The Love Bomb with Nico Tortorella

The Love Bomb with Nico Tortorella

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Actor Nico Tortorella explores love and the labels associated with it. Each episode, he speaks with someone he loves about how gender identity, sexuality and relationships shape us, define us and make us unique humans.


E27: A Human I Love Named Chad  

Chad King of the musical duo A Great Big World sits down with Nico to discuss inspiration, unrequited love, crystals, and living with MS.

"Hold Each Other" by A Great Big World feat. Futuristic

E26: A Human I Love Named Hanne  

Supermodel Hanne Odiele sits down with Nico and discusses intersexuality, fashion, marriage, overcoming obstacles and all things majeur!

S2 EP2: A Boy I Love Named Todrick  

The multi-talented Todrick Hall joins Nico for a conversation about his obsession with The Wizard of Oz, Beyoncé, Tinder, fans, and the power of manifestation.

S2 EP1: A Woman I Love Named Courtney Love  

Nico sits down with the legendary Courtney Love to discuss all things sweat lodge, growing up, the need for fame, the importance of self-care, and the power of the chant.  Be sure to watch Menendez: Blood Brothers starring Nico and Courtney on Lifetime airing June 11th.


Ep 23: Men and Women I Love  

Nico hears from some of the guests from Season 1 of The Love Bomb about the impact their respective episodes have had on their lives.

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Ep 22: Best of The Bomb Season 1  

Nico takes a look back at Season 1 of The Love Bomb and picks some of his favorite moments.  Hear how Colby Keller came out to his parents, Hilary Duff's definition of love, learn why Nico's relationship with Kyle Krieger didn't last, and many more.


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E21 : A Boy I Love Named Nico  
After twenty episodes of exploring love with others, the season one finale is a chance for Nico to reflect on himself by speaking about his first loves, his family history, and recent self discovery with the medicinal plant ayahuasca. 



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E20 : Twins I Love Named Coco and Breezy  

Nico sits down with fashion icons Coco & Breezy. Topics include the advantages of having a strong work ethic, sexual identity differences between sisters, and the powerful bond twins have.

E19 : A Man I Love Named Ian  

Nico sits down with Ian Daniel (co-host and executive producer of Viceland's 'Gaycation') for an intimate discussion about global LGBTQ oppression, discovering his sexual identity at a young age, and going out dancing solo.

E18 : A Boy I Love Named Jeremy  

Nico sits down with Jeremy O. Harris for an open conversation about growing up as a gifted Black student in a predominantly white community, the first time he remembers experiencing feelings of romantic love, and ways that people of all colors can work together towards a unified goal.

E17 : A Man I Love Named Colby Keller  

Nico speaks with Colby Keller about how he got started in the porn business, his first love, and his massive art project called "Colby Does America"


E17 *sneak peak* : Colby Keller  

As The Love Bomb takes a one-week holiday hiatus, enjoy a sneak peak of Nico's chat with gay pornstar Colby Keller which will air next week, Tuesday, January 3rd. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a minute. Happy Holidays!

E16 : A Love I Love Named Love  


Nico speaks with Love Bailey about her homeopathic approach to transitioning, how social media effects her dating life, and the origins of her tagline #SlatherItUp.


E15 : Two Ladies I Love Named Julie and Emily  

Nico speaks with couple Julie and Emily about their 12+ year relationship, coming out to their friends and family, and dealing with people who ask them to kiss at bars.

E14 : A Man I Love Named Joey  

Nico speaks with Joey Gray about meeting through Instagram, their similar sexual identities, and the relationships with their Moms.

E13 : A Man I Love Named Bryan  


Nico speaks with relationship ninja Bryan Reeves about what it really means to commit to a relationship, masculine vs feminine energy, and the "wing-it" method of raising children. 


The excerpt at the beginning of this episode comes from the article Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her) by Bryan Reeves


E12 : A Girl I Love Named Lane  

Nico speaks with comedian and musician Lane Moore about her past relationships, the term fluid vs bisexual, and the impact love plays on creativity.

E11: A Man I Love Named Harvey  

Nico speaks with actor/comedian Harvey Guillen about coming out, the entertainment industry, and overcoming life's obstacles.


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E10: A Girl I Love Named Hilary Duff  (Live Show)  

Nico speaks with platinum recording artist, New York Times bestselling author, Grammy award winner, and 'Younger' co-star, Hilary Duff, on being a mom, the definition of love, and what it's like to be Hilary.

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at EW's Popfest on October 30, 2016.

E9: A Dude I Love Named Ryan  

Nico speaks with Photographer Ryan Muirhead about the impact the Mormon Church had on his conception of love

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