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The Librarian Is In

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The New York Public Library’s podcast about books, culture, and what to read next.


Remembering the Future  

This week, it's all in how you look at it. Feminism, space, time, language, aliens and a whole lot more.

Summer Reading Challenge: Greeks vs. Romans!  

For our second Summer Reading Challenge, Gwen and Frank chose a book for each other that they thought they'd love but would never read otherwise. This year, a strange symmetry emerged as they chose oddly complementary books: a novel about the antics of ancient Greek students and a modern-day translation of ancient Roman myths.


Who's up for some dubious morality? We're all about the scandal this week, as Frank and Gwen tackle controversial essays, what makes a "beach read," and, um, porcupines in library book drops.

Nancy Books  

The hosts of WNYC's Nancy podcast join Gwen and Frank for a conversation about queer books, making podcasts, and Xena Warrior Princess... and they Skyped in from their vacation, no less! 

Subscribe to Nancy wherever you get Podcasts, we highly recommend it. 

(This episode has some less than perfect audio, which is particularly embarrassing giving our super professional radio guests. We promise it's still a great episode, and we're sorry!)

LGBTQ Sci-Fi Book Club  

How gay is Sci-Fi anyway? Gwen and Frank welcome Casey Maher, leader of the LGBTQ Sci-Fi Book Crew meetup (held at the Jefferson Market Library)! They discuss everything from technology and gaming to science fiction (of course) right on up to Hemingway.

Seeing Yourself on the Page  

The fantastic Sona Charaipotra sits down with Frank and Gwen to talk representation and what it's like to see (or not see) your own experiences reflected in a book. Plus: Archie and Riverdale, Bollywood, Hollywood, and a lot of geeking out over our favorite YA authors.

And Then There Was Chekhov  

Wherein we discuss reading (and acting!) Anton Chekhov, the influence of Agatha Christie, and the controversial merits of Go, Dog. Go!

2017 Summer Reading Challenge  

Join us as we embark on our Summer Reading Challenge!

Dark, Light, & In Between  

We're swinging from heavy, major, important nonfiction to the frothiest and most delightful YA romance this week. 

Attack of the Killer Spelling Bees  

Our annual spelling bee,  words we can't pronounce, a trio of music recommendations, and of course what we're reading now.

Making Grown Men Cry, Since 2015  

Sweet-sad poems, ghosts of the Village Past, and melancholy post-Victorian tales of ruined childhoods in creeepy cults... But we manage to have a little fun, too.

Serving the Least Served  

Libraries and activism with Cory Eckert, one of the joint chiefs of Storytime Underground! We go in-depth on libraries as non-neutral spaces and how children's librarians stand up for social justice. Plus: recommendations for romance novels and two brand-new picture books.

American Passions  

The triumph and tragedy of Jim Thorpe, the difficulty of Henry James, and the ferocity of Emily Dickinson and Camille Paglia. Bonus: Barbra Streisand's underground wonderland!

"Hermione was Black. Dumbledore was Gay."  

The founders of Black Girls Create join us to talk about what it's like to be a black girl nerd, defaulting to whiteness in books and pop culture, nerds vs. geeks vs. dweebs, feminism and visibility and representation -- and, of course, sooooo much Harry Potter.

Podcasting the Apocalypse  

We’re going weekly!  One week, Gwen and Frank will talk books, culture, and what to read next. On alternate weeks they’ll welcome a very special guest. Let us know what you think!  This week: mesmerizing short stories, our Margaret Atwood obsession, and creepy/awesome young adult fiction.

What Lawyers and Librarians Have in Common  

Reena Glazer of the Pro Bono Institute joins Frank and Gwen to talk about lawyers in the library and recommendations for great nonfiction about pro bono legal work. Plus: Purple diaries, yellow cable cars, and colorful characters.

Supermodel of the World: Sashay, Shauntee!  

(Sorry! A previous version of this episode was buggy, but we fixed it. Take a listen, it's a good one!) Wait, Super Model?  Absolutely, but also:  Super Librarian!  Gwen and Frank talk to Outreach Services Librarian Shauntee Burns about her work with schools, her long and varied career at NYPL and her attendance at one very famous NYC high school!

A Librarian’s Path to Citizenship  

How do libraries help immigrants and underserved communities? Find out with NYPL's very own Adriana Blancarte-Hayward. Plus: major love for great journalism, time travel, ghosts, Frank's hair, frozen yogurt, and Salt 'n Pepa.

Kilts, Cupcakes, and Romance Novels  

Frank and Gwen dive into two very different romance novels with NYPL librarians Annie Lin and Kate Fais.  Plus: a super-clean podcast, a binge-watch-able show, and a gender-bending picture book.

At Home and Abroad  

With books on the Syrian refugee crisis and American "hillbilly" culture, Frank and Gwen are looking for a deeper undstanding of the world here at home, and abroad. Also, dinosaurs.  And then, the inimitable Nancy Aravecz, NYPL trainee and library-school student, joins us to talk about the core principles of libraries and the equal-opportunity learning at Jefferson Market University.

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