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The Steve Schneider Show Podcast: Bartending, Cock

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Episode 031 – Steve and Moth  

We're back and we are talking shit about "the younger generation" of hospitality workers. Hit us up if you like what you hear. Follow the show and stay tuned because Jack McGarry will be joining me March 15th for an exclusive. Much love, Warriors.  

Episode 30 – Giuseppe Gonzalez  

Finally, Suffolk Arms has arrived!  It was great catching up with my brother, Giuseppe Gonzalez in this lengthy episode with tons of wisdom from one of the all time greats. follow the show at instagram @mightyschneidey

Episode 029 – MothMonsterMann Returns  

Warning:  Listener Discretion is Advised. MothMonsterMann and Steve talk about working out, cars, workplace pranks, over/under tippers and bad sexual experiences. Follow the show at

Episode 028 – Happy New Year! (ft. MothMonsterMann)  

MothMonsterMann joins Steve after a SSS Podcast hiatus to talk about last year, this year, lost virginity, Las Vegas, video games, and Star Wars.. among other things. Star Wars Spoilers included Happy New Year from the Steve Schneider Show Podcast! Instagram @mightyschneidey

Episode 027 – Tom Walker  

Tom Walker from Attaboy in NYC talks about coming up in the industry, working at Bramble in Edinburgh, The American Bar at The Savoy in London and his journey from winning the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition 2014 and how it helped him achieve his dream to move to the Big Apple. MothMonsterMann joins in the introduction and someone is still a little wasted from the night before, and it's not Chris.  Whoops! Happy Holidays to all.  Thank you for everything and continue to do your shopping from my link. Follow the show at and

Episode 026 – MothMonsterMann  

Steve introduces the new co-host of the SSS Podcast, his childhood best friend, Chris aka MothMonsterMann.  They take a trip down memory lane in this highly entertaining episode that covers every aspect of what this podcast is all about -- OTHER BS. Subscribe and follow the show

Episode 025 – Dickie Cullimore  

Dickie Cullimore sits down with Steve at the Bacardi Distillery in La Galarza, Mexico.  He's got an amazing story from having a heart attack at the age of 19 to enduring the great earthquake in Christchurch to getting a second chance with Bacardi and eventually becoming their Global Brand Ambassador. I also want to send my respect and love to Ryan McGrale and his family and friends.  Ryan was a great bartender who truly "got it" when it came to this business. Rest in peace, brother. Follow the show at and

Episode 024 – Simone Caporale  

Simone Caporale, former International Bartender of the Year catches up with Steve to discuss his departure from the famed Artesian in London and speaks about his future in the business with his team. Follow the show on and

Episode 023 – Michael Callahan  

Michael Callahan from 28 Hong Kong St, Proof and Co and the Pontiac sits down with Steve back in March during Singapore Cocktail Week to talk about Cocktail World Cup antics, the beginning of his bar career to pursuing uncharted waters in Singapore and the birth of 28 Hong Kong St. Michael's a great story teller and his passion for his work is unrivaled.

Episode 022 – Antonio Lai  

Steve sits down with Hong Kong bar superstar, Antonio Lai in Madrid, Spain.  In the opening, Steve recalls Halloween weekend and his time in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Flair Academy's Training Camp.  Follow the show at and

Episode 021 – Charles Joly  

In this episode, Steve sits down with friend and decorated US Bartender, Charles Joly in Madrid, Spain but first says goodbye to his best friend, Liam.  Liam the dog was the best friend a man could ask for and provided nothing but unconditional love and companionship for the past 10 years. His passing came unexpectedly on Thursday October 08.  We'll always be thinking about you, little guy.

Episode 020 – Philip Duff: Mixology x Trends, Madrid  

Ever wonder what Philip Duff does for a living? Find out this episode of the SSS from the first annual Mixology x Trends in Madrid, Spain.

Episode 019 – John Gakuru  

In Episode 19, Steve connects with industry legend John Gakuru from Think Spirits in Sydney, Australia. This conversation was recorded in April of 2015.

Episode 018 – Hong Kong:  Igor Hadzimajlovic, Chase Elder, Danielle Mohr  

And now for something completely different. Igor (Employees Only / Macao Trading Co), Chase (Macao Trading Co) and Steve sit at the airport to discuss their week in Hong Kong.  Plus a short chat with Edmonton server Danielle Mohr about her book, Drift.  A lot of laughs during this episode.  Enjoy and subscribe! Go to to support Danielle and her book!

Extra – David Piper:  Invocation For A Martini  

"Invocation For A Martini"  By David Piper as heard in Episode 17 of the SSS.

Episode 017 – David Piper  

In Episode 17, Steve chats with the ever-so-creative David Piper, Global Ambassador for Hendrick's Gin.  Stay tuned to the end of the episode where David walks you through a special audio Martini tasting. Be sure to subscribe!

Episode 016 – Dushan Zaric (Pt. 2)  

Part 2 of 2 with Dushan Zaric.  In this episode, Steve talk's with Dushan about his days at Pravda along with some fun bar stories and technique.  Steve also gives some tips on how he saves money every month. Also, Steve gives a remembrance of cocktail pioneer and legend, Sasha Petraske. Be sure to subscribe for future episodes and download previous episodes.

Episode 015 – Dushan Zaric (Pt. 1)  

In part 1 of a 2 part episode featuring Dushan Zaric of the 86 Co and co-founder of Employees Only in NYC, Dushan talks about getting into business with investors and how to look out for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Dushan also tells the amazing story of how Employees Only's opening and how EO became THE bar to drink at for women.   Be sure to subscribe and get part 2  and all future episodes directly sent to your podcast app when it drops  

Episode 014 – Jake Burger: Tales of the Cocktail 2015  

In Episode 14 of the Schneidey Show, Steve gives a little synopsis about his time in New Orleans at Tales of the Cocktail 2015 and  features a conversation with UK legend and avid Alibi fan Jake Burger from Portobello Road Gin and The World Famous Portobello Star in London. Follow the show and subscribe below!

Episode 013 – Allen Katz: NY Distilling Co.  

In Episode 13, Steve sits down with industry legend and NY Distilling Co. founder Allen Katz.  Allen walks us through the steps to starting your own distillery in this very informative episode. Subscribe to the show for future content and follow us on and twitter @schneideyshow. Feel free to ask any questions to

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