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The Raspberry Ape Podcast

United Kingdom

A podcast hosted by BJJ black belt Daniel Strauss Aka the Raspberry Ape. Every episode I will be getting a new guest on to talk BJJ, training and everything else.


Episode 35 - Ryan Mairs  

Ryan Mairs is a grappler, mixed martial artist and mental health advocate. In this episode I talk to Ryan about his experience of mental health, from his own to those around him. Why its so important to spread awareness and understanding about it, how martial arts helped him and what hes doing now to help others. You can follow Ryan on twitter: And his youtube page:

Episode 34 - Brad Pickett  

Brad Pickett is a UFC veteran and UK MMA legend. In this episode I talk to Brad about how he got into MMA, his career during the WEC and later the UFC, his retirement, his upcoming professional grappling debut at Polaris 5, his thoughts on gi vs nogi training, Mac vs May, being the toughest guy in the room and much more. Find Brad on: And check out the One Punch Podcast at:

Episode 33 - Marc Goddard  

Marc Goddard is a UFC referee and BJJ black belt under Braulio Estima. In this episode I sit down with world renowned MMA referee Marc Goddard. What many people don't realise about Marc is that he has a long history training and competing within the martial arts. With a professional MMA career and a BJJ black belt. In this episode we talk about Marc's journey through the martial arts, how he got into refereeing, why he had to step away from his own fighting career, refereeing in BJJ and much more.

Episode 32 - Mauricio Gomes  

Mauricio Gomes is a 7th degree coral belt in BJJ, one of the "famous five" under Rolls Gracie and father of Roger Gracie. It was a absolute honour to be able to sit down with Mauricio and talk about his life and jiu jitsu. In this episode we talk about the history of the Gracie family, Mauricio's connection and relationship with the Gracie's, especially Rolls, how he travelled around to Japan and the UK to spread jiu jitsu, his own personal competition career, the career of his son Roger Gracie, self defence vs sport jiu jitsu and much much more. Mauricio is a living legend of the sport and it was great to have him share his story. To book anything with Mauricio email: Follow on Facebook: Check out

Episode 31 - Leigh Remedios  

Leigh Remedios is a UK MMA legend with over 30 professional bouts. We talk about how Leigh got into MMA before it was even called MMA, his match against Genki Sudo at UFC 38, his career as an infamous internet troll, him getting into competitive BJJ, strength and conditioning, and many crazy stories.

Episode 30 - Kameron Atakuru  

Kameron Atakuru is a BJJ black belt competitor and coach, a former professional MMA fighter with a background in catch wrestling. In this episode Kam explains the history of catch wrestling and the various styles of wrestling that originated in the UK. How wrestling moved the America and transformed into what we now call pro wrestling. We also talk about the modern day catch wrestling scene both in the UK and globally and how it influenced the history of jiu jitsu. For more info on Kam and her academy visit: Follow Kam on instagram here:

Episode 29 - Ross Nicholls  

Ross Nicholls is a Roger Gracie black belt and one of the UK's top competitors. Me and Ross talk Polaris ahead of both our matches, strength and conditioning, mindset, sub only rules, being full time jiu jitsu athletes, teaching and much much more. Follow Ross on instagram at:

Episode 28 - Lee Johnstone  

Lee Johnstone is a BJJ black belt and owner of the Combat Sports Academy. Lee has a long a varied background in the martial arts, having training in sambo, wresting, judo, ju jitsu, MMA and BJJ. In this episode we talk about the early days of UK BJJ, the early days of UK MMA, promoting events and opening an academy. For more info on CSA visit: Or follow them on facebook:

Episode 27 - Andrew Marshall + CJ Swaby  

I sit down with strength coaches Andrew Marshall and CJ Swaby. In a relaxed and unplanned podcast we begin talking about men's health week and soon spiral away from there.

Episode 26 - Rob Blair  

Rob Blair is an ex Royal Marines Commando, Worlds strongest hands 83kg, owner of The Commando Temple and a Marathon DesSables finisher. In this episode we talk about being in the Marines, fixing busted backs, creating world class hand strength, walking stupid distances, opening a strength training facility, getting into BJJ and much much more. For more info on Rob and the Commando Temple Visit:

Episode 25 - Nicolas Gregoriades 2  

Nic Gregoriades is a Roger Gracie black belt and founder of the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Nic returns to the podcast to discuss how his focus and changed since our last discussion. We talk about goals, business, him settling down, seminars and lots of jiu jitsu. Find more about Nic and the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood at -

Episode 24 - Paul Bridges  

Paul Bridges is a BJJ black belt, instructor and one of the UK's "dirty dozen". Paul is seriously old school, having begun training in the mid nineties. Travelling to America to train with the Gracie's and being one of the UK's "dirty dozen" (the first 12 UK born black belts). He is an active competitor to this day and now owns and runs Gracie Barra Hastings. For more info visit:

Episode 23 - Steve O'keeffe  

Steve O’keeffe is a BJJ black belt, professional MMA fighter and coach. Steve is a BJJ black belt, pro mma fighter, taekwondo black belt, judo brown belt, Level 2 Boxing coach, Weight lifting coach, football coach and basketball coach. Its safe to say he knows about sports. In this episode we talk a lot about the charity Steve works; Fight for Peace which uses martial arts and sport, combined with education to give opportunities to and reform children and young adults from communities affected by crime, violence and social exclusion. He also coaches coaches how to coach. Find more about Fight for Peace here: Or follow Steve here:

Episode 22 - Gavin Allinson  

Gavin Allinson is nutritionist, writer, rugby coach and BJJ brown belt. In this episode I talk to Gavin about the ketogenic diet, ketones, fasting, supplements, longevity and much more. The website Gavin mentions regarding supplements is Find out more about Gavin at:

Episode 21 -  Maj Donald MacIntyre & Maj Shamus Kelly  

Shamus Kelly is a serving Major in the British army and a BJJ purple belt, Donald MacIntyre is a recently retired British army Major and a BJJ brown belt. Shamus and Donnie are two of a group of individuals responsible for getting Brazilian jiu jitsu officially recognised by the British army. They also work with a number of charities using jiu jitsu to help wounded, injured and sick military veterans and service personnel. In this episode we talk about life in the army, how it has effected their lives and BJJ. How they got jiu jitsu into the army, the number of high level BJJ names that have given their support along the way. The future for BJJ in the army and much more. For more info on Roll 2 Recovery visit: For more info on combat stress visit:

Episode 20 - Daren Bartlett  

Daren Bartlett is a film maker and BJJ black belt. Im joined by Daren Bartlett who has recently released "Tradition: The Rise of a Gracie Fighter". A documentary about Roger Gracie and his rise to dominance on the Jiu Jitsu world. Filmed over 10 years of Roger Competitive career me and Daren talk about the history of the Gracie's, what its like to be there for historic BJJ moments, getting back stage and all access passes to talk to legends of the sport, and much more. To watch Tradition visit: or

Episode 19 - Dickie Martin  

Dickie Martin is a BJJ black belt, instructor at Carlson Gracie London and a world, pan am and european double champion. In this episode we talk about his introduction to BJJ, his thrill seeking days in motor sport, his competition career, getting into politics, the UKBJJA and much more. For more info on the UKBJJA visit: For info on Carlson Gracie London visit:

Episode 18 - Chloe Moore  

Chloe Moore is a transgender BJJ competitor. This episode was brought about after a heated debated on the UK BJJ underground group about whether it was fair for a transgender woman to compete in jiu jitsu. The thread referred specifically to Chloe so I wanted to have her on to give her side and share her views and opinions on a matter incredibly close to her. In this episode Chloe is extremely open and transparent about the issues raised not only for trans people in general but also for herself personally. She is joined by RGA bucks teammate and good friend Hayley Carter.

Episode 17 - Ashley Williams  

Ashley is one of the UK's most active black belt competitors. A 2 time EBI vet, multiple IBJJF and NAGA champion and full time Coach at the Chris Rees Academy. Me and Ash have a similar story, starting Jiu Jitsu at a similar age, both getting black belts young and being full time BJJ. But we have also walked different paths. With him being far more active on the competition scene and me putting on a fair amount of weight. We cover many different subjects and whilst some of our philosophies are the same many are very different.

Live Q&A with Mike Leng  

Mike Leng of Unorthodox Nutrition is a nutritionist who specialises in combat sports athlete. This is the audio from a Facebook live Q&A session where we answered the audience's nutrition questions. We covered a huge number of subjects from basics like what to consume before, during and after training to crazy things like is it worthwhile blending chicken breast into shakes. For more info on Mike search for Unorthodox Nutrition on Facebook to his website:

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