a dive watch). Jason is off to Vail for the GoPro games and James has fallen down yet another camera gear rabbit hole (don’t even bother sending help). For the main topic, the guys are talking all about quartz! Why it gets a bad rap among enthusiasts, why it’s still awesome, and a collection of some of their favorite quartz watches, both old and new. To wrap it up, we’ve got new music selections from Lady Lark and Fleet Foxes as well as a 360 degree view below the ice in Antarctica, and a handy new gadget called the Firebiner. Oris Diver 65 (GIVEAWAY!) GoPro Mountain Games Sony Zeiss 24mm 1.8 Tom Bihn Daylight Backpack CWC RN Quartz Diver Jason’s Piece for Hodinkee about the CWC Diver Casio G-Shock Rangeman Breitling Aerospace Seiko Prospex SBCM023 Perpetual Victorinox INOX Omega X-33 New Regatta X-33 Omega Z-33 Breitling B55 Audodromo Prototipo Grand Seiko Quartz 9F Citizen Skyhawk (I know I said Navihawk, meant Skyhawk) Citizen Eco-Drive Seiko Astron Citizen Satellite Wave Mondaine Railway Watch Braun Watches Bell and Ross Hydromax Sinn EMZ 2 UX Hydro Dagbert Sinn UX? Lady Lark (band) Fools Errand - Fleet Foxes NTY Under a Cracked Sky Alex Honnold Free Solos El Cap Honnold on Tim Ferriss Firebiner

The Grey Nato - Ep 35 - From Clipperton With Love  

James and Jason are back from some great dive adventures with stories to tell. Jason has been testing dive watches in Lake Michigan and the Florida Keys, and James is back from 16 days in the Pacific for the Clipperton Expedition with Oris Watches. Staying on topic, the guys have some great final notes suggestions about stolen shipwrecks, summer ready sunglasses, and the problem of Longitude. Thanks for listening, just press play! Clipperton Info Clipperton Instagrams Cousteau's "The Island That Time Forgot" Oris Aquis Regulateur Der Meistertaucher Oris Aquis Hammerhead LE Jason's review of the Sinn U1 Professional U1 Professional LE via WatchBuys Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver “Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time” by Dava Sobel Knockaround Premiums "adpatina" on instagram - The Thieves Who Steal Sunken Warships, Right Down to the Bolts “Mountain and Prairie” podcast interview with John Dunaway "abstractconformity" on Instagram

The Grey Nato - Ep 34 - Q&A Awayisode  

This week, with both James and Jason off diving, we are cutting through our backlog of Q&A with some excellent questions. From grab-and-go quartz watches to GMTs, smaller divers, risky activities and field watches, your questions are our pleasure! If you have a question for us, please write We will be back in two weeks with a full download from James’ Clipperton Expedition and Jason’s dives with Bell & Ross and Sinn. Thanks for listening, just press play. Question 1 - Justin - Cheap grab and go quartz watches Sunnto Core GShock 5600 Casio PRW3000 Garmin Forerunner Scurfa Diver 1 Victorinox Original Citizen diver/ecodrive Seiko Solar Question 2 - Ben Brown - Where’s the GMT? Bernhart Binnacle GMT II Seiko 12 hour bezel mod via yobokies Question 3 - Daniel from Pittsburg - Dive watches under 40mm and sub $1k Oris 65 Halios Seaforth Marathon Mid Size TSAR Used Omega Mid Size 300m Raven Trekker 40 Unimatic watches for 2017 Question 4 - Lee - Push Button GMTs Glashutte Original Sport EVO Diver GMT Oris Classic Worldtimer Question 5 - Chris - Risky Activities/Rebreathers James driving fast cars Swimming from Alcatraz Ice Diving Question 7 - Jose - What about field watches?! Marathon Navigator Vintage Benrus Type I or II Hamilton Khaki Field EXP I or EXP II Tudor Ranger Question 8 - Matt, UK - Wear the cool watch in service or no? Rolex Sea-Dweller 116660 or even a 16660 Wear the Bremont!

The Grey Nato - Ep 33 - The Perfect Watch Trio  

What three watches would you get if you has $10k to spend? Based on a simple but thought-provoking question sent in by TGN listener Matt, Jason and James dive into the idea of a perfect watch trio, from how to pick the watches to the philosophy behind perfecting the blend of sporty, diver, chrono, gmt, titanium, quartz and more. If you want to weigh in, send us your perfect trio via email to Also in the show, James is prepping for a trip into the South Pacific, Jason is back from St. Barts, and the winner of our Unimatic Giveaway - listen to find out if it was you! Finally, tweed and whisky in scotland, the rules of professonal speeding and a list of great gear to kick off the camping/hiking season. Just press play, thanks for listening! St Barts RM Diver Clippterton Expedition Clipperton Islands Sony A6500 Topo Quick Pack Tom Bihn packing cube Perfect 3 Watch Collection for under $10k Eterna Super KonTiki 1973 LE Rolex Explorer II 16570 Seiko SBGM021 Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Sinn EZM 10 Tudor Heritage Chrono Bremont Boeing Chronograph James’ Trio: EXP II Seiko SRP777 Used Breitling Aerospace E56026 -or- EXP II Aerospace Halios Tropik or Seaforth Jason’s Trio: EXP II or GMT II or Speedy Vintage Citizen Aqualand ana/digi - or - Grand Seiko GMT Rolex Sub (5513 or 14060) Aerospace -or- EXP II or GMT II or Doxa Sub 300 Pro Junghans Chronoscope Under $1000? Jason SKX007 Seiko 6117-6400 Worldtimer James SRP777 Vintage diver of some sort Seiko Worldtimer Alex Roy Cannon Ball Brock Yates "Alex Roy's Rules of Professional Speeding" “When Ocean’s 11 Met Pebble Beach” “The Coldest Cannonball Run Record. On Record" "Diving Into The Unknown" (movie) Outside Online 20 Pieces of Gear Under $20 “Men On a Mission: A Hunt for Whisky and Tweed in Scotland”

The Grey Nato - Ep 32 - Great Watches Under $250  

This week we’re talking watches under $250. “Cheap” doesn’t have to mean junky or disposable, especially when it comes to watches. From Seiko and Citizen to Swatch, there is a lot to be excited about under 250 bucks, sometimes WAY under. To close this episode, James got some new pants, Jason is monitoring the shipping forecast for the UK and we found “Blue Water, White Death” in HD. Just press play and thanks for listening! Send your questions to St Barths RM32 Flyback Chronograph Diver Clipperton Expedition with Oris Sony a6500 Vostock Amphibia Seiko SKX007 Seiko SRP775 Seiko 5 SNZG15j Seiko Baby Monster Seiko Prospex Solar SNE435 GShock 5600 Protrek 270 Protrek 3000 Citizen Nighthawk Citizen BL-5250 Citizen BNO151-09L Diver Citizen Aqualand II Orient Mako II Marathon Navigator Quartz Sistem 51 Cheapest Watch Challenge Timex Expedition Scout ($37.49) Casio A500WA-1ACF ($24.55) The BBC Shipping Forecast “The Men Who Chased Shipwrecks” Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants "Blue Water, White Death" (HD, iTunes) Patagonia and North Face 1 Puffer Jacket at a Time

The Grey Nato - Ep 31 - The Baselworld 2017 Megasode  

We're back from Switzerland and, after a bit of time to collect our thoughts, we're ready to talk watches! From inside impressions of the show to the latest and greatest from the likes of Rolex, Omega, Tag, Nomos, Seiko, Blancpain and even Rado (and more). Also, James has a “new” watch, and it’s all Jason’s fault. Finally, listen carefully as we have a new giveaway, so if you want a crack at a free (and sold out) watch, just press play. Thanks for listening! Breitling Aerospace E56062 Muyshondt Flieger Unimatic Modello Duo GIVEAWAY!!!! Tudor Black Bay Chrono Tudor Black Bay 41 Tudor Black Bay Steel Tudor Black Bay S+G Rolex Seadweller Rolex Sky-Dweller Tag Heuer Heritage Calibre 02 Autavia Sinn 104 (white dial) Sinn 103 SA ST E Sinn EMZ 12 Jason's Piece for Hodinkee Sinn 240 GZ Sinn 356 SA FLIEGER 3 (silver dial) Nomos Club Campus Nomos Ahoi Neomatik Omega 60th Trilogy Omega Speedmaster Racing Omega Aqua Terra Railmaster Seiko SLA017 62MAS re-issue Modern Reinterpretation Prospex SPB05x Grand Seiko SBGH255/257 Diver Grand Seiko First Edition Grand Seiko SBGR305 Blancpain Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC Rado Hyperchrome Captain Cook Oris Chonoris Oris Big Crown 1917 LE Oris Aquis Staghorn LE Oris Aquis Hammerhead LE ABTW Vlogs

The Grey Nato - Ep 30 - Pre Basel + Q&A  

Your just-barely-ahead-of-Baselworld Pre-Basel episode with a little Q&A thrown in for some added fun. Jason and James chat about what they think might come out at the show, the various anniversaries that must be represented in some way, and which meetings they are most looking forward too. Next up, James put a (breif) end to his camera hunt and the guys have a solid set of final notes spanning balloon travel and experimental funk (click the links!). Finally, we close the show with a trio of listener questions - if you have a question, send it your way to - just press play, thanks for listening! Baselworld 50th Anniversary Watches: Current Rolex Sea-Dweller Current Omega Seamaster line Current Omega Speedmaster line Current Omega Railmaster Eterna KonTiki 70th Seiko SBDX019 (62MAS) Citizen EcoZilla Citizen F100 Tenba Bag Toppo Briefcase Uniqlo Jacket X100T Canon 5D MK IV Nikon DF Richard Branson's "Don't Look Down” Vulfpeck Holy Trinties “1612” "Wait For The Moment” "It Gets Funkier” Q&A AlpinaD Diver Heritage Halios Laguna II Watchgecko Tropic Squinky Tropic Straps Oris 65 Halios Seaforth Unimatic Watches Archimede Flieger Autodromo Group B Halios Seaforth

The Grey Nato - Ep 29 - The Bremont Field Report  

Our new website is live: (a special thank you to Trevor Boyson for all of your help and guidance getting the website off the ground!) Episode 29 is a field report that was recorded face-to-face in London at the Bremont Townhouse. As Bremont is not attending Basel, they invited press and retailers to come visit them on their home turf so Jason and James were visiting the popular UK-based brand to see their latest 2017 lineup. The guys chat about the trip, Bremont, and most importantly, the new watches! After that, we’ve got a mix of vintage space, trans globe adventuring, and the guys wax poetic about TGN demigod Dick Proenneke. Just press play and thanks so much for listening! Bremont Watches Summary of the new models Our new website! - Trevor Boyson - (thanks for the help!) Turbine coffee table: Kenton Cool George Bullard Alex Gregory Supermarine S500 SOLO white Bremont S300 S300 Blue Bremont S301 AIRCO Mach 1 AIRCO Mach 2 ALT1-P2 Jaguar MK II White Norton V4/RR America’s Cup AC35 America’s Cup AC-R-II Solo 32 RG @Redbarcrew @the_watchnerd Seiko Quartz Chrono from Harrier Pilot Rolex Sea-Dweller Great White Ben Saunders Jake Meyers Vintage Space Reddit Ultralight Community “To The Ends of The Earth” (book, Ranulph Fiennes) “Alone In The Wilderness: The Dick Proenneke Story” (link was pulled down, will look for more)

The Grey Nato - EP 28 - Rolex  

This week we're going deep on Rolex, just as we did in Episode 20 for Seiko. From our shared love of their sport watches to the various phases of Rolex appreciation that the average watch guy will experience, we try and get a handle on what makes this massive brand so appealing. After that, we've got ice diving, camera chat, new straps and John Wick Chapter II. Stay buckled in for Final Notes to hear about one of our favorite car reviewers and a listener who snagged a lovely vintage T-Graph. Just press play and thanks for listening! Visit for full show notes and more Thanks for listening!

The Grey Nato - Ep 27 - Future Classic Watches  

This week we’re tackling the idea of Future Classics. Watches that we will look back on in 30+ years with fondness and perhaps the urge to acquire. Also, flashlights, as James has gone off the deep end with a selection of hugely impressive torches from Muyshondt. Finally, we’ve got a new news platform, some TGN-approved Sci-Fi, and a time-lapse tour of some long dead military hardware. Just press play and thanks so much for listening! Muyshondt Muyshondt Maus MK I Muyshondt Aeon MK III Sierra Trading Post Rab Sentinal softshell ALPS Caldera 5500 Backpack Future Classics: Bremont MBII Tudor Pelagos Sinn U1 IWC 3548 IWC 3536 IWC 3548-06 Cousteau LE IWC 3717 JLC Master Compressor Diver A Lange and Sohne Ressence MB&F North of Parallel Arrival Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Military Boneyard Timelapse

The Grey Nato - Ep 26 - Field Report SIHH 2017  

"LIVE" from James' hotel room at SIHH 2017, we're talking all about Geneva's biggest watch show. From gear revelations to fav watches and a fresh (and non-watch related) set of final notes, it was a treat to record this face to face. Please forgive the lesser-than-normal audio quality and thanks so much for listening! James’ Raven Trekker 40 Review James’ 6117-6400 Jason’s Speedy on a kangaroo leather nato Topo Briefcase Uniqlo Jacket Tenba pouch Tenba DNA 15 James’ Vlog series for SIHH 2017 MB&F Aquapod Richard Mille RM-03 McLaren F1 Cartier Drive Extra Flat JLC Master Control 2017 Triton Subphotique GP Laureato GP 1966 WW.TC Panerai 42mm Submersible AP ROO Diver UN LeLoce Diver UN Innovision II Jason's 12 Best Watches of SIHH 2017 with GP #SpeedyTuesday Special Edition Tanatalus Ski Video Patagoinia Youtube Channel How I Built This Podcast (w/ Yvon Chouinard) A Gathering of Giants

The Grey Nato Ep 25  - Dream Watches 2017  

WE’RE BACK! Happy New year! On this episode we mix up the format a little with new business at the top, then our main topics and final notes for dessert (WE ALSO ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF THE #WATCHMAXTGN GIVEAWAY). This week we are focusing on our Dream Watches of 2017, from more GMT to just more sport watches in general, these are the watches we are hoping fro from SIHH and Baselworld. Thanks so much for listening, send your comments and questions to! GoPro Hero 5 Kjus Sightline Ski Jacket Fenix UC02SS Flashlight Bestek Charger #WatchmaxTGN Seiko SRPA21 giveaway winner @igotthefunk (CONGRATS!) Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Pelagos Pelagos GMT Render from Monochrome JLC Mark XI Lange Sports Watch? (no link, maybe someday) Seiko Worldtimer 6117-6400 The Minimalists Minimalism documentary Hunt for the Wilderpeople The Horn (redbull documentary series) Rad Roller Erika’s Originals Black Ops strap

The Grey Nato - Ep 24 - Favs Of 2016  

EPISODE 24! For our last show of the year we thought we’d look back at some of our fav topics and items from the past year. From some great dive watches, to new bags, great trips and our favorite final notes. Thanks for listening, just press play! Please note: we will be back on January 10th with Episode 25! Seiko SRP777 Doxa 50th Anniversary Sub 300 Silvana Skindiver Seiko 6117-6400 Toxic Natos ZULUDiver 328 Rubber Nato Cheap steel bracelet Erikas Marine Nationale strap Tenba DNA 15 Patagonia Black Hole Meru Outside Podcast Blue Water, White Death Aquatimer Sharks "Sharks" book Clickspring Channel @onehourwatch Six Daily Exercises to Boost Mobility and Balance "Shepard”

The Grey Nato - Ep 23 - Collection Inspection Vol 3  

OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY! - Our pal @watchmax on instagram ended up with two Prospex SRPA21 PADI divers and wanted us to give one away - who are we to argue? Listen for all the details! For episode 23 the guys are bringing the Collection Inspection back! Now at Volume 3, James is talking about his much loved Bremont SOLO and Jason continues the aviation theme with his very cool Oris ProPilot Altimeter. For new business, Jason is back from Bonaire with a new dive computer and some underwater time with the Unimatic Modello Uno U1-B and James has gone off the deep end with flashlights (he can’t help himself). Finally, we’ve got a classic collection of car, diving and flying-themed final notes to get you through to the next episode. Speaking of which, please note that we will not have a new episode on January 3rd, 2017 but rather will push EP 25 to January 10th to better synchronize with SIHH. Just press play, thanks for listening! Bremont Solo James' review of the Solo Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter Jason's review of the Oris Altimeter Zanlare F1 Light and Motion Gobe DeepBlu Cosmiq+ Unimatic Modello Uno U-1B Force Fins Scuba Pro Twin Jet Max Fins "I Set the L.A to N.Y. Record in a Morgan 3 Wheeler" "Unfathomable" "Rolex presents: The Trieste's Deepest Dive (Extended)" "The Human Factor"

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