The Science Show - Full program podcast

The Science Show - Full program podcast


RN's science flagship: your essential source of what's making news in the complex world of scientific research, scandal and discovery. The Science Show with Robyn Williams is one of the longest running programs on Australian radio. One single audio file of each program - good for continuous listening.


How many bleachings can the Great Barrier Reef take?  

Chance cyclone saved southern GBR from 2016 bleaching Building products and procedures tested for cyclonic conditions Concern on sharp decline of dwarf minke whale sightings Despite earlier concern, Torres Strait dugongs no longer under threat


Two thirds of northern Great Barrier Reef coral killed by intense heat Mission to observe Arctic climate from 2019 Stripping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere Should we be worried about CRISPR gene editing? Did Neanderthals know about antibiotics? Gene for teeth used to track ancient human populations Kids book goes inside the crow’s smart bird brain Social and cultural influences of antibiotic consumption and resistance

Talk to your babies before they are born  

After being severed, nerves retain memory of the functions they once controlled Adopted babies can retain birth language memory which helps in language re-learning Babies’ early vocabulary:  Look at the… Big early vocab helps children learn to read Placenta could offer clues about cancer genes The immunological effects of caesarean sections on newborns in Sao Paulo Brazil Bereavement, and how families deal with organ donation requests on the death of a loved-one

Two extraordinary women to mark International Women’s Day  

Journey to the improbable and unique asteroid, Psyche Phiala Shanahan named in Forbes Top 30 Under 30 NZ physicists collide ultracold atoms to observe a key quantum principle How scientists should confront the antagonists Mosquito borne diseases on the rise Law enforcement and counter terrorism in the digital age DNA puts faces to crimes beating eyewitness accounts Ohio junior takes up the fight in treating cystic fibrosis

Trump versus science  

Fears of a rough ride ahead for US science Science in the era of Trump Call for open discussion on governance of gene editing technologies Seagrass ecosystems reduce bacterial pathogens in seawater Event horizon telescope provides highest resolution ever Gross science takes out the Kavli Gold Award for Children’s Science News Getting more out of recycling e-waste

How old is that lobster on your plate?  

Molecular pathways open way for new, faster treatment of tuberculosis Misshaped proteins the cause of many diseases Anti-cancer drugs show promise against virus thought to cause asthma Monitoring birds visiting for food and water Salt tolerant plant holds the key for agricultural species Secondary teeth reveal age of crustaceans Tasmanian east coast changing fast Hope for Parkinson’s patients

Kiwis and robins shooting blanks  

Fewer, less viable sperm follows inbreeding of NZ endangered birds Pigeons smarter than we thought How to get engagement in science from those with little interest Targeting cancer drugs to reduce side effects Games deliver therapy for kids with autism A brief history of plate tectonics Poems by Janet Kenny

Effects of the changing climate in south western Australia  

Effects of the changing climate in south western Australia.

Extra dimensions, big physics at CERN, and Apollo 11’s brush with disaster  

Getting strung out on those extra dimensions. CERN - where the world collaborates to answer the big questions in physics. This is About - The moon and other things.

HG Wells: author who imaged a future based on scientific  achievement  

HG Wells: author who imaged a future based on scientific achievement.

How people connect with the natural world  

How people connect with the natural world.

David Suzuki: Changing climate the ultimate crisis for our species  

David Suzuki: Changing climate the ultimate crisis for our species.

The archaeology of Dylan Thomas  

Robyn Williams visits the restored home of Welsh writer Dylan Thomas. Does the house help us understand the writing of Swansea’s most famous son?

Happy birthday Ari, you’re 2,400 years old!  

Investigating the link between vitamin D and multiple sclerosis Helping native birds survive the hot dry periods Crows as smart as an eight-year-old child Enriching the lives of zoo animals Photosynthesis the key for major boost in crop yields How Aristotle can change your life

Bionic eyes and LIGO 3  

Bionic eye restores sight for visually impaired How the corals of the Great Barrier Reef affect Queensland’s climate Whale exhibition coming to London’s Natural History Museum This is About – The Moon and other things More LIGOs planned on Earth, and in space Tackling air pollution in China Science careers poorly promoted

100 years of Gumnut Babies  

How the internet influences politics and democracy Large ecological cost as peat removed for palm oil Celebrating the centenary of May Gibbs’ Gumnut Babies and Gum Blossom Babies

Art meets science  

Catalyst ‘remodelled’ but can it deliver? Combining the arts and science Creativity – the link between science and art So what is beauty? Uni of Newcastle offers first online course in natural history illustration Flying emu takes physics to kids

Diamonds in the sky and junk in your genes  

The scientific literacy of president-elect Trump Breaking the wall of corporate impunity The 2016 Prime Minister’s Prize for New Innovators Diamonds reveal history of our solar system Piecing together the mystery of how our genes actually work Imperial College London – riding the wave of revolutions in science The trapped ion approach to quantum computing

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