Anthems 121 – Manchester Pride Warm-Up - Jamie Atreyu Podcast | Manchester DJ  

The perfect party warm-up. This edition of the Jamie Atreyu podcast showcases dance floor classics and party anthems

Anthems 120 – Lose My Breath - Jamie Atreyu Podcast | Manchester DJ  

Uplifting pop and chart remixes, sexy house tunes and feel-good anthems

Anthems 119 – Feel The Love - Jamie Atreyu Podcast | Manchester DJ  

A DJ mix-set podcast of uplifting Pop hits, exclusive remixes, hard to find tracks and fresh euphoric beats.

Anthems 118 – Teardrops (On The Disco Floor) - Jamie Atreyu Podcast | Manchester | DJ  

Peak time House anthems and Pop smash hits. Exclusive remixes and the biggest uplifting hands-in-the-air tracks.

Anthems 117 – Something More - Jamie Atreyu | Manchester | DJ | Podcast  

With the biggest Pop tunes and the freshest House anthems, here's an eclectic DJ mix-set of uplifting tracks perfect for lazy Summer evenings and ideal for the start of your house party.

Anthems 116 – Rhythm Divine - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

A summer mix of fresh tunes and classic dance anthems. This DJ mix-set offers an eclectic blend of the newest chart-topping tracks and hands-in-the-air sounds.

Summer Tunes 2017 - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

A huge DJ mix-set of bangin' Summer anthems and hands-in-the-air dance floor fillers.

Anthems 115 – Dance Floor Dust Never Quite Settles - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

Fans of 90s- and 00s-style big House commercial remixes, synth productions and club anthems will love this DJ mix-set. It's filled with melodic remixes and anthemic productions designed for big room clubs.

Anthems 114 – Hot Fresh Hits - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

With Big name artists like Ariana Grande, Liam Payne and a huge new track from Rita Ora. Remixers in the mix include huge names like Cahill and 7th Heaven. This coupled with original chart mixes of the biggest charting hits makes for a perfect feel-good weekend.

Florida Anthems 2 - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

The feel-good music doesn't stop! Here's another collection of uplifting anthems expertly blended into a DJ mix-set.

Florida Anthems - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

This edition of The Jamie Atreyu Podcast has been made especially for a perfect holiday in the sun. It's packed with feel-good anthems and huge sig-a-long floor filling tracks.

Anthems 113 – Club Tunes - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

A collection of huge feel-good anthems and massive chart remixes, this DJ mix-set is packed with the biggest charting hits, from Lady Gaga and Little Mix to tried-and-tested classic dance floor fillers, including Almighty's Jackie 'O' and Natalie Browne.

Anthems 112 – Big Synth Sensations - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

Inspired by long, hot summer days, this mix is the perfect accompaniment to the start of your weekend and night out. From the mellow beats of Ace Of Base and Toto to the hands-in-the-air latin percussion of a 00s Almighty mix.

Anthems 111 – Big Summer Hits - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

The biggest Dance-Pop and the Freshest Remixes. The Jamie Atreyu Podcast delivers a sensational mix of hard to find remixes, bootlegs and beautifully crafted official productions of the biggest hits you'll hear on the dance floor.

Sundays at New York Bar Manchester - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

Bank Holiday Sunday 30th April at The Party Palace!

Anthems 110 – Pumpin’ NRG - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

Another dose of Hi-NRG, synth sensations to ease you into the weekend. The biggest House Anthems and the freshest Dance-Pop, here's a tasty selection of uplifting dance floor fillers.

Saturday Nights at New York, New York Manchester (Part 2) - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

Here's a DJ set to start any party with. It's packed with uplifting, sing along hits and dance floor fillers - one of the biggest ever featured on this podcast - with a whopping 30 tracks - it's one big ultimate pop party!

Anthems 109 – Big Pop Remixes - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

Here's a huge collection of Big Synth Remixes. Think G-A-Y at the Astoria. Think 2000s club anthems. Think Poppers o'clock.

Party Time! A Chart & Dance Megamix - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

A selection of anthemic productions and chorus-filled pop songs - all mixed together in a DJ mix-set.

Saturday Nights at New York Club Manchester - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

This is a cheese-heads DREAM! You'll be singing into your hair brush for hours on end with this one - a true happy-vibes set.

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