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The Model Health Show: Nutrition | Exercise | Fitn


The Model Health Show is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening look at health and fitness. No subject is off limits here! World-renown author and nutritionist Shawn Stevenson breaks down complex health issues and makes them easy to understand and overcome. Whether it's weight loss, chronic fatigue, heart disease, diet, exercise, sex, hormones, sleep problems, or countless other health topics, the insights you get here will help you transform your health and live your best life ever. The Model Health Show is brought to you by RareGem Productions.


TMHS 182: 5 Steps To Creating Your Personal Transformation  

The transformation of ourselves as a human being is one of the most miraculous and profound things in existence. Whether it’s transforming your body, your mind, your levels of success in life, your relationships, or anything else, it’s a phenomenal process. But, it can also come with a dramatic struggle.

There are certain steps that make the process of transformation as a person possible. Knowing these steps, and putting them into play in your life, will not only make the process much easier to traverse, but it will also give you more power to determine the outcome. In this episode we dive into the 5 steps to creating your personal transformation. It’s loaded to the brim with insights for your to take advantage of, but it’s up to you to put them into action for yourself. Let’s go!

In this episode you'll discover: How long it takes your body to produce normal levels of melatonin after blue light exposure. Why every transformation begins with a triggering event. What actually causes most people to give up when they’re so close to success. How to be a practical psychologist and uncover a trigger for yourself. Why being around people who are doing great things can be a spark for you. What enlightened motivation is. Why having a model will shorten the timeline for achieving your goals. How to move past your comfort zone and create a better life. Why you have to take action to “ride the wave” when it shows up. How to get back on track if you fall off the wagon. What people who achieve greatness do differently than everyone else. Why solving smaller problems can prevent much bigger problems. What drives people to “hate” on someone when they start to grow. Why you must take ownership of your greatness starting immediately. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 181: Investing In Yourself, Staying Consistent, Late Night Exercise And More!  

This is a very, very special episode. While I was on the road traveling for multiple speaking events, we put together a meetup event for listeners of The Model Health Show in Chicago. It was super last minute, but we totally filled up the event space, and the energy was amazing!

It was such a gift to hang out with everyone, and we got to do a little something special that no one was expecting. We did a LIVE recording of The Model Health Show right there on the spot!

With Jade and our behind the scenes tech guru Shoe on the scene, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to make it happen. We did this special Q & A episode and the energy and insights were running wild. Today you’re going to learn some of my biggest observations in building a successful health & wellness company, how to ensure you stay consistent with your health practices on the road, how late night exercise impacts your body, and so much more! You never know what amazing things can happen when you take inspired action. I’m so grateful to everyone who came out to share their time with us, and I’m incredibly grateful to share this experience with you.

In this episode you'll discover: Why being complementary instead or threatening can help you change situations from the inside out. Why studying personal development is critical to every area of your life. The #1 thing you must do to become elite in any field. How big failures can transform into huge successes. Why it’s important to connect healthy lifestyle changes with something deeper in our lives. How MCT oil impacts appetite. One critical step to being consistent in your health & fitness practices. Why you need to reframe your idea of treating yourself with food. How evening exercise can impact your sleep quality. What impact falling asleep with the television on has on your health. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 180: The Microbiome Solution - With Dr. Robynne Chutkan  

Hippocrates said that, “All disease begins in the gut.” Sure there are some other potential factors for the onset of illness, but for the man considered to be the father of modern medicine to say this, it’s definitely something that we need to stop and think about.

He knew then what we know now, which is the human gut is literally the foundation for our lives. This is the place that food cells get converted into you cells. This is the place that houses over 80 percent of your body’s immune system. This is the place that accommodates the microorganisms that control nearly everything about your health.

The human gut is the birthplace of your microbiome. And today you’re going to learn how to optimize your health by optimizing this remarkable world in your belly.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan is a renowned gastroenterologist, and one of the world’s leading experts on the microbiome. Her strategies and treatments have helped thousands of people worldwide recover from issues like IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, candida overgrowth, gut dysbiosis and more. Her methods are all-encompassing, easy to implement, and they just make sense (as you’ll see!). This information can be absolutely life changing for so many people, so please make sure to share it with your family and friends! Enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover: How Dr. Chutkan’s life outdoors and ‘dirty childhood’ influenced her approach as a physician. Why being a gastroenterologist is incredibly sexy right now (well, as sexy as it could be). What your microbiome actually is. Why our societal fixation on killing bacteria is incredibly dangerous. How the template for our microbiome is set at birth. How the rising rates of C-section births are impacting our society’s health. What HMOs are and why they are critical for the healthy development of children. Why we need to be incredibly cautious with antibiotic use. What some of the overlooked causes of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are. What gene modulation is. How gut dysbiosis works and how it can contribute to many diseases. Why diversity is critical for our internal and external environments. What practical ways you can use to get exposure to more healthy microbes. What essential (but overlooked) thing probiotic supplements require to be effective. The surprising way that millions of people are consuming antibiotics on a regular basis. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 179: 5 Things Kids Can Teach Us About Living A Happy, Healthy Life  

The secrets to health and happiness can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places.

When we are children we are endowed with a mastery for joy and health that we can lose track of as the years roll on. Our search for a return to health and happiness can consume us. But because we are so preoccupied with looking into the future, we often forget to take a second and look down at the little heroes who are passionately showing us the way.

In today’s special episode you’ll discover the 5 specific things that kids can teach us about living a happy, healthy life. Many of the things you’ll learn are backed by surprising and powerful clinical research. Yet, you don’t need a study to tell you just how good it feels to put these timeless, brilliant activities into play for yourself.

In this episode you'll discover: How playing impacts your genetic expression. Why our mindset around play shifts as we get older. The surprising ways that play impacts your brain health. How to incorporate more play into your life. Why all of your emotions are valuable. What we need to learn from kids about emotional wellness. Why imagination is critical to success. How your imagination and memory are intimately connected. How your imagination can help you reframe and heal from past experiences. Why you need to take more control over imagineering your life. Which powerful supplement is being studied for its neuroprotective effects. How a childlike curiosity can benefit us as adults. What children can teach us about achieving our goals. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 178: Misdiagnosed Health Issues And The Thyroid Connection - With Dr. Amy Myers  

Your thyroid is the master regulator of your metabolism. Any endeavors for healthy weight loss or weight gain are all governed by your hyper-intelligent thyroid gland.

Today, more than ever, there’s a war being waged against your thyroid gland. Environmental pollution, nutrient deficiencies, and unchecked stress are all putting a dire burden on this critical gland. Millions of people are being stricken with thyroid issues, and conventional medicine doesn’t have a solution for it.

The standard approach is to counterattack the thyroid gland using dangerous medications, removing your thyroid gland, or even destroying your thyroid gland with radiation as a method of “treatment”.

If the thyroid is already being attacked by our abnormal conditions today, what sense does it make to attack the thyroid even more? Why wouldn’t we support the thyroid and help it to perform normally? Why wouldn’t we focus un removing the underlying cause of the thyroid condition so that there’s nothing to battle in the first place?

That’s where Dr. Amy Myers comes in.

Amy Myers, MD is a renown leader in functional medicine and author of the New York Times bestselling book The Autoimmune Solution. She’s been a pioneer in helping the public at large truly understand thyroid function and how to safely and naturally reverse even the most difficult thyroid issues. What’s even more powerful is that Dr. Myers is teaching all of us from firsthand experience as a thyroid patient herself. She’s here today to share her story and to share with you how to have amazing, vibrant health by optimizing the function of this remarkable gland.

In this episode you'll discover: How Dr. Amy Myers’ own thyroid struggles transformed her life and shifted her career. How conventional medicine treats hyperthyroid and hypothyroid conditions. Why having a functioning thyroid enables your body to respond to your lifestyle. What Grave’s disease is and the symptoms it causes. How conventional physicians tend to misdiagnose and mistreat thyroid conditions. Why normal thyroid labs doesn’t necessarily mean you have healthy thyroid function. What your various thyroid hormones are and what they do (this is important!). What can cause your reverse T3 to go out of optimal range. Why thyroid conditions are far more prevalent today. Which nutrient deficiencies can cause thyroid problems. How your gut health deeply impacts your thyroid function. The surprising ways that stress can cause severe thyroid problems. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 177: Metabolic Multitasking, Spot-Treating Fat, And The Laws Of Fat Loss - With Dr. Jade Teta  

How can a society with access to infinite information struggle so mightily with an issue like weight loss? I think that one major reason is that knowledge of the body and how it works is advertised to be complex and difficult to understand. We, as a society, are led to believe that our own bodies (that we call home!) are far too confusing that only a small percentage of people seem to understand the truth about them.

Well, I’m here to share with you that the truth surrounding how your body and metabolism works is simple, attainable, and your birthright to know about. Galileo said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Today we have the incredible Dr. Jade Teta on to help you discover how your amazing metabolism works so that you can be empowered to create the body and life you want.

In this episode you'll discover: What hormones actually are. The amazing things that can happen when “passion bumps into purpose”. Why the way we think about metabolism is terribly wrong. What The Law of Metabolic Compensation is. Why muscle is expensive for your body to carry. How fat and muscle release “metabolic smoke”. What Metabolic Multitasking is (this is powerful!). What the heck HEC is and how it impacts your body. The 4 different ways to shift your ratio of diet and exercise to keep your metabolism responding. Why “structured flexibility” is so important to changing your body composition. How woman can cross-train their menstrual cycle for better fitness results. Whether or not you can spot-treat stubborn fat areas. Which supplements are clinically proven to be helpful for fat loss. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 176: 5 Keys To An Amazing Relationship - With Anne Stevenson  

There’s a wonderful quote from Carl Jung that says, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Our deepest relationships transform us. And which direction that chemical reaction goes can make all of the difference in the world. You can end up with a beautiful reaction that breathes life into everyone who’s around it, or a not-so-good reaction that can smother everyone in the room. The thing is, we don’t have to sit idly by and just hope that things will mix well together. We can actually uncover which things work great together, and put them into action for ourselves!

There will be nothing that impacts your life more than the quality of your most intimate relationship. Becoming a great “relationship chemist” will bring you more health, happiness, and success than you can even imagine.

In this episode you'll discover: What the #1 most influential thing on your health actually is. What’s instinctual in a relationship and what’s not. What the 6 core human needs are. Why it’s important to find your partner’s #1 driving force. Why “you should just know” is a huge mistake in relationships. How curiosity can be healing for a relationship. Why modeling is critical to relationship success. Why compromising with your partner might not be the best idea. The importance of dating and how to ensure you have 1-on-1 time. How personal development plays a crucial role in development as a couple. What to do when you feel like your partner isn’t with you on your ideas. Why acknowledgement plays a critical role in the evolution of relationships. How health & fitness tie into a healthy, thriving relationship. What the 2 most important words in a relationship are. How to immediately find common ground when you’re in an argument with your partner. How to turn your relationship irritations into admirations. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 175: Discover Your Chronotype And Leverage The Power Of When - With Dr. Michael Breus  

You’ve probably heard the quote that “timing is everything”. But what if it’s true? What if the key to better relationships, better health, and more success in our lives really isn’t just about what we do or how we do it, but when we do it that makes all of the difference in the world?

Today you’re going to learn about the fascinating research surrounding biological chronotypes. This cutting-edge science proves that there’s an optimal time for each person to do everything from eating a snack, to exercising, to having sex, to asking their boss for a raise that’s totally unique to their chronotype.

Board-certified sleep specialist and bestselling author Dr. Michael Breus is here to give you the skinny on how to tap into the potential of your chronotype and leverage The Power of When!

In this episode you'll discover: What inspired Dr. Breus to focus on clinical sleep medicine. What a biological chronotype is. Why Dr. Breus shifted his focus to assessing and treating his patients based on chronotypes. Which chronotype tends to be early risers and go-getters in their careers. Which chronotype makes up the greatest percentage of people in our society. How chronotypes finally help people realize there's nothing "wrong" with them when they don't fit into the norms of society. What a high/low sleep drive is. A surprising study that proves chronotherapy is an incredibly effective treatment for depression. The #1 historical event that disrupted our biological clocks. How jet lag and living in different parts of the world can affect your chronotype. What the perfect time is to ask your boss for a raise (the science will surprise you!). Which chronotype has a tendency to indulge in a late night snack. How the science of biological chronotypes relates to children. What the best time is to take a nap and how long a nap should be. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 174: Good Sleep Nutrients And The Gut-Brain-Sleep Connection  

There are tons of great tips out there making waves for improving your sleep quality. Many of these tips are life-changing. But for some people, sleeping in a cooler, darker, tech-free room, might not be enough.

I have to say, I was absolutely floored when I found out just how much our gut health impacts our sleep quality. I believe this to be the missing key for millions of people struggling with sleep issues who are only seeing slight improvements with the popular sleep-health tips out there.

Realizing this is where many of the most common sleep issues are rooted, I felt it was a MUST to create a masterclass on it so that you know the ins and outs of this amazing gut-brain-sleep connection.

In this episode you'll discover: Why your gut is often referred to as “the second brain”. Which neurotransmitter found in the gut has a profound influence on your mood. How a specific sleep hormone precursor also enhances your digestion. The shocking amount of melatonin that’s found in your gut. How your gut actually tells your brain what to do (and not the other way around). How bacteria in your gut can influence your sleep quality. Which common things can destroy your gut microbiome. What every long-living culture uses to support their microbiome. Why probiotic supplements won’t work without another key component. How changing your sleep schedule can change your gut bacteria. What decision we need to make when Netflix is calling our name. Which good sleep nutrients you need to eat each day. How your circadian timing system regulates your digestion. Which digestive issues are intimately connected to sleep. The shocking impact that nighttime artificial light has on your digestion. Why the timing of your evening meals can make or break your health. Which sleeping positions are the best and worst for common digestive issues. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 173: Conquer Your Greatest Enemy In Life And Step Into Your Power - With Bo Eason  

Mediocrity is on sale in our world today. It's cheap, easy to get, and there are even 2-for-1 discounts if you want to bring someone along with you. 

Why do we set the bar so low? And why do so many of us settle for a life of quiet desperation when we can live the life of our dreams? My friend Bo Eason has a problem with mediocrity, and he’s on fire to help people wake up to their true potential which (he will explain exactly why) is literally your birthright.

Bo’s story is absolutely incredible. Going from elite NFL player, to critically acclaimed playwright and stage performer, he knows a thing or 10,000 about what it takes to become great at something. He also knows (and will share with you today) how to pivot and carve out a new path for yourself, why it takes just one person to change your entire life, and how to truly step into your power.

In this episode you'll discover: What Bo did at the age of 9 that laid the foundation for his future. Why the plan for your life usually doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. Why Bo didn’t think his skills in football would transfer over into the real world. What life-changing advice Bo received from Al Pacino. Why most people fail miserably when they have the opportunity to learn from someone great (this will shock you!). How we are veritably hardwired to be winners. Why it’s so valuable to learn from the very best person in their respective field. Why practice needs to be the center of your universe. How rituals and practice give you more freedom in life. What some of Bo's most important daily rituals are. Why most people are late when opportunity presents itself. What Bo does to accelerate recovery and improve performance. What the #1 enemy in our lives is (this is important!). Why it's critical for us to expand what we are aiming for in life. What’s the #1 character trait we must have in order to be the best in the world. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 172: Overcome Your Biggest Challenges With The Proven Benefits Of Expressive Writing - With Katie Dalebout  

How do you actually know what you think?

A lot of us are under the impression that we know what we think because we hear a lot of inner chatter in our heads (straightjacket not included), or because we talk about what we think with other people. But that’s not what we really think.

The inner chatter in your head is mostly surface stuff; fluff. It’s the bright and shining outside of the orange that can easily hide the real juicy stuff in the middle. And the things you think that you share with other people - it’s filtered. A lot. Even your very best friends have probably never heard your deepest thoughts.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a safety mechanism to keep us comfortable and feeling as though we will be accepted. Filtering is socially acceptable because everybody does it whether they realize it or not. The only problem with it is that all of the real thoughts and feelings you have may never get looked at. The good, the bad, and the ugly in so many of our psychies is often heavily suppressed. The not-so-good stuff held in can lead to destructive behavior, depression, and addiction (to name a few) and it’s all clinically proven. And the good stuff held in can lead to living a life that’s not true to who you really are. Your visions, goals, and aspirations not analyzed and expressed can lead to supreme feelings of regret, resentment, and cause you to miss out on the incredible fulfillment that’s possible for you.

So, do you really know what you think? Today it’s time to uncover the things usually hiding in plain sight that are holding you back. Today you’re going to learn about the proven benefits of expressive writing with the one and only Katie Dalebout.

In this episode you'll discover: What controls everything that we think and everything that we do. The surprising clinically proven impact that journaling has on depression. How expressive writing can influence PTSD. Why using unhealthy methods to control our weight is so prevalent in our society. How Katie “accidentally” discovered the vast benefits of journaling. The surprising truth about why we filter ourselves around other people. Why there’s only one way to do journalling wrong. What important thing journaling forces us to do. What most of society uses to not feel their feelings. Why curiosity is an important ingredient for understanding your own thoughts. The 6 critical pointers for getting the most out of expressive writing. The surprising revelation about what happens when you choose to suppress your feelings. Why befriending yourself is a huge key to success and happiness. What our top two favorite journaling exercises are.

Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 171: GI Testing, Diversity In Our Food, And Balance Protocol - With Dr. Anthony G. Beck  

Just like any journey in life, the journey to health is a journey of discovery. Each obstacle we face is an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves. Whether it’s healing a disease or finding a way to lose that last tiny bit of body fat, changing our health starts with changing how we think.

Experimentation is our foundational tool. You have to experiment and test things out to truly find out what works for yourself. We are all unique, and what works for your best friend may only set you back on your journey even further. Sure, there are universal principles of health that can take you a very long way. Eat real food, get plenty of movement and exercise, get adequate amounts of sunlight, drink lots of clean water, cultivate healthy relationships, and do meaningful work that fulfills you. These are a few of the basic tenets for living a healthy, happy, successful life.

But what about when you want to take your health to another level? Or what about when you get hit with a real challenging situation (despite following the foundational principles)? This is where a deeper analysis needs to take place. You can take shots in the dark and see if anything (hopefully) hits, or you can take action to uncover what the real solution is by looking in the right place. How do you know unless you look? That’s the mantra of the skilled practitioner today. The guessing game is great if you’re playing Pictionary with your friends. But when it comes to your health guessing can be a massive waste of time, rob you of your results and, at worse, it can even be life-threatening. That’s why I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Anthony G. Beck.

Dr. Beck has made a habit of looking in the right place for the solutions to all manner of health problems. His advanced testing methods have helped to change my life, and he’s here today to fill you in on what you need to know to be more empowered in your own health journey. Let’s do this!

In this episode you'll discover: Whether or not medicinal mushrooms are good for kids. What Balanced Protocol means and why it works so well. Why your gut health is so influential on your health overall. What GI Testing can tell you. Why the best diet in the world might not be the best diet for your body. How changing your food changes your microbiome. Why it’s not just what you eat, but where you eat that can make all of the difference. Why we need diversity in our food. How many different species of bacteria we have in our gut (this is amazing!). Why conventional allergy tests can misleading and outright wrong. Why elimination diets don’t work (wait, what?!). Which incredible blood test can tell you how “clean” your metabolism is running. Why you need to be cautious about buying most probiotic supplements. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 170: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be More Attractive  

In a world of continuous posts and pictures, our consumption and judgement of attraction is at an all-time high. But, what can get lost in all of that is, well, ourselves.

What does it mean to be attractive? How does attraction work? And why does it matter really anyway?

Well, funny enough, attraction is actually tied to our lifeline. We all want to be attractive, and we all want to feel significant. These are basic human needs that help drive along our species. Not solely for the purpose of picking a mate, but being a part of a tribe, and (evolutionarily speaking) having a better chance at survival.

On today’s show we’re talking in-depth about why being attractive matters and, more importantly, simple things that ANYONE can do to become more attractive almost instantly.

Sounds like a pretty big promise? Well, I’ve got the science to back it up. And this isn’t about a superficial, stereotypical, smoke-and-mirrors type of attraction that many of us have bought into today. This is real attraction. This is how to let your inner light shine, and how to be the most attractive version of yourself.

Marilyn Monroe said, “To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it's society who’s ugly.” This important episode will be valuable for men and women all over the world who’ve battled with living up to what society has deemed as attractive. Today is an opportunity to break the chains of poor self-image, and to be more attractive, more healthy, and more of an inspiration to those around you. Enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover: Why we all desire to be attractive to those around us (the science). What beauty really is (and what it is not). Why we tend to have an unhealthy relationship with beauty. 5 scientifically proven ways to be more attractive. How smiling actually impacts other people’s brains. What facial expression was found to be more attractive than smiling. How sleep deeply impacts attractiveness. What an expansive posture is (and why it matters). The science behind why muscles are so attractive. What personality characteristic is proven to increase your facial attractiveness. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 169: Don’t Just Sit There – With Katy Bowman  

I remember watching the movie Wall-E with my son Braden. It is an animated movie portraying the not-too-distant future where humans have siphoned the world of it’s natural resources and moved to space, leaving Earth behind as a glorified junk yard. Talk about family fun!

Even though the context was a bit grim, the movie still highlighted the power of love, devotion, companionship, and doing the right thing. It was a good family movie that pulls on your heartstrings. But what most interested me about the movie was the depiction of the devolution of human beings who have become so engrossed in technology that they hardly ever move anymore. Every person in the film barely had to lift a finger as all of their needs were meet at the touch of a button. It might sound cool to live in a world like that, but what are the consequences?

Since they lost their desire and need to move, all of their muscles were atrophied. And to say everyone was overweight would be a monumental understatement.

Now, is this reality that far fetched? Are we not seeing the effects that our creature comforts are having on health and our ability to move normally? Yes, we definitely are! And it’s impacting BILLIONS of people whether they realize it or not.

We have to reconnect with what makes us human and what supports the highest expression of our genes. Our genes literally expect us to do certain things, and when we don’t, disease and degeneration programs kick in.

This is why today’s show is so important and absolutely life-changing. We have on one of the world’s foremost experts in human movement. She’s here to help us recalibrate our lives by making some small adjustments that can lead to decades of improved quality of life.

Biomechanist Katy Bowman will help you to discover how to avoid the Wall-E syndrome and be a much healthier, happier, functional version of yourself.

In this episode you'll discover: Why standing is NOT the solution for sitting too much. What a dynamic workstation is. Why ergonomic products and workstations are destined to fail our health. How our modern conveniences impact our daily movement. What mechanosensors are and how they work in your body. How you can literally create new body fat specifically for sitting on. What some excellent (and surprising) standing workstation options are. Some critical insights to make sure your standing desk isn’t hurting you. The secret life of high heeled shoes and what they can do to your body. What determines the amount of movement you should be getting on a daily basis. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 168: The Science Of Willpower, Beating Megaphobia, And The One Thing - With Jay Papasan  

What we are able to have, give, do and become in our lives is largely determined by how we choose to spend our time. Seneca said, “It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. Life is long enough, and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to us for the highest achievements if it were all well invested.”

A big secret to success in life is learning how to focus on what really matters. And at no other point in human history has focus been such a hugely scarce commodity. If you can reacquire your focus, and place it intently on the thing that matters most, then there’s absolutely no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why I had to talk with Jay Papasan.

Jay is the co-author of the bestselling, mega-hit book The One Thing. Today he’s here to share with you some priceless wisdom to help you live the life you want, break through your mental barriers, and become the best version of yourself. The tips and insights are running wild in this episode, so make sure you’re ready to catch them!

In this episode you'll discover: Why food and memories are intimately linked up in our minds. Why it’s never your “title” that defines you. What The One Thing really is (this is life-changing!). How attempting to do everything right can be a bigtime spiritual stressor. How to create the “Domino Effect” in the most important areas of life. How to find The One Thing for transforming your body. How you can find out what YOUR one thing is. The surprising impact of multitasking (this is mind-blowing!). What your willpower actually is and how it’s always negative and positive. Why willpower is a nutrition issue. What megaphobia is and how it’s probably impacting your life. What a focusing question is and why it’s a MUST to have one. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 167: Taking On Major Food Companies And Being A Champion For Health - With Vani Hari  

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” This is a quote from the ever-wise Dale Carnegie. And this is the first statement that comes to mind when I think of the courage of Vani Hari.

Vani is an action-taker. She began her life like many of us in modern society… fast food, fast life, and a fast-track to a date with disease.

Her action-taking nature was being used against her, and it landed her in a hospital bed, facing invasive surgery, and an important life decision.

Vani was hurt. She, like millions of others, put her trust in the corporations that manufacture the food that landed on her plate every day. Through a series of events (that you’re going to learn about today) she discovered that many of these multi-billion companies were putting chemicals in their foods that were leading to serious (and sometimes fatal) conditions for more people than you can imagine.

When she was presented with this information she had a choice. She could sit back and complain, or she could actually do something about it. And she decided to act!

But how in the world can a person take on a multi-billion dollar company? They have deep pockets, sly marketing reps and “fixers”, and legions of lawyers paid top dollar to make sure that your concerns never see the light of day.

It is a modern day David & Goliath story… And you know how that ended for Goliath.

The road hasn’t been easy, but by looking fear in the face, taking inspired action, and having the heart to make a real difference, Vani has helped to make changes to the food system that you have likely experienced firsthand even though you may have never heard her name before.

Today we are honoring Vani, and we are fortunate enough to have her here to share her story. It’s inspiring, and it’s also laced with important life lessons. Enjoy, and please make sure to stay connected with Vani and The Food Babe Army because together WE are really the agents of change for the health of our future generations.

In this episode you'll discover: How eating to “fit in” can lead to some big health challenges. How an invasive surgery triggered a transformation in Vani’s life. What surprising role your appendix plays in your health. What inspired Vani to leave her corporate job and pursue a career in health & wellness full-time. Why Kraft Foods used different ingredients in other countries for their super-popular macaroni & cheese. Why artificial food dyes are a huge potential health problem. How Vani was able to get multi-billion dollar food companies to make their products healthier. What some of The Sickening 15 are (and why you need to avoid them!). Why growth hormone is used in our food supply. The shocking amount of the world’s antibiotics that are given to livestock. How pesticides can seriously damage your health. Why shifting our demand is so critical to shifting our food system. How many synthetic ingredients are added to our food supply (this is crazy!). What GRAS is and how food companies use it to do what they want. Why there’s a weird stigma about organic foods. How fast food correlates with how we live our lives. Items mentioned in this episode include: ⇐ Use the coupon code modelhealth for 20% off & a free book! 
TMHS 166: The Secret Life Of Your Immune System  

Hippocrates, who is largely considered to be the father of modern medicine, said that, “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” Hippocrates was speaking about the miraculous power of our immune system, and that’s what today’s show is all about.

Where is this mysterious immune system located? And how does it work? These are questions that I used to ponder many years ago, and it led me to realize that to understand the bigger picture, I first needed to understand the smaller picture.

Our immune systems are hyper-intelligent and, in a strange way, they are omnipotent and omnipresent in the evolution of humanity. Our immune systems are what have enabled us to adapt and move beyond all manner of diseases that could have wiped us out long ago. But, our immune system is the trainer, rehabilitator, and defender of every cell in our body. Our immune system is something to be highly praised and supported. And a great way to show thanks is to learn a little more about it.

Your immune systems is doing its job from the top of your head to the very bottom of your feet. But the heart of your immune system lives a very secret and special life that we are going to dive into today. You’ll learn a big part of how this amazing system works, plus value-packed tips to help you keep your immune system strong and healthy for a lifetime.

In this episode you'll discover: What the 3 major functions of your lymphatic system are. How your lymphatic system engages with cancer cells. The surprising way that your lymphatic system impacts fat-soluble nutrients. How weight loss is influenced by your lymphatic system. Why your circulatory system and lymphatic system differ in how they move throughout your body. What all of your major lymphatic organs are (this might surprise you!). How your lymph fluid gets filtered at different points in your body. Where the training of your immune system takes place. What lymphocytes are and why they’re crucial to your health. What your largest lymphatic organ is and the important roles it plays. How the all-important thymus gland governs your immune system. What a vestigial structure is (this is just weird!). Which organ is a “safe house" for friendly bacteria. Your body’s first line of defense for your immune system. Why haphazard use of antibiotics can be devastating to our health (and our society). Which specific foods help to enhance immune system function. How a poorly functioning lymph system can impair your body’s lipid metabolism. What supplements can be helpful for the lymphatic system. How movement impacts your lymphatic system. What the best exercises are for your lymphatic system. Why our sleep quality has a huge influence on detoxification. How our clothing can impact our lymph flow (this is shocking!). How stress, cancer, and the lymphatic system are all related. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 165: 12 Principles To Change Your Brain And Change Your Life - With Dr. Daniel Amen  

An ever expanding mystery to biologist and physicist alike, the human brain is truly the final frontier in understanding our universe, our world, and ourselves.

The form and function of your brain literally dictates everything about you. Your ability to choose papaya over Pop Tarts, your ability to choose forgiveness over hate, and your ability to choose courage over fear are all governed by that magnificent 3 pound organ resting inside of your head.

Your brain directs hormone function, activation of genetic programs, management of all of your senses and how you experience the world, and so much more. Today you’ll get an accelerated, easy-to-understand masterclass on brain basics.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a prolific physician, writer, and speaker who has been a pioneer in transforming our society’s understanding of the human brain, and how the function of our brain deeply impacts every area of our lives.

There might not be any information you’ll ever receive that can have a greater impact on your life. If you can change your brain, you can literally change everything about your reality. Learn from Dr. Amen what you can do to ensure you have the best brain possible. Avoid things that hurt your brain, and indulge in the things that help it. Let’s do this!

In this episode you'll discover: Why eating the wrong kind of fats can damage your brain. What brain SPECT imaging is (and why it’s so life-changing!). Why adequate sleep is crucial for brain health. 12 principles to change your brain and change your life. Why a healthy brain is the #1 key for success in any area. Why the notion of free will is a very, very grey area. What makes your brain an “energy hog”. How soft your brain actually is (this will really surprise you!). Shocking reports on the relationship between soccer and brain damage. What Dr. Amen discovered in his NFL concussion studies. How alcohol consumption impacts your brain. How brain health relates to sexual health. Why there’s actually different types of anxiety, depression, and ADD. Why brain aging is optional (this is important!). Items mentioned in this episode include: 
TMHS 164: Sex, Drugs, And The Sleep Revolution - With Arianna Huffington  

There’s a battle going on for your health. Never before in human history have we had so many things vying for our time and attention. And never before have we had so many things that pull us further and further from our natural state of health and well-being.

Arianna Huffington has become a voice on the frontline leading the charge to take back control of our health. Her winning battle tactic: great sleep.

Arianna was noted at one of The World’s 100 Most influential People by Time magazine and she’s using her platform of influence to help spark The Sleep Revolution.

Your body undergoes the greatest transformation from your diet and exercise while you are asleep. It’s the ultimate pillar of health that actually makes sustainable change happen. Today you’re going to learn how sleep impacts everything from your sex life, to your physical appearance, to your performance at work. Plus, you’ll get proven tips to become a talented sleep warrior so that you can be skilled at getting the best sleep of your life.

In this episode you'll discover: The amazing story that enabled Arianna Huffington to create the Huffington Post. What inspired Arianna to become so passionate about sleep wellness. How the industrial revolution became the catalyst for our modern day sleep problems. Why Arianna says that sleep deprivation is the new smoking. Why melatonin is actually a big player in fat loss. What Arianna’s evening sleep ritual looks like. Why we need sleep to metabolize stress. Why you might want to consider changing your relationship with your alarm clock. The shocking impact that common sleep medications have on your body. What role our dreams play in our lives. How sleep is intimately connected to beauty and sexual attraction. How our food choices impact our sleep quality. Items mentioned in this episode include: ⇐ Use the coupon code modelhealth for 20% off & a free book! Ettitude ⇐ Get 10% off of these organic, hypoallergenic bamboo lyocell sheets! The Huffington Post Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

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TMHS 163: How To Create A Superhero Brain  

I love the quote from Bill Waterson that says, “Experience is food for the brain.” What’s so wonderful about our brains is that they are continuously learning, continuously growing, and continuously making new connections.

Your brain is this miraculous, self-designing entity. It can do so much to change your own world, but it can also change the world at large. However, it can only activate its true potential if we give it the tools to do so.

Experience feeds the brain. And there is likely no greater experience for nourishing and energizing your brain than The Superhero Brain Conference.

This event highlights the greatest thinkers and experts on improving and using your brain that the world has ever seen. Your brain is the governing force that’s directing every thought and every cell in your body. If you truly want to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life, then there’s nothing more important than learning how to create a superhero brain.

In this episode you'll discover: What neuroplasticity is and why it’s important. Why learning keeps your brain young. The 3 major ways to create new neural connections in your brain. How your self-talk influences your brain and your life. 3 keys to changing your self-talk to help you reach your goals. How to train your brain to make accurate neuroassociations that boost your productivity. How your sleep quality impacts your memory. Why your gut health is influencing your sleep health. How these sheets can actually improve your sleep quality. Why Apple made major changes to the iPhone to help improve sleep. Which nutrients are critical to brain function. What incredible lessons I received from 28-time Grammy Award winner Quincy Jones about learning. Why we tend to fight for our limitations. 3 strategies to instantly change your perception of the challenges in your life. Items mentioned in this episode include: ⇐ Use the coupon code modelhealth for 20% off & a free book! Jim Kwik Interview - The Model Health Show Exercise To Be Smarter, Younger & More Successful - The Model Health Show Ettitude ⇐ Get 10% off of these organic, hypoallergenic bamboo lyocell sheets! Superhero Brain Conference ⇐ Get access to the replay here!

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