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Rap Dkta D's in da house  

A dog saves a toddler's life, if you've got a problem, yo, this doctor will solve it. This and much more coming up in the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.Catherine Constantinides – a superhero without a capeBlack fraternity helps to clean up mess after "spring break" party on South BeachHistoric black church receives $3 million gift to pay off mortgageSuper-grateful teen gives most of $500,000 lottery win to his parentsFormerly abused dog saves 3-year-old girl she finds naked and shivering in a ditch is very sad that he didn't get to use his line "reports of the doctor waxing chumps like a candle have yet to be substantiated"... because he totally forgot. But he wanted you to know that he thought of it.You can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

The Triple 7 Quest  

An 80 year-old mother to 800 kids, a 70 year-old marathon runner, and a ticket home for a beloved janitor. This is the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.Vancouver bans the use of dolphins and whales in aquariumsM&S host mental health drop-ins as part of Ruby Wax’s Frazzled Café projectCounty in Texas is helping veterans pay their utility billsShe lost a daughter. Today she shelters 800 girlsHockey team sends beloved janitor home to see family for the first time in 30 yearsThis 70-year-old woman ran a marathon on every continent in 1 weekYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

Sealed with a kiss  

A vertical forrest in China, Abraham Lincoln gets the rap treatment and the sweetest proposal you'll hear all week. This is the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.China replacing 70,000 petrol-fueled taxis with electricTrees growing out of buildings could help heal China’s air pollution problem facility wants to destigmatise mental health care among low-income residentsWorld’s oldest golfing club to finally admit women guy hid a secret proposal message in love letters to his girlfriendYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

Generosity and gene therapy  

Iceland mandates equal pay for women and a stroke victim raises $400k from scrap. This is the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.Woman searches for boy who left sweet note and money on her doorStranger buys $749 plane ticket for distraught father's toddlerIceland to become first country requiring equal pay for womenMan saves scraps for decades to raise $400k for children’s homeGene therapy in a patient with sickle cell diseaseYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

International Women's Day special  

The oldest surgeon in the world, a 10 year-old on strike, and a heart-wrenching dating profile. This is the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.10-year-old explains to principal why she’s joining a ‘day without a woman’Six-year-old girl declines birthday gifts, feeds homeless insteadPittsburgh restaurant gives female staff paid day off for ‘a day without a woman’I competed in a beauty pageant with facial paralysisAlla Ilyinichna Levushkina, the oldest surgeonDying writer pens heartfelt plea for someone to marry her husbandYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

One million karma points  

A stranger builds a house for a fast-food worker, goldfish get a viking funeral and the Robin Hood of cookery wins all the karma points. This is the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.Customer admires Chick-fil-A employee so much, he built him a new homeNBA player to donate $1,000 for every point he scores at next gameWashington governor bans employees from helping Donald Trump's immigration crackdownYou’ll want to steal the ‘pick-up lime’ this teen used to ask a girl outPrimary school gives honourable viking funerals for class goldfishGenerous chef gets paid back for kindness after his restaurant burns downYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

Join the Dot  

Iceland solves teen drunkenness, a homeless man gets a bus ride home and North Korea invents the Braille smartwatch. This is the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.One of the world’s best restaurants just promoted dishwasher to partnerGarbage collector rescues books from the trash for low-income kidsAfter random meeting with homeless man, youth surprises him with ticket homeIceland fixed its teen substance-abuse problem by giving them something better to doThis 100-year-old woman got arrested to fulfil her bucket listBraille smartwatch lets users feel time, texts and GPS directionsYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

Who's gonna drive you home?  

Marriage equality could lead to lower suicide rates, and save a dog, get some free beer in return. This is the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.Same-sex marriage linked to decline in teen suicidesBrewery gives free case of beer to anyone who adopts abused dog at local shelterMan drives hours to provide drought stricken wildlife with waterDeputy responds to girl, 19, who 'stole' his bike to get home safely: 'It had to be scary for her'Teen who walked 5 hours to work now drives, thanks to policeYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

Dog for mayor... again  

Vandalism of the Statue of Liberty, police called to maths emergency, and a dog is elected as mayor, again. This is the Mood Elevator, brought ot you by Podiant.‘Refugees Welcome’ sign unfurled on the Statue of LibertyMeet the subway guitarist who gives all of his earnings awayRaising Elaan: Profoundly disabled boy's 'co-mommas' make legal historyFifth grader asks Marion police for help with math homeworkDog elected as Cormorant town mayor in Minnesota for third term in a rowYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

Cat rescue  

A girl with a glitter-shooting arm, Tiny Trumps make us laugh, and a cat saves a sleeping family of five. That's all coming up on the Mood Elevator, brought to you by Podiant.A girl and her glitter-shooting prosthetic: 'You can do anything'Brewery offers paid 'paw-ternity' leave for employees with new puppiesThis small city is setting aside 1,000 acres for bees and butterfliesTiny Trumps is a breath of sheer laughterWorkmen's cafe overwhelmed with customers after it is accidentally awarded a Michelin starHero cat saves sleeping family of 5 from fireYou can find the show on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find Mark at @iamsteadman. Don't forget to check out Podiant to get your next podcast project off the ground for free.

Cuddles when you need 'em  

It's Friday, and would you believe it, I'm here with my hand on the buttons to operate the Mood Elevator and take us through to the weekend. All aboard? Let's get moving.Teacher creates chairs from tennis balls to soothe autistic studentsA primary school teacher in Illinois is doing that little bit extra for her autistic pupils. She's modified chairs with paint, glue and tennis balls, for kids with Down syndrome, autism, or sensory processing disorders. “Sensory seating is used for students who may have difficulty processing information from their senses and from the world around them,” wrote the school on Facebook. “Tennis balls on the seat and backrest provide an alternative texture to improve sensory regulation.”Guard squirrel pet goes nuts on burglarJoey is a squirrel on a mission. When his owner was out, a burglar came in to try and, well, burgle the place. But Joey had other ideas. He set about attacking him until he left. The culprit got away with some loot, but when he was arrested, the police officer who'd met Joey's owners asked where he'd got the scratches on his hands. "Yeah" he said, "damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left". Joey's now been awarded with treats and national praise for his good deed, so says the Good News Network.Atlanta Zoo loses Super Bowl bet, names cockroach after Tom BradySticking with the animal theme, the Atlanta Zoo recently lost a bet with their rivals Rhode Island. The forfeit? To name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after Tom Brady. According to the Huffington Post, they've kept up the naming convention with his siblings, Mike, Carol, Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jan and Cindy.Abandoned dog leads rescuer to rabbit friend Read more at if you've been listening long enough, you'll know I'm a sucker for a good animal rescue story. Well, this one has a bit of a twist. A Jack Russell terrier caught the attention of a driver in Florida. The dog looked in pretty bad shape, but seemed to want the driver's attention not for himself, but for his friend. A rabbit. The driver fed the pair his lunch, then drove the dog to the local dog shelter and the rabbit to the Humane Society, who look after small animals.Coeur d’Alene hospital’s cuddle support has babies at heartAnd we close out with the expansion of a service provided by an Idaho hospital. Baby cuddlers are on staff at this hospital's neonatal intensive care unit, providing round-the-clock cooing, gurgling and snuggles for premature and at-risk babies. It was a programme that started in 2011, to help give much-needed skin-on-skin and verbal contact to kids who need it. They're trained and doctors decide whether babies are in need of the service, and surprisingly enough they're pretty overstaffed.And that, my dear friend, is all I have for you. Have a magnificent weekend, and I'll see you on Tuesday. Remember you can find the show at and follow me on Twitter @elevatorpod.

Ring of peace  

Welcome once more aboard the Mood Elevator. Here's some stories that have fallen down the back of the Internet for Tuesday 14th February.Westdale students create "ring of peace" around school to promote inclusionThe CBC in Canada has a story about pupils creating what it calls a "ring of peace" around a school to promote inclusion.Still reeling from the Quebec mosque shooting and the climate following travel restrictions imposed by the US, many sought solidarity from their communities.You can see photos of find out more about the story by checking out the show notes or going to Colbert shocks South Carolina schools by funding every single teacher-requested shares a story from one of the USA Today websites, about comedian Stephen Colbert, who isn't massively well-known in the UK, but who now heads one of the big nightly talk shows in the States.He  announced on Thursday via live video, that he would fund every existing grant request South Carolina public school teachers have made on an education crowdfunding website. He's partnering with Share Fair Nation and ScanSource to fund nearly 1,000 projects for more than 800 teachers at over 375 schools, totalling $800,000.Youth team forfeits season over excluding girlsESPN have a story about a youth basketball team in New Jersey decided it would rather give up the rest of its season than play without its two female teammates. The Catholic Youth Organisation league recently notified officials at St John's in Clark, New Jersey, that their fifth-grade team should never have been mixed-sex and their girls wouldn't be permitted to finish the season. The squad unanimously decided to not take to the court without their full team in a vote Friday taken before a game.Young neighbour invites ailing 89 year-old woman to move inEven though 31-year-old Chris Salvatore and 89-year-old Norma Cook are vastly different ages, they are the perfect roommates for each other – and the best of friends.So says this article from the Good News Network, about a California actor called Chris, who decided he didn't want his neighbour to have to live alone.“I would help her cook meals, drive her to the doctors, banks, pharmacies and even just recently I got the amazing experience to accompany her to vote. We had such a blast these past few years filled with so much joy and laughter” says Chris.After doctors said she'd need round-the-clock care, Chris decided to provide that himself, and invited Norma to move in.Single Utah mum dresses up as man to take child to father-son eventAnd finally, Whitney Kittrell is a single mother to a young boy whose nursery was holding a "Dads and Doughnuts" day. She asked her son if he wanted to bring his grandfather along, and he said he wanted her because he was her "mother and father". So, she drew on a moustache and a beard, donned a baseball cap and went out to breakfast with her son. After the event, he ran up to her and whispered "Mom, I know that you'll always be there and do anything for me. Thank you. I love you".And there you go. If you want to help me out, and keep this rickety show on the rails, send me your stories to, or find me on Twitter @elevatorpod. If Valentine's Day means anything to you, I hope you have a nice one. Either way, I'll see you in a few days.

Help is at hand  

Here's some (belated) good news for Tuesday 7th February.Flight attendant 'saved girl from human trafficking by leaving note in plane toilet'I am indebted to Kim Gregory (@StrengthsAtWork) for pointing me in the direction of this first story, which has made quite a few ripples across the web in the last couple of days. It's the story of a flight attendant, who saved a girl from human trafficking. Shelia Frederick was working on  flight from Seattle to San Francisco when she noticed a girl travelling with a man. She looked the worse for wear while he was smartly dressed. "Something in the back of my mind said something is not right” she later told the news, so she left a note for her on the mirror of the plane's toilet. The girl replied with “I need help" so Shelia arranged for the guy to be arrested when the plane landed.New Yorkers unite to scrub off hateful graffiti on subway carWe take you now to a subway car in Manhattan. The doors open and everyone boards in silence, looking at each-other uncomfortably. This is all due to the fact that the walls are plastered with swastikas and racist slogans. One enterprising commuter said "Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol". He found some tissues and, as a team, the passengers cleared the graffiti in around two minutes.In the Netherlands, empty prisons become homes for refugeesOver in the Netherlands, the crime and drug rate has declined for so long that their prisons are going empty and unused. Dozens of correctional facilities have already closed, so the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers  - and, frankly, hats off for having an agency with that name - got to work retooling the prisons as a way to house those seeking asylum.The random act of kindness that led to a homeless man being reunited with his family... thanks to BevA woman in Manchester came across a homeless man, so she popped into a local baguette shop and gave the guy behind the counter £15 to feed this gent for a week. On the way out she thought she recognised the homeless man's face. Turns out he was the brother of a former work colleague. Ciaran at the baguette shop, whose post about Bev's random act of kindness had attracted thousands of shares, managed to find the relevant contact details, and although we don't know the homeless man's name, he's now been reunited with his brother and is sleeping at his house.After much effort, Springfield woman finally coaxes dog to come inside HIDE CAPTION Terri Pellman said it took six weeks of coaxing and patience before the stray dog she has named Sandy felt comfortable enough to let her get close. Ted Schurter/The StateTerri Pellman is from Illinois. She has four dogs, but when she saw a local stray who was well-known to the neighbourhood, she decided to try and do what nobody else had managed: she wanted to catch him and find him a home. For weeks she'd go and sit in the same spot and try and inch her way closer to the dog. Finally she built up enough trust to get close to her, but the dog still wouldn't be petted, until one day when Terri decided it was now or never. She made a grab for the dog, and was able to bring her home. She's named the dog Sandy, and she's now joined the Pellman family, and has a favourite spot on the sofa in the front room. to say sorry for being late and missing last week, here's a little bonus courtesy of @probablydrunk, who sent me a photo, captioned "This pitbull wouldn't leave the shelter without the chihuahua he was protecting, so the owner adopted both!". Follow the link in the shownotes, or head to to see the photo.And that's your lot. I'm hoping to be bakc with you on Friday morning, all being well. Thanks so much for listening, and do keep your stories coming in. You can find me on Twitter @elevatorpod or email See you in a few days.

Great catch  

It's Tuesday 31st January, and I'm back to bring you another brief hit of good news. And before I start, if you've got any stories of civil disobedience or rebellion, I'd love to hear them. When the powers at be make asinine decisions, I want to hear how people are fighting back. Send anything you've got to’s search for fishing buddy ends in quite a catch“My name is Ray Johnstone. Australian. I’m a widowed pensioner who is looking for a fishing mate. My previous mate is now deceased.” So read a Gumtree ad from a 70 year-old man whose fishing buddy had passed away. The ad struck a chord with thousands of people, and started the hashtag #I’llFishWithRay. Since he posted it on the 19th January, he's now found a guy in a similar situation that he can go fishing with. Good catch, Internet. Pun intended.Poor Kenyan couple who got married in T-shirts, gets dream honeymoon and other luxury packages after their touching wedding story went viralWhen twentysomethings Ann and Wilson tied the knot last week, they did it on a shoe string. Dressed in t-shirts, they were married by Pastor Jasper, who shared photos along with their story, on Facebook. The Nairobi couple don't have a lot of money, so the church paid for the papers to be rubber-stamped, and thanks to the pastor's Facebook post, companies have reached out with offers of a lavish ceremony including photoshoot, a honeymoon and gifts.Mum covers anti-homeless spikes in Manchester with cushionsAfter anti-homeless spikes put up in Manchester got a mother of two incensed, she decided to do something about it. She recruited her sons George and Sam, went on a shopping trip to Primark and came back with a bunch of cushions which they scattered on the floor, covering the spikes.  If you check out the story you'll see the photos, and the little area they've created, with a load of sandwiches and a handwritten sign saying "Take a seat and have a bite to eat".Texas mosque burns down, donations exceed 500k in just 24 hoursAfter the Islamic Center of Victoria in Texas burned down on Saturday, the building’s representatives setup a crowdfunding campaign to rebuild it, and it didn't take long for them to raise $500,000 of their $850,000 goal. They've now surpassed their goal, with several commenters offering skills like carpentry and constructionIdentical twin boys at risk in the womb kept each other alive by cuddlingA story from August has bubbled up through the Internet. Posted originally on the Sun's website, it tells of twin babies Rowan and Blake, whose umbilical chords were at risk of tangling in the womb, since they were both sharing the same amniotic sac. If this were to have happened, there's nothing that could've been done, but the babies survived by cuddling. Multiple scans showed the babies clutching each other and not moving, and at 34 weeks they were born via Caesarean section, and are doing well.And that's all I have for you for now. I'll be back on Friday, and don't forget to forward your stories of civil disobedience to The world is getting darker; let's not get angry, let's get even.


Welcome once again aboard the Mood Elevator, for Thursday 26th January.Meet the soda pop puppies, saved from death, now warming laps across central New YorkAnd we begin with puppies! Ten of them were due to be born in a tiny Texas town, but the shelter the mother was supposed to go to was completely full, so she'd received a death sentence. Then rings the phone of one Lori Bowlin Davidson, who runs the Coalition for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty in the nearby city of Crockett. She gave over her large bathroom, turning it into a kennel and making it possible for Livingston to have her puppies. Sadly one didn't make it, but after 10 hours, she was delivered of 9 gorgeous black and white bundles of joy. That's a good story!Couple recounts terrifying plunge into icy west Quebec lakeWho's up for some good old-fashioned heroism? I know I am. Kevin Wiseman is part of a snowmobile club, and when he's grooming his trails - basically packing snow - his wife Audrey likes to come along. The couple were in Wiseman's snowmobile when it plunged into what the husband thought was a field, but turned out to be a frozen lake. Wiseman tried punching the windscreen, then headbutting it as they sank underwater, and when he finally got out he realised his wife was still trapped somewhere underwater. Three times he dove back down to find her, and he was finally able to pull her free, and then carry her to a nearby home which just so happened to be inhabited by a nurse. "I call him my hero. If not for him, I would not be here" says Audrey.Iraqi refugee stands for Glasgow council elections to repay Scottish neighbours for their kindnessRoza Salih is 27 and originally from Iraq. She left with her family to seek asylum in Britain 16 years ago after they were persecuted for speaking out against Saddam's regime. Despite being subject to dawn raids and detentions, she wanted to say thank you to the Glasgow community that welcomed her, so she's running as an SNP candidate in the upcoming council elections. If you're in Glasgow's ward 13, maybe consider giving her your vote?This Caribbean doctor learnt to speak Welsh so he can chat to children on his wardAnd on a not unrelated note, Dr Phillip Moore is a doctor practicing in Wales. He's originally from Barbados, but moved to Bangor to become an ear, nose and throat surgeon. He's been described as "one of the children's ward's biggest friends" and with good reason, as he's taken to learning Welsh so he can talk to the local kids. He's not messing around either; he passed his higher level exam in July.Stevie Wonder hears man singing ‘Superstition’ and joins him for duetSo, picture the scene. You're a singer, performing for an audience in a hotel lobby. You're singing a Stevie Wonder classic, but you can't remember the second verse. You know the one about the writing on the wall and the thirteen month old baby, but you're stuck on the bit after the brass comes in. Well, too bad you don't have Stevie Wonder to help you. Well, Grayson Erhard was just that lucky it turns out. He was part of the way through his rendition when in walks music royalty. Wonder joined Erhard on stage and they totally jammed.And that'll do it for now. Thanks as ever for listening, and I shall speak to you again on Monday.


It's Monday 233rd January, and time once again to board the Mood Elevator. I hope that, if you did catch the news on Friday, you've had enough time to recover. OK, let's get to it.It’s _really_ irritating Donald Trump that the Women’s March is bigger than his inaugurationMary Sue have a sort-of opinion piece about how irritated the Trump camp are with the fact that there were more women marching in protest against him than watched his inauguration. Trump's spokesperson claimed that the white tarpaulin that was protecting the grass leading up to the Lincoln Memorial was creating an optical illusion that made it look like there were fewer people there than attended Obama's do, and you've probably already read about the "alternative fact" he gave about the numbers of people attending being the biggest in history. Incase you didn't know, "alternative fact" is new post post-truth word for "lie".Teen raises over $13,000 for college after parents cut her off for dating a black guyAllie Dowdle is a blond, white student in Memphis, and when she started going out with a black guy, her parents refused to pay for her college tuition and took away her car, so she took to GoFundMe to raise cash to get her to university. She asked for $10,000, and has so far received over $35,300. She's been applying for scholarships and doing the leg work, and she's got the grades to show she's serious.Supermarket introduces “relaxed lane” for special needs customersAs a guy who can get a bit flustered, especially when it's busy, this news tweaked my attention. A Tesco branch in Scotland has opened up a "relaxed" lane for people who, for whatever reason, need to take their time. It's designed so that people with Alzheimer's don't feel harried and under pressure once they get to the checkout. The lane's open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; let's hope it catches on around the country.Brain cancer survivor to attempt 7 marathons in 7 days -- on 7 continentsToday, a brain cancer survivor will start the first of 7 marathons in 7 days, on 7 continents. Beth-Ann Telford is 47, and had a brain tumour, but after most of it was removed, she found out she couldn't have children, she lost the sight in her left eye and had to re-learn standing and walking. Now, she's running 183 miles to raise money for brain cancer research. What an incredible woman; I wish her the best of luck tor the next week, and if I can, I'll bring you news of how she gets on, next week.Principal shaves head after bald boy is teased in schoolAnd finally to Pekin Middle School in Atlanta, where the headmaster has ordered a student to shave his head. Not the student's head, the head's... head.  It started when an 11 year-old student shaved his to show solidarity with his granddad who has cancer. The kids made fun of him - because kids - so the Principal Tim Hadley decided to show them what solidarity means, by getting himself shorn by the bullied kid.And that is it for Monday. Thanks as ever for subscribing, and if you get the chance, check out my radio show today - Monday - at 2pm. It's really fun and I think you'll enjoy it, so head to from 2, or subscribe to the podcast. See you on Thursday.

Free pizza with each podcast download  

Check out Mark Steadman's Escape Hatch!It's Thursday 19th January, and time for another ride on the Mood Elevator. This set of stories is one of my favourites in a while, and is what I'd like to see in the clip show they show Humanity just before it walks off the stage.Locals knit giant sweaters so rescue elephants can stay warmIn Mathura, India, elephants who have had a rubbish time are getting cosy, thanks to knitwear created by the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre. These elephants have spent time in the circus, used to beg on the streets, and have, as a result not been looked after all that well. Luckily now they have nice snuggly jumpers to see them through the winter. Apparently they've taken to them quite well.Painless ‘smart patch’ delivers insulin to diabetics without needlesIf you're diabetic you know how much of a pain your condition can be to manage. Daily insulin shots can be just a small part of the issue, but thanks to Science!, those living with the condition might be spared the needle. A new "smart patch" is under development, which painlessly delivers insulin into the wearer's blood stream. The patch is made up of tiny pouches which break apart in response to rising glucose levels, and the insulin inside is delivered via lots of tiny, painless needles. It's currently being tested on mice, and the trial's going well.Italy pizzeria hands out free pizzas to traffic jamPicture the scene. It's Monday evening and you're driving home from work in northern Italy. Well, you're not driving anymore because there's tailbacks as far as the eye can see, thanks to a fire up in the hills. You've been stuck in your car for hours, but what do you see in the distance? Water and free pizza being delivered from car to car, thanks to Simone di Maria and his generous pizzeria. One person took to Facebook to ask that the Mayor issue a special announcement to thank him.  I'll keep you posted on further developments.There’s going to be a huge queer dance party at Mike Pence’s houseAnd now for two stories of Trump-based mischief. An LGBTQ activist group in Washington planned a huge dance party outside Mike Pence's house, which is happening right now at the time of this recording, and in all honesty is probably still happening as you hear this. They're showing the Vice President-elect that trans- and homophobia is not tolerated in the US, and they're doing it with glitter and rainbow paraphernalia. Yas!‘Nasty Women’ art shows raise over $50,000 for Planned ParenthoodAnd finally, I'm going to assume you remember the "nasty woman" quote from the last Trump/Clinton debate. Well, so do nearly 700 artists who have banded together under that name. They protested earlier in the month and have now contributed to an art exhibition organised by New York artist Roxanne Jackson. You can buy "nasty woman" works of art from $100, and all the money goes towards the US non-profit organisation Planned Parenthood.And that's your lot for this week. Thanks so much for listening, and do please take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. See you on Monday.


Welcome to the Mood Elevator, for Monday 16th January. And thanks to Alan Pearce, the latest follower of the @moodelevator Twitter account.Check out my Brum Radio showStolen baby found alive in South Carolina 18 years onAnd we kick off with the biggest story from the week, which is more than 18 years in the making. A newborn baby who was stolen from a Florida hospital. Kamiyah lived under the family name Williams for 18 years, until it was revealed through police investigations and subsequent DNA testing that the woman who brought her up - who's now been charged with kidnapping - wasn't her biological mother. Kamiyah has now been reunited with her birth family, who are said to be "elated".Dog saves owner’s life by lying on him for nearly 24 hours in freezing conditionsA Michigan man called Bob has his dog Kelsey to thank for saving his life this week. Bob broke his neck after slipping in sub-zero conditions just outside his farmhouse. Unable to move, his dog barked for help and then lay on him for the duration, to keep his body temperature up. “By morning my voice was gone and I couldn’t yell for help, but Kelsey didn’t stop barking” said Bob, who was found at 6:30pm on New Year's Day, and was rushed to hospital where he's now recovering.US doctor performs additional ‘surgery’ on young patient's toyThere's a doctor in Wisconsin who's going the extra miles for the kids he tends to. He's a urologist, and when he spots a kid with a slightly battered toy, he operates on it. His story hit it big this week when thousands of people reacted to a photo on the hospital's Facebook page, of a repaired Sully from Monsters Inc.Man finds year-old $1 million winning lottery ticket while cleaning his houseA man cleaning up his home in Oregon found a lottery ticket this week, that had hung around for a year. You can see where this story is going, but it's partly interesting because it was due to expire in only a matter of days. He'd put it in an envelope ages ago and forgotten about it, and was lucky enough to find it again. So, how much did he win? Oh, just a million dollars! Lucky son-of-a..Business owner creates bus stop outside pub by using discarded signAnd finally to Sussex in the UK, and the Gallipot Inn. One day, the owner found a battered old bus stop sign near his pub, and decided to put it up for a laugh. He thought it might amuse his regulars, but he didn't expect that it would necessarily bring any new custom. Well, it did, and became so popular that the bus company added the stop to its timetable.

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It's Thursday 12th January, so here's another trip up the Mood Elevator. I'm your lift operator Mark Steadman, and I'll be pressing the buttons today, but I promise to give you a go soon.This boy grew his hair for two years so he could donate it to his friendGabby is a young girl in Florida with alopecia. From the video she looks to be barely into her teens and she's lost all the hair on her head, but help is at hand, and has been waiting for the last two years. Gabby's friend Tyler has been mistaken for a girl for the last couple of years because he's grown his hair out so that hey can have it cut and donate it as a wig to his friend. Tyler says “I just want to make her happy.”Florida restaurant offers special ‘Angel Shot’ to help women escape bad datesStaying in Florida, if you use the ladies' room at this restaurant in St Petersberg, you'll see an ad for a special order you can make at the bar. It's called an angel shot, and it's a signal to the bar staff that you're having a date that's going sour.  If the guy;'s a creep you can order it neat and someone will escort you safely to your car, order it "on the rocks" and someone will call you a taxi,  and if you're in particular destress you can order the shot with lime and the venue will call the police. A discreet, no-fuss way of getting out of a dodgy Tinder date.Senior knits 10k socks for homeless using super machineNow you may see this story doing the rounds, and with good reason as it's really quite charming. Bob Rutherford is an 88 year-old Canadian with a mission to make socks. He created a knitting machine around a decade ago and is now putting it to use to clothe the feet of Canada's homeless population. His son gave him the advice “If you want to help yourself, help somebody else”, and I have to say that you can do far worse than have that as a life motto.Teens shovelling snow for cash save stranger’s lifeCoby, Rebecca, Marcello and Jerry are four teenagers from Colorado who each have a hand in saving an elderly man's life. They sound like they should be in a pop band, but in fact were going door-to-door asking people if they wanted their driveways cleared of snow, but when they got to this man's door they heard him shout for help. It seems he'd fallen and had been lying there for some days, but since the kids weren't able to get the door open, they called 911 and the fire service were round to mount a rescue.Spotify offers Barack Obama a job as 'President of Playlists'And in a month when America is losing its coolest president in decades to a flaming bag of poop on a stick, it's good to know Spotify is looking out for the man's career. They've offered Barack Obama the position of "President of Playlists" at the company, which came about after he made a joke about working for them once he left office. Don't go thinking you can apply though; the job ad says only Nobel Peace Prize winners need apply.And that's it for another week. Thanks so much for listening. Do keep in touch on Twitter @elevatorpod and if you're in the US, check us out on your Amazon Echo. We think we've got it working now, so we'd love you to check it out. Just find "Mood Elevator" in the Skills section of your Alexa app. That side, I'll see you again on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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Happy new year, and welcome to the first trip up the Mood Elevator for 2017. I'm Mark Steadman, and I have five stories of good cheer to brighten up your Monday morning. Let's dive straight in.Kittens brought back from the brink by cuddlesThanks to Heather Smith for sending in this first story via our Facebook page. It's a tale of a litter of kittens, who were left out in the freezing cold without a mother. A couple heard them crying from a neighbour's lorry, and one was in particularly bad shape, cold to the bone and with only a threadbare pulse. Well, the chap who brought them in - who goes by the Imgr moniker StonemonkeyKing - managed to bring this particular kitten back from the brink, and they've now all found new homes.'I was on my knees looking for my wallet' - town rallies to raise €2k for family who lost savings after ChristmasOver in County Cavan, Ireland, Liam, a scaffolder withdrawing €2,000 form a cashpoint was devastated when he got home to find his wallet missing. It was a normal thing for him to do each month, but this time it seems he'd dropped it at some point along his route back to the car. When Liam was unable to find the wallet his wife took to Facebook, and her post caught the attention of a local hairdresser, who started a raffle and raised €3,370. They're thinking of using the excess money to buy a bench for the town, to say thank you for the generosity of its people.Hairdresser goes above and beyond for young customer with autismAnd sticking with hairdressers, here's a simple act of kindness that made a mother's day. The mother in question, Jennifer, is from Virginia and her four year-old son Isaiah has autism. He hates getting his hair cut, so a trip to the barbers is usually a screaming ball of nope. But hairdresser Kaylen wouldn't be deterred, and sat on the floor with Isaiah, chatting about Disney films and Christmas. Later his mum said Kaylen “did more for my heart than she will probably ever realise”.Singer donates kidney to venue owner who gave his band a chanceIn Utah, the owner of a club that's helped many a band get their start, was paid back in a pretty big way last month. The owner of the Velour Live Music Club in Provo needed a kidney, and he received one from the frontman of the Moth and the Flame, Brandon Robbins. Writing in a Facebook post, the keyboardist for the band said “Brandon was honestly more excited about doing this than he was to play with Weezer”.Sweetest uncle wears suit to meet baby niece ‘because first impressions matter’And finally, I've been made an uncle twice now, and I wasn't half the gent this kid is. Grant Kessler is 18 and from Ohio, and he turned up to the birth of his niece in a full suit, tie and what the Americans like to call a "pocket square", but which I'm pretty sure the rest of us just call a handkerchief. Anyway, snark aside, his younger sister - not the one having the baby, I should stress - took a snap of him with the caption “my sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because ‘first impressions matter’”. Yes they do, and you've just won at life, Grant Kessler.And that'll do it. A massive thank you goes out to Hitchin Gal for her lovely five-star review of the podcast on iTunes. Reading that really made my day, so if you feel like you can write a sentence or two to help other people discover the show, please do; just go to wherever you download podcasts, give us some stars and write something nice. I shall be back on Thursday, so until then, have a great week.

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