The MMQB Podcast with Peter King

The MMQB Podcast with Peter King


"The MMQB Podcast with Peter King" is the ultimate destination for all things pro football. Led by one of the most influential storytellers in all of sports media, three-time American Sportswriter of the Year Peter King, "The MMQB Podcast with Peter King" is an access-driven experience that brings fans into the locker room, the press box and the front office with the biggest influencers in professional football. Fans can listen in on in-depth conversations with the biggest names in football that they haven't heard before to get a fresh, new and intimate experience on America’s most popular sport.


Vance Joseph, Head Coach Denver Broncos, Rich Gannon, CBS Sports and AJ Hawk, Former LB Green Bay Packers  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks to new Denver head coach Vance Joseph, former quarterback and MVP Rich Gannon and former Green Bay linebacker A.J. Hawk. Joseph explains why he thinks he's ready to be a NFL head coach after just one year as a coordinator and he reveals what he said to John Elway to get the job. Joseph also talks about what Wade Phillips taught him about coaching that he'll never forget. Gannon discusses what makes Aaron Rodgers great and why he yelled "wow" while watching the Green Bay-Dallas playoff game. He also talks about the surprising two elements of a quarterback's game that he thinks are biggest triggers for success. Hawk looks back on his career and remembers who he sat next to in team meetings in Green Bay for nine years. Hawk also explains why he wishes he would have taken notes on Aaron Rodgers from his Packer days. Hawk has never had a documented concussion on any level of football, and he discusses what that portends for his future.

Matt Ryan, QB Atlanta Falcons and Mike Florio, NBC Sports and ProFootballTalk  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks to Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and founder of, Mike Florio. Ryan discusses the difference in his game since Kyle Shanahan began coaching him and how wide receiver Taylor Gabriel has helped change their offense. Ryan also reveals how he gets away from football and what it was like to succeed Michael Vick. Florio explains how a West Virginia lawyer transitioned to media life and how he enjoys being a burr in the saddle of the NFL. He also shares the problems he has with the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Chris Simms, Bleacher Report, Richie Incognito, Buffalo Bills and Jonathan Casillas, New York Giants  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks to CBS and Bleacher Report analyst Chris Simms, Buffalo guard Richie Incognito, and Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas. Simms, the former NFL quarterback, weighs in on the MVP vote. He explains what makes Patriots coach Bill Belichick so non-stressed, and so good (Simms worked for Belichick for 18 months), and why he could last many more years as a coach. Simms also picks the teams he likes the most in this playoff derby. Incognito gives his playoff breakdown, with Wild Card winners in all four games, and explains why the running style of Le'Veon Ball makes Pittsburgh so dangerous. If someone's going to beat New England this postseason, Incognito has the recipe for how to do it. He also shares insight in how a team can beat the Seahawks (hint: physical football). Casillas explains the lessons he's learned from studying Giants' defensive history and talks about the phone call from Lawrence Taylor that he'll always remember. He discusses how a team can make new players on a unit fit in quickly, as the Giants' defense this year shows. And he warns about the danger of playing Aaron Rodgers, who he'll face this Sunday.

Adam Gase, Head Coach Miami Dolphins and David Shaw, Head Coach Stanford Cardinal  

In this week's episode, Peter talks to Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase and Stanford football head coach David Shaw. Gase talks about Nick Saban's impact on his coaching career and life, and the experience of coaching disparate quarterbacks like Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning. He also explains why he has kept scores of voice texts from Manning on his phone from his Denver coaching days. Shaw talks about the huge difference between college coaching and pro coaching, and what it's like to coach Christian McCaffrey. He also discusses historically bad offensive line play and his role in helping Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin into adulthood.

Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jones talks about Tony Romo's influence in the coaching of Jones' grandson, John Steven Jones, who recently quarterbacked his team to a Texas State championship. Jones explains what really happened with the Dak Prescott pick last spring, how proud he is of Romo's attitude this season and why he thinks football will never die.

Mike McCarthy, Head Coach Green Bay Packers and Armen Keteyian, Lead  Correspondent 60 Minutes Sports  

On this week's episode, Peter King talks to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, and 60 Minutes Sports correspondent Armen Keteyian. Mike McCarthy talks about how he kept his team together after a four game losing streak, his working relationship with Aaron Rodgers, and surviving in Green Bay longer than Vince Lombardi. Keteyian explains why people should watch a documentary about a football player from two decades ago, why Lawrence Phillips is relevant today, and what advice he would give to Goodell and the NFL about how to reduce cases of domestic violence. Keteyian covered the Patriots often during his eight years as a CBS sideline reporter and he explains why Bill Belichick stands alone in his mind among NFL coaches.

Victor Cruz, WR New York Giants; Christian McCaffrey, Stanford Cardinal  

On this week's episode, Peter King talks with New York Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz and Stanford Cardinal Running Back Christian McCaffrey

Adam Schefter, ESPN and Katie Nolan Fox Sports  

On this week's episode, Peter King talks with ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter and Fox Sports host Katie Nolan. Schefter talks about why he grew up so curious, what he owes to Will McDonough and Chris Mortensen, and why 9/11 will never leave him. He also reveals the other sport that fascinates him to no end (and makes him wager), and the surprising new sport he will be covering at ESPN. Katie Nolan discusses how she got into this business, her dream job, and why she admires Jon Stewart and John Oliver. She also explains why the Darren Sharper for the Hall of Fame argument really sets her off.

Sam Wyche, Former Head Coach Cincinnati Bengals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

In a special Thanksgiving edition of Peter King's podcast, Peter talks to former bengals coach Sam Wyche who is thankful to be alive this Thanksgiving. This holiday is different for the 71-year-old Wyche, whose life was saved by a heart transplant nine weeks ago. In the first half of the episode, Wyche tells stories about OJ Simpson, Bill Walsh, coaching Joe Montana, and an NFL scandal never reported. In the second half he tells the story of his heart transplant, and how a nurse told him he may have had just two more hours to live when he got the news he was going to get a heart.

Tony Romo, QB Dallas Cowboys  

In this special episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, Peter talks to Tony Romo, the Cowboys former starting quarterback. This interview took place at Cowboys training camp in August, eight days before Romo was lost for 10 weeks with a broken bone in his back. We're releasing this interview now because of the intense interest in Romo, who has taken a backup role now that rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has carried the team to an 8-1 record. Earlier this week, Romo gave an honest and emotional speech to recognize Prescott has earned the job and to surrender his former throne.

Ron Rivera, Head Coach Carolina Panthers, Brian Rolapp, NFL Executive VP of Media, and Tony Romo Reflection  

On this week's episode, Peter King talks to Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and the NFL's VP of Media Brian Rolapp. Rivera discusses the woes of preparing for a short-week game, and talks about whether the Panthers regret not re-signing Josh Norman. He shares how he motivates his team with the help of John Madden, and explains how helpful it is to have a wife, who is an ex-coach herself, to vent with after a bad loss. Rolapp discusses the decline in television ratings this season and if the NFL Red Zone program has anything to do with it. He talks about how commercials may change in the future to be less intrusive in the telecasts. He also tells a story of what he and Roger Goodell found out on a trip to see executives of Airbnb. Lastly, Peter reflects on the emotional Tony Romo press conference where he essentially passed the torch to Dak Prescott.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB Pittsburgh Steelers and Joe Buck, Fox Sports  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks to Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Joe Buck, lead play by play announcer for Fox Sports. Roethlisberger discusses what the six Super Bowl trophies in the lobby of his building mean to him, his maturation into a family guy, and whether or not he’s underrated. Buck discusses what was quite possibly the greatest World Series in history, whether he would football or baseball as his favorite sport to call, and his new book which details his father, sportscaster Jack Buck's impact on him.

Dean Blandino, NFL VP of Officiating and Chuck Todd, NBC Political Director  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks to Dean Blandino, VP of officiating for the NFL and Chuck Todd, moderator of Meet the Press and political director for NBC. Blandino discusses Cam Newton's recent complaints. Peter asks Blandino if penalties being called in too ticky-tack a manner and when the first female referee will hit the field. Chuck Todd talks about what it's like to cover Trump and Clinton and why America has fallen for an alternative candidate like Donald Trump. He also details his love for the Packers.

Matthew Berry, ESPN.COM and David Johnson, RB Arizona Cardinals  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks to ESPN's senior fantasy analyst Matthew Berry and Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson. Berry talks about how he went from being a TV writer in Los Angeles to a senior fantasy analyst. He explains how he created a cottage industry out of his fantasy sports hobby. Berry tells stories of helping out celebrities with their fantasy football teams, and the time he made an appearance at Jay Z's fantasy draft. David Johnson discusses the job he had in college that motivated him to be a great football player so that he wouldn't have to do jobs like that anymore. He also talks about how he takes criticism and hard coaching from Bruce Arians. Johnson, a triplet, explains what it was like growing up as the lone boy in a triplet set.

Rich Eisen, NFL Network and Jason Whitlock, FOX Sports  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks to a couple of fellow journalists- NFL Network's Rich Eisen and Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock. Eisen opens up about the future of football. He talks about the greatest interview he has ever done, and what it was like to be Adam Schefter's boss at the University of Michigan student paper. Whitlock explains why football is essential for America. He also discusses the future of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and why Jeff George never became great.

Superbowl XXIX MVP Steve Young and TJ Ward, Safety Denver Broncos  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks to an NFL MVP, Steve Young, and a Super Bowl 50 champion, Denver safety T.J. Ward. Young tells stories about his relationship with Joe Montana and opens up about how separation anxiety made his life semi-miserable, even as an NFL MVP.

Drew Brees, QB New Orleans Saints and Doug Baldwin, WR Seattle Seahawks  

In this week's episode, Peter King talks New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin. Brees opens up about the Saints' Bountygate scandal that led to his distrust of all NFL investigations. He talks about what he learned from attempting to play through a concussion and explains why players need other people looking out for their health during the game. He also discusses whether it is more important to break records or win championships. Baldwin explains how exactly he uses criticism as fuel for his game and argues that the mental side of the game is much more important than the physical side. Baldwin is one of many NFL players across the league participating in anthem demonstrations and he says that the protests aren't going to go away anytime soon. He talks about conversations with his father, a retired police officer, about how to improve police training.

Steve Smith, WR Baltimore Ravens and Ron Jaworski, ESPN Analyst  

In this week’s episode, Peter King talks to Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. and former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski. Smith, a renowned trash-talker, opens up about his reputation as a player people love to hate. Every hero needs a villain, and he’s just fine with playing that role. Now in his 16th season, Smith explains how he’s lasted so long in the NFL. How many other active players can say they have a son in college? Smith also discusses how he developed his aggressive and physical playing style and why he decided to return for another year after announcing last year that he would retire following the 2015 season. Jaworski, a former Philadelphia quarterback himself, discusses Eagles rookie Carson Wentz’ toughness and explains why he is just the type of quarterback Eagles fans want. Jaworski reflects on Wentz’ pro day at North Dakota State and what he saw from the young quarterback that day that made him believe in his NFL potential. Jaworski also compares the mechanics of Wentz and veteran Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, pointing out that Wentz outperformed Cutler in Chicago during Week 2 Monday Night Football.

Brandon Marshall, WR New York Jets, and Larry Fitzgerald, WR Arizona Cardinals  

In this episode, which we're dubbing "The Wide Receiver Show," Peter King of The MMQB talks in-depth with two of the best pass-catchers in the NFL: Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald. Marshall, an itinerant player on his fourth team in 11 seasons, talks about some of his regrets that caused him to move so often. Diagnosed with the mental illness Borderline Personality Disorder, Marshall also speak about become a spokesman for mental health issues nationwide. He is particularly revealing when discussing some of the people he wishes he could apologize to in his past--and on the state of race relations in the NFL. Fitzgerald, the league's biggest world traveler, names his favorite places on the planet--and they'll surprise you. He also talks about why he won't play long enough to try to eclipse Jerry Rice's records, and is eloquent on the work he does with a foundation in Minnesota that restores hearing in needy people around the world.

Luke Kuechly, LB Carolina Panthers, and Jeff Fisher, Head Coach LA Rams  

Luke Kuechly, LB of the Carolina Panthers and Jeff Fisher, Head Coach of the L.A. Rams each sit down for a conversation with Peter King

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