The Main Draw

The Main Draw

United States

A (short) tennis podcast, hosted by Chris Neary and Caitlin Thompson


Fixing the Tennis Viewing Experience  

Get off our lawns and help us figure out how to stream tennis on our computers, or join our campaign to draft DeadHead NBA announcer - and all around zen poet - Bill Walton into tennis commentating. The game needs it.

The Confirmed Lesbian Edition  

After Maria Sharapova admits she failed a drug test in early 2016, we explore the many kinds of cheating and why we're inclined to defend our beloved Ruski. Plus: A glistening Tommy Haas for all!

Crop Tops and Commentators  

Sure, they played some tennis down under, but we spend most of this episode chronicling the sartorial highs and lows, as well as which tennis commentators deserve their jobs. Hint: Not many. Plus, pod friend Sean Rameswaram is back to gloat about his boy - Novak Djokovic.

The Fix is In  

After a huge investigation into match fixing implicates male players at the top of the game, we engage in wild speculation about who's involved.

It's Ok to Love Novak  

Just in time for the 2016 season, friend of the pod Sean Rameswaram stops in to talk about why denying the charm and greatness of Novak Djokovic means you're a dick.

Get Your Outrage Hats On  

Somehow Sports Illustrated's selection of Serena Williams as Sportsperson of the year over American Pharaoh - the horse - stirred up some controversy. Plus we learn what kind of Republican Jennifer Capriati is these days.

Lies and Recriminiations  

The USTA fires back against Eugenie Bouchard's lawsuit over a concussion she sustained while playing at the US Open, citing the player's Instagram account as evidence she's been partying - not suffering - since the tournament. Plus, will Federer's evil Jeff Gordon beard help him topple Djokovic at the year-end Masters?

James Blake, Back in Our Hearts  

Although he wasn't the easiest player to love on tour, James Blake pens a thoughtful - and stirring ode to his hometown of New York after the disgraceful NYPD incident, and we check in on who's aged gracefully in the tennis world - hint: Sabatini, yes. Becker, no.

Rivalry Week  

Garbine Muguruza's closing the gap on Maria and is the best contender Serena's gonna get in the coming months. But if you want a compelling rivalry, wheelchair tennis stars Shingo Kunieda and Stephane Houdet might have the best one going.

The Newest Fishheads  

We salute Mardy Fish - an American male tennis star who was never number 1 - who retired after a wave of panic attacks sidelined his career. And our friend the Allusionist, Helen Zaltsman, gives us a linguistics lesson on origin of tennis.

Everybody Hates Hingis  

Tiny South African Amanda Coetzer married the most interesting man in the world, we still have ill feelings towards Martina Hingis and freelance writer Dave Shaftel tells us about his 24-minute Rogers Cup interview with Novak Djokovic.

A Battle of Nations  

What if the world's best tennis players draped themselves in their flags and battled each other for global supremacy? It happens already and nobody cares. In this episode, we fix the Davis and Fed Cup problems with pirates, bad news bears and a heady dash of Rocky IV.

We Can't Talk About It  

We haven't recovered from what happened with Serena at this year's U.S. Open, so we talk about everything else: Why we hate Marin Cilic, why Rafa wants to show us his penis, and the redemption of Eugenie and Nick. Then we crown a new Never Number 1: Jana Novotna.

Drake + Serena  

Internet delight Aminatou Sow, co-host of Call Your Girlfriend, predicts that Drake will soon be carrying Serena's babies, and to talk about her favorite player who was Never Number 1: Goran Ivanisevic.

The Cormac McCarthy of Tennis Podcasts  

We tip our hats to Billie Jean King's World Team Tennis (go Boston Lobsters!), decide that we've earned the right to drop the occasional swear, and introduce a new segment: Never Number 1, an appreciation of players who never quite reached the pinnacle of the sport.

Rekindling America's Love Affair with Tennis  

Remember the heyday of American tennis, when Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras ruled the rankings? Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison does, and he's single-handedly trying make tennis America's premiere sport. Businessweek's Ashlee Vance explains how, from the the NCAA to a pop-up Nobu.

Too Many Cocks  

Our faces are fiery with anger after the New York Times body shamed Serena, and we give HBO's new tennis TV movie 7 Days in Hell a review, of sorts.

We Were Wrong About You, Redfoo  

Let no one say we aren’t benevolent here on the podcast: We backtrack on our scathing indictment of Redfoo’s tennis game, check in on the Championships at Wimbledon (the tournament and the fashions) and profess our love for tennis on the radio.

Meet Us at Wimble Don  

Should tennis players have caddies? How do you pronounce Nick Kyrgios' name? None of that matters, because we introduce you to a man who built his own private lawn tennis club.

Salad Days of Tennis Shorts  

We get excited about Wimbledon by talking about which pros look like Bond villains, where we stand on tennis whites and our next president, Serena Williams.

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