The Jim and Burns (and Dave) Podcast #4  

In episode 4 we discuss some of the things we have in the pipeline and invent money-no-object passion projects, Jim forgets Bernard Cribbins' name and wonders what would happen if the Romans had nukes.

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The Jim and Burns (and Dave) Podcast #3  

The boys are back with more film and games chat, in particular:

"Best opening shot"

"One-take sequences in film"

"Songs you can't disassociate from films"

"Walking sims are bad, except Virginia"

and more!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-specialgun-productions/id1155512880

ACast: https://www.acast.com/jbdpodcast

RSS feed: http://www.specialgunproductions.com/jbdpodcast?format=rss

The Jim and Burns (and Dave) Podcast #2  

Jim and Burns (and Dave) discuss remakes, spoiler culture, shite films with great trailers, and Burns says shocking things about Terminator 2.

The Jim and Burns (and Dave) Podcast #1  

Using Twitter questions for navigation, Jim and Burns quiz Dave about his life that's been massively more accomplished than theirs.

Later, they talk a little about what they've got planned for YouTube, but it's going to take a while...

Also going forward we're going to film this, but it's audio only for now, because time/money. SEE YA.

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