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The Hughley Truth

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It’s Real, Raw and Funny Conversation with comedian DL Hughley. Each week DL gives his uncensored perspective on current news, social issues and Pop and Urban culture. Joined by his wingman “News Guy” Guy Lambert they “chop it up” on politics, social behavior, entertainment and more. Our contributors and guest are from various backgrounds with a wealth of knowledge and insight. When you put all that together it’s not just the truth it’s The Hughley Truth.


Ep 7 -  Trump ain't sorry!  

DL, his crew, and show contributor, Symone Sanders... discuss Charlottesville, Trump, and a whole lot of other crazy. 

Ep 6 - Democratic Strategist, Symone Sanders & LGBT activist, Dan Savage  

DL and Co-host Guy review the top story of the week. Then DL is joined by former Bernie Sanders Press Secretary, CNN Political Commentator, Democratic Strategist and first time THT contributor Symone Sanders to discuss messaging for 2018 and other hot topics. In the DLC (DL Conversation) author, media pundit LGBT activist Dan Savage.

Ep 5 - Black Americans are Unfairly Fined by the Police  

DL and Co-host Guy review the top story of the week. Then DL is joined by THT contributor Taneshia Nash Liard to discuss a recent study on the Economist Website that says that: “Black people are unfairly fined by the Police” then in the DL Conversation, DL speaks with NYC Councilman of the 45th district Jumanne Williams about the reality of the report as well as police and the community overall.



Ep 4 - Congresswoman Maxine Waters talks to DL  

Also: Peter Baker, author of Obama: the Call of History

Ep 3 - Charlamagne Tha God  

DL begins the show with his guest, Charlamagne Tha God (radio personaity and author of Black Privilege). Then for the first time meet one of their regular THT contributors for their “Why Should We Care” feature w/ Taneshia Nash Laird.


Ep 2 - If Trump were Black  

DL and the gang talk Trump, JR, President Obama, modern civil war, and visit (Congressman) Al Green! #thehughleytruth #IfTrumpwereblack

Ep 1 - Pilot  

DL introduces his new podcast! Jam packed with news, opinions, and laughs! Brought to you by Westwood One. Please subscribe and review, thank you!

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