The Offseason with Jon Scheyer

The Offseason with Jon Scheyer

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Nearly a decade in the college basketball world, winning national championships as both a player and coach, has given Jon Scheyer a unique perspective on the game. Join him this summer on “The Offseason with Jon Scheyer” as he visits with guests from the past and present of Duke basketball, as well as the sports world in general, to explore the intersection of playing and coaching.


Episode 14 - Matt Jones And Grayson Allen  

In the season finale, Jon visits with Duke captains and roommates Matt Jones and Grayson Allen. The guys open up about the adversity they've overcome in their careers, including Matt's problem with his hair early in his college career. Plus, they offer their thoughts on this year's Duke squad and hand out some team superlatives. Finally, the last episode of The Offseason calls for a double draft. Grayson and Matt square off to select their all-time NBA and Duke teams.

Episode 13 - Nolan Smith And Quinn Cook  

Jon is joined by best friends Nolan Smith and Quinn Cook to get the story about how the two DC products became so close. Plus, Cook's individual journey toward a career in the NBA and the emotions each felt when they won a national championship with Duke. Finally, a new spin on the weekly draft as Jon and his guests assemble their all time teams from their hometowns.

Episode 12 - Jeff Capel  

Jeff Capel returns to the podcast and from Rio to share his USA Basketball experience . Hear about the the unique accommodations and his biggest takeaways as a coach and observer of the international game, including the one non-NBA player that was most impressive. Finally, the two Duke coaches catch up on what's next for the staff in Durham and cap off the episode with an all-time, non-USA, international basketball draft.

Episode 11 - Brian Zoubek  

Jon is joined by his close friend and former teammate Brian Zoubek. Hear what Zoubs is up to in his post-basketball career and his biggest gripes about being a seven-footer. Plus, the fellas reminisce about their careers that were punctuated by the drama-filled national championship in 2010

Episode 10 - Jayson Tatum And Harry Giles  

An introduction to new Duke freshmen Jayson Tatum and Harry Giles. Hear about their history on the court prior to arriving in Durham and the story of their eventual commitments to Duke. Plus, these two longtime friends debate who's the biggest slob and hand out a few team superlatives. Finally, Jon joins the fellas in an all-time NBA draft.

Episode 9 - Tony Romo  

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo joins the show to talk football and hoops. Tony chats about his rise from being scarcely recruited and undrafted to a star quarterback in the NFL. Plus, Jon shares how he, Romo and a few other members of the Cowboys struck up a relationship with Duke and what they've learned from each other. Finally, Tony enlightens Jon on why you can't play real-life football the way you do in video games.

Episode 8 - Jay Bilas  

Jay Bilas is the guest this week to cover wide variety of topics --- USA basketball, Coach K then and now, his career at Duke and his phenomenal record as a coach. Plus, Jay takes us on a journey through his professional career that led him to become one of the most respected sports broadcasters in the country. Finally, as has become customary on the podcast, Jon asks Jay for his all-time Duke starting five.

Episode 7 - Justise Winslow  

Jon's in Vegas for the Team USA mini camp and sits down with fellow "champ" Justise Winslow. Among the topics discussed --- their Jeopardy battles while Justise was at Duke, his role with the new look Miami Heat, the Team USA select experience and his evolution during his season at Duke including his once rocky relationship with Grayson Allen. Plus, the guys each draft their all-time Duke starting five.

Episode 6 - Jabari Parker  

Jabari Parker joins the show to chat about Chicago basketball, memories from Duke and how he's improving his game in the NBA. Plus, the story of how Jon denied him an autograph several years ago and much more.

Episode 5 - Gerald Henderson  

Jon chats with former Duke teammate and new Philadelphia 76er Gerald Henderson. The two revisit some great stories from their college days, Gerald's next phase of his NBA career, memorable dunks and much more

Episode 4 - Jeff Capel  

Jon is joined by associate head coach Jeff Capel to discuss music, Jeff's college and Team USA coaching career, the stories behind landing some of the program's biggest recruits and the all time Duke starting five.

Episode 3 - Amile Jefferson  

Jon visits with team captain Amile Jefferson to discuss his Duke basketball career in advance of his final season, the emotions of dealing with his foot injury last year, his approach to social media and more.

Episode 2 - Seth Curry  

Jon is joined by Nolan Smith to provide the latest updates on the summer of Duke basketball. Plus, featured guest Seth Curry discusses his journey in college and the pros, his outlook on game 6 of the NBA Finals, the emotions of watching his older brother Steph and why he's finally receiving a 2010 Duke national championship ring.

Episode 1 - Jahlil Okafor  

Jon and Nolan talk to Jahlil Okafor about his progress toward his Duke degree, his first year in the NBA, the recruiting process that led him to Durham and the 2014-15 national championship team. Plus, the guys debate whether Jon and Nolan's 2010 team would beat Jah's 2015 squad. Finally, Nolan puts the full court press on Jon and Jahlil to see who's more of an expert on the city of Chicago.

The Offseason Teaser  

Duke men's basketball assistant coach Jon Scheyer previews his new podcast. The Offseason begins Friday, June 10th and this brief teaser gives you a taste of what to expect. Subscribe now and automatically receive new episodes on your device.

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