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The Raspberry Ape Podcast

United Kingdom

A podcast hosted by BJJ black belt Daniel Strauss Aka the Raspberry Ape. Every episode I will be getting a new host on to talk BJJ, training and everything else.


Episode 18 - Chloe Moore  

Chloe Moore is a transgender BJJ competitor. This episode was brought about after a heated debated on the UK BJJ underground group about whether it was fair for a transgender women to compete in jiu jitsu. The thread referred specifically to Chloe so I wanted to have her on to give her side and share her views and opinions on a matter incredibly close to her. In this episode Chloe is extremely open and transparent about the issues raised not only for trans people in general but also for herself personally. She is joined by RGA bucks teammate and good friend Hayley Carter.

Episode 17 - Ashley Williams  

Ashley is one of the UK's most active black belt competitors. A 2 time EBI vet, multiple IBJJF and NAGA champion and full time Coach at the Chris Rees Academy. Me and Ash have a similar story, starting Jiu Jitsu at a similar age, both getting black belts young and being full time BJJ. But we have also walked different paths. With him being far more active on the competition scene and me putting on a fair amount of weight. We cover many different subjects and whilst some of our philosophies are the same many are very different.

Live Q&A with Mike Leng  

Mike Leng of Unorthodox Nutrition is a nutritionist who specialises in combat sports athlete. This is the audio from a Facebook live Q&A session where we answered the audience's nutrition questions. We covered a huge number of subjects from basics like what to consume before, during and after training to crazy things like is it worthwhile blending chicken breast into shakes. For more info on Mike search for Unorthodox Nutrition on Facebook to his website:

Episode 16 - Benjamin Naylor  

Benjamin Naylor is a strength and conditioning coach and owner or Beyond Boundaries S&C. I met Ben when he took a workshop during a seminar camp I was teaching on and I really enjoy he's unique style of training. Implementing speed, reaction and movement drills into fun and competitive applications. A lifelong sportsman and a BJJ purple belt himself he specialises in working with combat sports athletes including high level BJJ competitors such as Max Campos and Luiz Tosta. In this episode we talk about strength, mobility, movement, mindset and everything in between. For more info on Ben visit: Or:

Discussion. Episode 2 - UFC 207, Rizin, 2016 run down  

I sit down with BJJ black belt and jiu jitsu nerd Ricky Rout to discuss UFC 207, Rizin, a review of 2016 in BJJ and its highlights and a Euro's 2017 preview. Follow Ricky at: Rickys fight of the year - Felipe Pena vs Erberth Santos - Romulo Barral vs Patrick Gaudio -

Episode 15 - Alain Guerra Pozo  

Alain Pozo is a Carlson Gracie London black belt and instructor at Carlson Gracie Essex. An active competitor as well as a renowned instructor Alain had a unique and inspiring journey to where he is now. In this episode he tells off his early year in jiu jitsu in Brazil, coming over to the UK, building his team and much more. For more info on Alain go to:

Episode 14 - Mike Leng - Unorthodox Nutrition  

Mike Leng of Unorthodox Nutrition is a nutritionist focusing on sports performance for a range of athletes, many of which are BJJ or combat sports athletes. We talk about cutting weight, losing weight, gaining weight, day of fight nutrition, what to eat around training and much much more. For more info or to contact Mike visit:

Episode 13 - Seymour Yang aka Meerkatsu  

Seymour Yang aka Meerkatsu is a blogger, reviewer, artist and BJJ black belt. His art is seen on martial arts clothing, logos and posters all over the world. In this episode we talk his journey into the martial arts, how he started his blog, his reviews and eventually his hugely successful Meerkatsu brand. As well as a whole host of other things. To find out more about Meerkatsu visit

Discussion. Episode 1 - EBI and UFC 205  

I sit down with Andrew Marshall to chat EBI and UFC 205 in a pilot episode for a new format to run alongside the standard interview episodes. Let me know if you want more of this style or not!

Episode 12 - Callum Medcraft - Jiu Jitsu Style  

Callum Medcraft is the creator of Jiu Jitsu Style magazine. One of the biggest jiu jitsu magazines in the world and a brown belt under Roger Gracie. In the episode we talk about how he came to create Jiu Jitsu Style, the philosophy behind the mag, stories of where the mag has taken him. As well as talking about EBI, Polaris, how the sport has changed and how Callum sees it growing in the future. To find out more about Jiu Jitsu Style visit: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -

Episode 11 - Kev Capel  

I sit down with Roger Gracie black belt and owner of RGA Bucks Kev Capel. In this episode we talk about the early days of UK BJJ and MMA, Kev's time in the army, training with a young Roger Gracie, opening and building a successful academy, training in Brazil, his own competition experiences, what its like having a real BJJ family and much much more. For more info on Kev visit: As always to contact the podcast:

Episode 10 - Leoni Munslow  

Im joined by newly crowned brown belt masters world champion Leoni Munslow. Leoni is one of the UKs leading figures in womens BJJ. With national, european and now a world title under her belt. We talk about training, competition, diet, nutrition, injuries and women's BJJ. Follow her on Instragram @little_leoni and Twitter @She_ra_leoni To contact the podcast:

Episode 9 - Nick Brooks  

This episode I sit down with my own coach Nicholas Brooks. Nick is a second degree black belt under Roger Gracie and Maurcio Gomes and head instructor at Mill Hill BJJ. He has had one of the most active competition careers in the UK, travelling many times to Brazilian, Portugal and America to compete at all belts, ages and weights. I talk to him about his path into BJJ, training with Roger, Maurcio and De la Riva. The running of his school and his method of teaching. As well as diet, conditioning and injuries. For more info on Mill Hill BJJ visit - Nick also teaches at RGA Milton Keynes - As always if you wish to contact the podcast -

Episode 8 - Oli Geddes  

Today I'm joined by Roger gracie black belt and jiu jitsu nomad Oli Geddes. Oli has spent his jiu jitsu journey travelling around the world teaching and competing more than almost anyone else. We discuss his nomadic lifestyle, his journey into a full time jiu jitsu athlete, training with Roger Gracie, the development of his famous half guard and foot lock game, his strength training and his interesting diet. For more about Oli visit: To buy Oli's foot lock instructional visit: Or follow him on instagram: To contact the podcast:

Episode 7 - Lisa Filippina Price  

This episode i'm joined by competitive strongman, qualified yoga, freediving and weight lifting instructor and sports masseuse Lisa Filippina Price. We discuss competing in strongman, getting outside your comfort zone, using yoga and breathing to understand and control your body and much more. Follow Lisa on instagram at: Contact the podcast via:

Episode 6 - Jude Samuel  

Jude is the UK's first home grown Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, a UK BJJ pioneer, a renowned instructor as well as a top level competitor. In this episode we talk about Jude's training history, the early days of UK BJJ, his style of teaching, MMA, gi vs nogi, strength and conditioning and much much more. We recorded this episode and just over half way through the audio got corrupted, Jude was kind enough to come back and rerecord the second half. Meaning this episode is another epic one at 3 hours long. To see more of Jude search for EFNsports on twitter and instagram or Inglorious Grapplers on facebook. To contact the podcast email me at

Episode 5 - Nicolas Gregoriades  

Today I’m joined by BJJ black belt and founder of the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Nicolas Gregoriades. In this episode we talk about his nomadic lifestyle, travelling, his conceptual approach to jiu jitsu, yoga, Ayahuasca and more. Nic is a very free thinking guy who I always love chatting to and hope you all enjoy it. If you want to find more about Nic you can find all about the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood at - Buy cool stuff like gis and rash guards at - And listen to his own podcast at - And as always if you want to contact the podcast hit me up at -

Episode 4 - David Onuma  

Today i'm joined by Multiple black belt holding life long martial artist David Onuma. David has reached the highest level in more martial arts than anyone else I know and this gives him a very unique perspective. We talk about his journey through the martial arts, drop some big names that he's trained with and talk about his own training and development as an athlete and martial artist. To find out more about David visit: To get in touch with the podcast email me at:

Episode 3 - Simon Hayes  

This episode I sit down with BMX champion, life long martial artist, judo black belt, jiu jitsu black belt, Carlson Gracie London instructor, bulldog owner and Oscar award winning sound engineer Simon Hayes. In an epic 3 and a half hour conversation we talk about his history in sport and martial arts, how he found BJJ, the birth of jiu jitsu in the UK, training on set with the likes of Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham, the creation of his famous smash pass and even the history of bulldogs. If you have any questions or comments for the podcast email me at:

Episode 2 - Alan Whitton - The Mind as a Weapon  

This episode i'm sitting down with Alan Whitton of Fighter's mind to talk about training the mind to be the most effective weapon possible. We discuss my experiences working with him, the techniques and methodology that Alan uses with his clients and tips for all athletes. Contact Alan through facebook at: Or his website at:

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