The Obsession Sessions

The Obsession Sessions

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A lawyer and producer, both comedians, chat about their obsessive love affair with their favorite shows in the golden age of television. So grab a spot on the couch and binge watch with the girls of The Obsession Sessions! ***SPOILERS THROUGHOUT***


This Is Us Discussing NBC's MegaHit This Is Us  

Leila and Deepti are back to give your their thoughts on the Season 1 finale of everyone's favorite network family drama, This Is Us! They discuss tears, facial hair do's and don'ts, the magic of Sterling K Brown, season 2 plot wish-lists, whether or not adults suck at making friends...and much more.

Festivus Night:Recapping HBO's The Night Of  

The lawyer and the producer reunite to air their grievances at HBO's The Night Of. They debate the speed of descent into getting neck tattoos in prison, the state of Turturro's psoriasis, and the crazy, sexy, cool girl versus the straight-laced professional who throws it all away for the bad boys.

Drag City: Recapping RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8  

The lawyer and the producer are BACK, just in time for SEASON 9, with our recap of Season 8! This time, they're joined by their sister from another podcast, Daisy Rosario (Serially Obsessed)! Take a journey as Dip is FULLY BAPTIZED into the World of Wonder that is Drag Race. We reveal our fave and least fave queens and all around have VERY BIG feelings about this season.

Girls Gone....GREAT?  

HBO's Girls - great again?? Deepti and Leila discuss season 5 of Girls. Might it have redeemed itself? **Spoilers throughout**

HBO's GIRLS Minisode  

Have you caught up to season 5 on HBO's GIRLS?? Well now is the time. Leila and Deepti will discuss their Girls feelings in the upcoming episode.

The People v. O.J. Simpson American Crime Story  

The lawyer and the producer/media critic, both HUGE liars, plunge back into true crime well! Climb aboard the nostalgia train as they recap The People vs O.J. Simpson. An American Crime Story.

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story Minisode  

Have you watched The People v. OJ yet? If not, why not? Binge away! New episode on this series out soon!

The Staircase  

The lawyer and the producer/media critic recap and review Sundance doc The Staircase. They ask the BIG questions, like: Do blow pokes make great Christmas presents? Who would YOU cast in the Hollywood remake of The Staircase? And, owls. Yes, owls. **SPOILERS AHEAD!**

Making a Murderer  

The lawyer and the producer/media critic pick their jaws up off the floor to talk about holiday favorite, Making a Murderer. They make comparisons of certain characters and theorize on prison groupies. **SPOILERS AHEAD!**

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