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The Skate Motivation Podcast with STOKED Steve

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Skate Motivation is a podcast dedicated to helping skateboarders fulfill their life goals and dreams. Each episode, host STOKED Steve, interviews the most inspiring and motivating professional skateboarders and people in various industries who skateboard in hopes to get skateboarders worldwide to be their best on and off the skateboard. The Skate Motivation podcast came from the #1 Skateboard Motivation Instagram account


015 Fear Is Only As Real As You Make It  

This episode of the podcast I decided to delve into the subject of overcoming your fears. The post was inspired by the interview and quote from Aaron "Jaws" Homoki where he said "Fear is only as Real as you make it."

The post generated over 2000+ likes and lots of buzz in the Skate Motivation community. Enjoy the episode and comment with what you think over at

014 Skate Motivation Interview with Aaron "Jaws" Homoki  

This episode of the podcast we interviewed Aaron "Jaws" Homoki. From being sponsored by Tony Hawk, to traveling the world, to growing his own vegetables... you'll learn a lot from this amazing skateboarder.

Skateboarding Story: He remembers having fun with his friends -- simply knee boarding and butt boarding. He was enjoying it so much that he thought that skateboarding was going to be part of his life. Driving Force for Skateboarding: Skateboarding teaches him how to live a genuine life Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment: He ruptured his spleen and didn't know it. It happened in the Happy Medium 1 intro. He was feeling nauseous and when he woke up the next morning. He went to the hospital because he couldn't pee. He had to have surgery that day. It was the first time he had been scared and it made him realize how gnarly and dangerous skateboarding can be. It took him about 4 months to recover. Biggest AH-HA Moment: He got the idea from a friend to try the 25 set stairs in France that Ali Boulala tried. He'd been thinking about it for 2 years before it became a reality. So he got the measurements for how tall it was. It ironically ended up being the same size as his roof at his house. So he jumped off his roof every day for 3 months. He was also jumping on his trampoline everyday to train. After a failed attempt the prior year, in October 2015 he went back with his dad and landed it with the support of his sponsors. Biggest Motivation: Biggest motivation are his friends and family. They push him to be better. He enjoys especially hanging out with Tony Hawk who he considers a mentor. Best Advice: "Closed mouths don't get fed." Basically means, if you want something, ask for it. Go for it! Tool / Tip: Jumping on trampoline, growing his own food, and keeping a positive mindset. He also got a whiteboard calendar and listens to a lot of music to keep him on track. Book / Video Anything from Travis Pastrana Interview Links: Aaron "Jaws" Homoki Instagram Birdhouse Skateboards Glassy Sunhaters Bro Style Bones Fred Water Asphalt Yacht Club Independent Trucks Neff Headwear FP Insoles Raw Superfoods Bronson Speed Co.
013 Skate Motivation Interview with Steven Maune  

What does it take to be a highly motivated skateboarder from a small town? Join us as Steven Maune shares his skateboarding mindset and get an inside glance at the life of an up and coming skater and follower of Skate Motivation.

Skateboarding Story: He visited his friends that were skateboarding. The first time he rode, he rolled off a table top. He begged his parents to get him a skateboard at 9 years old. His first deck was a Walmart deck. From that moment on he knew that he was going to skate for the rest of his life. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment: A year and half ago, he lost his drive. His mental state wasn't good. He started screwing around and getting off track. He was pushing himself the wrong way. He focused on the how and why he wanted to skate. People forget skateboarding is about fun. He was skating with old friends and making new friends. That helped him get back at on track. Biggest AH-HA Moment: Chris Cole's part got him hyped. It's also inspiring to him that people can come out of nowhere. Best Advice: Don't Quit Tool / Tip: He played a lot of basketball and believes that helped him with skateboarding by having muscle memory. Envision tricks he wants to do at a spot before he skates it. Book / Video Metroskateboarding Shralpin Skatecrunch  Chris Cole Interview Links: Steven Maune Instagram Sure Skateboards 550 Wheels
012 Skate Motivation Interview with Vinnie Banh  

What does it take to be a highly motivated up and coming skateboarder? Join us as Vinnie Banh shares skateboard story and get an inside glance at journey of a sponsored skater.

Skateboarding Story: It started after he landed his first kickflip.  It made him realize that it's an amazing feeling to land something that he's been trying for hours and hours. That's the feeling he wanted to continue to have. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment: Feels everyday is low. His friends bought him a one way ticket from Wichita, Kansas to California. He moved to California without plan, place to live, and money. His friends left him behind! Getting left in California was good and bad, but he's happy to be alive and still skating. Biggest AH-HA Moment: He landed a nollie double heel flip off the Belmont, 9 stair. The generator ran out, he was tired, but he stayed focused and landed the trick. Best Advice: "You won't know until you try" What He's Motivated About: He's likes to see how people become successful despite the odds they faced in life. Book / Video: Flip Sorry Pain is Beautiful Nike SB Chronicles Interview Links: Vinnie Banh Instagram Autobahn Wheels Ace Trucks Blackwood Denim Switch Made Productions Nike Recorded Threads Skate Balm
011 Skate Motivation Interview with Steve Berra - Part 2  

Here is the Part 2 Interview with Skateboard Legend Steve Berra.

How Steve Overcome's Fear: The way to deal with fear is to borough through it, then it will eventually subside. One Thing That Motivates Him: Being a father to a 2 year old boy. Who Steve Surrounds Himself With: He tries to work with his friends. But some of his friends include: Eric Koston and Joel Petersen. He surrounds him people with the same goals as him. Anything He Felt Held Him Back: He refused to use the excuse that he didn't have money. Despite growing up with not a lot of money, he works crappy jobs, ate, went to school, and skated. That was his routine. He was determined.   Personal Habit: He makes lists. Writes down all that he wants to do. Buys notebooks and fills it up with ideas. Books: Rise of the Police State No Logo 4th Turning Interview Links: Berrics Instagram Twitter
010 Skate Motivation Interview with Steve Berra - Part 1  

What does it take to be one of the most influential skateboarders in history? Join us in Part 1 of the interview. Steve Berra shares his history and mindset and get inside glance at his life. 

Skateboarding Story: Steve grew up street skating. He first got a sponsor after he won a contest in his town. After he got sponsored, he started skating vert. Everyone in California was start skating vert at the time. Once Steve learned 540’s which all the pros were doing at the time, Steve knew it was only a matter of time before turning pro. He felt torn because skateboarding was who he was, but he was also a great soccer player. Soccer introduced him to a different crowd and the popular kids in town.  One day, Steve was wearing a skate t-shirt. A girl at school asked him "I thought you didn't skate anymore." Steve responded to her question by telling her that he did not.  At that point he felt like a sell out, and that all the things he did and cared about didn't matter. Soon after, he shaved his head, started dressing more like a skater, and embraced who he was, which was a skateboarder.  He started hanging with two boys at his school who actually skated. Which one of them is actually the General manager of the Berrics.   Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment: The team at Alien Workshop did not want anything to do with the Berrics. Steve also felt like he outgrew the Alien workshop team, wanted to quit for about two years before then. Then one day he got a call from Chris Carter stating that he was no longer on the team. Steve was never kicked off a team before in his life. He felt like it had nothing to do with his skating it was about the Berrics. Anthony Van Engelen, Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder also did not like the Berrics. The biggest takeaway Steve got from this  experience is that those setbacks did not matter in the long run. It feels terrible for someone else to tell you that you're not wanted. It’s the same as you loving a girl so much and one day she wakes and says I don't want you anymore. Time passed and it did not matter anymore.   Biggest AH-HA Moment Steve had this idea of the called the Push Project. The Push Project is what Steve thought skateboarding video parts should be about. There are so many videos on the internet, so many people recording and posting that it’s just a bunch of noise. With so many video parts out now it’s hard to stand out. The Push Project shows eight different people who deserve to stand out. The point was to show videos that people inside and outside of skateboarding would enjoy. Interview Links


The Berrics Steve Berra Instagram The Push Project  


009 Skate Motivation Interview with Andy Schrock  

Join us as Andy Schrock shares his personal story and success mindset. Get an inside glance at Andy's journey of becoming a successful skateboarder, YouTube video star, and entrepreneur.

Skateboarding Story Andy Schrock knew skateboarding was his life from the moment he stepped on the board. When Andy was fourteen years old he was in  a comic shop, a guy who use to make fun of him came up to him and asked him if he wanted to skate. Andy realized how much he loved the challenge of tackling a trick and conquering it. He went home and asked his mom how he could get one. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment One of the worst moments Andy had to face as a skater was last year when he ripped his achilles tendon.  Andy was not able to skate for a total of eight months, every time  he believed he was able to skate again he re ripped it. This was a dark moment for him because this is when he realized that he was getting older.   Biggest AH-HA Moment A super motivated moment Andy had is the creation of his youtube channel. Andy was 25 years old, his goal was to create a better following. He wanted to have a better impact on the world through his skateboarding. He somehow knew it could make his own life better and easier too. So what he did was put all his skate footage online with bit of his own personality.   Best Advice No one is going to land this trick but you. Tool / Tip: At the beginning of every work day Andy says “I have goals”. It’s kind of the same as a list, every day give yourself a goal and cross them off, as time goes on. Book / Video Salad Days Interview Links:

Andrew Schrock Website 

Andrew Schrock Twitter 

Andrew Schrock Instagram 

Andrew Schrock Youtube

008 Skate Motivation Interview with Mac Premo  

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated director and artist? Join us as Mac Premo shares his journey and skateboarding mindset and get an inside glance at his life and career.

Skateboarding Story Premo first felt like a skater when he was able ollie and 50/50 stall on a park bench. The park bench was only 10 inches tall but it was the feeling of being able to do something on a skateboard that small made him stoked. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment Around the birth of his first child, Mac did not know where he wanted to do in his life. People around him told him that he had talent, but nothing was clicking and working in his career. The world around Mac was telling him was going to be fine,  but he was not fine. He was struggling professionally. Biggest AH-HA Moment Mac met Don Sanford, and asked him for his help on a new project he was working on. Mac was one was one of fifteen artists the World Wildlife Fund reached out to for the Earth Hour day.  Mac paired up with Don Sanford to make a recycled skateboard out of old buckets found at construction sites. This is how the idea of Bucket Boards came about. Best Advice You don't raise children you raise adults. Tool / Tip: Mac always have a pen and pad with him to jot his ideas down, Mac also writes down the date which he got the idea. Book / Video Have and Have Not Interview Links:

Mac Premo Website

Mac Premo Vimeo

Mac Premo Twitter

Mac Premo Instagram 

007 Skate Motivation Interview with Preston Pollard  

What does it take to be a motivated skateboarder who gets to travel the world and inspire people? Join us as Preston Pollard shares his story and get inside glance at a motivational speaker who skateboards.

Skateboarding Story Preston Pollard wanted to do something different when he first started skating it was not a popular sport.. Preston tried hockey, basketball and he was not good at it. Preston saw some skaters and tried their boards once that happened he was hooked. Preston noticed that he can do anything he did not have a coach telling him what to do. Preston Pollard had a dream of getting out of Alaska. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment Rejection was the biggest challenge Preston had to face. Having to handle with rejection from magazines. It was a painful thing to see people moving up. Preston had to overcome the feeling of doubt, and stop telling himself "am I not good enough". Preston had to learn that rejection is apart of life. Biggest AH-HA Moment Preston never been to college, Preston saw a class called positive psychology. Preston found this interesting because, it’s something that he already does in his day to day life by finding ways to inspire people and teach them how to find happiness in their life. It’s a degree that he can use to help people in life. Preston noticed that he can elevate his life by using Positive Psychology. Best Advice Thoughts leads to Feelings. Feelings leads to action. Action leads to reaction.


Tool / Tip: Preston Pollard has a dream board where he can write his dreams, he has a calendar too but he thinks a dream board is very important. The idea of the board is to put your dreams on the board and work to those dreams. Book / Video

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Interview Links: Website Instagram Twitter YouTube


006 Skate Motivation Interview with Cairo Foster  

What does it take to have a long career as a professional skateboarder? Join us as Cairo Foster shares his personal motivational tips and mindset and get inside glance at the long career and journey of a skateboarding legend.

Skateboarding Story: He started skateboarding in Egypt, then moved to Florida. A friends asked him to make a 'sponsor me' tape. He was reluctant to make one because skateboarding was only his escape. He eventually moved to California and became sponsored from a friend. That opened up doors and he met all more people in the skateboard industry.He was also working full-time at a bagel cafe and had an apartment with friends. It was when he got his first check for $250. That meant that he could work one fewer day. That was when skateboarding became real to him. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment: One time Cairo clipped his back on a rail and he hurt himself so bad that he went to the hospital. He got X-rays and the doctors thought he broke a vertebrae. According to Cairo, he looked like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He was hurt from the middle of his back down to his butt. He couldn't stand up straight for 6 weeks. He looked bad. But it was only a contusion on his back. Jim Thiebaud from Real Skateboard asked him "what are you going to do?" because he looked so bad. Cairo's response was "I'm just gonna skateboard." They reinforced that he has to stay on his board and he will get back no matter what how hurt he is. Biggest AH-HA Moment: He was skateboarding with a friend recently and saw that he has a similar approach to skateboarding -- which is carcass tossing.  It's the process of throwing yourself into a trick. That idea or moment also reminded him of the notion of when trying a trick to also imagine another person that you admire and relate to trying the same trick. That idea and thought process has served him well and always pushes and motivated him to improve at skateboarding. Best Advice: "There's no better time than the present" Tool / Tip: He uses Notes on iPhone Comes up with the end goal with the date and works backward from there Print out calendars so he could see it and visualize Writes down goals on a sheet of paper Uses Google Calendar Writes out list of tricks he want to complete on a sheet of paper and checks it off Book / Video: Blood Meridian Luan Oliveira Nike SB Chronicles Pyramid Country Interview Links: Cairo Foster - Stellar Cairo Foster - Facebook Cairo Foster - Instagram Cairo Foster - Twitter Enjoi Etnies Eswic Poler Krux Ricta Wheels Mob Grip Bones Bearings Diamond Supply Loud Headphone
005 Skate Motivation Interview with Black Dave  

What does it take to be a sponsored skateboarder and a professional rapper? Join us as Black Dave shares the ups and downs of his career, his travels, and motivation. Black Dave shares how his mindset and determination plays a role in his daily life.

Skateboarding Story: Started at skateboarding at 10 years old. Once he started skating, he never stopped. He put all his energy towards it. Once he could take his mom out to eat or pay some of his bills, that's when he knew that skateboarding was going to be part of his career. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment: He was out at a concert and got into an altercation with a security guard. He ended up having a broken jaw that took him off his board for weeks. He had a Zoo York video part that he couldn't do and that showed him what the bigger picture is. His energy should be put towards his future goals and career aspirations. Focus on what you want to do and what you want to be. Best Advice: Do you. Do yourself. Don't take other people's hate as your own. Tool / Tip: Stay close to my family and friends. Ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" "Why did I start?" Book / Video:

Skate Maps.

Interview Links:

Black Dave NYC




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003 Skate Motivation Interview with JP Garcia  

What does it take to be a sponsored skateboarder under 10 years old?  Join us as JP Garcia shares skateboarding advice and his skateboarding mindset.

Skateboarding Story: Loves to skate with his friends and family and have fun. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment Had a bad fall and chipped his tooth. It made him feel bad for a moment, but he got back up. Biggest AH-HA Moment: JP hit his first rail, had doubts, but when he did it, he knew that he can do anything. It made him feel good. Best Advice: "Skate for fun JP", from Steve Cabellero Biggest Weakness: His biggest weakness is that he's a perfectionist. He practices and practices until it's perfect. Biggest Strength: Motivation Biggest Fear: JP fears "nothing and no one" Tool / Tip: Repetition is the key to being a good & consistent skater. Focus on the trick you're doing. Favorite Video: Plan B video Interview Links:  JP Garcia Instagram YouTube Majer Crew Sponsors: Plan B, Tensor, GrizzlyLRG, BC Surf and Sport, Stoked Ent, DVS, Diamond  
004 Skate Motivation Interview with Greg Lutzka  

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated Skateboarder? Join us as Greg Lutzka shares his rich career full of stories. Greg goes into his mindset and get an inside glance at the life of a professional and successful skateboarder.

Skateboarding Story: Greg up playing ice hockey in Milwaukee Wisconsin. But some friends that were into skateboarding and he quickly gravitated to it.  Then when a skatepark opened up in his hometown, that is when he started skateboarding everyday. They started holding contests and he entered them. Then at 15, he went down to Tampa Am and did bad. So bad he got the "Worst Fall" award. The next year, he worked super hard, went back to Tampa and qualified top 10, then he met potential sponsors. A year later he met up with Hurley, Nixon, Globe. That was when he met his first real board sponsor named Illenium Skateboards. The owner Al Partanen, really took Greg under his wing, mentored him, got him on the road to film and shoot with big photographers, and into contests. That led to many more opportunities and then that led to a 411 video part and a Transworld Skateboarding interview. Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment: Greg was filming for a video part and kept pushing back filming his last part. On the day before his part was due, he tried to kickflip backlip the Hollywood High School 15 and broke his collar bone. He realized that he got off his routine, wasn't feeling it, approached the rail the wrong way and got injured. He was out for 6 weeks. When he got back on the board, he was super scared, and it took him a few more months to get his confidence up.  He eventually dropped 5 more video parts. His approach to getting hurt is different now. He realized that you live and you learn and no matter what you do in life, you can get hurt. He also trusts his intuition now. Biggest AH-HA Moment: He learned to focus on one thing at a time. It allows him to concentrate on what's happening on the day. So a good way to deal with stress, being judged, and pressure, he focuses on the moment. Focus on what you're doing at the moment, that's how you'll enjoy skateboarding. Best Advice: Skateboard for the right reasons. Do it because you love it. Tool / Tip: Watching skate movies on his phone and listening to music that gets him motivated. Book / Video: Welcome to Hell Zero Skateboards Videos Flip Skateboard Videos Interview Links: Greg Lutzka Website Facebook Instagram Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Darkstar Onnit  Harley Davidson
001 Skate Motivation Interview with Josh Katz  

Skateboarding Story:

Although skateboarding his whole life, a few years ago he asked what he can do to expand his skateboarding. So he's been focusing on being a more well rounded person and showcasing his personality for his viewers on his YouTube channel.

Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment:

"Smashed my face while doing a double backside flip down a gap." Says Josh Katz, now Unlike many skaters Josh explains this in a positive way? Explaining "I started getting into photography" and further explains other aspects of being a creative mind not just as a physical athlete. Creating many avenues in editing film, photography and professionalism in other aspects of the Skate industry. He also used that story on his college essay application to get into NYU. There's a positive side to every bad thing that could happen to you.

Biggest Motivator:

For Josh the biggest motivation is a great breakfast! A breakfast sandwich. A healthy breakfast is what helps Josh Katz get to his next step his next task of the day.

Biggest AH-HA Moment:

It was when Josh put together his a 'Day In The Life' series.  While he was filming it, Josh was concerned it would not be as gripping as his past posts. After the day filming and editing he went to post it on his YouTube. Concerned with the views and comments, Josh went to sleep and woke up with what turned into his biggest youtube series. A 'Day In The Life' with Josh Katz show where Josh travels, skates and performs hi-jinx around NYC, New Jersey and his home town. If you're not trying new things you're being stagnant.

Best Advice

"You can cook" - Chef Gusteau from -- Josh interpreted it as you can do anything. Follow a path and accomplish anything that you set your mind too.

Tool / Tip:

Keep notes, set goals, keep a list, and write things down. Keep a journal. Cross off things that you complete.

Book / Video

 How To Win Friends And Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Interview Links:

 Josh Katz - Youtube Instagram Website NYU Stern Ratatouille STOKED


002 Skate Motivation Interview with Shaun Hover  

What does it take to be a successful & highly motivated leader in the skateboard community? Join us as Shaun Hover shares his skateboarding philosophy and get an inside glance at his journey of becoming a leader in the skateboard community, a family man, and social entrepreneur.

Skateboarding Story

At 12 years old he saw these teeenagers skateboarding in his neighborhood, and ollieing over a tipped over trash can. Then he saw a local skater kickflip over the sideways trash can. He didn't know about skateboarding, when he saw that, he has to skateboard. It was so different than everything was expected. Not like basketball or football sports. Not like normal expected sports. Skateboarding was so different. So different. So beautiful. Skating isn't about how something looks. The beautify. WHere you do it. The beauty and art is what drew him to skating. He struggled with ADD in school and he didn't feel like he fit into the normal routine of school. He liked skateboarding because he knew he could be a part of.

Biggest Failure/ Worst Moment

When he was 20 years old, he lost his best friend Nick Paradise a talented skateboarder and artist. Nick didn't do well in school, got addicted to drugs, and that took away his life, his skateboarding, and his art. Shaun was living and taking care of him, trying to help him become sober and take his life around. Shaun talks about the journey of losing his good friend and the life lessons that he got from that. Super deep.

Biggest AH-HA Moment

One of the biggest AH-HA moment happened when he was leading skateboarding ministry at a local skatepark by doing contests and BBQs. One day while hanging out with friends, skating, and singing songs, he got this vision of skateboarders worshipping God all over the world. He tells the story about how he got the idea to start "Calling All Skaters."

Best Advice

Find and surround yourself people that are strong, where you're weak.

Tool / Tip:

Use notepad in the Iphone He tells his wife to help him remember

Favorite Books & Video

Christian Hosoi - I Am Second - Video Book of Acts in the Bible Next Generation Leader - Andy Stanley

Interview / Sponsor Links:

Shaun Hover Calling All Skaters Untitled Skateboards Exodus Ride Shop Skate Balm Varsity Shades
000 Skate Motivation Podcast Intro  

What's up everyone. This is the first episode of the Skate Motivation podcast! With every episode, we'll be putting some notes/summary behind each episode. In the podcasting world, these are the show notes. We're stoked to bring this to you and glad you're following and listening. In this episode, we'll be talking about the history of the instagram account, Why we created the podcast, and who's the host of Skate Motivation and his background.


Things mentioned in the episode:

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