Hear the Thursday Edition of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed!, click here!
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Hear the Thursday Edition of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed!, click here!
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The Steve Austin Show

The Steve Austin Show

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Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. In this Network friendly version of the show Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it.

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Hear the Thursday Edition of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed!, click here!


Jesse Ventura Returns to the Steve Austin Show - EP371  

Jesse "The Body" Ventura returns to the Steve Austin Show, and this time he's telling stories about working with Vince McMahon Sr, vs Vince McMahon Jr; being in the ring with Chyna; his 2009 return to Monday Night RAW after the big WWE lawsuit; and what happened when he tried to unionize the pro-wrestling biz. He's also dropping some 411 on the legalization of marijuana, why he's such an advocate, and what it took to write his latest book, "The Marijuana Manifesto."

Jesse Ventura Pt1 on the Steve Austin Show - EP369  

Jesse Ventura stopped by 316 Gimmick Street, and this is part 1 of an incredibly interesting conversation that starts with dogs and whales, and segues into some amazing pro-wrestling stories! Jesse talks about his first-ever gimmick and first match, explains how he became "Jesse The Body Ventura," why he jumped to WCW, his love of Superstar Billy Graham, and the real reason you've never seen him (and probably never will) as a special guest at Wrestlemania! He also shares the story of his color commentary start, and explains the heat behind the controversy he created during a match with Koco B. Ware.

Bull James on the Steve Austin Show - EP367  

Bull James (formerly known as Bull Demspey at NXT) made his pro-wrestling debut at the age of 17, spent 18 months working with Taz, got schooled in the biz by Matt Borne (aka Doink The Clown), and has some great stories about the one & only, Dusty Rhodes. Bull's also talking about mean streaks & flipping the switch, cutting a good promo, his NXT try out, when he knew his days at WWE were numbered, body types in the squared circle, and some of his own heroes in the biz.

Work of Wrestling's Tim Kail on the Steve Austin Show - EP365  

The state of the pro-wrestling business is discussed by two of its biggest fans - Steve Austin and Tim Kail from the Work of Wrestling podcast! Do wins & losses really matter or is it the WAY you win or lose that's more important? Can a strategic loss go further for getting someone over than an actual victory? And what about the title belts? What do those mean in today's product? Is the authority heel figure overplayed? Should RAW adopt NXT's clear focus on the reality of wrestling and the characters in the match? And what would ringside interviews do for a three-hour RAW presentation? Are the high-flying, risky moves a distraction now or a necessity since the business is exposed? Has the art of selling truly been lost? And is Roman Reigns' negative reception unfounded? You'll wanna weigh in on all of that... as well as Seth Rollins, John Cena, Braun Strowman, and the complex storytelling that led up to the execution of the Steve Austin - Bret Hart double turn at Wrestlemania 13.

The $483 Podcast with Kristin Austin on the Steve Austin Show - EP363  

Kristin Austin returns to the podcast to help tell some pretty spectacular (and completely true) stories! There's Moolah's venomous spider bite (which leads to some great facts about red jumping spiders, tarantulas & rattlesnakes); the new washing machine (I know who I'm calling the next time one of my home appliances bites the dust & it ain't the Maytag repair man); Steve's shoulder rehab & elbow update; and the meaning behind the $483 podcast. Swig of water to all kinds of folks in Beverly Hills (you'll understand after you listen)!

Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss on the Steve Austin Show - EP361  

Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss has a great story about how she got the gig, what it's like hanging with Alice on the bus, why she had to completely relearn the guitar in order to join the band, and how she deals with snakes onstage! She's also talking about getting clean & sober thanks to Alice & Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, her fitness routine on the road, meeting the guys in Iron Maiden, and her guitar heroes, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Steve Vai.

Missy Hyatt Returns to the Steve Austin Show - EP359  

The tables are turned on today's Steve Austin Show! Missy Hyatt returns with a bunch of questions for Steve... and that means Steve's telling stories about his territory days, Bill Watts, the Dallas Sportatorium, the Hollywood Blondes, Stunning Steve Austin at WCW, working with Medusa, and Ricky Steamboat! Steve and Missy are also talking about what they'd change about their careers if given the chance, and why Missy retired from the biz last year.

Wade Keller -  on the Steve Austin Show - EP357  

Wade Keller joins to breakdown the NXT Takeover Brooklyn PPV. He & Steve are sharing thoughts on the production value, the announcing, and of course the card! They're covering Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Bayley, The Revival vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampo, and Shinsuke Nakamura. They have favorite matches, favorite entrances, and ideas on who they'd like to see on the main roster...sooner than later!

The Revival -  on the Steve Austin Show - EP355  

Current NXT Tag Team Champs The Revival, Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, have plenty to say about their partnership, their early days at NXT, their former highschool athletic careers, their love of Ric Flair, and why they live by the motto "all fists, no flips."

Wade Keller on the Steve Austin Show - EP353  

Wade Keller is back to break down Summerslam with Steve. They start with the Jericho/Kevin Owens tag match and roll into Charlotte & Sasha Banks' amazing match. They hit on John Cena, Finn Balor (and whether it was too soon to debut "The Demon King"), John Stewart's misplaced or well-placed spot on the card, The Miz and Apollo Crews, and Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton. They also discuss Sasha Banks' possible time-off situation, a perfect match for Samoa Joe, what to do with Apollo Crews moving forward, and AJ Styles' future.

Dean Ambrose on the Steve Austin Show - EP351  

Dean Ambrose has plenty to say about his early days in the business, his attitude toward the squared circle, getting the WWE call, The Shield's formation and original gimmick, and taking on Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32. He's also talking about country music, his childhood, and how great it feels to be able to take care of his mom!

Braun Strowman on the Steve Austin Show - EP349  

Braun Strowman (aka Adam Scherr) may no longer be part of the Wyatt Family, but he's also not looking to be the next "lumbering" big man! He's taking inspiration from Bruiser Brody, The Undertaker, and plenty of advice from Bray Wyatt and even Steve Austin as he prepares to get over as a singles guy. Hear his transformation from Strongman to WWE - from what was easy & came naturally to what's been more of a struggle. He's also talking babyface vs heel, living in Orlando, eating on the road, and the best part of working matches against Big Show and Kane.

Ricky Morton on the Steve Austin Show - EP347  

Ricky Morton owns and runs "School of Morton" wrestling school, is one half of the dynamic Rock N Roll Express tag team, worked a million broadways with Ric Flair, has had no major injuries, and should be in the WWE Hall of Fame! He's talking to Steve about all of that... AND Jim Cornette & the Midnight Express, the great Magnum TA, the art of selling, and the science behind getting over.

Gabriel Iglesias on the Steve Austin Show - EP345  

Fluffy guy, Gabriel Iglesias, returns to the podcast, and yes, Steve hit the record button! So you'll hear about the gigs that didn't go quite as planned, what Fluffy likes to do right after a live performance, how he got his stand-up start, what inspires his current material, why he calls himself "The Kombi King," and what's housed on his compound besides a state-of-the-art studio! He's also talking about "Fluffy Breaks Even," and whether or not he's up for taking on the Skullbuster!

Ted Fowler on the Steve Austin Show - EP343  

Teddy Fowler checks in from the Broken Skull Ranch, and wait till you hear what he's been up to down there: battling PED-taking rats, lightning strikes, flat tires, and cleaning out refrigerators. He also got stuck in the mud, and had quite an interesting trip to a local Rockport, TX health care center (shots, anyone?). And he and Steve told all those stories without dropping a single cuss word.

Chip Foose on the Steve Austin Show - EP341  

Steve went down to Foose Design in Huntington Beach, CA. to check out some of Chip Foose's bad-ass cars, including the famous "Imposter." You'll hear how Chip got started, what inspires his incredible art, how he comes up with the awesome paint, and why wheels are so important to him. He's also talking "Overhaulin'" and what that filming process was really like, and whether or not there may be another reality type TV show in his future.

Prince Puma aka Ricochet on the Steve Austin Show - EP339  

Trevor Mann aka Lucha Underground's Prince Puma aka Ricochet in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and the indie scene has a few things to say about his controversial match with Will Ospreay! He's also talking about the differences between the Prince Puma and Ricochet characters, the Lucha Underground locker room, his all-time favorite wrestler, his backyard wrestling ring and promotion, and what he thinks about the current WWE roster and product.

AJ Styles on the Steve Austin Show - EP337  

AJ Styles is killing it at WWE, and talking about what it took to get to this point in his career. He's recounting the journey he made from WCW to TNA to the Bullet Club at New Japan Pro Wrestling, and how that eventually led him to WWE. He's telling stories about the Styles Clash, "The Phenomenal One," and his first-ever Wrestlemania experience earlier this year in Dallas.

Vince Russo Returns to the Steve Austin Show - EP335  

Vince Russo returns to talk about the squared-circle business with Steve - from the Attitude Era to the new Reality Era (and what that really means). Vince is also talking about current WWE creative, his own philosophy when it comes to story lines and angles, and how the business has changed since his days writing RAW with just himself and Ed Ferrara. And they both offer up some good advice for aspiring pro-wrestlers out there.

Vince Russo on the Steve Austin Show - EP333  

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