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TREI 38: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 14, Small Steps  

There is power in taking small steps to create big changes.

TREI 36: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 12, Steadfastness  

Remaining steadfast in your commitments is essential for success.

TREI 35: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 11, Engagement  

The quality and quantity of engagement is proportionate to the results you generate.

TREI 34: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 10, Accountability  

Stating your commitment means that someone else can keep you accountable.

TREI 32: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 8, Fear  

What is your biggest fear in life and business?

TREI 31: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 7, Commitment  

What are you doing with what you know about real estate investing?

TREI 29: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 5, Discipline  

Being disciplined in your business and your life will help propel you forward.

TREI 28: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 4, Being Yourself  

You are perfect as you are, and as you are not. Your uniqueness gets you into the game.

TREI 26: The Monday Morning Motivator - Session 2, Forging Ahead  

What does it take to forge forward through daunting times?

TREI 24: A Speed Walk Through Canada's Real Estate Markets with Don R. Campbell  

Join Don R. Campbell in a speed walk across Canada's real estate markets in an interview with Peter Kinch, one of Canada's leading mortgage brokers.

TREI 23: Building Real Estate Wealth - Erwin Szeto  

While some know him by his brand, Mr. Hamilton, we know him as REIN Member Erwin Szeto. Erwin is a very busy man. He is a Realtor, real estate investor, father, husband and philanthropist. With his company, he helps investors purchase roughly 60 properties per year. Erwin is a firm believer in only showing homes he would invest in himself, so when he shows properties that just aren’t being purchased, he will often purchase them himself. Before investing in real estate, Erwin graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a business degree, and worked for IBM. Not long after starting his job, Erwin realized he would never get rich working a job like that; he was merely trading dollars for hours and not finding fulfillment – and he hated the commute.

TREI 22: Building Real Estate Wealth - Oliver Limcangco  

Oliver Limcangco has been investing since the mid-2000s and now uses his real estate portfolio to fund his travelling lifestyle. Once he had acquired 27 doors with strong cash flow, Oliver and his wife, Annie, bought one-way tickets and spent the next 352 days travelling the world. They didn’t know where they were going, they just knew they’d be gone for a year, and it was only because of Oliver’s successful real estate portfolio that this was possible.

TREI 21: Building Real Estate Wealth - Jose Jafferji  

Inspired by the HGTV house flipping specials that we’ve all seen on TV, Jose Jafferji began investing in real estate nine years ago at the age of 24. Without the support of a good team or a good understanding of fix and flips, Jose went over budget, over-improved his property, listed too high and ended up losing about $7,000. “Mistakes are learning opportunities,” he says now that he’s completed approximately 30 transactions including both single family and multi-family homes. After his first property, Jose still made a few mistakes in the next few properties, but he has learned from every one and now has a successful portfolio.

TREI 20: Building Real Estate Wealth - Brian Chen and Nicky Tu  

A young couple who have only been investing in real estate for three years, Brian Chen and Nicky Tu currently hold five properties and are rising fast. Real estate investing creates the opportunity to have greater control of one’s life, which is a major reason Brian and Nicky have chosen the real estate investing path. Brian and Nicky focus on wholesaling, rent to owns, and joint ventures. They stress the importance of being part of a likeminded community – any time they are feeling down and they attend a REIN meeting and talk with other investors, it’s always a pick me up.

TREI 19: Building Real Estate Wealth - Sean and Dani Hayes  

Meet dynamic power couple Sean and Dani Hayes. The two met at university in London, Ontario when Sean was just beginning to invest in student housing, and moved to Calgary after graduation, where they began to invest in secondary suites. The two of them try to live with every aspect of their lives aligned with their calling: people being free and loving what they do. Freedom from working until 65, freedom to operate their business the way they want, freedom to do the things they want to do with family and friends when they want to do them, freedom is the ruling intention behind all that Sean and Dani do.

TREI 17: Building Real Estate Wealth - Thembi Bheka  

Thembi Bheka is a part time nurse, single mother, and full time real estate investor who empowers other women by giving them the tools to begin real estate investing themselves. She started out with virtually nothing, as an immigrant from Zimbabwe. Initially, real estate investing was just about making money and quitting her job, but she quickly realized that it wasn’t just about money, it was about securing her retirement and then helping others find the same freedom she attained through real estate.

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