The Real Thing - Australia

The Real Thing - Australia


The Real Thing is in search of the real Australia. Each episode we venture into the corners to discover the characters, scenes and stories that make this country unique.


Ep10: Freedom is a goat  

One man, one goat and a wide open road.

Ep9: Samantha and the secret  

Samantha has a life changing secret, but it's not hers to tell.

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Ep8: Nineteen  

The story behind the song that unified Australia's Vietnam veterans.

Ep7: Yadu's fair go  

Yadu’s immigration experience defined his view of Australia.

Ep6: Halfway and home  

Take the Tarcutta exit down the old Hume Highway.

Ep5: There's something about Mary Leunig  

More than one ‘Leunig’ knows how to use a pencil.

A decision to kick a storm water grate has roaring consequences.  

After the African Lion Safari closed in 1991 many of the animals remained living inside its Warragamba boundaries.

Ep3: Run like a cheetah  

A Paralympian reinvents herself after her category is banned.

Ep2: Eastbound Anton  

Anton is facing the biggest challenge of his life; China.

Ep1: The original Bronson  

The search to discover what happened to the actor who played ‘Bronson’ in season one of Round the Twist.

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The Real Thing searches for real Australia.

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