Hear the Thursday Edition of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed!, click here!
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Hear the Thursday Edition of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed!, click here!
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The Steve Austin Show

The Steve Austin Show

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Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. In this Network friendly version of the show Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to

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Hear the Thursday Edition of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed!, click here!


Lacey Von Erich  

Lacey Von Erich, daughter of "The Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich, joins Steve this week at 317 Gimmick Street for a look back at the illustrious yet tragic history of the Von Erich family in World Class Championship Wrestling. Lacey shares stories of growing up in a family synonymous with pro wrestling dominance as well as her own entry into the business including her time in WWE developmental, Wrestlelicious and TNA. Lacey also recalls fond memories of the Dallas Sportatorium, working with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair in Australia and her relationship with her uncle Kevin Von Erich.

Flair / Steamboat with The Brian Kendrick  

WWE superstar and 205 LIVE's The Brian Kendrick joins Steve at 317 Gimmick Street to watch and discuss - in real time - one of the greatest matches of all-time: Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Chi-Town Rumble 89. Listen in as Steve and Brian break down the intricacies and marvel at the genius actions of two of the greatest pro wrestlers in history as they compete for Ten Pounds of Gold. If you dig what you heard here, let Steve know on Twitter or at!

Shootin' the Breeze with Kristin  

Steve and his wife Kristin sit down to share stories about the trials and tribulations of living in Los Angleez. Hear all about the current heat wave, the struggle of finding a stand-alone air conditioning unit, the fascinating things you'll see in Venice, cooking on a Traeger Grill in a truck bed, and FINALLY, Steve gets his truck fixed! Or...does he?

Steve Austin Answers Your Emails and Tweets!  

This week on the show, Steve sits down with your emails and Twitter posts from over the past few months and answers some questions! Steve dishes on what it was like to work with Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in the Attitude Era, his favorite wrestling venues in NYC/NJ, the Brawl For All and Bart Gunn, secondary titles and his favorite Stone Cold Stunner sells. Plus, Steve gives an update on his friends and family down in Texas in the midst of Hurricane Harvey.

Cassidy Watton  

Steve is joined this week by BROKEN SKULL CHALLENGE competitor and Pro Obstacle Racer Cassidy Watton to talk about her training methods, approach to dieting and nutrition, her athletic background and experiences with the Skullbuster on the Broken Skull Ranch! Also, Steve gives his thoughts on (the back half) of WWE SummerSlam.

Post Malone  

The incredibly talented rapper Post Malone stops by 317 Gimmick Street to talk about his recent rise to fame as one of the hottest acts today. Post shares how he and Steve were introduced to each other, how Post ended up wearing one of Stone Cold's vests on the BET Awards, country music influences, mutual love for Nevada and Stone Cold Steve Austin gets his rapper name!

Neil Weigand's first time in Los Angeles  

Steve's nephew Neil Weigand just took his first airplane ride for his first visit to Los Angeles, and he & Steve are chronicling the big city sights & sounds & smells that Neil's experienced so far - from sushi to Venice Beach to Hollywood to checking out the killer cars at the Petersen Museum. They talk corvettes, music, playing guitar, and golf!

Phil Keoghan on Nude Awakenings, Dining on Erupting Volcanoes, & the set of The Amazing Race  

Phil Keoghan returns to talk about The Amazing Race! Find out how he got the gig, what other reality show host was up for it too, and what it really takes to film the incredible race around the world. Phils also talking about his bungee jumping world record, the Nude Awakenings TV show he hosted and how that may have indirectly inspired the Austin Powers movies, and the scuba diving accident that nearly took his life when he was 19. Plus, Phil reveals some of the crazier items on his bucket list, and gives a little 411 on his new Smithsonian Channel series, Flying High.

Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race  

Phil Keoghan is host of TV's "Amazing Race," and he's also put together an incredible documentary about the 1928 Tour de France. The doc is called Le Ride, and Phil and his buddy Ben rode the 3,300+ mile course on bicycles from that time. They filmed their race, and are now sharing their story. Phil talks about the search to find the bikes, plotting and recreating the original course to the best of their ability, and why the 1928 race was so important to document. He talks about nutrition and training back then compared to what he & Ben did today, the conditions of the road now vs 1928, the gear, and the support team now vs then. He also recounts the mental and physical strain of riding 150 miles a day for 26 straight days. It's a fascinating, nearly unbelievable journey, and a must-listen!

X-Pac on Ric Flair Feud, the real Macho Man & LAX  

X-Pac & Steve answer your squared-circle questions! They're telling Ric Flair stories, Macho Man Randy Savage stories, and theorizing on Vince Russo's heat with fans. They also have some thoughts on Kenny Omega, Okada & his recent behind-the-scenes visit to WWE, and Zack Sabre Jr. Plus, X-Pac explains what really happened on a recent trip through LAX, why he took a polygraph test live on his own podcast, and how he survived a stint in jail.

Marty Scurll of ROH & NJPW  

Ring of Honor's Marty Scurll aka The Villain stops by 317 Gimmick Street to talk about his recent debut with New Japan Pro Wrestling & the G1 Tournament, the evolution of his character and the Crossface Chicken Wing finishing move, what he took from Doink The Clown and Koko B. Ware, kayfabe in Japan, the wrestling scene in Britain, and the story of The Bullet Club and Kenny Omega. He also explains why he really loves his fans, what he thinks it means to be a heel in today's pro-wrestling world, and how he knew by age 5 that the squared circle was for him.

Bayley & Steve Breakdown NXT Takeover: Brooklyn  

Bayley and Steve Austin break down her incredible NXT Takeover: Brooklyn match against Sasha Banks. Hear what Steve loved about it, what Bayley thought she could have done better, and what surprised them both. Bayley also has some thoughts on the evolution of her WWE character and what exactly that means for her young fans! Plus, Bayley's plans for the future outside the squared circle!


WWE Superstar & former RAW Women's Champ, Bayley, drops by 316 Gimmick Street to talk about her upcoming first trip to Japan, traveling with Sasha Banks, grape squishers, being a Ring General, and giving receipts. And she's sharing stories about Dusty Rhodes, John Cena, what she loved about Eddie Guerrero, and the real difference between NXT and WWE. You'll also hear about her basketball and cross-country track days in highschool, and why she's into Crossfit training now.

Josh Barnett On NJPW, Omega vs Okada, and Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier  

Josh Barnett returns to 317 Gimmick Street with info on New Japan Pro Wrestling & their upcoming live event in Los Angeles on July 1st and 2nd, training Shinsuke Nakamura, Hideki Suzuki's shoot match, Billy Robinson's training philosophy, the Omega vs Okada matches, the art of the comeback, and the development of The Rock. He's also dropping some 411 on Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, training Travis Brown, and whether or not Josh plans to return to the octagon himself.

Adventures in Vacationing #1: Santa Barbara or Bust!  

Steve and Kristin tried their hand at vacationing, and they truly gave it their best shot at a 5-star resort in Santa Barbara! They played horseshoes and cornhole, went hiking, and took some shots on the putting green. They scoured the area for bloody marys, antiques, and restaurants open between the hours of 2pm-5pm. Find out who was out for game revenge, who ruined a brand new pair of sneakers, and what happens when you call fake phone numbers posted on Instagram! And you know since this was a driving vacation, there were definitely some trials & tribulations navigating the LA freeway system!

UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich  

UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich has plenty of stories about his incredible career in the octagon! He breaks down his training regimen & pre-fight strategies from his fighting days, and reveals the hard lesson he learned from his first amateur kickboxing match in Chicago! He also loves fishing, takes pilot lessons & is training hard for the upcoming Leadville Trail 100 (a high altitude, ultramarathon through the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado).

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