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"Tim Einenkel does one of the best interviews in all Hip-Hop and rap music." Chuck D. Front man of Public Enemy "This was by far one of my best interviews in recent years. I love it when I can speak about things that actually matter without it being sensationalized for click-bait journalism. Well played!" - Rah Digga "Tim Einenkel asks the kind of questions that only a person with a deep knowledge and care for hip-hop could ask. The Library is a podcast like no other."- Dan Charnas, author of The Big Paycheck: The History of The Business of Hip-Hop “The Library is one of my favorite podcasts. Tim Einenkel asks great questions and gets fascinating stuff out of his subjects. It’s exactly what hip-hop junkies need and deserve!!!” - Brian Coleman, Hip-Hop Historian, Journalist. In-depth interviews with authors, Hip-Hop artists, scholars and entertainers. Notable interviews have been with: Chuck D. Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Common, Kool G. Rap, Slimkid3,and many more. Subscribe to The Library w/Tim Einenkel- here


The Library: Hip Hop God Mikey D (Interview)  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, artist, Mikey D. The Queens, NY Legend, has released a new album—Day Of D'struction. Tim talks with MIKEY D about the album, developing his own style, battling, and how Chuck D, Grand Daddy I.U and LL Cool J have played important roles in his life.

The Library: Illus  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, ILLUS joins Tim to talk about his new album A Perfectly Imperfect Beautiful Naked Creation. The album is produced entirely by legendary Rhymesayer, Blueprint and features guest verses by Blueprint, Slug from Atmosphere, Craig G, Roxxxteady, and Paul Dateh. The MC talks to Tim about working with all those artists, why rap needs more superheroes and working with legendary DJ Johnny Juice.

The LIbrary: DJ Rob Swift  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, DJ Rob Swift. He's a Turntablist, an innovator and a guest lecturer at The New School in New York City. He's also worked with the X-ecutioners, Linkin Park, Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Large Professor, Supanatural and many others. Rob sits down with Tim, outside The New School and gives a really in-depth interview about his career. The artist from Queens, NY talks to Tim about album concepts, how he got into teaching, and the music he's most proud of. This is definitely a must listen interview.

The Library: Supa Dave West (I Am Nobody)  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Tim talks to Supa Dave West, who has helped produce 6 of De La Soul's albums, including their newest release "and the Anonymous Nobody..." Dave talks about the new album and his experiences working with the legendary group for all these years, while striving to create the "perfect beat." He also talks about the late, great J-Dilla and what he meant to music.

The Library: Skyzoo and Apollo Brown's Easy Truth  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Skyzoo and Apollo Brown. The Detroit Producer and the Brooklyn MC sit down with Tim from a park in Brooklyn, NY to talk about their new album, The Easy Truth, and to discuss the art of sampling, blending the unique features of New York and Detroit, and Skyzoo breaks down one of his verses.

Skyzoo Spits! Tim tries to Spit  

Skyzoo and Apollo Brown recently sat down with The Library with Tim Einenkel to discuss their new album, The Easy Truth. During the interview Tim attempted to recite lyrics by Skyzoo; Skyzoo helped him out. Find out what the lyrics mean and more soon when the entire interview is posted. Here's the lyrics from the track "A Couple of Dollars" [Verse 2: Skyzoo] And it sounds like beautiful like the truth Like "she bad but even more beautiful in the coupe" And seeing that was seeing all that I would need to pursue The e-class that was used to corner me off the stoop Was as clean as the book that your hand on When you prayed that we stayed away from them anthems Fuck is left for us except for us to go stand on A box with a rope and a bottle of Spade Carpe diem, carpe diem, make it pop it for the day I threw money to jeweler, sneaker box full of change Know me, I'm no better I'm about it the same Cause on a box with a rope is how we got in this frame Now flick it up, one time for 'em, one time for 'em Know it's lit if they in here with the 9 on 'em One time for em, one time for em And the parades lining up along the side for 'em

The Library: Kemba, Don’t Call Him Conscious  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Tim is joined by Kemba. The Bronx MC sits down with Tim to talk about his new album "Negus", Tupac's legacy 20 years after his tragic death, and the gift and curse of addressing social injustices in your art.

The Library: Classified (Shit is Filthy Interview)  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Tim talks to Canadian Hip-Hop artist, Classified, who has released his latest album "Greatful." Tim and Classified talk about the album and what it was like working with Snoop Dogg and DJ Premier. He talks about the differences between working with artists in the studio versus over the internet, how Canadian music laws have helped and hurt independent artists, and how quitting weed for 10 days allowed him to write one of his favorite versus for the album.

The Library: Producer Superior (Interview)  

This week on The Library with TIm Einenkel, German producer Superior joins Tim from Italy to talk about his new album, “The journey”. It will feature artists such as Blu, Edo G, Reks, Verbal Kent, M-Dot, Termanology, Lil Fame Of M.O.P and more.

The Library: Slug: He's No Biggie (Interview)  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Tim talks to Slug, co-founder of the indie label Rhymesayers Entertainment and one half of the group Atmosphere. Slug and Tim discuss the art of growing a beard, Atmosphere's new album - Fishing Blues-, learning to make music fun again, balancing tour life and family life, and why if Biggie was still a live today, he might not make 5 lists. People put Biggie in the top 5. I'll never be in the top 5. I'll never be Biggie. It's okay, I'm okay with that. I can never be Biggie because I lived. If Biggie were alive right now, he wouldn't be Biggie. It [“No Biggie”] basically was about when an artist is cut short, it doesn't give us an opportunity to poke holes in them. He didn't give us a chance to watch him fall off. He never gave us that 5th album where we can be like “well, Biggie lost it.” And then the 6th album where we can be like “He got it back.” We put him in the top 5 by default, where really we don't know where it would have went from there.”

The Library: Sadat X is Agua (Interview)  

This week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Tim sits down with legendary MC, Sadat X, live from Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, New York to talk about his new album, Agua, executive produced by Will Tell and featuring Pete Rock, Lord Jamar, Dres, R.A. The Rugged man, Rahzel, A.F.R.O., Wordsworth, Shabam Sahdeeq and many more. The Bronx, NY MC also discusses why A.F.R.O. is on the road to greatness, how Sadat has stayed in the game for so long, why Hip-Hop should not be your only source of income and the perfect wine for certain situations.

The Library:  Rahzel, The Godfather of Noyze  

The week on The Library with Tim Einenkel, Tim talks to The Godfather of Noyze, Rahzel. The former member of The Roots, joins Tim backstage at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY at his Rahzel and Friends show, to discuss why he started beatboxing, his take on where Hip-Hop started, how he's found his own path through diversity, why he loves the live performance and working with Pete Rock, Large Professor, Bjork and others.

The Library: Constant Deviants Interview  

M.I. and DJ Cutt together are the group Constant Deviants and they've just dropped their newest album "Omerta". The newest album is a concept album where M.I. and DJ Cutt take on the roles of Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky (architects behind what's known as the structure of modern organized crime in the U.S.). Constant Deviants joined Tim on The Library from a bar in Brooklyn, NY to talk about writing the new album, taking on roles of these two powerful monsters, why they've never signed a contract, using instrumentals and beats to tell a story, and how some of the legends they grew up listening to have disappointed them as they've gotten older.

The Library: DJ Cutt Speaks with His Hands (Audio Highlight)  

When asked how does he convey messages using beats, DJ Cutt of Constant Deviants told Tim: "I'm always thinking soundtrack in my head. Constant Deviants sat down with The Library with Tim Einenkel to talk many subjects including their new album, "Omerta." Here's a highlight from the interview. Stay tune for the entire interview which will be up soon.

The Library: Craig G is Still Breaking the Mold (Interview)  

This week on The Library with Tm Einenkel, Tim takes the podcast on the road to the Treat Street Art Show / Craig G Album Listening Party where Tim is joined by legendary MC, Craig G. The JUICE Crew MC has just released his newest album, I Rap and Go Home and talks to Tim about the new album, why his age shouldn't matter in hip hop, the MC who had the biggest influence on him, dispelling the stigma of the freestyle MC and what his answer to the question, "Yo, want to hear my mixtape?"

The Library: Royce Da 5'9": A Storyteller with Clear and Concise Thoughts  

Royce Da 5'9” has recently dropped his newest album, Layers under his own label, Bad Half Ent. Layers is 5 years in the making and his most confessional. He touches on his struggle with alcoholism and infidelity and his son's autism. The Detroit MC sat down on The Library with Tim Einenkel to talk about the new album, about improving himself by going to therapy, and his hesitancy to be so open with his fans. He tells Tim: "I did worry about coming out and being forthcoming with information about my sobriety and being open and honest with my fans. I did worry about possibly people looking at me like 'nah, we prefer the drunk Royce. We don't want this guy,' then, maybe then, I'd have to think of something else to do because I was willing to take that risk for my family and for my health. "

The Library: Ice T Interview; Now Pay Attention  

Ice-T made a name for himself bringing his life as a hustler on the streets onto his debut album, 1987’s Rhyme Pays. He was a pioneer in hip hop as it went from regionally popular music to nationally recognized art form. Since then he has become one of only a handful of hip hop MCs to create a highly visible and successful entertainment career, creating music, acting in television and film, and writing a memoir. As he gets ready to headline The Art of Rap Festival this summer, he sits down with The Library’s Tim Einenkel to discuss the many lanes he's taken throughout his career. He talks about his single-minded drive to find freedom from the poverty and violence of the streets, why you should never battle an unsigned rapper, and what the real lesson of Marlon Brando’s Godfather was.

Ice-T Discusses 20th Anniversary of "Ice T VI: Return of the Real  

Ice-T VI: Return of the Real dropped June 4th, 1996. As the album hits its 20th anniversary, Ice sat down with Tim to discuss an array of topics. Here's a highlight of Ice reflecting back on the album and a whole lot more.

The Library: A-F-R-O (All Flows Reach Out) Interview  

A-F-R-O has been cosigned by artists such as: Questlove, Talib Kweli, Queen Latifah, DJ Premier, Murs, Jean Grae, and many more. If you ask him who are his influences, he will give you a list of Golden Era Mcs. The much anticipated 18 year old A-F-R-O joins Tim on The Library this week to talk about working with RA the Rugged Man, Premo, his soon to be released debut album, why he loves to rhyme and why he's joined to the Golden Era of Hip Hop.

The Library: CL Smooth's Emancipation (The Interview)  

This week on The Library, Tim talks to hip hop legend CL Smooth. He talks about the upcoming release of his second solo album. "the Emancipation of Corey Penn". CL also opens up on what it was like working with such icons as Big Daddy Kane, Heavy D and The Boyz, Kool G Rap, Run DMC, Grand Puba, Q-Tip, AZ and of course Pete Rock. Other topics he touches upon include the importance of the horn in his songs and and the role of the artist as an agent of positive change.

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