The Love What Matters Podcast

The Love What Matters Podcast

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We deliver your weekly dose of smiles, tears, and goosebumps. Real people, real stories, real love. Warning: we believe compassion is contagious; listening to this podcast may inspire you to join our movement for good. Our community celebrates the special moments in life to make us #LoveWhatMatters.


The Healing Power Of Mother's Milk  

Inspiration for Keeping Your New Year's Resolution, An Uncle Wins Hearts 

The Power of Kindness  

How Simple Acts Have A Profound Impact 

How To Keep The Spirit of Santa Eternal  

A Chance Encounter, The Season for Love and Blessings

The Beautiful Story of One Foster Family  

Touching Work Ethic, Santa Helps A Child With Special Needs 

A Preemie Story: The Power of Hope  

The Value of Love, Everyday Heroes and Santa Treats a Little Girl 

The Spirit of Christmas  

Welcoming a Neighbor, Celebrating a Mom's Love, Amy Talks Adoption and More

A Beautiful Thanksgiving Tradition  

 Amy Shares Touching Moments From Her Adoption Trip To Haiti 

10-Year-Old Overcomes Language Barrier To Welcome New Student  

Inclusion for children with Down Syndrome and Autism

Princesses Creating Disney Magic for Children In the Hospital  

Foster love, a kind stranger and bailing out a dog from the pound. 

The Boy Who Lived  

The power of Hello and hope for premature babies, struggling parents. 

A Boy And His Dog  

A boy's life is changed by an Autism Service Dog. 

How Her Shorts Are Changing The World  

Sacred family bonds, Young love among 5th graders and why body positivity matters. 

The Selfless Love of Organ Donation.  

Blessing bags, from hero to Godfather and a good deed.

They Waited 9 Years To Open This Wedding Gift  

Lessons of patience, generosity and kindness. 

Helpers And Heroes  

Everyday heroes fight suicide, support teachers and law enforcement. 

The Angel and the Birthmark  

Empathy unites strangers and heals wounds old and new.  

The Last T-Shirt  

A mother's plea to find her autistic daughter's favorite shirt reverberates across the Love What Matters community. 

The Stranger and The Sunflower  

 Kindness transforms a child, a driver and a stranger. 

The Love What Matters Podcast Trailer  
Join Love What Matters for a weekly dose of smiles, tears, and goosebumps. Featuring the best stories from the Love What Matters community and hosted by Amy from the Bobby Bones Show.   


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